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JumpStart®, an award-winning brand from Knowledge Adventure®, has set the standard in kids’ educational software for over 15 years. Today, the JumpStart experience is more engaging, interactive, and fun than ever! In 2009, we introduced JumpStart.com, an online adventure where 3 to 10-year-old kids master the skills needed to succeed in school and in life, through exploration, discovery, and learning. By blending interactive adventures and award-winning learning games into a safe, customizable online world, JumpStart inspires minds and JumpStarts self-confidence… the fun way.

Stay tuned to the JumpStart blog for exciting updates from the JumpStart Studios, sneak peeks of upcoming releases, helpful learning tips, crafty projects, and exciting science experiments just for you! You can also visit us at www.JumpStart.com.

For questions related to technical issues, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at support@jumpstart.com.

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  1. wow the jump start 3D world is so cool

    • well i really like this multi player feature and the canned chat and dance moves well have to see whats next.

      • I have free chat too.

        • y is type chat turned off? i want null and messages

          • I NEED TO POST MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX TYPE CHAT!!!!!!!!

          • Hi, Bob! We’re so sorry for the inconvenience. But, in order for us make sure that type chat is working at its very best for all you Jumpeez, we do need to do upgrades to the system from time to time. We appreciate your patience and will be sure to let you know when it becomes available again. If you’re interested, you are still able to use our canned chat options to communicate with your B.F.F.s. Give it a try and if you have any other questions, just let us know. Thanks for playing JumpStart!

          • at least let us post messages!

          • Please please please jump start! Fix this game! I tried to clear the cache alot, and I am the only person in the game could u help me and i cant type either help ok

          • Hi Natalya! You might need to double check to see that the Multi-player feature and chat systems have been activated by your parents for you account? These functions can be found in the “Manage Kids” section of the Account tab.

        • What do you mean Free Chat? I think you meant to say Type Chat.

        • Hi Jump start! I am having a problem. I am the only one in the game and my buddy list is not showing up and I can not use type chat. I cannot see anyone so I am the only one in the game. Are you building something new? Are you putting more hair colours and more clothes or a new building? Because, I dont know why that i am the only one in there and it is not fun for me. Any reason why this is happening? I cleared the unity cache and tried and tried and tried everything I could but I still cannot play! Any answers? Thanks. Much care people, Natalya.

          • Hi, Natalya – We checked into you account and everything appears to be working correctly. Are you still encountering this issue at all? If so, please let us know and we can have our technical team look further into this for you. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

          • Yeah, my best friend on JS and I will be having a regular conversation and we won’t say anything innapropriate or bad, and we will have our Type Chat taken away for a whole week. Please fix it. Thanks.

          • Hi, Ella! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. While we’d be happy to look into this for you. However, please take some time to review our official chat guidelines, here: http://www.jumpstart.com/customercare/chat-guidelines to avoid getting silenced on your future visits to the game. Sorry for the inconvenience!

        • how do u get free chat

          • Hi, Shelby! To enable type chat on your account, you will need to get the permissions of the parent who’s email is registered to your account. You can request to have an email sent to them from the game by attempting to type into the chat bar. Upon doing this, a window should pop up asking if you’d like your parent to be notified. From there they will need to use our account options to manage your chat settings.

            If you have any questions about this, please let us know. Thank you!

          • Hi, my sister and I were at the same place in JumpStart, but we could not see each other. Why is this?

            On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 4:48 PM, The JumpStart Blog wrote:

            > ** > JumpStart commented: “Hi, Shelby! To enable type chat on your account, > you will need to get the permissions of the parent who’s email is > registered to your account. You can request to have an email sent to them > from the game by attempting to type into the chat bar. Upon doing ” >

          • Hi, Chani! You might have missed our last response to your question, we have listed the response here as well for your convenience. To connect with real world friends like your sister, all you would need to do is add each other to your Buddy lists. You can do this by exchanging Buddy Codes and entering those into your buddyl ist. Give that a try and let us know if you have any other problems connecting with your sister in JumpStart!

          • Sorry, I didn’t see your last reply! We did add each other, but we still can’t see each other sometimes.

          • Not a problem, Chani! We just wanted to make sure the you got the response. Since you have added each other, you might need to also try clearing your browser’s cache by following the simple instructions listed here: http://www.jumpstart.com/CustomerCare/FAQ.aspx#unity-reinstall .

            If the problem persists, it would be best for you to directly contact one of our friendly customer support agents by email at support@jumpstart.com. Thank you for your patience and for choosing JumpStart!

        • i dont have free chat but look for me my name is Jordan speedy monkey!!!!

      • I can’t download the game!

        • Hi! The JumpStart world is completely browser based, at this time. To play, you’ll only need to download and install the Unity Web Player used to launch the game. Please let us know if you have nay other issues accessing the JumpStart World. We’d be happy to help!

      • I can’t even contact Jumpstart and I need to cancel my membership because I have no more money on my debit card.. ugh.

        • Hi Dominique! We are sorry to hear that! Could you send us the email address attached to your JumpStart account, as well as any ticket numbers you received from your emails to Customer Support so we can help get this fixed? Thanks!

    • i love playing on jump start.


      • jump start is live right now

        • Hi Kendra!!!!How do u dress a Jump Start player??????

          • Hi, Keisha – To dress up a JumpStart player you’ll need to use our character creator found in your Jumpeez dock. Check it out!

          • In your toolbar at the very bottom,find the clothing hanger and you are there!

        • Hi Jumpstart everyone has a weird problem, our type chat keeps saying null no matter what we say its always null how can you fix that cause its making it even worse like you cant say things and then it gets stuck and everything says null its so anoyying please fix it we really need some help around theese days and also how do people manage to to fall through things???? we are trying to talk and we need help to fix null type chat thx

          • Hi, Natalya! Thanks for your feedback. We’re doing our best to get all the upgrades to the chat system up and running. We appreciate your patience during this time, and will be sure to let you know when it becomes available again.

    • I totally agree .But do you think you could help me you could tell me how to add people to my buddie list and how

      to get one as well??? Love megan!!!!!!!

    • yes it really is very cool!!!!!!


      • do you love math blaster too?! its been a long day for me! i hate being sick

      • I have a question….I want to add another character person to my brother’s account, but I don’t know how. Like at the left, there is ‘Welcome Sparky123!’ and I want to add another person cause I want to play and he won’t let me play as he person. Have any idea? Thanks,

        • Hi, MK – To add a player, sign into your JumpStart account and have a parent select the “Parents” tab at the top of the screen. From there they’ll need to hit the “Manage Kids” option. The following page will allow them to add a new player. Then once the player is added you should be able to select his or her name from the drop down menu on the homepage. Give that a try, and let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks for playing JumpStart!

    • ok, if someone can tell me what i am doing wrong. i registered my 2 girls, and went to launch and all i got was an advertisement for the wii game over and over again. it never went anywhere.

    • me too it is so cool

    • how old are u it looked like jump start was stupid but then when i looked at it more it was AWESOME!!!!!!

      • plz plz. fix type chat

        • Hi, Bob! Our team is still working on updating the system. We understand your frustration, but please know that you are still able to communicate with your jumpee pals using our canned chat system. Give it a try and we’ll let you know once safe chat is back up and running. Thanks for playing!

        • whats wrong with your type chat? if you don’t know my type chat can’t do long sentences and some words like what,if,think,me too,you , whats up,nice,to,meet,come,well thats all for now. i just got it! i mean like i see people talking long sentences so i try and it doesn’t work!

    • i love this game very much the first time i start to play it i fell in love with it

      • gruh wat game is it

      • Hey ya’ll know its me Megumi Silver mask also known as lori silver mask. Pretty much is going well. By the looks of it oh i’m also the person who wrote the story! So I think the mystery game or whats its face is a sheep ride and a trip to somewhere it just is fun to make guesses! I’ll take a good look and try to make another prediction. Well guys it looks like a sheep or an animal of some kind Am not positively sure but I think its somthing to do with an animal and a sand doom of some kind but i’ll take a better look get a prediction and stuff we’ll i’ll let ya know my other guesses and stuff so hope to see new clothes and things communicater has less so im thinking that your working on a secret thing! Or maybe….. could it be the big heads? Hmm maybe I need more Time to think about it all yeah i’ll let ya know When i figured it out almost i will Edventully Laughing out loud lol Im good at thinking and guesses! See ya around…..:

        • Thanks for sharing your guesses with us, Megumi SilverMask!

          • Bonjour! I saw the countdown picture and it looks like a new land or something, Well seems to me that in the blurry pic it looks like a land and on the black pic a blacked out frankie in a dress and the other a sheep or animal !!! I think the land is good How many more days left? Do we have to check and see if one side gets lit up in colour? and each day we check back? til it gets coloured? Well thats all.

    • My daughter is playing Legend of Grizzly McGuffin at Level 6. The program asked her to clear some rocks and some weeds at Dinosaur Raceway. We were able to use the mallet to clear the rocks but have been unable to clear the weeds. Any advice? I called customer support but the idea they gave me does not seem to work.

      • You need to use the Wand to clear the weeds.

        • what wand?

        • Are you going to put the thing to color thing to color your shoes hair and stuff back? I never got to use it! Plus why am i getting reported so much for no reason!!? It doesn’t make sense. and i was trying to click on a ride and this is something strange that happened to me: I clicked someones dragon and turned into it then I clicked my other ride and i was inside the dragon then i clicked the ship again and I turned into the dragon again why did that happen?? THX 🙂

          • Hi, Natalya – Thanks for your feedback. We don’t have any immediate plans to bring back those Jumpee creator options at this time. However, we do provide a large selection of both hair and shoe types to fit your Jumpee’s look, so be sure to check them out in the Threadz Store!

            Also, your story about the JumpStart ridez does sound pretty unusual. It way have just been a small glitch in your game. Remember that if you encounter any weird loading issues like this, the first thing you want to do is to clear your Unity and web browser cache by following the simple instructions listed here: http://www.jumpstart.com/CustomerCare/FAQ.aspx#unity-reinstall . Sometimes when your cache is storing too much information, it can cause little glitches in the game. If the problem persists, please let us know and we’ll be sure to further look into it.

        • really i never played that

    • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      • Hi Jumpstart.com! Great game and stuff but a few strange questions from me today lets hear it for the first strange question! Why are the heads big in storyland? Lets give a roundofapplause for the next strange question! Well, here i am again saying it strangley! Why is the green greek shirt big? and the skinny skirt? well thats all for today be sure to check out more of my things when you see Strangequestionsawait.com in the comments area so you can read more about it!

        • Strangequestionsawait.com Now opened! By Brielle raven! Well i found out something not only are these heads big but if your a girl with your jumpee and she has long hair its like down under your feet ALMOST! well meet me on the site of Gogolegosite.webs.com in the comments below!

          • Gogolegosite.webs.com: Hey Brielle here! Well i want to tell you something about this site in these comments Italy stories: Home: diffrent shades of people: how to not bully: Calmtown: please write the one you want to visit first everyone!

    • this is a awsome website

      • Calmtown: Just count to ten aloud and squeeze your shoulder by giving them a hug then stretch down to your knees and do two deep breathes then count to ten again and you will feel Calmtown is all around you!

        • If you can tell me what I am doing wrong that would be great I Was with my mythie in the enchanted sanctuary in the nursery playing with my mythie I clicked the ball icon and when i fetched it my mythie got it and brought it back but he didn’t exactly bring it back he was coming without it and it showed dark icons and him up close and I couldnt figure out why it was doing that then I saw a mythie with two noses and four eyes and four ears it was so gross plus why the big heads in story land? Thank you

          • Hi, Taylor Fox! We are truly sorry for this inconvenience and hope to get your game running normally once again. The first thing you want to try when experiencing loading problems like this, is to clear your Unity and web browser cache by following the simple instructions listed here: http://www.jumpstart.com/CustomerCare/FAQ.aspx#unity-reinstall .

            If the problem persists, it would be best for you to directly contact one of our friendly customer support agents at support@jumpstart.com.

            Also, to answer your question about StoryLand, the heads on the players appear larger since their bodies are smaller. This change only happens in StoryLand due to the fact that the area itself is designed for our younger fans. Thank you for your patience and for choosing JumpStart!

    • on the deep sea island place i cant find the purpel spot to put the rainbow for the sea monster.

      please help,

    • I love this game!I think this game should be a kidz sims3 game!

    • Wow this game rules!!!

    • does anyone know where the surfboard and sunblock at the docks are?

    • Where can I adopt a pet? Do you need to be a member to adopt?

    • i love love the 3d jumpstart because it is awsome

    • If someone can tell me what i am doing wrong. We have bought things with our money for our house but when we come back, there is nothing there and we got a car and now we cant find it .What is happening to our stuff.Please Help!!

      • Hi, Shannon- We’re sorry for the trouble you are having. Whenever you are in the game and put a ride away it is sent to the Ridez Garage located in DownTown next to the Ridez Shop. For your neighborhood items, did you put the items on your house or in your FunZone? Once you buy the items you will need to go to your room to pick furniture from your inventory and arrange it in your room. You can do this by entering your room and selecting the bed icon on the bottom of your screen. This will bring up all of the items you have purchased. If you have already placed the items in your room and they are no longer there, there was an saving error in the game. In this case, we would be happy to refund the coins you used to purchase the items, please just reply to this comment (don’t worry we won’t post it to the blog) or email us at reviews@adventure.com with the email and child name you use to log into JumpStart as well as the amount of coins and we will refund the account.

    • Yes, I agree. It is cool! I love Jumpstart!

    • i love jumpsart,it’s so cool!

    • Can you steal things from the fashion show? and do we earn a shirt or a tail? probably a shirt but can u still steal things from the fashion show?? plz make there a way to do it! And bring back the choices things like click somthing it gives a choice bring it back tomorrow plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

      • Hey Jumpstart luv 🙂 the game! I tried to steal stuff from the fashion show and get choices It worked for one day then it all went back! I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW I DID IT ! 😦 plz bring back the choice things and let us be able to steal stuff from the fashion show thx molly silver quartz aka natalya

      • Hi, Natalya – Sorry for the confusion, but you won’t be able to steal any of the items from the fashion show. If you see any items you like, be sure to stop by the Threadz store to see if they’re in stock. Then you can use the coins you earned by playing games to buy them. Also, to earn a swim tail, you’ll need to complete all the mission in MarineLand. Hopefully that helps answer your questions. Thanks for playing!

    • I need a free membership without facebook

    • i can’t feed,wash.or play with my mythie please help!!!

    • My jumpstart is acting weird. In the beginning of the game where you can cut fruit, alot of the screen turns black and it’s hard to tell what’s going on. In the game, i cant see my mouse or any of the buttons like the map settings or the missions. Please help!

      • Hi EstelliseEternal,

        We are so sorry to hear that you are experiencing loading issues with the game! Have you tried to clear your caches yet? Often times when the game is not loading correctly, it is due to an issue with your caches. We have simple steps to help you clear both your internet browser AND Unity Web Player caches on our Customer Support Page (link attached below). If you need help with this process, make sure to get an adult to assist you. Let us know if this works! Thank you!


  2. My 6 live-in granchildren have enjoyed Jump Start World since it was first released, we have grades K, 1, and 2 (and were hoping to see grades 3-5 but so far, not yet). How is this new on-line interactive Jumpstart World different and how does it track grade levels or the child’s abilities? And does each child need a membership or is it a family membership?


    Karen Herron

    • Hi Karen – Thanks for stopping by! The new online JumpStart world is a whole new way to play JumpStart. Your kids will still be learning and exploring with their favorite JumpStart characters, but there are new adventures, worlds and learning games waiting. I particularly recommend AdventureLand, where your kids can help rescue a lost island from the pesky little furballs known as punk punks. AdventureLand is for ages 4-8, though we have heard from our testers that older children enjoy it as well. We are also planning to add a 3rd -5th grade area to the online game in the upcoming months.

      In regards to membership, it is a family membership – so all of your children can play for one price.

      I hope this helps!

      • I’m having trouble getting onto the adventureland site and the deepsea island and the water punk-punks thingy. Can someone help?!!

        • Hi Ameeta-

          MarineLand (the underwater world with Water Punk-Punks) isn’t on the site yet, so you won’t be able to get into that part of JumpStart.com for a little while. To get into AdventureLand, just log in at JumpStart.com and click “Play Now” and then “Launch.” Once you get into JumpStart World, use the arrow keys or the map to get close to AdventureLand. Click on AdventureLand, and you should be all set! Please let us know if you have any more questions.


