5 Things to Do While Your Eggling is Hatching

Are you taking on the huge responsibility of raising a Mythie? As you might know, hatching an Eggling requires you to part ways with it for an entire day! We know, that seems like SUCH a long time to be without your pal. However, a lot of magic and love goes into making sure your Mythie grows up to be as strong and majestic as possible during this time. Thankfully, there are many different activities you can do in the meantime that will help prepare you to raise your baby Mythie. Make sure to check out and explore these 5 fun features to keep busy as your Eggling hatches:

1. Keep your Eggling company
The best part about the Eggulator is that you can be right beside your Eggling as it starts to hatch. While it grows, make sure your little friend is comfortable. Adjust the lighting, temperature, and music in the Eggulator to keep its happiness meter in the green. As we like to say, a happy Eggling makes for a happy Mythie! Caring for your Eggling will help the time fly by and you will have created a great new friendship.

2. Purchase a Pet
If you are looking for another trusty sidekick to follow you around JumpStart, you should definitely look into adopting a Pet from the Petz store! These little companions are absolutely adorable, not to mention loyal. Try clicking on them and seeing some of their cute poses. With your new Pet, you will learn what it is like to be the proud owner of a Mythie. Play your favorite games and earn enough gold coins to collect all your favorite ones!

3. Fly around Windy Hollows
Once your Mythie grows up and graduates from school, you will have the chance to fly it around the tall mountains of the Enchanted Sanctuary. If you cannot wait to take in these magical views, you can always work on your flying skills at Windy Hollows. Simply grab a broom from Windy Hollows’ Broom Closet and you are ready for lift-off! While you are flying in the air, make sure to grab ingredients to create special Charms as well!

4. Decorate your Neighborhood
Even though your Mythie will sleep in the Enchanted Sanctuary’s Mythie Dorms and Nursery, it would still be a great idea to welcome it to JumpStart with a huge surprise in your Neighborhood! Switch out the trees and FunZone in the center of your Neighborhood with bright decorations. That way you can throw a special birthday bash with your Jumpee friends to celebrate your Mythie hatching! Also make sure to decorate your home so your Mythie will feel warm and cozy when you go to play there.

5. Play with the the Minisaurs at Minisaur’s Fishbowl
Deep in the caverns of ScienceLand is a giant natural fishbowl where prehistoric creatures known as Minisaurs swim. These fish need someone to help feed and care for them, so this is the perfect place to go. Not to mention, they hatch really quickly. Before you know it, you will have an entire school of Minisaurs you can play with and look after.

By doing these activities, you will not only pass time as your Eggling hatches, but you will also learn great skills to make yourself an excellent Mythie Trainer. We promise that the moment your Eggling is ready to turn into a baby Mythie will be here faster than you think!

Do you have any activities you enjoy doing while your Eggling is in the Eggulator? Share with your fellow Jumpeez in the comments below!

Flight School with Your Mythie

After putting in so much time and care to release your Mythie, the time is finally here to see your little friend take their first flaps into the skies of the Enchanted Sanctuary. You might feel a bit misty eyed from this whole experience. However, this is only just the beginning of your Mythie adventures! Today is the very first day of Flight School with your Mythie. That is right! Now is your chance to help your best friend strengthen their wings and earn a couple prizes along the way.
1First thing you do when you enter Flight School is call your Mythie. Choose the correct one that you want to train, take a deep breath, and blow as hard as you can into the special Mythie horn! Your friend will come flying happily down to the Mythie flight pad ready to play!
2Now it is time to start your first Flight School course! There is no need to be nervous. Make sure to really get your Mythie in the spirit for flying by purchasing some of its favorite food and a brand new color kit to show off to all its friends! Once you have had a chance to say hello to your Mythie and deck it out in its most rockin’ outfit, head to the Flight School board and select a course. There are five different courses and each one allows you to explore a completely different part of the endless and majestic Enchanted Sanctuary. My Mythie and I chose the third course!
3Ready to fly? In these Flight School courses, there are three different colored rings that you must go through and score points. Green rings are 100, Yellow are 200, and Red are 300. You can also shoot targets using your Mythie’s special powers by hitting your spacebar and earn another 300 points. TIP: if you are by a green ring, and you see a red ring slightly further away: go for the red ring even if that means missing the other one. You are limited on time so you want to make sure you get the highest amount of points you can!
4Wow! Look at the wonderful sights of the Enchanted Sanctuary! Isn’t this such a magical place?

Phew! We have just completed the course! What an exhausting workout! Looks like Thunder Turtle will be well-rested tonight. It was totally worth it, though. I can tell Thunder Turtle’s wings are already getting stronger AND I earned some extra coins to spend around DownTown. Have you had a chance to go to Flight School with your Mythie yet? Share with us your highest score in the comments below!