Day 4: Meet Botley!

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You know Botley… JumpStart’s resident robot companion! He’s here for Day four of 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP with an exciting new worksheet for you! Check out a note from Botley below and see if you can complete his patterns worksheet!

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Day 1: Meet Frankie!

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Kicking off 10 DAYS IN FRANKIE’S WORKSHOP is none other than the top dog himself… Frankie! Here with a brand-new Holiday themed worksheet, Frankie is excited to spread some holiday cheer! Keep reading for a note from Frankie and to see what his pick was for Worksheet of the Week! Also, check the last line for a hint about which of Frankie’s Elves gets the spotlight tomorrow!

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Special Holiday Promo Coming Monday!

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Hey Jumpeez! Do you recognize any of the characters in this picture? If you can’t name them all, don’t worry. Starting Monday, we’re bringing you 10 Days in Frankie’s Workshop, an all-new holiday campaign where YOU get to meet the elves who’ve been hard at work getting JumpStart ready for the holidays!

Each day, there will be a post from one of the JumpStart characters who will share a fun craft to make with your family, a cool worksheet to help you learn or an awesome activity to do with friends!

Be sure to check the blog Monday for the first day in Frankie’s Workshop!

Winter Wonderland: A New Season for New Features!

By now you’ve all probably heard the BIG news… the SpeedDrome and Boardwalk are making their triumphant return to the JumpStart World! As our friends Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private nestle into their new home at the World of Madagascar, snow has finally fallen in JumpStart. Are you ready for the Winter Wonderland and all the majestic and magical updates that are heading your way?


To kick off everyone’s favorite time of year, Frankie and the JumpStart friends have not only updated our LIMITED-TIME selection of Petz, Ridez and Threadz in the DownTown stores but they’ve also included a few new features for our festive FunZones!

Are you ready to start exploring the NEW and improved JumpStart, this winter? Stroll through one of our fun and festive Elf-O-Matics to transform your Jumpee into a super cute seasonal helper! After all there’s no better look to sport when you join your Jumpee friends to grow our community snowman, enter the Winter Wonderland, Ice skate through the Boardwalk, and celebrate this very special time of year!

Jump to it and let us know what you think of what winter has brought to the JumpStart World! Are you excited to hear that the Boardwalk and SpeedDrome are here to stay?

Family Resolutions for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions take many different forms, depending on the person making them. They are a annual tradition that involves committing to a  task or act through the duration of the year with the ultimate goal of self improvement. However, the idea of making changes for the better might fall short to some of the younger members of your family. Help explain this annual tradition by forming a few fun and easy resolutions for the whole family to share. Getting everyone in your household involved and committed to a single goal is a great way to keep everyone in check and on track for the New Year.

Photo by: Natalie Maynor

If you’re not sure where to start forming some of your family’s resolutions for the year, here are a few basic goals to share with your loved ones.

Eat Healthy – Eating healthy does not mean that meals have to be boring. Start taking some extra time to plan out your family’s meals before the start of each week to create delicious yet nutritious treats for snacks and meals. A little planning can go a long way when it comes to making the right decisions for you family in the kitchen. Do some research and learn how you can better incorporate a balanced meal of lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, grains, and fiber. Cutting down on unnecessary sugars and fats can improve your children’s health and overall alertness.

Stay Active – Eating healthy goes hand in hand with staying active when it comes to promotion a healthy lifestyle within your household. Parents might consider enrolling their kids in local sports leagues and other extracurricular activities or they can also plan a few activities of their own before or after dinner. From family walks and bike rides to weekend hikes, staying active is just one way of helping your kids build strong bodies and stay healthy. You might even consider creating games or events like family sports days to disguise fitness for fun!

Make Time for Family – When the year begins and schedules, school, and work seems to become a bit of a whirlwind to handle, quality time spent together can often take the backseat to more immediate or pressing tasks. Commit to regular family dinners or activity nights like game night or movie night to assure that you stay connected with your kids. Strengthening bonds like these when your kids re young can ultimately help keep the lines of communication open as they grow and begin seeking a bit more independence.

Fun Family Traditions for the New Year

Celebrating the New Year is an annual tradition that sends many people scrambling to make plans with their friends and loved ones. And, for parents with young children, this can be much more of a challenge. Do not miss out on sharing the significance of this holiday with our kids, this year and use some of our favorite Family activities for the New Year with your children to assure that this holiday season ends in a memorable fashion!

Photo by Sarah_Ackerman

Community Events – Depending on where you live, your city might already be hosting a few family friendly events to ring in the New Year. Do some research to see if there are any activities or events that interest you  or your loved ones. From fireworks shows and parades to formal balls and other parties, this can be a great way to stay connected to the community in which you live while celebrating this annual holiday!

Family Slumber Party – Plan a fun and festive camp out by the TV to watch the countdown on television. This family style slumber party can include many popular childhood activities like fort building or cooking up seasonal treats in the kitchen like apple cider, hot cocoa or holiday cookies. After all, staying up until midnight might not be something you can count on the kids to do, so be sure to take advantage of those hours leading up to the start of the New Year!

Resolution Tree Crafts – Have your family members come together of a creative craft. Fashion a small tree from cardboard or paper. For the leaves on the tree, have each person in your household write down their New Year’s resolution down on a paper leaf that they decorate and make their own. Affix each family member’s resolution on the tree and leave it up somewhere in your home as a subtle reminder throughout the year.

Create A Time Capsule – There’s no better way to reminisce about the year that has passed or plan for the one to come that by giving your family the task of pulling together a Time Capsule. Your kids can include photos from memorable moments or even write letters to themselves to read in the future. This can be a fun way of celebrating the New Year and also tracking your kids’ growth from year to year. Make it an annual tradition by opening the time capsule on the following New Year’s holiday to review its content and pack it with new memories.

Winter Season Items in JumpStart – For Limited-Time ONLY!

Are you enjoying all the winter-themed FunZones and scavenger hunt in JumpStart during this chilly month of December? There are arrays of items you can choose from to make your adventures in-game more fun and exciting! These seasonal items are only available for a limited-time, so don’t miss out on your chance to celebrate the last month of 2013 in glitz and glamour!

Jumpee in Outfits

Fuzzy Threadz

Keep your Jumpee warm and cozy during this year’s frosty celebrations by picking up a cute elf outfit from the Threadz store in DownTown. Be sure to also check out the snug and stylish winter coats and sweaters that you can wear to your own or your BFFs’ neighborhood parties!

Petz (bunny)

Adorable Petz

Don’t forget to adopt a fluffy companion from the Petz store in DownTown, who can accompany you on all your chilling fun adventures in JumpStart. From little bunnies in tuxedos to a pink ninja, you can choose from a variety of Petz that is sure going to fit your personality and interests.


Merry Ridez

Explore the world of JumpStart in style with these festive seasonal Ridez! From a snowman sleigh, to snow sleds, to snowy-themed skateboards, and more, go on your adventures in-game in more festive speed and holiday cheers.

Log into JumpStart, today, and head over to DownTown to pick up a few holiday special items that will melt away when the winter months are over!