Our August Petz are Ready for Adventure!

Along with our brand new FunZones and Scavenger Hunt, Frankie received a new shipment of Petz that are absolutely adorable. Whether you are exploring your imagination in StoryLand or cooling off by the Beach, these Petz are sure to be an excellent sidekick in your adventures around JumpStart. Here are a few of the latest additions you can purchase at the Petz store:

Optic, the Robotic Cyclops
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.30.45 PM
Optic may only have one eye, but his state-of-the art equipment provides him with sharper vision than most human beings. That means he is the perfect companion for when you are searching JumpStart for Scavenger Hunt items.

Harbor, the Snowy Seal

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.55.26 AM
Harbor might be one of the cuddliest Petz in JumpStart. This snow-white seal loves to spend time with its Jumpee owners and making them feel confident in their missions.
Gallant, the Frog Prince
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.05.28 PM
Gallant is the King of Storytelling. His creativity allows him to bring color to his adventures around JumpStart. We guarantee there will never be a dull moment with Gallant by your side!
Gnodric, the Wizard Gnome
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.59.31 AMDo not underestimate Gnodric just because of his size. This sorcerer has centuries of experience casting Charms throughout Windy Hollows.

Cross-Eyed, the Dizzy Fly
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.28.11 PM 2It might seem silly to purchase a fly as a Pet, and you are absolutely right! Cross-eyed is a pretty silly guy. However, his humorous nature is bound to keep you feeling upbeat and happy all day long.

These five Petz are just a few highlights of 18 wonderful new additions to DownTown! You are also going to want to stop by and give a warm welcome to: Calamaria, the Sweetheart Squid; Spot, the Dotted Turtle; Primus, the Gentleman Unicorn; Eukiah, the Bubbly Blob; Grayson, the Smoky Cat; Buck, the Fearless Bull; Mech, the Metallic Dinosaur; Roughhouse, the Riled-Up Rotweiler; Pink, the Playful Primate; Bullfrog, the Servant Mushroom; Katana, the Agile Ninja; Buttons, the Raggedy Rag Doll; and Clamps, the Adoring Robot!

There are Some Brilliant Outfits in the June Jumpee Lookbook!

“Happy summer vacation, Jumpeez! Kisha here, bringing you some of the most fabulous outfits of the season! With everyone heading to the Tiki Pool to keep cool in these warm summer months, I have noticed a LOT of you wearing some of the latest June fashions from the Threadz shop. Excellent work, everybody! Well, now it is time to reward some of the Jumpeez with the most incredible outfits I have seen this month! A tough decision for me, indeed, but these get-ups showed that “school’s out” spirit that I have come to love around this time of year.

The Girls:

1On the left: Isabella GiantRiver
Wearing a bright red skirt with Hawaiian flowers, Isabella is clearly ready for the summer. The bird she is hanging out with in her photo respects the bright colors she chose in her outfit, as they match its own vivid feathers.

On the right: Alyssa RainbowMeadow
Alyssa has on the perfect outfit for some summertime shenanigans, AND she knows how to color coordinate. The blue dress and shirt really bring out her blue eyes and the pink sandles are an excellent touch to highlight the pink in her shirt’s design. Her pigtails also help keep her hair out of her face as she goes down the twisty slides DownTown!

The Boys:

2On the left: Michael FunnyToe
Michael enjoys shooting hoops at the JumpStart Sports Arena, so it is perfect that he shows off his athletic personality through his Threadz! This basketball uniform allows him to move swiftly across the Basketball court and his shoes make sure his feet never get tired.

On the right: Brock Windhead
Brock earned his name as being one of the finest Jumpeez to ever sail the windy seas of Shipwreck Lagoon. As you can tell from his Threadz, it is a very fitting name. His dedication to the pirate look is much appreciated. I knew almost instantly that his style had to be shared with everyone here!

Are you feeling inspired by any of these Jumpee get-ups? Make sure to head DownTown and pick up some of their June-themed Threadz before we run out of stock! If you are feeling particularly stylish, I would really like to see your attention to fashion. Send along your own outfit by taking a screenshot of your Jumpee and commenting below so you can get featured in the Jumpee Lookbook too! I really hope to see what great ensemble you put together!”