          The JumpStart Team

          • My kids have many of the Jump Start games, and especially love the Animal World one. I can not get it to work on my new computer and do not see it on the website. Is there a download to make it work? Is it on the site and I just don’t see it? Please help

          • Hi Wendy! Unfortunately, we don’t sell Animal Adventure anymore. But if your kids have a Wii, they might want to check out Pet Rescue.

        • how do u make A character

  3. I need to know where to buy yor products like Jump Start kindergarten, first grade, toddlers, etc

    • Hi Richard –
      You can find JumpStart products at major retailers including Target, Best Buy, Costco and Wal-Mart. Many of our titles are also available online at Amazon or http://shop.knowledgeadventure.com
      The JumpStart Team

      • I’ve purchased your Jumpstart Advanced for Preschool world, and it says there’s 5 new 3D worlds and my daughter has already completed the first world. How do we open the new worlds???

        • Hi, Heather-

          You’ll need to purchase membership to access the rest of the worlds. The game is simply too large to put on one CD, so the CD includes 2 “adventures” (which take the average student 2 months to complete) with the option to subscribe for an additional 10 months of content. Thanks, and please let us know if you have any more questions!

          The JumpStart Team

          • it is very misleading to not have this clear when you purchase the CD.

          • I agree that this is extremely misleading and should have been clarified when the CD was purchased in the first place.

          • Hi Jill – We apologize for any misleading information. If you would like any further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your support!

          • i need help with my mithyi colored it yester day and wene the egg hachter it was white whate do i do and are thare going to be more mithy contest

          • Hi Kat! You can change the color of your mythie by going back to the eggulator. Also, we will have more contests in the future. Please keep checking the blog for updates!

  4. My 5 year old grandson has been playing on Jumpstart since he was 3. We have a mission on 3D Jumpstart World on-line to find his cabin and put a picture on the billboard. We have searched and searched for his cabin in Adventureland and cannot seem to find it. There isn’t a map for Adventureland, can you please tell me where we need to go to get to the cabins?



    • Hey Diana,
      The cabin is located by the entrance of the island. If you make your way towards the dock and boat, you should find it! Let me know if you are still having trouble. Good Luck!
      -The JumpStart Team

      • I still cannot find the cabin. I’ve gone all over the place. What does this place look like? How can I find it?



        • Hi, Debra-

          We’re guessing you’re in AdventureLand. The cabin is on the beach outside the town. If you’re in the town, you’ll need to cross the wooden bridge near Foot Frenzy and the jukebox. Once you cross the bridge, go through the archway. Then, just make your way out to the beach to find your cabin.

          We hope this helps you. If you still can’t find the cabin, you can let us know where you are in AdventureLand and we can direct you more precisely. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Happy exploring!

          The JumpStart Team

          • jumpstart can you please help me find all the pieces to the map i just now started please respond before i have to go to bed PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just help me find never mind please help me find them al before tangorra does PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!

          • Hi Brianna – Unfortunately, the map pieces have already been swept away so you will not be able to find them anymore. The good news is that Tangorra was stopped and all of the Voltage dragon eggs were rescued! Stay tuned to the JumpStart Blog and we’ll let you know next time Tangorra starts causing trouble again so that you can join the hunt.

          • i still cannot find my cabin.i’ve looked everywhere and i can’t find it

          • Hi Grace! We’re guessing you’re in AdventureLand. The cabin is on the beach outside the town. If you’re in the town, you’ll need to cross the wooden bridge near Foot Frenzy and the jukebox. Once you cross the bridge, go through the archway. Then, just make your way out to the beach to find your cabin. We hope this helps you. If you still can’t find the cabin, you can let us know where you are in AdventureLand and we can direct you more precisely. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Happy exploring!

          • i was Hacked For My membership i had it for a year. My daughter is rly sad whoever did that is very rude would you ‘JumpStart’ give it back to my daughter plz 😦

          • Hi, Ashley- We are so sorry for the error, however it doesn’t appear that your account was hacked. There might have been an mistake in our records. We will email you with more information.

        • hello derba i had the same misson and itis where you fist came to lost shores i think.

      • If you aren’t a membercan you hatch a mythie??

        • Hi Annie! Unfortunately, as a non-member you will not be able to hatch your eggling into a mythie. Although you able to take your eggling around with you as you travel throughout JumpStart! Check it out and let us know what you think of our eggling pals.

          • Hey Jump start I Play jumpstart and my names under (my jumpstart name) and so i really want to hatch my eggling plzzz can u make that true plz i beg send me email and ill tell you how to get into my account plzz :]

          • Hi, Simay! Unfortunately our Mythie features can only be accessed by our JumpStart members at this time. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

    • to tell you the truth i do not no much about it !!!!!


    • i did what you told me go to the eggulater but i stil cant chang my mithys coller and it has arady hached so what do i do now let me know as sone as you can

      • Hi Kat – You can change the color of your mythie once it enters Mythie Training area. Once you click on the mythie, and then the dress up option, a color kit will appear. However, you cannot access this until your mythie has matured enough to enter the ‘Mythie Training’ area.

      • Hi Kat – You can change the color of your mythie once it enters Mythie Training area. Once you click on the mythie, and then the dress up option, a color kit will appear. However, you cannot access this until your mythie has matured enough to enter the ‘Mythie Training’ area.

  5. my son is almost 4 years old, he loves the game, but I’d like to go over more activities before becoming a member, he already finish, level 1 and to 2 but it’s imposible to move on level 3, my ? is that’s all? he have to become a member to move to 3rd level?

    • Hey Maggie,
      Yes, unfortunately, free membership ends at the second level, and he will have to become a member to advance to the third level. If cost is an issue, we do offer a monthly plan that only costs $7.99 a month. You can pay for one month and then cancel it if you are unhappy.
      However, if you are playing the box game, the first two levels, if explored entirely, should last a child at least two months worth of curriculum. I apologize if the box set did not explain that clearly. I hope that helps you Maggie! Please let me know if you have any other questions!
      The JumpStart Team

      • Two months?? We bought it on New Year’s Day and we’re done with the first two levels already (January 3), and trying to understand how to get up to Level 3. From reading this, it seems that we have to pay more money to continue the game. I had no idea this was a pay-for-access game after the introductory teaser levels. I feel very misled.

        • Hi Catherine – We are very sorry to hear you feel misled and are currently revising our packaging to make sure customers understand exactly what they are purchasing. A customer service representative should be in touch with you shortly to see if we can improve your JumpStart experience. Thank you for your feedback!

  6. Hello,

    I am looking for info on super gems and what a child might do with them once she’s earned a few.


    • Hi JuLeah,

      When your child earns a Super Gem, she can redeem it for a “Super Gem Reward” certificate that you create on JumpStart.com. You can come up with your own reward or choose from a list of fun activities like “A Trip to the Park” or “Going Out for Ice Cream.”

      To activate Super Gem Rewards, you’ll need to give your child permission to access the Internet. Visit the Parent Center (the pencil icon on your desktop) and check the Internet permission checkbox at the bottom of the page under the “Holiday Celebrations” tab.

      Then, you can go to the “Super Gems” page under the “Manage Account” tab while you’re logged into JumpStart.com. There, you can create a new Super Gems Reward for your child. Next time your child plays JumpStart, she can buy the reward with her Super Gems by clicking on the mailbox outside her house. Finally, your child can print out the reward certificate she’s earned and redeem it with you!

      Studies show that children learn better when parents are involved. Super Gem Rewards are a great way for you to provide positive reinforcement to your child and extend learning beyond the computer. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Happy exploring!

      -The JumpStart Team

    • Jumpstart you made my online world beautiful with discovery and adventure that awaits me. I lived to have these wonderful colourful adventures. No. My life is not complete yet! I still have way more things to discover. You helped me have these beautiful-sight wild adventures and my dreams are just to play here. You made my world so much better and im thanking you for this lovely idea of jump start. It is by far the best online game website and it is my favourite. I had a good life thanks to you. You made me have more delicious dreams and those dreams just seem to come so REAL! I just love this game and you gave it all the great stuff. Best idea (1) The game is in good colouring three dimensional. Best idea (2) There are great clothing there. Best idea (3) Best dreams about this game come true and they seem so real in my life and my dreams feel so free and wild. There are tasty little treats and wonderful things that give me this oppurtunity! What a complete life huh!? I want to thank you very very much for this game. Also why is it underlining colouring and colourful and favourite?

  7. punk punks are cute and sometimes pesky to me.

  8. We have just purchased the 3D-Virtual World. The kids love it. I understand the concept of books being colored by achievements. Three books means a new land opens. Mostly by error and just playing, we have filled one book. My question is how? I want to be able to help the kids at least alittle. Can someone help me understand the basic structure of the program?

    • Hi there-

      The game is basically linear in structure, with Task A leading to Task B, Task B leading to Task C, etc. The JumpStart characters will give your children missions in order as they play through the game, and they’ll fill up storybooks as they go. If they miss or forget the explanation of a mission, they can click on their JumpStart communicator (question mark icon) in the bottom right corner of the screen to see and hear it repeated. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions!


      The JumpStart Team

  9. Hi,

    I bought my daughter JS World 1st grade when she was in kindergarten and she really enjoyed it. Now she’s entering 2nd and I’d like to get the second grade JS World. If she does the newer online version, with the avatars, will she have to go back through the lower level curriculum? How does your program know where she should start?



    • Hi, Naomi-

      There are different areas within the online game that are designed for children at different grade levels. Based on your daughter’s grade level, she should play in AdventureLand. Furthermore, your membership to JumpStart.com will allow you to download the same games that are available in stores, so your daughter will be able to play those, too. You can just download the appropriate game for her age. Please let us know if you have any more questions!


      The JumpStart Team

  10. hiiwouldliketoknowtotypeinyournameforyourjumpee?


    • Hi there-

      As a security measure, the online game doesn’t allow you to type in a name for your Jumpee. Instead, you get to choose a combination of three words from the provided lists to name your Jumpee. Hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any other questions!


      The JumpStart Team

    • Ok thats looks like a bunch of jibrash

  11. Could you tell me if Jump Start World 3rd Grade is available now? I have done the previous grades and was wondering about 3rd grade. Please reply ASAP

    • Hello there! Unfortunately, we do not have a 3rd grade game for the JumpStart virtual world at the moment. We do have other games geared for 3rd graders though, that you will definitely enjoy! You can see them on our website. Check it out and let me know what you think!
      Thank You,
      The JumpStart Team

  12. I have been subscribing to Jumpstart for my daughter for about 5 months now and she has problems EVERYTIME she gets on. I have fast internet and all her other sites work fast but not Jumpstart. She gets on Jumpstart for about 2-3 minutes and then it locks up….It is very upsetting for her because she really likes Jumpstart.
    Am I the only one having problem with this? I would hate to cancel it…Please help!

  13. Our daughter is now in 3rd grade and we want to upgrade. Our daughter loves the program, unfortunately she has outgrown the program for her age/grade. Are there any 3rd grade / 8+ year old reading math activities available to those of us that pay monthly?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your question! We currently have a world in production that will be added to our online game for 3rd-5th graders. This area, currently called FutureLand, is scheduled to release this Fall if all goes well!

  14. We have many of your software, but have not tried the online interactive programs yet. I have a 7 year old and a 10 year old. I am interested in becoming a member. How can I do that? What interactive activities (lands?) do you recomend for their ages? Are these games educational like your software?

    • Hey Liliana,
      Great to hear you are interested in becoming a member! One cool part about becoming a member is that you are able to access all the updates and newest features right away. Since the boxed product isn’t “live” online access to new features right away isn’t possible. You can join by going to http://www.jumpstart.com and clicking the MEMBERSHIP button. Once you register you are good to go! Your children will want to go to the submarine. This is how you access AdventureLand where many of the educational games for 7-10 year olds are located. Also, keep an eye out for MarineLand, a new land we will introduce to the online game in a couple weeks.

      Lastly, yes, our online game is completely educational. Just like all our boxed products, learning is our #1 priority!
      Thanks and I hope this helps!
      The JumpStart Team

  15. Hello I have a membership for my son and wehave completed all the stories in storyland isit now time to go to lost Island? We cannot seem tofind our way there can you help us??

    • Hey Melanie,
      Looks like it is time for your little one to tackle AdventureLand! You can find this by going to the submarine in Lost Shores. When you enter the JumpStart World, go to the right, towards the water. You should see the big yellow submarine under the hot air balloon. Your child’s next set of challenges and adventures can be found there! Good luck and please let us know if you have anymore questions!
      The JumpStart Team

  16. hi , my daughter just loves it!! we had to become members . I was just curious if you could help us with the riddle to find what it is in marine world that is pointing to the town? she’s been working on this for two days. have a great day!

    • Hi Mackenzie-
      I had some trouble with the riddle as well, but I spoke with the producers and here are the directions they gave me…
      1. When you enter Merrlywood, head to the cliffs towards the right.
      2. Run up the roof and use the moving platform to go up to the cliff.
      3. Once you are at the top, run over the hand.
      Hope this helps!!
      -The JumpStart Team

    • its right next to a big building i love it to

  17. I would like to review this product. Let me know. 🙂

  18. my son has grown out of the jumpstart 3D world and he is now in 5th grade and he still wants to play it and he wonders if there will be a place for 5th to 6th grades please help!

    • Hi Julia,
      JumpStart is planning to release FutureLand to the online world, an area meant for 3rd to 5th graders, late this month! We hope your son will enjoy it as he tackles learning activities that are appropriate for his age level, and we’re glad to hear that he remains so dedicated to our game! Please continue to follow this blog for further updates on FutureLand!
      The JumpStart Team

      • Julia- Have you checked out FutureLand? It is geared toward older grades such as 3rd, 4th, 5th and beyond. It helps in more challenging subjects such as history, etc.

  19. Benjamin is playing the new online jumpstart.com jumpstart world programs. He is waiting breathlessly for FutureWorld to open, and is using the Adventureland ones. He is homeschooled. Is there any way to get a progress report beyond the number of stars he gets/week, for the online games?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Unfortunately, there is no progress report available for the online game beyond what you’ve mentioned and the little performance reviews following the completion of certain mini-games. However, with membership, you have full access to the Downloadable games found under Manage Account, which are outside of the online world, but offer more detailed progress reports. Check them out, if you’re interested.
      The JumpStart Team

  20. I really enjoy the world that you have created. Kudos!!! Is it possible to adopt a pet instead of purchase? I thought I saw it somewhere when the kids were playing but I can’t remember.

    my kids and I really enjoy playing online. You have a fantastic website. I can’t wait to see what you do for every holiday.
    Thanks! Julie B.:)

    • Hi Julie,
      We’re really glad that your experience with JumpStart has been so positive. Now, you can’t adopt a pet in the JumpStart online world, but Jumpeez with membership are allowed to purchase Petz from the Petz Store on Main Street in the Downtown district with the virtual coins they gain from completing activities. We hope that cleared that up for you. As for the holiday themes, this Winter is going to be anything but dreary; you can (snow) bank on it.
      The JumpStart Team

  21. Hi there !

    We have been debating about purchasing the Lifetime membership, but had a question. I understand the new Future World is coming out this month, which is geared towards the older students. We have been playing now for several years, my kids are now 7 and 9, but I wanted to make sure that the Lifetime purchase covers the newer areas too.

    Will it ?

    Please let me know !
    Thanks !

  22. Hi there !

    One more question… on the lifetime membership, I noticed that it reads a “minimum of two years guaranteed.” What exactly does that mean ?

    Please let me know !
    Thanks !

    • Hi MusicMom,
      To answer both your questions, first, yes, lifetime membership will cover all present updates and all updates to come, including new lands released. As for your other question, that clause means that we guarantee that lifetime memberships last for as long as the site is active and, in any case, with at least two years of online game play being available to you. If, for some reason, we close down the site before two years have passed with your membership, you would be entitled to a pro-rated refund.
      Hope that helps,
      The JumpStart Team

      • Thank you VERY much for such a quick reply and for explaining things so well ! 🙂 We are so excited… The kids really love Jump Start, and I would like to give them this opportunity to continue enjoying the programs !


  23. I have to say that my son loves Jumpstart. We bought Kindergarten when he was 3 and 1st grade when we was 4. I was just wondering if we become members, does he get to download 2nd grade? Or does the membership only include the online games? I haven’t watched him play the online games much but they don’t seem educational like the Kindergarten or 1st grade. I am a bit confused over what we get for becoming members.

    • Hi Riley’s mom,
      Members have full downloadable access to the Preschool through 2nd Grade games, so, yes, if you became a member, you would get to download the 2nd Grade game, Quest for the Color Meister as part of your membership. With the membership comes full access to the online world, which includes access to all the different Lands within JumpStart.com. These different lands include scores more learning activities than are available in the free, trial version of the game.

  24. I’m contemplating the Lifetime membership. My son (4 yrs) loves the JumpStart 3D Virtual World (Grizzly McGuffin). Are there online games included in the lifetime membership? Does lifetime actually mean lifetime. I saw somewhere in the T&C something for at least 2 years. Can you guys cancel the membership after two years? Anything else included besides the additional units in the game?

    Love your product!

    • Hi Daniela! Thank you for considering a JumpStart membership! With membership, you will have access to the additional units for The Legend of Grizzly McGuffin as well as complete access to the other 3 titles in the Virtual World line. For example, once your son is ready to move up to the slightly older product, Trouble in Town, you will be able to download that game and play through all the units rather than heading back to the store to purchase the boxed version of this game. In addition, you will have complete access to the online world at JumpStart.com. This world includes all sorts of learning games and worlds, as well as the ability to play with real-life friends online (don’t worry, this is completely safe as we have restricted the interaction to just dance moves, prescripted phrases and emoticons).
      The note about the 2 years in the T&Cs means that if for some unexpected reason, the site is closed in less than 2 years, you will be able to get a pro-rated refund. That being said, we are certainly planning to have the site open for many years and you would continue to be a member!
      Hope that helps – please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  25. How do i make a change to a child’s name on the login screen for the website?

    • Hi Nancy,
      I’m afraid you can not edit the child’s name at the Login screen. One option is “adding” another child with the change; however, this would mean that he or she would have to start the game over in the new profile.

      • how do I delete the incorrect child’s information?

        • Sorry, it’s not an option at this time.

          • I just got a trial membership, as we are looking at this for a curriculum, and will then becoming Lifetime Members. I have two issues, and they both sort of fit here (sorry if misplaced).

            1)I tried to download the prek downloadable game for free. When I tried to access it, it told me I needed to reinstall it because something was wrong. I deleted it, and then went to the page to click on it again to reinstall..only it was no longer available. As a mom of a 2 and 4 year old, how do I have access back to that so I can reinstall it?

            2) I DID successfully download the next game up (4-6 year olds), only to find that only one (of four) registered kids show up. I checked under the website, and all four are there and listed, but in the game, as well as parent portal, there is only one child listed. Is there a fix for that?

            Thanks for all your help 😀

  26. Is there a way to make the dragon fly? It seems that we have seen others dragons flying/hovering, but I am not sure how to do it. Thanks!

    • Hi kymom,
      We asked Customer Service about this, and they informed us that the dragon really just has incredible leaping abilities. Apparently, the dragon appears to fly by leaping as high as it can (Spacebar) and then kind of gliding in the direction the player controls it to (with WASD or the directional keys). Hope you all get the same results.
      The JumpStart Team

  27. Dear Jumpstart, I love your website but there is one problem. I don’t like the idea that I have to become a Member in order to do more fun stuff. I don’t think it is fair. Thanks Chloe P.S If my comment is rude, just read it and understand.

  28. HEllo my son (4) is playing in unit 3 of Jumpstart (4 – 6) Virtual 3D world. His task is to buy a present for Ivy and deliver it to her. We cannot figure out how to deliver it to her. He bought a green gem but don’t know how to give it to her. Any advice is appreciated.


    • Hi Daniela,
      Our Customer Support Team explains that this mission wants your son to go talk to the different characters to gather clues, suggesting what he should buy her. The clues are something green, something shiny, and something in a set of 3. To satisfy these conditions, your son must buy the stack of 3 green gems. The stores sell gems in stacks of 1 and 3, and it sounds like your child purchased the single stack gem, which wont work for this mission. Return and buy the 3-stack of gems (but don’t buy the single gem 3 times), then they will be able to go up to Ivy and give the set to her. Hope that takes care of the task!
      The JumpStart Team

  29. Hi, my son Oliver loves Jumpstart. He recently entered the 7th level. Does this level correspond to age 7?

    • Hi Terry,
      Can you inform us as to which game he is playing? Is he playing one of the downloadable virtual worlds, grades K-2nd? If so, then this 7th level corresponds to approximately the 7th month of 12 months of learning within a given grade.
      Does that answer your question?
      The JumpStart Team

  30. yes, it’s the online version – we are all about online!

  31. my children love jumpstart so much. they wake up so early just to play jumpstart and by the way my children are asking whrn is freefall mountain coming ?

    • Hi Margaret,
      We’re glad your children enjoy our product so much. They can expect FreeFall Mountain to be released within the week.
      The JumpStart Team

  32. one more problem when my child {viola} finishes any misson in marineland the game gets stuck

  33. I have 2 children registered, Michael and Maeve. At this point, both figures are males. How can I change Maeve,s figure to a female?

    Also, I have signed up for full lifetime membership. How do I access programs other than the Neighborhood?

    These programs are great! You will have many new converts!

    • Hi Connie,
      Thank you for choosing to purchase a lifetime membership to JumpStart. Outside of the many special lands found in the online world at JumpStart.com, like FutureLand and StoryLand on MainStreet, you can access full, story-driven games under the Manage Account tab after logging in, under “Downloadables”.

      To turn your daughter’s character to a female avatar, head to the Jumpee Creator on MainStreet, just to the left of the insertion point, after launching the online world to play. There you can alter the look of Maeve’s Jumpee’s hair, attire, and much more to appear more feminine. The same would be true if your son had started with a female character and wished to change it to male.
      Hope that helps,
      The JumpStart Team

  34. my kids where thinking could you put a shop for rollerskating and a rollercoster

  35. Hi. My preschooler is on level 7 of Grizzly McGuffin and I don’t know if he somehow reset the level to a higher grade or if the tasks simply become more difficult as the levels progress. It is asking him to do addition and substraction which he isn’t ready for yet. Do we need to figure out how to reset the grade level? Thanks, Susan

    • Hi Susan – Yes, the tasks do become progressively more difficult as players move through the games. I have passed your comment and contact information along to the customer service team to see if they can help you rewind a bit. Please keep an eye out for an email from them. Thank you for playing JumpStart!

  36. We just bought the 3D Jumpstart Virtual at Target. Is there more than the one level of your own house, library, and how do we show our 4 yr old daughter how to get there to the other levels if there is. Is the goal to rid all your backpack stuff? The game did not come with any instructions so just need some direction. Then the online prices. What are those? Thanks

  37. We bought a skateboard but now cannot find it to use. can we get it back?

    • Hi Laurie,
      Go to the Ridez shop, and enter the garage attached to the side of the Ridez shop with the garage door, clicking on the ride you’d like to use (bringing it up on the center display), and exiting the inventory screen with the exit arrow. You should find your Jumpee with it, upon exiting. Hope that works!
      The JumpStart Team

  38. I am a lifetime member and was so excited about all of the new online games like adventureland, futureland, etc. However, EVERY time we play the new game, it has to load when trying to go to different areas and the loading time takes way too long. My kids are used to the JumpStart 3D Virtual World where you just click and you’re instantly where you want to go. This waiting around for the loading time to enter a different area each time is extremely frustrating for me and my kids. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve inquired about this issue but have yet to receive a response. Please tell me there’s a fix for this issue so my kids can get on with playing all JumpStart’s cool games. They love them so much!

    • We’re sorry this loading issue has been causing so much frustration. Many JumpStart.com users have reported similar issues. We’d like to redirect you to the JumpStart.com FAQ page, where we have resolutions to this very problem listed under the Online Game Issues category; please click to http://www.jumpstart.com/customercare/faq.aspx. Often, loading problems can be solved with Unity Player updates, which are detailed in the link. Give the suggestions a try, and hopefully they will resolve the issue. As you may know, you can still access all those 3D Virtual World games, covering Preschool through 2nd Grade, in their entirety as a member, reachable under the Manage Account tab.
      Best of luck,
      The JumpStart Team

  39. I already tried everything suggested in the FAQ. Do u have any other suggestions to speed up the loading time when switching from one are to another?

    • Outside of clearing temporary internet files and cache data, it sounds like your loading performance may be limited by your internet service, which we have no control over, I’m sorry to say. Good luck.
      The JumpStart Team

  40. How do know how much sand dollars you have in marine Land? I can’t keep track of the sand dollars.

    • Hi Anastasia,
      You can keep track of the number of Sand Dollars you’ve earned in MarineLand by clicking on your Jumpee Communicator, which looks like a cell phone/walkie-talkie hybrid, in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and clicking on the Game Progress button at the top of the page that comes up. You’ll be able to see how many Sand Dollars you already have and how many more you’ll need to earn your swim-tail!
      Enjoy the Sea,
      The JumpStart Team

  41. I have been working on jumpstars mostley I earned all the parts of the storybooks in Storyland I became a explorer in AdventureLand I have a mermaid costume & became a citizen of Marineland in Marineland I became a secret society in Futureland & im in the hall of fame with 1500 jumpstartz I love jumpstart

  42. In that best buddy contest, I already won 500 coins, but can I still get 5 coins every time someone types in my buddy code?

  43. My daughter has beaten the game. am wondering how to start over or add characters?

  44. My Daghter Anika Has Started 2nd Grade & How Does She Move To The 2nd Grade Level

    Juliet Wilson

    • Hi Juliet,
      As a JumpStart member, you can download our Quest for the Color Meister title which is meant for 2nd graders. Also, you can raise the challenge to our online world learning games, such as Jet Pack in AdventureLand and Bubble Trouble in MarineLand (both can be found in the Brain Training Arcade), by selecting a higher curriculum level that is challenging for Anika.
      Hope that helps.
      The JumpStart Team

  45. whenever my child hits the mailbox it says she needs perimission from parent. I hit on the pencil on the desktop, and i checked the box in the holiday thing, but when i click out of it and back in, it is no longer checked, and i don’t see anything that says to save it? what am i doing wrong

    • Hi Nadine – How strange! I’ve passed your question along to the customer service team. Please look out for an email from them to the address you submitted this comment under. Thanks!

  46. On the Valentine’s day scavenger hunt, I looked at one Valentine’s Day Spoiler Article,but even with that I can’t find one. It’s the pink one that says hugs in Downtown. Where is it

  47. Never mind. I just found it.

  48. I purchased the Jumpstart Virtual World CD, for ages 6-8, and I have this mission to buy these 2 kinds of plants from Flo’s store, but I don’t have enough gems. I went to the math arcade, then I clicked on the thing inside there that takes you to the list of learning games, but something popped up that said the game had stopped working, then it exited me out of the game. I went back to the game and went to the arcade, but the same thing happened again.I’m confused. Help!

  49. Hi, where is the purple friends heart on MainStreet? I already looked at the article on it, but I don’t get it.

  50. Help!! In Jumpstart CD for ages 6-8, I have a mission to buy something, but I don’t have enough gems and I went to play a learning game but I was logged out suddenly when I went inside the treasure tracker. I keep trying but it won’t work. It also won’t work if I go to an arcade instead of just clicking on the treasure tracker.

    • Hi Marrie – Please look out for an email from our customer service team to the address you submitted here. Hopefully they can get you sorted out!

      • Im having the same problem. We go into the Math Arcade, click on an icon and nothing happens, I then am unable to leave the arcade, the exit button just beeps in error and will just keep saying over and over to click her to exit. I have to close the game in order to continue.

        • Hi Terran – I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems too! Did you try the fix that we recommended?

          • We are having this same problem. The game crashes when we enter the treasure tracker or one of the arcades in the game. We are running Windows 7 in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode. This game worked in the past.


          • Hi David! We’re sorry your having trouble getting into some of the arcade games. Try clearing your cache, this may help your problems. Instructions for that are here . If that doesn’t work, please email our customer support team at support@jumpstart.com mailto:support@adventure.com so we can get you back into the games as soon as possible.

  51. I have trouble when I log into jumpstart is takes 15 minutes before its all the way loaded I when I log in it useully always freezes up

  52. cool website! Really its awesome! My grandaughter is so smart now! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Hi my kids love playing Jump Start Music (ages 5-8), but it won’t play on our new G5 Mac (OSX). How do I buy the version that will play on our new computer ?


    • Hi Peter- I’m afraid that the JumpStart Music disc is one of our older titles and is no longer being updated or sold. Thank you for your interest, though!

  54. My younger brother and I have been playing the quest for the coleur miester (2nd grade) and I enjoy the game, however I am going into a higher grade next year. What is the maximum grade level the 3D virtual world can attend for.
    Thanks for the help
    Anonomous sister

    • Hi – Thanks for the question! The JumpStart 3D Virtual World games are unfortunately only available up to 2nd grade, so you are currently playing the highest level. However, there is an area in the online game, FutureLand, which was designed for 3rd to 5th graders. Enjoy!

  55. My daghter does not know how to place a bed in her room she bought one & does not know how please help

    • Hi Juliet,
      Please reference this article for instructions on how to place furniture in the player’s room. The pertinent information on positioning is towards the bottom of the post. Good luck.
      The JumpStart Team

  56. You know that thing in the lost island in Adventureland
    with the tiki’s & candles what level of lost island is that

  57. now the house hut accesories that can go inside your house yah!

  58. Hi jumpstart!
    thanks so much for the comment!
    Sorry i sighned my last comment in correctly my name is actually jack………
    today my day improved. i have on idea i thought up today and that is, a rollar blade ride.
    But i no you guys are very busy and not all my ideas are completly good but remember just have fun!

  59. (From Frankiebrainer) Hello. If you need any help about jumpstart, read my notes. I love jumpstart. It is so much fun. I greatly love futureland, But Adventureland and Marineland are my favorites. What is good about them: the punkpunks. punkpunks are an easy way to win coins. you can win 0-2 coins from 1 punkpunk. there are 5 locations of punkpunks: Adventureland mistic mountain, Adventureland mistic mountain insides, Advenbtureland punkpunk valley, Marineland merlywood, and Marineland caverns. Here is how to destroy a punkpunk: When it is close to you, jump in place ajnd you will land on it. Then, when you are on it, press the space bar again to squash it.

  60. (From Frankiebrainer) Hello. If you need any help about jumpstart, read my notes. One of my notes said I greatly love futureland. I know a lot about it too. You can jump & spam a regular gord. you can only jump on a sheilded gord. you can only spam a gunning gord. You may find treasure chests in games.

  61. My 5 year old daughter has been on level 4 for over a month now. She moved from level 1 to 4 fairly quickly. What does she need to do to get to level 5?

  62. Classical music????
    I dont mean to be rude but are you guys crazy??? kids would definently prefer echolocation.

    Jack Savage

  63. HELP!
    We are in level 11 in Quest for the color miester (the shield of vision) We searched ALL of color valley and can’t find Stanley’s watch. We destroyed all the rocks too. WHAT SHOULD WE DO?
    Resond quickly
    PS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. jumpstart makes dana feel happy.

  65. The jump start website is so cool!

  66. We are trying to decide whether or not to become lifetime members as our children are 6 & 8. Just wondering if there are games in the online worlds for Grade 3 to 5 yet. And if not do you have any idea when they will become available.

    • Hi there,
      There are games in our online world that currently cover Grade 3 to 5 curriculum. The worlds of AdventureLand and MarineLand feature Hops’ Jet Pack and Bubble Trouble learning games respectively, which cover reading and math topics appropriate for ages 6 to 8, and the IQ Actionizer of FutureLand has learning challenges intended for kids 8 to 10. Thanks for inquiring.
      The JumpStart Team

  67. I am 13 years old,which seems a little odd, but I find jumpstart very enjoyable.MY sisters and I have alot of fun earning jumpstars. I have an autsitic brother. He’s often too destracted to pay much attention to anything, but jumpstart seems to really grab his attention. I think he likes the backgrounds because their bright and beautiful.

    • Hi Nattie,
      We’re glad to hear that you, your sisters, and your brother all enjoy playing JumpStart together. It’s great to hear that kids younger and older than our intended age ranges can still find enjoyment in our online world, and that children with special needs can be engaged by it too. Thanks for playing!
      The JumpStart Team

    • ♦◘♦◘♦◘♦◘♦◘♦Not really strange for a 13 year old to be one JumpStart, because it’s just plain AWESOME! ♦◘♦◘♦◘♦◘♦◘♦

  68. I have 4 grandchildren who play the online games. Frankie says, “to earn jump stars go to Adventure Land.”

    Some of my grandchildren get rewarded with jump stars as they leave Adventure land and some rarely get jump stars any more.

    What is your rule for earning jump stars? Are there some time periods when you don’t reward jump stars?