Gear Up for Summer with these Poolside Threadz

Now that summer is here, it is time to visit the Beach, Boardwalk, and all the tropical FunZones to pop up this month. That means you will need the PERFECT outfit for your JumpStart activities. Thankfully, the latest and greatest Threadz have just shipped to DownTown in time for the sunny weather. Let us take a look at some of the warm and colorful outfits that you can put together this month!
1Stay cool by the Tiki Pool with a lightweight blue dress and a pink hat to keep your head in the shade. Do not forget to tie the look together with these breezy and blue sandles!
2June is the perfect time to start exploring the muddy waters of Shipwreck Lagoon! In addition to crafting the perfect boat that will glide through the sea, you will want to put together one excellent costume. How about this Viking uniform? You will look courageous and classy as you step aboard your ship!
3As we previously mentioned, June is ALL about keeping cool. And what is cooler than a red beret? Nothing! Also, make sure to pick up one of our limited-time Father’s Day tops to show your appreciation to your old man!
4If you are not one for the Beach and sand, not to worry! The Threadz store still has some great outfits for you! Try on this goofy get-up and show your fellow Jumpeez you can be a magician with a sense of humor.
5With all of the slides around JumpStart this month, you might want to put an outfit that will be comfortable for the playground. How about a pair of teal shorts and a tank top? This outfit is perfect for climbing up those steep mountains, and it will not tie you down.

Now that you have seen some of the many combinations of Threadz you can make this month, why not head DownTown and start coming up with that perfect summer look? Once you have those colors coordinated and outfits put together, make sure to send along your Jumpee look for Kisha’s monthly fashion column! She would love to see what great, cutting-edge get-ups you put together.

Make Friends with our June Petz!

The Petz store DownTown just received a brand-new shipment of Petz just in time for the start of Summer! After chilling out by the Tiki Pool, take a nice stroll from MainStreet to DownTown and look at all of these friendly little fellows. You might just find your new special sidekick to explore JumpStart these summer months! Here is a peek at our latest additions to the Petz shop!

Kari, the Pleasant Blob

1Kari is always up for a bit of splashing around in the pool! Careful, though! Once she hops in, she will refuse to leave!

Medulla, the Cerebrity Brain

2Looking for some extra brainpower on your Learning Game activities? Medulla is here to cheer you on while playing a heated game of Bubble Trouble!

Dusk, the Black Cat

3Dusk is a pet of the night. If you enjoy sneaking around Windy Hollows and flying in the night sky, Dusk will be more than happy to keep you company!

Freddy, the Clumsy Cow

4If you need an extra hand on one of Ivy’s missions, Freddy might not seem like the best companion. However, what he lacks in hand-eye coordination, Freddy makes up for in his problem solving skills.

Franc, the Exotic Crab

5From what distand island Franc arrived from, no one knows. That has not stopped him from feeling right at home on the Boardwalk shores!

Roughhouse, the Riled-Up Rottweiler

6Oh Roughhouse, always getting too excited about the new theme additions for JumpStart for his own good. Looks like he is already enjoying the sprinkler fountains placed in SpeedDrome! Think you can catch up to him?

Starbuzz, the Sparkle-Eyed Fly

7Starbuzz might be a fly from humble beginnings, but she certainly has ambition in her eyes. If you are in need of inspiration to beat one of your high scores, Starbuzz is here to give you some motivation.

Murry, the Mischievous Monkey

8The Tiki Pool is one of Murry’s favorite FunZones! Join him for some mischievous playtime fun by the pool.

Truffle, the Warm-Hearted Mushroom

9Truffle is the perfect listener. If you are feeling blue, talk to him and he will make sure to turn that frown upside down!

Dart, the Stealthy Ninja

10Who is that lurking in the caverns of Adventure Canyon? Oh, not to worry! It is just Dart, up to his usual hide-and-seek pranks.

Paige, the Bookworm Panda

11When Paige is not creating her own tales and adventures in StoryLand, she likes to kick back at the Beach with a nice book.

Ginger, the Stale Cookie

12Ginger is back! Catch her getting warm and toasty in one of the magical shops of Windy Hollows.

Clamps, the Adoring Robot

13Take a break and lounge at one of the many beach chairs throughout JumpStart with none other than the most caring robot to come from FutureLand, Clamps!

Sea Biscuit, the Land-Dwelling Horse

14It might seem silly that Sea Biscuit would fear the water, but we are certainly thankful for it! She is a strong competitor at the Dance Off in Poseidon’s Hangout and knows how to get into the groove.

Teeth, the Swift Shark

15Teeth is well known in JumpStart for his fast times in pretty much every racing game. If you enjoy speeding through SpeedDrome, Teeth with be a great companion.

Aquamarine, the Maritime Turtle

16Look who popped out from JumpStart’s seas to say hello! Aquamarine is friendly little one, but you will probably want to practice your swimming skills to keep up!

Always, the Breathtaking Unicorn

17Always is one majestic Pet! A sort of distant cousin of the Mythies, Always will add a bit of enchantment to your JumpStart adventures even when you step away from the Enchanted Sanctuary!