    • Hi Cornne – Thanks for the question! JumpStars are earned for completing mission in AdventureLand and the other worlds. JumpStars are also earned for achieving mastery (80% or higher) in the Learning Games. If a player has already completed all of the missions in a world, they will not receive any additional JumpStars for exploring that particular world. However, they can continue to play the different content in the learning game (in this case, the Jet Pack game) and work toward achieving mastery to get additional stars. Hopefully this explains why some of your grandchildren are earning JumpStars while others are not – it all depends on what they are doing inside AdventureLand.

  69. I like to play in Skate-O-Rama and Free Fall Mountain.

  70. All of these things in this website are so cool!!!!!!!!!

  71. You will like the new fun for kids jump start better. You should try it.

  72. I don’t think its fair that members get everything i am so sad boo hoo hoo p.s please write back jumpstart thank you!

  73. jumpstart rocks!

  74. whats the best game in the world JUMPSTART! YEAH!

  75. i love playing on jumpstart

  76. is there something for my grandaughter , she’s 2 years old , thanks

    • Hi Angie – Most of the games in our online world are designed for kids ages 3 and up, but with a little help, your grandaughter might be able to enjoy some of the younger games. Try taking her to StoryLand inside the world at JumpStart.com. This is our preschool game and teaches numbers, letters, colors and other basic skills!

  77. Also, in addition to the top JumpStar earners, my kids are asking for there to also be a top coin earners. I keep telling them that it might not be possible because coins go up and down, but they keep ASKING and ASKING and ASKING! I thought if I just wrote this question right in front of them they would be quiet.

  78. One more question. My children are also really scared that they might get to many coins and they want to know if there is a limit to coins, even if the limit is very out of reach, like one million.

    • Hi Eden – Nope, I don’t believe there is any coin limit. Hopefully you find something good to use all those coins on, though!

      • Actually thats kinda hard unless they are buying the room items, because they bought already everything that JumpStart has! (to buy of course. Even though, if one of the JumpStart places were 300,000 coins, they would be able to buy it. ABLE to. Not that they would want to spend all they own.)

  79. i’m a member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. i want you to know that i finished adventureland lost island but when is the next island coming in adventureland? i really want to know!

  81. i got 935 jumpstars i think and i don’t know how to earn more help!!!!!!!!!!

  82. i love jumpstart!!!!! its almost like toontown but thats not why i like jumpstart jumpstart is awsome because its very fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. jumpstart is so awsome i got 1238 coins i think yeah!

  84. Hi! I am Alice’s mom.Alice love’s jumpstart but she is very sad that she can’t get into level 9 . she can’t get onto level nine because she can’t finish all the learning games in futureland.so she want’s help I can’t help because I am so busy.And Alice really wants to know when is the next island cming in jumpstart adventureland. she finished lost island but the next island still didn’t come yet so could you tell me when the next island is coming?And again please help my daughter finish the learning games in futureland.Oh and Alice is very exited about the flying saucer ride!

    • Hi Shirley – Thank you for writing to us! I’m sorry to hear that Alice hasn’t quite made it into level nine yet. If the FutureLand games are a little too advanced for Alice, maybe she can work towards level nine by playing some other JumpStart games. Take a look at http://blog.jumpstart.com/2010/04/14/jumpstars-and-ranks/ to find out which games can help Alice earn additional JumpStars. She might really enjoy playing the downloadable games – and should be able to find many additional learning games that are at her level. If you are a member, you can access these by going to “Manage Account” then “Downloadables” when logged in a JumpStart.com. I hope this helps! Please tell Alice thank you for playing JumpStart so often!

  85. one more question. Alice has read the jumpstars and ranks and she wants to know if the downloadables are connected to Alice’s jumpstart acount.And I read this comment to Alice and she doesn’t quite get it so Alice wants to know that if you finished the downloadables all the jumpstars will go into Alice’s jumpstart acount and you earned the jumpstars? And yes this comment that you wrote did help alomst.

  86. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!! I got 45 jumpstars till my next level. If I didn’t download those download ables I would’t have got 45 jumpstars on my next level thank you mommy! oh and i figered out the download ables are connected to my jumpstart acount!!!!!!!!!

  87. please help!!!!!!! my daughter downloaded the legend of grizzy mc gruffun she got onto the polite bage.frankie said you have to earn a super gem. When Alice went to the learning games the next set of learning games was blocked out. now she can’t get onto her next bage help!!!!!! saids Alice.

  88. My daughter Alexyss has been driving me nuts wanting to subscribe to JumpStart. I have been looking over the information here and I have a few questions. First, Alexyss is in the 3rd grade and even at the end of the year still having problems with her basic multiplication problems. Is there a specific game I should buy that will concentrate on multiplication? Also, if I subscribe online am I getting the same content as if I were to purchase the software or do I have to purchase the software as well? What is teh difference? Thanks!

    • Hi Rebecca – Thank you for considering purchasing a JumpStart product! Hopefully I can help clear things up for you.

      If you subscribe to JumpStart online, you will have access to the online world at JumpStart.com as well as 4 downloadable games – one for each grade level from preschool to 2nd Grade. Each of these downloadable games would take an average student in that grade to take approximately 10 months to complete, so each is a very large game covering many essential skills. You would not need any additional software for these games – they just require a current membership to continue working. For your daughter, the 2nd grade game might offer a nice review of a variety of topics and does include multiplication and division in the later lessons- however, if she is completing 3rd grade right now, she may find many of the lessons to be too simple. As I mentioned, a JumpStart membership would also give you access to the online world at JumpStart.com, including FutureLand which contains lessons for 3rd-5th graders including math, reading and social studies lesssons.

      That being said, it sounds as though you are interested in your daughter practicing her math skills specifically – and in that case, I would actually recommend that you try a product from our sister brand, Math Blaster. We have a game called Math Blaster – Master the Basics that is for ages 6-12. You can find out more and purchase the game here: http://shop.knowledgeadventure.com/Products/Math-Blaster–Master-the-Basics__20537.aspx

      Please let me know if you have any more questions!

  89. Love jumpstart!!!!!!!!

  90. i am a citizen of marineland,and i have finished adventureland.i am on my way to finish futureland it is funnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. good one Alice I laughed so hard when I saw this but thats kinda mean.

  92. Hello! I ‘m Alice’s dad Alice downloaded my first adventure she got onto petland but frankie said she has to plant a blue cactu. but on the bunch of flowers frankie said something flower on the octigon flowers its so messed up so Aice doesn’t know which is which. so please help!!!!!!

  93. how do you move????

  94. Why is there a tiny black smiley face at the side of the page?

  95. Hello my son who loves Jumpstart cannot log on because every time we log on it brings us to the wii game then it says Auto Disconnect : Your Jumpee has been idle for too long. We have tried multiple times with no luck. Any help will be great. Also my son enjoys the dragon ride!

    • Hi Ben – JumpStart.com is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience and are working hard to get everything back to normal. Thank you for your patience…we hope to have a fix within the next 1-2 hours.

  96. I love jumpstart and the enchaned sactuary!!!!!!!!!

  97. I don’t look ecacly like my jumpee but who cares? I love my jumpee all dol I don’t look like her!

    • You can allways change your jumpee name in the Name Change O-Matic and go to the Jumpeez building to change the name.

    • JUMPSTART! I NEED HELP!I want to know what the mythy release does. Can you tell me?Thanks!

      Your Player,

      • The Mythie release allows you to set your fully grown Mythies free to the Enchanted Sanctuary’s Flight School area. By doing this you are able to collect a new Eggling to raise into a Mythie. You’ll even be able to visit your released pet whenever you decide to call it from the Flight Deck. Hopefully that answers your question, but let us know if you have nay other concerns!

  98. Jumpstart, you are the best website in the universe and beyond! I could play Jumpstart all day! My only problem is that I was wondering….. When I go to the BrainArcade the FutureLand games say that they are coming soon but when is soon??? I’ve been waiting ever since the BrainArcade opened.

  99. I love jumpstart!!!!!!! its the funnist game in the whole world! make that universe!!!!

  100. he’s great

  101. jumpstart is the best game I’ve ever played!!!!!!!

  102. I think frankie’s cute as in handsome!!!!!!!!

  103. Hi! Alice’s mom again. I wanted to ask you can you delete the download ables? And how can you delete the download ables? Anyways Alice is having the best time in her life playing jumpstart!

  104. Hello,
    If you have a membership and it ends, I know you can’t use you membership stuff, but does your level go down and if you get membership again do you get your stuff back?

  105. my mom is cerouis if when you do the 15 day free trial that it will make you a member like you A.K.A Jumpstart poeple that it will take money and make me a member till i cancel it. is it true?

  106. I love JumpStart but membership well i will say NO MORE MEMBERSHIP


  108. who is not a member?

    • Its easy to tell if your a member on not because a member has a golden key stuck to the side of its name. and a non-member has well, just a name.

  109. Dear Jumpstart,

    My child Mia is always asking me “where is my jumpee going to eat! she’s hungry!” and also she says “my jumpee scraped her knee on the rock, where’s the docter!?” and i say “there isn’t a food place” and “there is no doctor.” I would very much appriciate you adding a resturant and doctor.
    Your biggest fan and supporter,

    • I think that comment was funny because mia is saying my jumpee scarped her knee on a rock well,you can’t scarpe your knee or anything because you get to walk on the rock and your jumpee can’t get hungry ethir but the new feature sounds fun though.

  110. Dear Jumpstart,
    my child is very dissapointed on know does not like jumpstart and thiks that membership isn’t fair. if you would like my child to continue using your wonderful website, PLEASE let all jumpees be the same with NO membership.

  111. Dear jumpstart,
    can you please add a place called “JumpFun” too jumpstart. it woul be like a big amusment park with rides and slides and rooler coasters.
    i await your reply,

  112. Jumpstart,
    Would there be any way to get an absolutly FREE membership. if there is can you please respond with the answer.

  113. Dear jumpstart,
    I think that jumpeez should be able to take their dragons from the enchanted sanctuary anywhere with them. also there should be a bed for the dragon in house hut so the dragon can sleep in the jumpeez home.

  114. dear jumpstart,
    my child just came up with a great idea! she said the jumpeez should be able to go to school with school supplies the get from house hut.

  115. I LIKE CHEEZE 😛

  116. :O

  117. y cant all jumpeez do the same thing even without the membership.

    • oh my gawd i know1 i just said the same thing. i did 15 free days of membership (link parent facebook account) and i raised 2 dragons that i can’t even see anymore….:*( i miss Star Raven and Jelly Bear.

  118. Hi, I cant get the swim tail. I got all 15 sand things and nothing
    was given to me but a shirt.

  119. ( In Marine Land )

  120. I think That JumpStart is a little too small, There should be a Airport or Boats to go to new places like the arctic to go sledding and raise a penguin to swim with under water.

    • I also agree with this idea. please make boats or airports that take our jumpeez to another part of jumpstart.

      • this idea is great boats and airplanes and jumpees can have their own penguin to swim with underwater. what would a jumpee what more? ooops! i forgot about sledding. sledding is very very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really should make these things it will make jumpstart more fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and don’t forget about the learning games!

  121. you should put flight decks in sanctuary and the things that make you go higher without being timed

  122. people should be able to buy wings to fly like a dragon.

  123. hey jumpstart huge fan i was wondering if you could make a box at the bottom of the screen at jumpstart and we could write what we want to other jumpees? thank you~natalie

  124. I just had an idea for a ride, it can be a surf board with a wave underneath when you go on land or water.

  125. Dear Jumpstart,
    There should be a doctor for the jumpeez to go to when they need a check up.

  126. Hi, Jumpstart.

    I really like your website. There is so, so, much to do and I play it every day. It is awsome. This is my favorite website and I mean it. It makes you want to learn. You can earn coins by learning or a swimtail in MarineLand. You can buy stuff with the coins. And you can never ever run out of stuff to do. It seems that almost every day you add more fun stuff to do in Jumpstart. No matter what you like to do you can have fun in Jumpstart, and I like the idea that in Jumpstart you can do things you can’t do in real life.

    I love Jumpstart!

  127. Dear Jumpstart,
    I think there should be a funzone that is a mud pool.

  128. there should be a food court or a resturant for the jumpeez to eat.
    i await your reply,

  129. You should make a hang glider ride.

  130. Hi, In Marine land I got all fifteen Sand Dollars and Got nothing but a shirt, @ no tail I finished it a long time ago too.

  131. Dude, I still have the jumpstart spanish game on CD, but I can’t play it!! I went through all the installing steps, but it still won’t work. My Computer keeps telling me, that i need Quick Time ™ to run…I already have quicktime as part of iTunes! Could ya help me out?

  132. Dear Jumpstart,

    Can u let jumpeez go to a new world in jumpstart called the earth and where u get to go in ur own house in jumpstart do u agree???

    • Hi Hayley- Have you checked out your neighborhood? You can find the entrance in MainStreet. Your Jumpee has its own house there that you can decorate. You can also visit your neighbors!

    • Hayley- Have you checked out your neighborhood, there are tons of fun stuff there such as, Chatting with the local JS neighborhood guides Sam and Kat, Using the neighborhood builder to put buddyz houses in your neighborhood, and putting in new funzones ( funzones only accessible with membership) and more!! You can jump into JS’s idea for a cool new neighborhood.

  133. I LOVE jumpstart!!!!! I play it everyday.there is so much things to see and do! I ‘ve made a song about it too! I love jumpstart forever and ever it’s so much fun you can train your dragon,you can look for jewles I love jumpstart FORVER AND EVER!!!!!! WOO HOO! hope you liked my song!

  134. Hi Gabby,

    That is weird. When you get 15 sanddollars you are supposed to get a swimtail. Can you tell me more?

  135. Only canned chat is available at the time.

  136. There should be a garage next to the jumpeez house to put there ridz in and a pet house for all the pets.

  137. I got all 15 sand dollars and even 1 extra but i did not ger my mermaid tail can some one help me?!?!

  138. Dear jumpstart,
    My child just came up with a brilliant idea! She said that there should be cars going around the roads of jumpstart and crossing gaurds and when you are walking you have to listen to the stop and go signs. when you are driving you need to listen to the street lights. My eyes popped when i heard this idea because it makes jumpstart more realistic and it teaches safety.
    I Eagerly Await Your Reply,

  139. Hi! let me ask you a qustion that i hope you will answer why can’t i go to downtown my compuer loads a little bit than it stops why? please answer or please respond.

  140. Jumpstart gets more exicting and fun every year. great work!!!!!!!!

  141. do you know what jumpstart? you should make a chat feauture called chat and you can use the keybourd to typt words and click a button maybe the button should be green and if you click the button your jumpee will say whatever you typted.hope you understand and i hope the new feature will become reality and you can do that. sciencly yours Alice

  142. you know what jumpstart? jumpstart is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. when i’m bored i just play the funnist game in the world. and do you know the funnist game in the world. of course its jumpstart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. my favourite season is hallowen and hallowen in jumpstart is fun i got two ideas for hallowen idea number 1 you should make a hauted house! idea number 2 you should make jumpees go trick or treating! that’ll be great!!! do you like it? if you do then repond and tell me if you like or not. scincrly Alice

  145. the funist place in jumpstart for me is all of the places! there all so fun!!!!!!!

  146. when is the next island in adventureland coming? i can’t wait! its going to be so fun!!!!!!!!!

  147. how did you come up with jumpstart? anyways,great work!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. hi! frankie. i know! you could be a frankenstein for hallowen this year! i know this comment is from july 6 but this year you could be one if you want to do you think thats scary? i do a little bit.

  149. this is the story of how i got to know jumpstart enjoy! it all started at last hallowen 2009 on sunday. i was at the computer playing a spongebob squarepants game.then i got bored i’m bored mabye i should call brenda.brenda’s my best friend. hi! hello Alice i’m bored can i come to your house. ok maybe i’ll ask 1 minute later……. yes you can come i’m on a website that maybe you’ll like and i got my friend yasmin over. great i get to meet somebody new and i get to know a new wesite i’ll over soon. bye! 10 mintes later…….. ding dong hello. hi! brenda where’s the website you know i said. its right here.said brenda. wow! that looks like fun! what’s the website called. jumpstart.brenda said jumpstart that’s a great name it sure looks like fun can i move i said. yes you can. cool! then i went home and made a jumpstart acout yes i asked my parents thay said yes! and that was how i knew jumpstart. and now look! i never get bored because brenda told me the most funnist game in the world.

  150. my kids told me you added a sports arena! can you add more sports there than only three?

  151. hi, i would like to know what are all the ridez and where can i get them all in Jumpstart. I have a pony but i see other jumpeez have the same, but a diffrent colour. Where can i get those?

    • Hi Aida – Check out the Ridez store to see what rides are currently available to purchase! Ridez are constantly changing. Check back here to find posts revealing brand new rides coming to the online world.

  152. another question, how do i get to Pet Valley?

    • Hi Aida- Pet Valley is not located in the online world. I assume you are referring to Pet Valley in the downloadable PC games. I could probably help you a little better if you can let me know which game you are playing and where you are starting from. Thanks!


  154. jumpstart is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!! i would like to say thanks to everyone who invented jumpstart so thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. i like jumpstart for ever yeah jumpstart woo!

  156. How do you get to the old veirison of jumpstart the single player world with animals for avatars like the brown and black fox and the real smaller map and where you can talk to botley the robot is there a way how?

    • If it is a downloading game, turn on your computer, look to the left, and you will see the face of Frankie, Kisha, Eleanor,Pierre,or even Botley himself. Or Val 2.0. There are other documents next it.

  157. jumpstart is the coolist funist game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Hi my son loves using jumpstart. We got free membership through facebook but it ends in 3 days. I would consider purchasing membership for him except that jumpstart keeps freezing on us. It probably happens once every half hour or so normally when he comes out of or enters a new game. Is there anything I can do to rectify this as it is very annoying and I can see me getting more frustrated if I am actually paying for it. Many thanks. Maddy (and Edward)

  159. how do you find the map piece that is planted in a place full of flowers and grassy fields. My kids have been stuck on this for a week.

    Please help!!!

  160. i was wonderng how i can adopt a dragon that is not a voltage

    • Hi Hampton- Members can adopt a dragon by entering the Enchanted Sanctuary and talking to Ivy the Fairy. She will tell you to collect all of the hearts and then to find the dragon egg and take it to the Eggulator. You can only raise one dragon at a time so you will have to wait until you release your Voltage dragon to raise a normal one. I hope this helps!

  161. omg do you get to hatchanother voltige dragon whanse you relese the first one becouse there was alot of nests? i hope so and if not its not fair becouse we did that scrabeled map for nothing but one egg.

  162. wat will be next to take care of what a FLYING DOG? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  163. i found the nests but do you go back there again whonse your first voltige dragon gets releste

  164. i nhow in the nabor hood in the gardens of you house

  165. I’m HAVING The Same Problem As Anyone Is I Can’t Go To Adventureland Only Marine Land

    P.S. I Forgot To Turn Of Caps Lock

    • Hi Austin – To get into Adventureland you have to go down the dock below Marineland and click on the yellow submarine. Let us know if this helps!

    • Austin- To get to adventureland go under marineland you will see a yellow submarine click on it and you will be on your way there!!

  166. What do I due with or what are the big gems I get that are floating around for, do they get me something or due they build up for some prize? I can’t find out what they are good for?

  167. Has anyone been able to get a Pegasus egg? we keep asking Ivy, but she gives us a response regarding a dragon. We would really like to be able to grow a Pegasus. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

  168. Can’t find map piece #3. Is it near the stadium or in the stadium?

    • Hi Erin – Unfortunately, this quest ended early last week, so the map piece will no longer be near the stadium. Please stay tuned on the JumpStart Blog for news about future quests, though! Thanks for playing JumpStart!

  169. i love jump start. im meber and its soo fun i cant wait for new ideas

  170. i LOVE Jumpstart. I found Jumpstart while playing games that our teacher let us play at school on my mom’s computer.Something popped up and so then I asked my mom can I play it. She said yes so I signed up. About three to two weeks later, I officially became a member of Jumpstart World.I became a member in February. And to this day,I still play on Jumpstart, the virtual 3D world!
    With lots-o- love,Ayla

  171. Oh sorry to bother, but what’s a voltage dragon? I’m raising a pegasus and I don’t have one. Well, I’m not done with my map pieces yet. When I’m done with the map pieces will I get a voltage dragon?

    • Hi Ayla – Voltage dragons are what the map pieces lead to, so the Jumpees that found all the map pieces got voltage dragons. The search is now over though, so the map pieces and voltage dragon eggs are all gone. I’m sorry you didn’t get one, but now you can focus on your Pegasus!

  172. how can you realease your dragon and were is it?
    from rose

    • Hi Rose – In the Mythie training area in the Enchanted Sanctuary there is a place called Mythie Release. Go there to release your mythie to flight school.

  173. How do you get your swim tail? i completed marine land and adventure land.

  174. for some reason after i gather the snowflakes for my pegasus when i go to the training area its gone. can some one help me?:(

  175. jump start, why did you have to make the dragons and pegasi members only? we did the 15 free day thing and i got a dragon grown up and a baby, and now i can’t even remember what they look like. please, jump start, please, make it non-members also!

  176. hi jumpstart,
    i want to earn a swimtail but do you need
    to be a member to get one?


  178. I am not a member but I have a key by my players name. So I didn’t pay for a membership. I can’t do anything that a member can do. I was wondering why that happened please reply!

  179. Hi, can you help us. We are stuck in adventureland. We have found the yellow and blue launch pads that take us to the punk punks land but can’t figure out what to do when we are in there. We can’t get to the next part of the mission until we solve this little mystery.

  180. my son says that he wants to talk the the farie or the dog or anyone but the pic pops up then back then i cant talk all to them so i cant do missions what shoul i do to fix it

  181. is jumpstart going to be a college place.

  182. is there going to be more things for us and the house.and i love to play jumpstart

  183. i want a jet pack ride and a swimming suit can we plz have thes both on jump start plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  184. Dear Jumpstart

    I Have An Idea!
    Why Dont You Add SuperHero Outfits!
    And Also Capes……..
    And A New Ride Can You Add A Motorcycle?

    From Your Biggest Fan In The Galaxy



  186. how do we get to lost shores? please reply!

  187. its no fair why do members get EVERYTHING?! And why is the price SO HIGH?! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

  188. Hi! My son has just recently started playing Jump Start World 1st grade. He played all the games in unit 1 and received the18 gems…..so how can he get to unit 2? And In unit 1 it keeps telling him to go to the Jump Start Communicator? what is this?

  189. Hello,

    I have this game for some of my kids at school and they love it! I got it at a book fair. My question is, how does it move to ‘level 2’? My students have gotten all their checkmarks for the first level, but it does not move to the next level. Do we have to install something, or download something to make it work? Since we are at school, this can’t happen automatically and I would need to know what to do so I can contact my tech supervisor.


    • Bridget,
      I realise it’s been a year since you’ve posted, but I have a similar problem. Both of my kids have check marks for unit one, but Unit 2 will not unlock…I don’t know if that’s because we don’t have a membership yet, but I certainly don’t want to purchase a membership unless I know that they’ll be able to continue. The box states “includes the first two adventures” does that mean “units?” Were you and your children able to access unit 2? Thanks for your time!

      • Hi Jesse — We would be happy to help with your problem, but we need a little bit more information. Would you please tell us what JumpStart product you are using?

  190. when i enter the enchanted sanctuary, that fairy talks to me, but i have no sound. i’ve turned my sound up…nothing. someone please help me! plus i really want a dragon!


    • Hi Connor – Once you release a dragon to flight school you must go to the flight deck and call it back to see it again

    • u can get bak to ur dragon by going into a entrance tht leads to the enchanted sanctuary. then find the entrance to flight school. after the fairy talks to u click on the big horn located up ahead. click on the photo of ur dragon then click on the check mark. u will then be able to fly with ur dragon use the arrow keys to steer the right arrow key goes right the left arrow key goes left the up arrow key will go up and the bottom arrow goes low when u go all the way low u will land. ur dragon will follo u around flight school but if u leave flight school the dragon will stop following u around.

  192. will or when will the lion armor shirt come back

  193. so when is there going to be more news

  194. how can i login?help me jumpstart i did not be a mebersihp.

  195. Is there any free membership for 2 weeks,JumpStart?How?

  196. conner do you now danielle ms.miller class thats me

  197. my son is not able to acess all the jumpstart because i dont have membership and i m in india will you add the idian currency too

  198. my son is not able to acess all because i m not able to purchase membership and i m for india please add indian currency

  199. hi gies whats up

  200. wer is my housein aventerland??????????????????

  201. How do I open treasure chests in Future land Missions?

  202. Please help. I’m a bit confused. I just signed up for the lifetime membership for my kids.

    However, I noticed that there is an online game and then there are 4 downloaded games that they can play. Are the downloadable games the same as the ones online? Should they be playing them concurrently? Or can they play the downloadable games first and then they go online? How do the downloadable games link to the online game, if at all?

    Also, I have a 3rd grader playing. Is there a way to block the younger grade levels so that she’s not just “wasting” time with easy games?

    thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Dawn- You are correct! With a JumpStart.com membership, you are given complete access to the online games and are offered an additional 4 downloadable games. With the exception of the downloadable Preschool games, the online games and downloadable games are completely two different entities. They not only differ in content, but also offer a completely different experience. The downloadable games are built for single player progression, whereas the online games offer a chance to explore and interact with other users in any order they choose, so your child does not need to play them concurrently.

      To answer your last question, unfortunately, there is no way to block younger grade level content for your 3rd grader, but we recommend you point her toward FutureLand, Uncle Milton’s Amazing ScienceLand, and Poseidon’s Hangout, as these are the areas where she will be most challenged.

      Thank you so much for your commitment to JumpStart. Please let me know if you have any other questions, as I’ll be happy to answer. I hope you and your family enjoy all the games!

  203. i just got jump start but i cant get it to load on sertin screens. i installed the unity player but it still wont load !!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Hi Shawn – Sorry about the problems. We’re here to help! What certain screen or items are you having trouble loading?

      • Hi,

        I have problem viewing some items on the Unity Web Player (Anything besides the purple background and the character)
        I am using firefox 3.6.23, Win XP, Unity Web Player was updated and re-nstalled twice.

  204. when you go to any worlds it loads 1/2 way then it wont go anymore.

    • Try clearing the cache for the unity web player.
      The instructions below will walk you through the steps on how to do this:
      1 – Go to the following web page: http://unity3d.com/webplayer/
      2 – At the top click on “Webplayer settings”
      3 – Wait for the page to load, once it has select “Jumpstart” so it is highlighted
      4 – Hit “Delete jumpstart” at the bottom of the page
      At this point restart your windows and go back to the game and try it again, you should not run into this issue.
      Let us know if you keep running into the same problem.

  205. Hi JS,

    Will the clown in the edge open up soon?

    • Hi Taylor- The JumpStart team is working day and night to have it open. We want it the best it can be, so please stay tuned for it. In the meantime, make sure to head to ShipWreck Lagoon across the way to test your racing skills!

  206. Within Kindergarten Jumpstart unit 12, you are asked to take a picture and then make a me-tshirt. My daughter has taken the picture, and the “friend” tells her to now go make a me tshirt with the picture in her cabin. When she goes in the cabin to make the tshirt, the picture icon isn’t available? She can see the tshirt, but all the other icons are grayed out. What did she forget to do? Thanks

    • Hi Megan- When the game asks your daughter to make a new me-tshirt, make sure she buys a brand new t-shirt from the Zippy Mart. This is key, as you cannot use a previously used one. Once you get the new shirt and go back to the cabin, the buttons should not be grayed out anymore. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you and your daughter are still having problems.

  207. Hi JS,

    I have been going to the edge every day to see if that clown mouth is open do you have a date when it will come out?

    • Hi Taylor- Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact opening date yet, but the JumpStart crew is working really hard to make it super fun when it is ready to go! In the meantime, I hope you are able to check out the new racing game in ShipWreck Lagoon that opened up across the way in Poseidon’s Hangout!

  208. In adventure land i had to take a picture of a red crystal rock and take it to my house for Frankie to see. When I ride the boat and take it to him he says i cant wait for you come to your house and bring me the picture. Why wont he take it. Also my buddy list has disappeared. I cant add buddies to get my secret surprise box. Can you help me.

  209. Hi JS,
    when will the elovator open that is in The Octo Lair?

  210. Hi
    I just upgraded our membership to a lifetime membership. I have three children and can only download the games for 3-5 year old’s.HELP ME PLEASE because the other two REALLY want to play! Their ages are 6-8.

    • Hi Catherine- I have notified our JumpStart tech team of this, so please look out for a direct message from them, as we will get this sorted out right away.

  211. Dear Jumpstart Team,

    I had a great idea! It would be great if there was an option to choose your Jumpee’s voice while chatting. Please write back.


    Olivia PrettyMeadow

  212. plz chang main street fun zone

  213. i know it is hard getting the swim tail i got mine on level 7

  214. i bought a pony ride, accidentally hit the back to garage button and now can’t find it. can I get it back? lost a couple others that way.


    • Hi Kaitlyn- Purchased ridez should always be available for your Jumpee when they make a trip to the garage, located right next to the Ridez Shop. Please check to see if it’s there, and if not, I will send a JumpStart mechanic to have the ridez put back in your garage.

  215. I can not find my mythie… Nor can I find an egg to get a new one? If you dont have a membership can you still find an egg and keep it? In October I had a mythie now its gone? Did something change? How can I get another one?

    • Hi Katelyn- Only members are able to hatch, raise, and keep a mythie. If you are a member and have already released a mythie, you can always call it back from the flight deck in the Enchanted Sanctuary. After you have released a mythie, you can start to raise a new one by collecting the 15 hearts and finding the egg!

  216. WHY isn’t the screamer in poseidons hangout open its been so long my son is knd of mad at jumpstart because its been so long

  217. Hi. I am trying to decide whether to buy a membership for my grandchildren. I have cd of JS Kindergarten which they love. If you buy the online membership can you only play on one computer (at my house) or can you log on anywhere? Thanks.

    • Hi Beverley – Membership allows complete access on any computer you choose to log on with. It also allows up to 6 individual child accounts, so each child can have their own account, avatar, and records!

  218. why cant we do the free 15 day membership anymore i really want it again it was so fun now im missing out in the elf place :(((((

  219. My daughter has two of the 3D Jumpstart games and has completed the first two levels that come with them. I am thinking about upgrading to a membership so that she can continue. My questions is: Once I buy the membership will the next level automatically unlock or will she have to restart the game?

    • Hi Joy – Thank you for your inquiry. With an upgraded membership, the next level will automatically unlock and your daughter will be able to continue and explore even more. If you have any more questions, please let me know!


  221. how long does it take to get to fly on your mythie

  222. how do i make my person on jump start.com

  223. My daughter cant see anyone why?

  224. I have just downloaded the Color Meister Game 6-8 and like the Grizzly one I downloaded last year none of the icons, inventory, quit arrow’s etc are displayed at all. I was hoping this glitch/conflict would have been fixed by now. Unplayable (sigh), a disappointing waste of time. The online stuff is great though.

  225. I have three children that I have registered for Jumpstart. Two of them have been playing JumpStart 3D Ages 3-5 (Preschool CD Set). My oldest has completed all the “non-member” steps not only for himself but also selected the characters of his siblings and completed their tasks also. I am about to sign up for membership but first wanted to know how to reset the gameplay for the younger siblings.
    Any help is appreciated.

    • Hi Aaron – In order to reset the gameplay progress in the programs, you will have to uninstall the program and then reinstall it. When you uninstall the program, make sure you do not save anything. The issue with this, though, is that all progress is lost, and there is no way to remove the progress just for specific kids. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you for playing JumpStart!

  226. I can see my children’s progress for “Trouble in Town, Ages 5-7” under “Child Profile” in the parents section of the website. We have been using JumpStart 3D Ages 3-5 (My First Adventure) longer but this does not show up on the product pull down box in Child Profile. How can I fix this?

  227. JumpStart is awesome! I wish I was a member. I will be one soon!

  228. is this really for 10 year olds?

  229. Dear js my mom cancelled my membership do to lack of educational games althouh we play a lot of them and i was wondering if my petz, mythies and outfits and swim tail will be deleted PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Hi Ashley – Petz, ridez, and mythies are members-only features, but all of your previous purchases and any progress will come right back as soon you become a member again!

  230. elizabeth littlekitty and abby boomdaisy and emma whiteraven and trung sillycheetah kept on turning me into charms in the windy hollows and after they turned me into charms they would say haha from the canned chat. when i tried to get away from them they kept on following me. and they kept on turning me into charms one after another. i had to sign off but i came back and never went into windy hollows the whole time it worked but people on js keep on being cruel to me like when you saw my other comment about hunter goofy turtle which sort of had to do with the same thing except he wasen’t with a group.