Now that you have met all of the colorful and cuddly new Petz, do you have your eye on one in particular? Share with us your favorite new Pet in the comments!

Fitting Fashions at the Downtown Threadz Store!

The Threadz store DownTown just filled up with fabulous new additions for you Jumpee fashionistas, including glittery new dresses, embroidered ensembles, and a wide variety of other clothing. You will be certain to find that perfect new get-up in our May additions!

1Ever wish you could magically transform into a cat? Who doesn’t! Now you can put on a feline face and walk around JumpStart in disguise. Also try on one of these hot pink retro hairdos for a classy look from the past.

2For the Jumpee hard at work on building the perfect Neighborhood, try on these construction outfits. With sturdy boots and a helmet, you will be safe and stylish as you choose the best FunZone for your May parties.

3Maybe you just want a nice, casual look for the month. We have Threadz for that too! This purple cow hat shows that you are ready to play around Adventure Canyon, and you can tie the look together with these purple sneakers.

4The weather is warming up at JumpStart, which means you will probably spend a bit more time at the Beach. Try on a nice fisherman’s hat to keep your head under the shade.

5Head to the desert like a true Elvis impersonator with this glittery and bright get-up. This is one rock ‘n roll look that will impress all of your Jumpee friends!

These are just some ideas for outfits to wear through May, there are SO many other options waiting for you at the Threadz store. Just make sure you do NOT sleep on any of these items, get these Threadz before we run out of stock at the end of the month! Once you put together your outfit, also make sure to send along a screenshot of your Jumpee in their new outfit to be featured in the May Jumpee Lookbook!

These New Petz are Ready for the Fiesta

With all of the new Cinco de Mayo additions at JumpStart, we thought you might like some new friends to celebrate some of the May holidays with. This month would be a perfect time to purchase one of our prickly pals: Nacho, Ole, or Rita. They all love searching for fun prizes at the pinata FunZone DownTown. Also be sure to check out some of the other familiar faces we have brought back for the month. We have the latest scoop on all of the new Petz below!

Pink, the Playful Primate

1Do you have a lot of energy you need to unleash? You definitely should spend some time with Pink. This little monkey is always sliding around the slides DownTown!

Aloha, the Friendly Tiki

2No need to worry about going to the Beach alone. Aloha is always up for a day at the Beach with a Jumpee friend.

Scraps, the Rough, Tough Dog

3Scraps might have a ferocious grin, but that is only because he is so protective of all his Pet and Jumpee friends!

Spot, the Dotted Turtle

4Are you a fan of taking long walks on the Boardwalk? Spot does too! Watch out, though. You might just “spot” him beating your high score at the Arcade if you do not keep a close eye on him!

Missy, the Ragdoll Baby

5All of the ragdolls, are sweethearts, but it is hard to resist those large round eyes when you see Missy at the Petz Shop. She also has a sweet tooth, which might explain why she is with known baker Eleanor in this picture.

Oliver, the Icy Owl

6Why so grumpy, Oliver? The world of JumpStart may never know, but he still manages to be a hoot wherever you go!

Mary, the White Lamb

7If you are looking for a reading buddy, you have got a friend in Mary. She is a huge fan of nursery rhymes and fairy tales!

Sparkles, the Frog Princess

8Sparkles is one truly classy Pet. She has high expectations for her Jumpee pals and only befriends the friendliest Jumpeez around town!

Bowen, the Strong Bull

9Bowen is not afraid of an intense brain workout. Make Bowen your workout buddy for all of your Brain Training Arcade practice!

Ole, the Festive Cactus

10Ole keeps festive throughout all of the May JumpStart celebrations. Share your Cinco de Mayo spirit with him!

Rita, the Dancing Cactus

11Do you prefer exploring JumpStart with the jukebox blaring? So does Rita! Together you can dance around town listening to your favorite tunes.

Nacho, the Confused Cactus

12Nacho might not be the brightest Pet in the shop. He often forgets where he is or what adventure you are trying to complete, but he makes up for it with his kindness and humor. You will not find a Pet that will make you laugh as much as Nacho does.

Zeta, the Mothership Captain

13Zeta comes in peace, he just wants to team up with a Jumpee and perform fun experiments in ScienceLand. Join him at the Starscope Theater.

Roughhouse, the Riled-Up Rottweiler

14When Roughhouse is riled up, that means he is ready to party. Head to Poseidon’s Hangout with him and show off your dance moves!

Grayson, the Smoky Cat

15Of course, Grayson is here to play year round! With a coat that blends in with the fog at Windy Hollows, he is particularly a great match for the wizards of JumpStart!

Now that you know about all of our fabulous new friends DownTown, do you know which Pet you are going to try to purchase this month? Let us know which one you like best in the comments!