  231. hi,
    I’ve got jumpstart for my kid a while ago,I downloaded it on my computer. when i go to parent’s info and click on it, nothing comes up,
    it seems that it is not active or something is wrong
    whit it. so i don’t Know what to do when i need help.
    for example i don’t know how to go to next step.
    now we are stuck in step 2. and my kid could earn
    more than 130 jems in that step. so could you please help us know how we can go to third step.

    thank you for your cooporation.

    Maryam,Linda’s mother

    • Hi Maryam – Sorry for any problems with the games. We’d like to help you, but in order to do so, we’d like to know which game (in step 2) you are experiencing difficulties with. As for any website related loading issues, we advise that you clear your web browsing cache and unity web player cache, and it should resolve the issues. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Please let me how I can further assist you. Thank you!

  232. Hi, my friend brenda made new people in my jumpstart account.Is there a way I can delete one of them?

    • Hi Alice – Unfortunately, once individual account names are set up, they cannot be deleted. However, they can be updated by changing names and birthdates.

  233. HEY JUMPSTART I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV UR SITE JUMPSTART 3D ONLINE WORLD IS THE BEST EVER! I ESPECIALLY LUV POSIDENS HANGOUT!! also have u thought of putting a school for jumpeez on the site? with school supplies and someone can actully hire teachers and jumpeez can enter school with the same rules as real school and everything! have you thought of it?
    from: margaret

    • Hi Margaret – Thank you for the great suggestions! Did you know that MathBlaster.com is launching soon? There will be a lot of math lessons to be learned and games to be played! Make sure to check it out when it launches later this week!

  234. dear js Claire LuckyFox keeps telling me to go away and its my Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. HELP! I can’t get in to jump start, when I try to get in as far as I get is the loading thing, and then it does absolutely nothing.

    • Hi Victor – Sorry for the loading problems. Please try clearing your web browser cache and unity player cache. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing any difficulties. Thank you.

  236. dear js claire lucky fox keeps on saying go away to please do something about it!!

  237. dear js my sister ashley golden wolf said claire lucky fox is telling her go away and its my sisters party!


  239. have u thought of making jumpstart more realistic? like let jumpees choose if they want a regular house a estate or a mansion or a apartment? and also try and give houses second levels with rooms. also can u put a school for jumpees where they can either go bus or carpool? and the school can have the same rules as real school and they have a school store where they can buy school supplies and they can buy a backpack somewhere and they can have homework and special projects? and also u could let jumpees have jobs. and also if jumpees have TVs they can get a remote control and watch shows on real channels and actully record shows? also u can let jumpees become popstars and actresses and let them sign up for plays and also let them type what they wanna say instead of the canned chat? also open up some restaurents for jumpees and a docter. and keep the Skate O. Rama or whatever it’s called let jumpees go it it every single winter and put up more places for jumpees to hang out. and put up some cruises for jumpees and beaches and resorts and playgrounds and let them have cellphones and let them buy music and let them have a ipod? i hope you think of it! from margaret

    • Hi Margaret – Wow! Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas! Your ideas to make JumpStart more realistic are great! I like how you want to incorporate more learning through the school, teaching responsibilities through jobs, and incorporating more fun with the cruises and beaches! You have some fantastic suggestions and we can tell you put a lot of thought into them, and we really appreciate it! Thank you!

  240. My 8 year old daughter margaret has no interest in Mathblaster but my 4 year old daughter julie does. when she launched into mathblaster she told me she had a problem with it it was still loading. i checked it out and it said there was a error and it also said something about a installation. she really wanted to try out mathblaster but we aren’t sure what to do to help her jumpee get into it.
    From: Clara

    • Hi Clara – Can you please try clearing your web browsing cache and unity player cache? Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Please let me know if you are still having loading problems, as we hope you r daughter is able to check out Math Blaster!

      • Thanks so much!! we tried the instructions and it worked it made julie very happy she was able to do mathblaster! when she started playing mathblaster she told me it’s her favorite place in jumpstart. also im glad that julie is playing it. it helps her with her math. im sad margaret won’t try it out. also thanks for the help! it makes julie very happy!!

      • Thanks so much for the instructions! we tried them right away and they worked!! julie tried Mathblaster immediately and she loves it!! she told me it’s her favorite place in Jumpstart!! it makes me happy to watch her do it. Thanks so much jumpstart!!!
        From: Clara

  241. My 8 year old daughter margaret has no interest in Mathblaster. but my 4 year old daughter julie does. when julie’s jumpee launched into mathblaster she told me she was having a problem with it. I checked it out it was loading but it stopped. it said something about a error and something about me having to install something. and it also said something about Unity player. Julie really wanted to try out mathblaster but we aren’t sure how to help her jumpee get into it.
    Please help!
    From: Clara

  242. sorry about if you see the other comment. when I checked to see if you replied which was long ago I didn’t see my comment so I made a copy of it cause it wasen’t there.
    I said this to let you know

    from: clara

  243. Just to tell you my daughters are jumpstart’s #1 fans! they never go on a different site when they go on the computer.

  244. Hi Jumpstart! My daughters margaret and julie love the game robo -A- go-go. the weird thing is when they were on js together their characters where meeting eachother .they were on separate computers they were going to play robo-A-go-go and when they clicked on it all the options on julie’s screen were grayed out. all the options on margaret’s screen were available. is there a problem with the computer julie was using? or does she have to complete something to make the options available?

    • Hi Clara – The game should work fine if they were using two separate child name accounts. I would suggest clearing the web browsing cache and unity web player cache on Julie’s computer that was having loading problems. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Please let me know if that helps!

  245. Thanks so much!! we cleared the web browsing cache and the unity player cache on the computer julie was using. it worked. julie went on as her character amber silverwing and margaret went on her character heather icestone and they were able to play the game. they were very happy!!
    Thanks so much!

  246. Hey Jumpstart we are having a major problem. julie and margaret were in marineland. they went on the mission board that jean claw showed them after they talked to him. they went on the mission that made them find 12 map pieces around the rubble ruins and bring them back to isabella at her traveling cart. when they went there julie looked all around the rubble ruins but there was not any map pieces and there was map pieces on maragret’s screen. maragret completed the mission but julie didn’t. there were no map pieces on her screen. we know that our web browsing and unity player caches are cleared so we are really thinking there is a problem or a virus with the computer julie uses.

    • Clara – We’re so sorry that Julie is still having troubles! You may want to try one more thing. On the computer Julie uses, you can try un-installing the Unity web player (our 3D engine) and re-install it by clicking on the following link: Unity Install

      • Thanks for the instructions!! they worked!! julie was able to complete the mission! my girls absolutley love doing missions together!!

  247. dear js i have a suggestion, what if jumpees can go around the world and do quests and see exotic animals such as a wolf and cheetahs btw my favorite animal.

  248. I was on mathblaster but it was not responding. there is something wrong with it.
    Please help!

    • Hi Jenna – I’m sorry for the problems with the site. Please try clearing your web browsing cache and unity web player. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. I hope this helps!

  249. Hi jumpstart I bought a jumpstart downloadable PC game for the girls and the Preschool Magic Of Learning for julie and Escape From Adventure Island for margaret But we have to ask you something do these games work on the TV or the computer we know Escape From Adventure Island works on the wii and will go on our wii but we arent’t sure about the other games.
    Please Reply!

    • Hi Clara – Thank you for purchasing the JumpStart products. You are correct, JumpStart Wii Escape from Adventure Island is for the Nintendo Wii, while the JumpStart Downloadable PC game is for the computer, and Preschool Magic of Learning is an application compatible with the iPad. Please let me know if you have further questions.

  250. Thanks!! the girls enjoy the games!! they both enjoy the Jumpstart downloadable PC game and julie enjoys Preschool Magic Of Learning. And escape from adventure island so happens to be one of margaret’s favorite wii games.

  251. Hey JS! How do you get to the queen ant maze I hear about? and what is the goal like what or who are you trying to get too and can I Have a hint to get to who or what the maze ends at?
    Please answer and give me a hint!
    HiltonHappyTail is my jumpee’s name P.S. my name in real life is zoe.

  252. We purchased a skateboard but seem to have lost it and cannot get it back. How do we get it back?

    • Hi Alisha – All of your purchased rides will be stationed in the Garage, which is connected to the Ridez shop in DownTown. So anytime, you want your Jumpee hops off his ride or you simply just want a different vehicle, head down to the Garage to switch it up!

  253. Hi I am extremely worried about something on JS that might mean the computer julie uses has something very wrong she is having another problem.
    today when julie was on JS with margaret she went to her neighborhood and clicked on her neighborhood builder she went to put kisha in one of the homes in her neighborhood she put kisha in one of her homes then exited the neighborhood builder and both kisha and kisha’s home were no where in julie’s neighborhood. julie tried it again but kisha and kisha’s home were no where to be found. now I have major worries that there is a virus or problem with the computer julie uses.
    Can you please respond as soon as you see this comment?

    • Hi Clara – We’re sorry for any inconveniences, as I wouldn’t worry that your computer has a virus. Usually, when you add another Buddyz house into your Neighborhood, players have to re-launch the game and it will automatically re-load with the newly added Buddyz’ houses. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you’re still having any difficulties.

  254. Hi,

    I have jumpstart World for 1st grade and My child has finished all the games in Unit one. How do I activate unit 2? I enrolled online, but was only able to download jumpstart 3D – which has an entirely different set of tasks (and my daughter wants to keep working on the keys in Jumpstart World.

    Can you help?

  255. Hi! Julie was on JS with margaret and they went to the boardwalk they walked past the SnowMan to the slide they went to to the slide entrance and went down it margaret went down it but julie didn’t her jumpee stayed at the beginning of the slide in a swimming position. we heard the music the slide plays when you go down it but her jumpee woulden’t go down it then when the music ended her jumpee automatically appeared at the end of the slide. it didn’t go down at all. what’s happening here?

    • Hi Clara – Sorry about that. The Jumpee is supposed to be taken directly to the SnowMan on the Boardwalk. Can you please try clearing your web browsing cache and unity web player once more? The instructions can be found here. Please let me know if that helps.

  256. my child and i are wondering what are secret codes and where do you find them? we have been playing jump start for 8 months now. we have earned a lot of things but never a secret code.

  257. Hi! this is my 1st comment! im telling you my 8 year old twin girls cassandra and hillary are a big fan of JS! they have the hang of everything and really enjoy everything in JS! both girls have JS membership so it makes JS even more fun for them! they have everything sold in every shop have completed every land and their jumpees always wear the same clothes and hairstyles and skin tone and ride and pet!
    both girls have been playing jumpstart 3D virtual world since the day it came out! both girls get along really well and never fight and are never mean to eachother. so they agree all the time on things to do on JS! plus they make their jumpees look like themselves they are twins so their jumpees look exactly the same. brown eyes and brown hair and light skin. both girls cannot wait to see what additions JS will have! Hillary likes posiden’s hangout and the holiday themed decorations and stuff JS has every holiday! Cassandra likes the boardwalk and the coin arcade and adventureland!
    JS is the best virtual world they play on! they enjoy it soooo much!

    • Hi Allie – We are so glad to hear your twin daughters enjoy JumpStart! Thank you so much for those kind words. We are happy to hear of all the activities and games of interests for them, as we are constantly working on new developments to the site. Please stay tuned for more fun and exciting additions to the site with the new season and festivities that come along with it. Thank you so much for you support and we hope your daughters continue to enjoy JumpStart!

  258. how do you move

  259. Hi! Margaret is playing at unit 12 and in it you are asked to make a , me, T-shirt margaret accidentley went to her cabin she saw some options for the me
    T-shirt and all of them were grayed out. she wants to complete the thing she was supposed to do but no she isn’t quite sure.
    Please Help Us!

  260. Its a downloadable PC game.
    Plus she is on unit 12.
    I told you she is on unit 12 just to help you understand a little bit more.

    • Never Mind! She just completed the misson and as well she completed Quest for the color miester.
      Thanks for the help though!

  261. Hi Jumpstart Team!! Love Your Site!!!! I am just asking something….. how to you download the downloadables the , Manage Account, tab is nowhere to be found anymore. I have membership so I know I can download the downloadables. can you just tell me the new way to download the downloadables? or if the , Manage Accont, tab still exists can you direct me to it?
    Please Respond!

  262. i have to return the punkpunk statue to the purple um square thing in adventureland but theres two places were the punk punks are and i dont remember witch is the punkpunk valley the one clsoe to the rabbit or the one close to the island/neer ship?

  263. how do i get my son nick, a jump start character?

    • Hi Alyssa – Once you and your son log in (for the first time) to JumpStart, it will prompt him to create a Jumpee (JumpStart character). It is then that he will be able to choose the name, appearance, attire etc. of his new Jumpee! If for any reason, your son wants to change his Jumpeez name later, he can do so by going to the JumpStart Communicator (the cell-phone) at the bottom right hand of the screen. From there, click on Name Change and it will give you various options of new names. If your son wants to change the appearance of his Jumpee, he can do this by going to MainStreet. From there, locate the area that says ‘Jumpeez’ and once he enters that area, he will be able to change the features of his Jumpee. Hope this helps!

  264. why did you have to change the old map?

    now the new map is cooler and better.

  265. Hi! We cannot seem to get on a downloadable game. We downloaded The Legend Of Grizzly McGruffin for my 6 year old, Jenna, and she was able to get on it once,when she tried again something popped up saying, Get a grownup’s help!! She hit OK and then it said I need to enable our internet connection, we tried everything that has to do with enabling the internet connection, and nothing worked. The weird thing is, My 8 year old daughter Kellie has Quest For The Color Meister We downloaded it after you showed her where the downloadables were after she left a comment and when she gets on quest for the color meister it always works. and both the downloadable games are downloaded on the same computer. Why won’t Grizzly McGruffin work?

    • Amy – We are sorry that you and Jenna are having trouble playing the downloadable game! Can you please try reinstalling it? You can access the game again here. Please let us know if the problem continues.

  266. i think you should let non members go in the funzones to

  267. Why are there secret doors in Jumpstart?

  268. please right back

  269. why is there jumpstart mambership

  270. i ment membership

  271. Hi,
    My daughter and son both have a Jump Start account and I was wondering if your Jumpee is allowed to move into a friends neighborhood. I have seen the question on the chat icon that says ” Want to move into my neighborhood?,”
    Thank you for your help,

    • Hi Anne – It is true that your children can live in the same neighborhood. First though, they have to be buddyz. If they are already buddyz, then guide them to the Neighborhood Party (located in DownTown). Once inside, have one of them click on the ‘Neighborhood Builder’. Then a list of buddyz will appear. You can add them to your neighborhood by clicking and dragging a chosen buddyz name to one of the houses. After that, they are officially neighbors!

  272. My little sister plays Jumpstart and she has more than one pet and ride. How, if you switch petz or ridez, do you go back to the other petz or ridez? She isn’t able to get them back after she puts them away but she bought them.

    • Hi Ashley! To access the ridez and petz that were bought, go DownTown. To switch through the petz that were purchased, find the ‘Petz Den’ (next to Petz) and click on the pet you want to follow you around JumpStart. To switch ridez, locate the Ridez Garage (right next to Ridez) and switch the ride that your little sister is currently riding with one of the other already purchased rides. Hope this helps!

  273. will you please send me a code

  274. My children just started playing Jumpstart 3D virtual world and we heard about membership a membership that lets you get acess to everything in the online world but we heard about a different membership giving you acess to the downloadables. are both memberships the same or different?
    Please Respond soon cause we are going to sign up for membership as soon as we solve this little mystery.

  275. Hello,

    We bought a lifetime membership last year. Now, my son says he’s finished the program for ages 6-8. Where can I find the next level (ages 7-9?)?


    • Hi, Mark – It sounds like your son has been a JumpStart Superstar and has completed the last level of the downloadable games! I think the best thing for him would be to embark on some of our adventures available online at http://www.JumpStart.com. There are 3 main areas in the online game that would fall in that age range: AdventureLand, MarineLand, and FutureLand. Your membership gives you full access to those areas, which provide hundreds of additional lessons and activities. If you would like to know more about the online world, please visit our Game Guide or ask us here. Thanks for choosing JumpStart!

  276. Hi JS,

    My friend and i were wonderiing if you could have like a health bar and you would have to play games to make your health bar full.We would really like you to do this idea if you could because it seems like fun. And you could also make buddies to make your helth bar full. Please write me back!

  277. Hi. Julie is having a major major major major major problem. She and Margaret were in the OctoLair and she saw these Jumpeez breakdancing to the raymies music. She went to join them but she doesn’t enjoy breakdancing so she did a different dance move. the Jumpeez names were nick goldenmonkey, ryan skymist, laurel orangegoat, and nicole azul colt. All the sudden the Jumpeez started making fun of her they were doing mean emoticons, and saying ” did you see that” Julie made her Jumpee go away from them. and she came back to the Jumpeez, hoping the same thing wouldn’t happen but sadly it did.
    I am afraid I am going to have to switch Julie to the downloadables only.
    Please Respond as fast as ever!!

    • Hi Clara – We are very sorry to hear that Julie has been experiencing problems with other Jumpeez. Bullying is unacceptable at JumpStart. If you are concerned about the continued safety of Julie’s Jumpee, there are a few options that we can recommend. There is an option for you to turn off the MMO feature – that will give her full access to the JumpStart world without having to worry about other Jumpeez being mean. Also, as you mentioned, the downloadables can also be a healthy option. We hope that this does not happen again but in the case that it does, please reach out to us again. Thank you for exposing us to the situation.

  278. Thanks for responding quickly on my last comment. We solved the mystery and signed up for lifetime membership. But I have 2 more questions. What is Mathblaster.com and how do you get acess to it? Also, I have a 3 year old playing and just by looking at the map of Jumpstart I just know it will be too confusing for her. Is there anywhere I can direct her to that is for kids like her age?

    • Hi Dawn!

      MathBlaster.com is a futuristic online adventure packed with wacky aliens, high-tech gadgets and, of course, math! Similar to JumpStart, there are a lot of differnet games and activities that are sure to spark the interest and creativity of ‘Cadets’ everywhere.

      Also, if you need assistance with getting around JumpStart, please direct your kid to the Game Guide.

      • Thanks for responding!! We looked at the game guide and found ” StoryLand” and we searched the map and found the entrance. Now I found the perfect place for my 3 year old!! That is all she does on Jumpstart is play in StoryLand. Also, I found MathBlaster.com and found the age range and it was perfect for my 7 year old!! I showed her it and she said she still has to think about it before she signs up for it. I am going to ask her if she has made her answer yet!!

        • Hi, Dawn – We are so glad to hear that the Game Guide helped and that your daughter loves JumpStart. If you would like, your 7-year old can use the same login information for Math Blaster that you use for JumpStart so that you can have a family account and the accounts will be linked. Thank you for choosing JumpStart and Math Blaster for your family!

  279. i do not get jumpstart

  280. I know that your jump stars determine your rank but is there something you can do with your jump stars i have seen some at level 8 with 500 stars then some at level 8 had like 60 stars

    • Hi Brian! The Jump Stars are primarily used to determine your rank. However, they also give you access to purchase some of the more exclusive items that are located in the virtual stores!

  281. I can not find where you spend your jumpstars what virtual store do you use them at not sure why most people at level 7 have 76 stars and im at level 8 with 1046

    • Hi Brian – JumpStars are used to determine a player’s rank while coins are used to purchase items from the Virtual Store! Jumpeez with higher ranks (ie. higher amounts of JumpStars) have access to some of the more exclusive items within the virtual stores.

  282. how do you get a voltage as a mythie

    • Hi Brian – Are you referring to raising a voltage egg into a mythie? If so, enter the Enchanted Sanctuary and look for Ivy who will be able to explain what needs to be done to receive your own Mythie! Good Luck!

  283. I think non-Members should some more stuff.

  284. why is there a secret door next to storyland

  285. why are you not wrighting back

  286. um its behind the tree

  287. why is my computer slow on jumpstart?

  288. now i have jumpstart membership i got i free 15 day membership by linking it to my moms facebook its cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. what will you get next from linking jumpstart

  290. This is Hana, You may of heard of Jumpstart player Margaret who is one of my students. I am her 2nd garde teacher. At the school’s open house one friday, I asked the parents which learning-realated stuff their child plays at home and one of the parents, Clara said Jumpstart. I showed it to the students and they love it and have been playing it since Dec. 2008 when I first showed it to them. So far, the students love it. Margaret, I happen to be very proud of, She has completed every land, Has made it to the top of the score boards in every game so far cause that is what Clara says, she has every ribbon and trophy, has the Jumpstart membership, has completed every downloadable at her house herself, has the most JumpStars out of everyone in the classroom, and right now has 12335 coins which means she has been playing alot of games and to have up to as much as that she must of been playing at least some learning games, The Jumpstart learning place I usually see her in is the JS stadium playing the volleyball spelling game. Clara says Margaret plays JS everyday, and Margaret has everything sold in every shop in JS. I’d like to thank you for making such good virtual world involving learning as well as fun.
    Mrs. Hana B.

  291. Hey jumpstart, i tried clearing the unity cache, but it said wait 1 or 2 minutes, so i did but nothing happens. can you help me? please?

    • Hi Alice! Clearing the Unity Cache should allow the game to load faster and/or prevent it from freezing in the middle of playing. Please try logging into the game to see if it loads faster. If it doesn’t, please let us know. Thanks!

  292. jumpstart, i was doing dance moves in front of a guy named oscar, i tried to say hi but i couldnt see it. so i didnt know if i said hi or not, what should i do? Also, please respond to my comment that said i was having trouble with the unity cache.

  293. Hi! Where can I find a dragon egg in Jumpstart, I am not a member but when I am I would like to know where I can find one. Help?

    • Hi Amelia! There haven’t been any Dragon Eggs around lately, so hopefully some will appear soon. In the meantime, head on over to Enchanted Sanctuary where you can raise a mythie!

  294. Where can I find a dragon egg?

  295. hey jumpstart, its loading faster, but its only loading faster to the places i always go to in the past.so when i go to downtown, it doesnt work, if i go to marineland, it works.( i completed marineland and got the swim tail)

  296. So….. thanks for helping me jumpstart! i really want to go the windy hollows place

  297. jumpstart, wheres the name change thing, i really want to change my name, but i cant find it on main street. can you help?

    • Hi Alice! We actually have a easier way to change your name. If you click on the JumpStart communicator at the bottom right corner of the screen, it will open up a new screen with different options at the top. From there, click on Name Change and it will allow you to change your name. Hope this helps!

  298. hi is there such thing as tiki where is it

    • yes over all the water by adventure canion (by storyland) it has a fire in its eyes i climbed to it it was hard i tried for years and i made it . a tiki is a big face sometimes at beaches

  299. Thanks jumpstart! but when i click on the communicater it doesnt show up, so i click and click and click but it doesnt show up, i click the buddy icon thingy and it doesnt show up either, what should i do?

  300. i can see the communicator icon, but when i click on it, it doesnt appear on the screen, it just stays like an icon.

  301. hi jumpstart, is there another place you can change your name in?

  302. Hi…my daughter is having a problem feeding her Mythie. When we click on the food kiosk nothing happens. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Lisa- We’re to sorry to hear that your daughter is having problems caring for her mythie. We are working on the issue now, and we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

  303. jumpstart is faster now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can go in downtown, windy hollows, and other cool places, and the communicator problem is over now, cause today i clicked the communicator and changed my name! im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. Well, Margaret saw the new map on Jumpstart and could not help but come back to Jumpstart. She loves Adventure Canyon and Beach ( Not the beach in Storyland the one in regular Jumpstart)
    Well that was a shocking cause in mid 2010 she hated Jumpstart.

  305. Hey jumpstart, where do you buy your mythies clothes or hats and stuff????????

  306. how do you get petz farmer ribbon i cant even find where to get them help me i looked for it but i cant find anything

    • Hi Austin! If you want to access information on the Petz Farmer ribbon, please go to the JumpStart Communicator which is located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. From there, click on the achievements tab and it will display information on the various ribbons that you have and/or may want.

  307. I dont get shipwreck lagoon, i made a shipwreck lagoon course, but after im finished, it says i have to make a loop, i dont get that. please help jumpstart!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to get the shipwreck tester ribbon!!!

    • Hi Alice. That simply means that you must create a closed loop on your track. Maybe you added a piece of a track that didn’t have a complete end attached to it. Please watch the tutorial which will help you to build your track the right way. Hope this helps!

  308. hi jumpstart, can you add more funzones to jumpstart? i bought all of them, but i really want the event planner ribbon. ( i got lots of them in the past, but i dont think that counts ) so please, pretty please make more!

  309. I really love the graphics of this game. 3D graphics. This game would be perfect for me because of 3D. Oh, and Math Blaster.

  310. I really like Jumpstart.


    • Hi Lauren! Would you like to delete some of your buddies? If so, click on the buddy list icon (located on the right hand side of the screen) and then click on the buddy booth icon (located on the bottom left hand of screen that will pop up). After that, search for the friend by clicking through the online, offline, and ignored lists. Once you find the buddy you would like to delete, select their name and then click on the icon at the bottom of the page (with the subtraction sign) and they will be removed. Repeat the last two steps for each buddy you would like to delete. Hope this helps!

  312. Dear Jumpstart,
    My floor disappeared in my house and I paid $100.
    How do I get it back? Or can I have my money back?
    Taylor Swift Jewel

    • Hi Taylor! We apologize for the disappearing act of your floor. Please try going back into your house and clicking on the ‘decorating’ icon located on the bottom of the screen. The House Hut items that were bought should pop up and you should be able to click on your floor and re-install it into your home. Hope this helps!

  313. i try to link jumpstart but it is not working help

  314. its still not working help!!!!!!!!

  315. its working now thankyou

  316. Jumpstart.com is awsome!For some reson when I was 4 yrs.old,I thoght it was kinda boring because it had NO other kids for me to safe chat with even if I didntet know how to read,I would still have F U N fun playing games & playing with other kids my age like my “used” to age “4 yrs.old” But then I made an acount,then it was so awsome!!I couldent think of how awsome that would be!!Then I found out you would have to become a memeber & pay to but stuff but for some reson I kept on playing?& now Im a member I was only non memberlis for about a 1/2 a day.& now Im trying to figure out how do you swim in that crabby mode or something like that?Do you like do,~forward backwards~ or,~right side to left side~or,~frontword leftward~,~backward rightwart~It just doesnt make any sence?

  317. Wow! This is really cool! I climbed up that tiki waterfall , and i went through the tunnel ( i like going in the jumpstart tunnels, its really cool, its like a secret place or something ) i thought it wont let me go any further, but it was a waterslide!!! I thought it SUPER COOL. Nice job, jumpstart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the waterslide!!!!!!!!!!

    • i went up to the eye . you have to go up from the left and clinb the green grass the walk carefully to the eye then quickly jump over and in.

  318. Hey, Jumpstart. I earned the golden pirate ship ride, but when i checked today, it wasnt there. ( im not a member, but i was just checking ) The golden pirate ship was my favourite ride! but now its gone. Do you know what happened to it? If you do, Please respond!!!!! Please, Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Alice! You actually do have to be a member to enjoy the ridez and petz. However, your ride is not lost! It is stored away and when you do become a member it will be given to you.

  319. how do you go to play

  320. Hi jumpstart, if my golden pirate ship ride is stored away, then why are the other rides i have not stored away? the rides i have are locked, but im just wondering why the rides i have are not stored away.


    • Hi Sydney – You may need to clear your Unity Cache. Click here and then select JumpStart (it should be highlighted). After that, click the ‘Delete JumpStart’ button at the bottom right hand corner of the page. After it is completed, refresh your page and JumpStart should be deleted. Hope this helps!

  322. i don’t know how to unlock things how to?

  323. how to become a member?

  324. please reply

  325. Hi, Jumpstart is loading way better now. Can I tell you something else? I finished riding the waterslide behind Tiki Falls and the end I ended up at these waterfalls and I saw a puppy pet struggling in the water. I do have membership so I acess to all the petz and I already have a bunch of petz. Can I please somehow adopt the struggling stray puppy I saw?

  326. How can my son son get to the “lost island” from adventure land? All we can do right now is see the island with SOS coming up and punk punks running around 🙂

    • Hi Sommer! In order to save (and get to) “Lost Island” your son must complete a variety of activities by exploring JumpStart’s AdventureLand. They will embark on a journey to save lost island from Punk Punks.

    • I have the same problem. My son and I both cannot figure out how to get to the island and we also posted a comment on here and the JumpStart response was NO HELP at all.

      • Hi Jymie! The past response is actually correct. Jumpeez must complete a variety of activities/missions on Training Island before they can advance to Lost Island. Frankie and the other characters will help your son prepare for the many battles that he will face, but he must be trained beforehand. It does take a while to get there so encourage your son to follow their direction.

  327. wowyesisformi

  328. I have an updated reply. I replied earlier off of someone else’s post.

    I saw a link to redownload one of the downloadables…and it is up and running well. Thank you for posting that.

    I am STILL having issues with the fact that only one of my children are listed in the downloadable (when there are five free spaces, and four children listed online). How do I correct this problem within the downloadable? I have seen where names can be changed, but I have not seen that area either on the downloadable. I know that with the CD there is a place to add/change…again, nowhere have I seen that..not in the parent portal, nor in the actual downloadable itself. Could you please help?!?! I have four VERY excited kids who really want to play and learn, but at this point no way to do so.

    • Update#2,

      I have downloaded the other downloadables. Only one child’s name appears in the name columns on all games. I tried to change the child’s name in the parent manager via web account, but that caused it to freeze and flip back to the initial profile info. Clearing the cache helped fix that issue, but main problem remains. If ANYONE knows how to fix the problem, PLEASE let me know!

      • We are so sorry that you are having trouble with the downloadable games. Our customer service team is looking into it now, and we hope to have an answer for you shortly.

      • Hi Amy, I have spoken to our customer service department, and they will be able to fix the problem for you if you post the names that you want in the games. We will need to fix this, you cannot do it on your own, unfortunately. You can either post the names here or if you are not comfortable with that, please email us at reviews@adventure.com.

  329. which came first main street or down town

  330. Hi! My two daughters have an account on jumpstart.com and they love to play! We are having trouble though because their accounts keep getting switched…one daughter’s character will all of a sudden have the other daughter’s character name and achievements. Is there something they are doing to make this happen? How can we prevent this from happening?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Denise – Sorry to hear about the switched accounts. To ensure that it doesn’t happen again, please log out of the game completely before switching players. Let us know if this helps.

  331. my scavenger is not working i have been running around finding them but they are not coming off the list if i leave and come back the items are back its like starting all over . do i have to clear my cache again ?
    also the new pirate ship was not at the rides store were they only giving so many out and if so why
    i think every one should have a chance to buy one. my son is very upset he cannot get one.

  332. Jumpstart the pirate ship was not there at the rides shop when I logged in to Jumpstart so I really want one so can you make more so other jumpees can have the pirate ride too?

    • Hi Alex – The pirate ship ride was a hit but we wanted to add in other ridez as well. The pirate ship ride may come back but in the meantime, check out the other ridez that are just as cool!

  333. My son has been playing adventure land for a while. He wanted some help, but between the two of us we can’t get to Punk Punk island! There is no yellow square to put the flag in when we follow the lanterns up to the hang glider. The list of things to do says we still need to do “how to deal with pesky punk punks” but we can’t find anywhere saying how to do this.

    • Hi Jymie – Before your son hops on the hand glider, encourage him to look around the area and he will find the yellow square where the flag belongs.

      • The yellow square was not working to put the flag in it. thanks. but no thanks. I fixed the problem on my own

  334. My son has being try to fly his dragons for a while and it just get in a loop waiting and waiting. Why is not letting him do ti?

    Thank you

  335. Hi Maria, this happened to me 4 months ago. Iwas trying to fly my Horn Howlie and he kept going down even when I said to go up! all I did was reinstalled http://www.jumpstart.com/CustomerCare/FAQ.aspx#unity-reinstall like JS said.It worked perfectly and I was able to fly again!Me Alex RicketySprout have a newborn Horn Howlie named Rickey Puppy.I cant wait until Im able to fly on his back too! It even works faster because my old one was to worn out.

  336. i need help i want to cancel my kids mebership but i cant find out how plz help me !

  337. i love this jump star.com its soo cool

  338. jumpstart sounds like a awsome game.
    i am going to play jumpstart when i find it.
    see you later

  339. Hey jumpstart! I have a Idea for a new ride: A banana Boat. I LOVE bananas! And i love other fruits too, but i think it’ll be cool to add a banana boat, Please :D?

    • Hi Alice! Thank you for your great idea. We have passed your idea along to the JumpStart developers who are in charge of adding new features to the game.

  340. im wondering when there is a game in the broom ball and who participates in the broom all i want to

    • Hi Ashleigh! There are games happening all the time in the BroomBall stadium, so come in and take a seat if you want to watch the action! In order to play BroomBall though you must be a member. If you are a member, just walk onto the field and you can start playing right away.

  341. I’m just asking you something, but is there a way to get a free membership? Because I want one but I’m not allowed to get one. (right now)

    • Hi Grant! Unfortunately, membership is available for paid subscription only. But there are lots of games that non-members can play and new features being added all the time.

  342. wow my kids are loving this but why cant my kid get one, little dog. My kid wants a little, old dog!!!

  343. I have a Question About BroomBall, Is it Related to Qudditich in Harry Potter?

  344. Awesome! I Love Harry Potter! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Can you make more Harry Potter Stuff??? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  345. Jumpstart? Is there a way to unlink your facebook account from jumpstart?

    • Hi Alice! Yes, there is a way to unlink your accounts. We realize that some JumpStart users are having trouble logging into JumpStart using their Facebook login. We are working to fix this, but if you still want to unlink you accounts follow these directions. Log into Facebook then go to the JumpStart.com app page or just click here. On the left side panel towards the bottom you should see a link that says Remove App. Click on this and you will be prompted to remove the app. Once it has confirmed you have removed the app, your accounts will no longer be linked.

  346. Can you make contests that non members can do too?

  347. Any word on expanding to grades 3-5. My daughter has been playing for years, but she is 8 now and is not being challenged any more. We love the programs and my two younger ones are also enjoying the great games!

    • Hi Matt! We are so glad that children have been enjoying JumpStart. JumpStart has been designed to aid in learning for kids pre-school to 5th grade and certain areas within the game are set up specifically for certain age groups. FutureLand has been created to challenge 3rd-5th graders, ages 8-11. This area offers more than 140 missions, games, puzzles and challenges that help kids practice critical thinking skills. Other major skills taught include reading, math, writing and social studies. But if your daughter is ready for a new adventure all together, tell her to check out our sister online site Math Blaster. Math Blaster has the same educational basis in a fun and adventurous online world as JumpStart, but focuses specifically on the development and practice of math skills. Additionally, Math Blaster was designed for older children ages 6-12, so it may be more in tune with your daughters skill level.

  348. I really like this game it is awesome but I have a question, How long does it take for your mythie to mature? Enough to ride it, and go into training center, and stuff?

    • Hi Janelle! A mythie can start training once it is a teen, the third stage of it’s life. Each stage takes a couple of days, but will go faster if you takes excellent care of it! Once the mythie is fully trained and is an adult, you can take it to flight school. So make sure you visit your mythie a lot and take good care of it!

  349. I tried the download and it always says not able to load.Why?


  351. How do u glide in freefall mountain????? I forgot how and i have seen other people do it.

    • Hi Ali! Once you shoot up into the air from the launch pad your Jumpee will naturally glide. You can navigate with the right and left arrows. You do not need to press the front arrow to go forward; pressing this will actually make your Jumpee go down faster.

      • my jumpee dosent automaticaly glide and some other jumpees dont either in freefall mountain

        • Hi Ali! Certain games in Freefall mountain are only for observing and looking at the sights. You can only glide if you choose to play the balloon game or the rings game. If you pick the third game, the observation deck, you won’t be able to glide. Please let us know if you are still having problems.

  352. when i go to broomsticks ball a blank think appers over the screen and it wouln’t go away then eventualy it moves my jumpie outside bromsticks ball

    • Hi Ali! We’re sorry that you’re experiencing some problems in BroomBall. Please keep in mind that BroomBall is only available for members to play, but all Jumpeez can sit and watch the games.

  353. Hi. It’s 6:45 am PDT (21 July 2011) and I’m getting the maintenance notice. When my son is trying to move around JumpStart, we get a “loading” flag. (Mac, FF 5.01) and then nothing. Are you still in maintenance mode or is something awry with Unity or …? Do I need to do something or just wait awhile?

    • Hi Craig! We’re sorry you and your son are having trouble loading JumpStart. You shouldn’t have any trouble loading the site at this time, but we are happy to help you fix the problem. First try clearing both of your caches. Instructions for that are here. If that doesn’t work, please email our customer support team at support@jumpstart.com so we can get you back into the game as soon as possible.

  354. jumpstart thanks for monster mutts

  355. my brother got membership on jumpstart and we have the same email adress will i get membership to

    • Hi Bailey! If you and your brother are on the same account, meaning you and your brother sign in with the same email address, than you have membership too.

  356. ho do i cancel my membership?

    • Hi Bella! We’re sorry that you want to cancel your membership. We hope you aren’t dissatisfied with any of the features in the game. If you are sure you want to cancel your membership you can learn how to cancel your membership here.

  357. i got a new ride! a bubble bath ride! please!

    • Hi Bella! Thank you for your idea! We have passed it along to the JumpStart developers who are in charge of adding new things to the game.

  358. every time i buy something i get more coins not less coins! why?

  359. Hi this is June L., the mom of Coleen L., my nine year old Jumpstart lover. She has played since Dec. 2008. She was only six. She has membership and so does my other daughters. But here’s the thing: My other daughters are new to this place. We need to find something that’d be right for them. Charlotte is fifteen months, Maya is two, Michelle is three, and Danielle is eighteen months. Michelle seems to have found something to play, Storyland. But its ages 3-5 and my other daughters aren’t three yet. Should I let them explore, or is there another area we could try? Kauai, Hawaii where we live our neighborhood has a ton of Jumpstart population, but I’m asking you.

    • Hi Jane! We’re so glad that your older daughters are enjoying JumpStart! The JumpStart online world is best for ages 3 and up and as you’ve discovered StoryLand is the perfect area for young Jumpeez to explore. If the Storyland activities are too difficult for your younger daughters they might not quite be ready to explore the online world by themselves. Often times younger Jumpeez have fun doing the activities with their older siblings or parents. So if Colleen or Michelle would like to play the activities with their younger sisters that might be enjoyable. Additionally, if they are ready to learn their letters and you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch we have an app called JumpStart My ABC Book that might work well for them.

  360. i want to adopt and get rides but my mom and dad dont let me be a member i have the money on jumpstart to buy rides and pets but i want one what do i do

    • Hi Brianna!Unfortunately, petz and ridez are only available to members. If you want to visit some cute little creatures you can always visit the Enchanted Sanctuary and play with the mythies.

  361. this is not a good website

  362. thank u jump start for making this website for me its real awesome but the thing i am mad about is membership cause my parents never let me 😦

    • Hi Shelby — I’m glad to hear you like the game! Don’t worry, there are plenty of fun games and different aspects of JumpStart that don’t require membership, and we are always adding new things all the time!

  363. well i saw people saw like do that heart face that i am really worry about it

  364. my son cannot find the sunblock and surfboard were can you buy it.

    • Hi Marilyn! The sunblock and surfboard are not things that you have to collect to get the clue. Instead, this part of the clue describes the area of JumpStart that the map piece is in. Tell your son to think about a place where Jumpeez would go surfing. You can tell him it also a place with lots of sun, so Jumpeez would also need sun block. The next part of the clue tells you where in this area you will find the map piece, buy a dock. There are two ships that are docked in this area of JumpStart, make sure he checks them both. Good luck!

      • thank you. my son found the piece. i would also like too suggest something that may help your website. i have noticed that alot of the players have been frustrated because they cannot interact with each other as much as other websites such as club penguin and free realms. i suggest that you let the users type what they say but the words have too go through a word filter. this way they can interact but still interact safely.

  365. sorry for the burden again but my son is now having trouble finding the map piece near sign that leads to the windy hollows game.

    • Hi, Marilyn – We are going to be posting additional clues to the map pieces in the JumpStart communicator in the bottom right corner of the game. This should help your son. For today’s clue, he should make sure to look at all of the words in the clue to see if there is an area in Windy Hollows he can go to to look for the map piece.

  366. We have the Legends of Grizzly McGruffin downloaded on the PC, but it has locked areas that say coming soon. How do I download any updates needed to unlock these? We have had this game for a few years now.

  367. who know where to get sunscreen and a surf board aand who knows where the dock is im trying to find a diamond

    • Hi Taytay! You don’t have to get these items to get to the clue. They just describe what area a Jumpee might need these items. So think… where would a Jumpee use sunblock and a surfboard? Once you find this area, the second part of the clue will help you to find the exact location of the map piece. If you’re still having trouble check your Jumpee Communicator, because more clues will be coming your way. Good luck Jumpee!

  368. i ment a dragon

  369. Hi! We just got the lifetime membership for JumpStart as my daughter has really enjoyed the first two sections of the 1st grade edition. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out how to get the rest of the sections opened up now that we have our membership. When I downloaded the ‘Quest for the Color Meister ages 6-8’, it installed but says we need to renew our membership and does not run. The online game seems to run fine and says our membership is lifetime. Can you help me out?

    • Hi Rob! We are happy to help you. If you downloaded the game before you had lifetime membership the game will not recognize your current membership status. Try downloading the game again by going here . If that does not work, try contacting our Customer Support Team at support@jumpstart.com . We hope this helps, and please let us know if you are still having trouble.

  370. do you get to ride your mutt on math blaster P.S if not maybe you could add it

    • Hi Jacob! Thanks for the idea! We will pass it along to the Math Blaster developers who are in charge of adding new things to the game. If you want to see what new things are coming to Math Blaster and the Monster Mutt dome check out the Math Blaster Blog.

  371. how can I change my mutt for a different one?

    • Hi, Shady – Mutts need a lot of love and care, so you can only have one at a time. You have to fully raise your mutt and release it to a planet before you can get another mutt.

  372. I want to change the kind of mythi that I have. I clicked on the wrong one by mistake when I went to the egulator. It has not hatched. can I still change it for a dragon kind?

    • Hi, heba – Unfortunately, once you select the type of mythie you want, you cannot change it. We’re sorry about that! But we promise that all of the mythies are super cute and fun, so we think you will like whatever mythie you get!

  373. My daughter achieved the swim tail prior to an upgrade a while back. When she went back to her character the tail was gone. She has the requisite sand dollars but is unable to get the tail.

    How is this rectified?

  374. My daughter is in Unit 5 in her Quest for the Color Meister. She is trying to collect red orbs on the Sunny Shores. After collecting orbs in the water, she needs to jump on a jump pad to reach higher ground to collect more orbs but she is not able to jump high enough. We have tried everything and cannot seem to figure out how to collect the remaining orbs on this ledge. Any suggestions?

    • Hello Iamjewslmomof2! We’re sorry that your daughter is having trouble passing this unit. There should jump pads or ledges that will lead you to the high jump pad. Your daughter may need to think out of the box and jump on anything that will get her close enough to reach the jump pad. Please let us know if you are still having trouble.

      • hi my daughter has the jumpstart 3D world for pre-k and im not a member yet but i am only able to access one of the Six kits or worlds how can i go to the different worlds or do i need a membership to continue its keeps telling me to go to jumpstart.com to continue her quest help me plz

        • Hello Frank! We are happy to help, but we need a bit more information. Could you please tell us which game it is? Do you have the CD-Rom game or is it the downloadable game “My First Adventure?”

      • Hello. Thank you for responding. She is able to reach the jump pad but it only takes her 3/4 of the way up the ledge. Trust me – we have tried repeatedly to circle around and find another way. She has jumped on the jump pad about 300 times at this point and is becoming VERY frustrated. She loves Jumpstart and has been stuck on this part of the game for 6 days now. I really don’t know what to do at this point. Please advise. Thank you!!!

        • Hi iamjewlsmomof2 — We’re so sorry that your daughter is still having trouble. We are going to email you shortly with some information that will help her pass this unit.

          • Was there any resolution to this issue (cannot finish collecting orbs at Sunny Shore because jump pad doesn’t reach top of ledge)? My son has been having the same issue for several days.

          • Hi, Brendt L.! We will email you instructions on how to resolve this issue.

  375. HEY THERE,

  376. When will there be more fun zones

  377. Hi how do you change the color of your ridez on jumpstart?

    • Hi Caylie! Unfortunately, you cannot change the color of your ride. However, there are ridez in a variety of different colors available for purchase at the Ridez Shop.

    • Hi Caylie! Unfortunately, you cannot change the color of your ride. However, there are different colors available in the Ridez Shop that you can buy.

  378. Hi, I just bought Jumpstart Advance Preschool and my daughter is doing really well, however, she has just finished collecting her first story book and it’s saying in order for her to continue I need to visit Jumpstart.com. I don’t understand why. She hasn’t even been able to open any other parts of the map yet. How does she open these parts and where do we go from here? Please respond to my email. Thank you,

  379. I’d like to know if you have any gift membership options as I’d like to give my nephew a 1year membership. I’ve checked out the JumpStart site, but can’t seem to find any information concerning this topic.

    • Hi Riela! We do offer annual membership gift cards at Best Buy, Toys R Us and Rite Aid stores. With these cards, you can add membership to any JumpStart account. Additionally, you may add membership by logging into a JumpStart account then going to the Membership tab. If your nephew does not have an existing account you can register for an account at JumpStart.com by entering some basic information like your name and email address.

  380. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a more challenging arcade area for 5th graders going into middle school? I started Jumpstart one or two years ago and still love it, but I’m going to middle school next year and am not having much of a challenge anymore in the games. It might seem a little silly, but it’s just a thought. Maybe just 6th or 7th. My brother is in first grade and he also loves that game. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Eden! JumpStart is designed for kids ranging from about Preschool to 5th grade. We have more advanced curriculum available in our Math Blaster game. Although math is the only curriculum that is taught, the game is designed for kids who are in the 1st through 7th grades. You can check it out here.

  381. When we are going to have the t.rex for enchanted sanctuary

    • Hi Alejandro Rainbow Quartz! Right now there are only three mythies available in the Enchanted Sanctuary: dragon, pegasus and hornhowlie. There is a T-Rex charm that Jumpeez can cast on their unsuspecting buddies in the Charms area of Windy Hollows.

  382. Cache was cleared on both Unity Web Player & Firefox too and still have the problem on loading… It does the same thing on IE as well

    • Hi, AWB — We’re sorry you are having trouble loading the game. We are sending you an email which will give instructions on how to do a deeper cache clean. This should fix the problems that you are having.

  383. hi i want my jumpy back becouse I became a member but it wont let me on my jumpy ageen HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Chloe! It looks like you have membership on the account with your Jumpee Faith FairyPuppy. Is this the account that you wanted to add membership to? If you have more than one account then you may not have membership on the other one.

  384. hi iv bin trying to find JumpStart 3D Virtual World: Trouble in Town and JumpStart 3D Virtual World: The Quest for the Color Meister but I cant seem to are they still available? ps: please excuse any and all misspelled words the only reason some of these are spelt right is because i’m using spell check

    • Hi Miakayla! Both of these games as well as two additional games are available to download for free when you purchase JumpStart membership. You can learn more about adding membership to your account and downloading the games here. If you are already a member you can start downloading the games right away by going here.

      • thanks and yes I am a member but I can only see the my first adventure game are they attached to it?

        • Hi Miakayla! If the downloaded games don’t show up, this means that you have already downloaded them to your computer. Check your computer and if you still don’t see them you can download them again by clicking on the following links. You can download Trouble in Town (ages 5-7) by clicking here, The Quest for the Color Meister (ages 6-8) here and The Legend of Grizzly McGuffin (ages 4-6) here. Once you click on the links the game will immediately begin downloading.

      • thanks and yes I am a member but I can only see the my first adventure game are Trouble in Town and Quest for the Color Meister attached to it?

  385. just curious but I heard about JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island and that you retired from the line in 2000 and replaced with JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Sapphire Falls Why?

    • Hi, Miakayla! We update our games, so that we can put out new things for JumpStart players. Sometimes this might mean that we discontinue games in order to bring JumpStart players a new game that is compatible with new software.

  386. I miss all of the old jump start PC games from when I was a kid. I don’t like my kids playing online with who-knows how many weirdos pretending to be 6 yr olds. What ever happened to Jump Star Fifth Grade with Edison the firefly ans all those fun games that I spent hours playing?

    • Hi, Elizabeth! We still have grade-based educational computer and video games available for purchase at various retail stores and in our online store. You can check out our games here. Although they may not be the same titles you remember playing as a kid, they still have the same educational basis. They have been revised to be more up to date with current curriculum standards, graphics and computer compatibility. Additionally, if you are concerned with potential dangers in our game, you can modify the safety settings so that no one in the game will be able to see or interact with your child and vice versa by disabling the MMO feature. You can do this by logging into your JumpStart account and then clicking on the Parents tab.

    • You can still get those games used from Amazon, eBay, and yard sales, by the way.

      (I miss Edison too. CJ just isn’t as much fun without him!)

  387. I purchased Jump Start Advanced Kindergartn and Advanced First Grade. It will not let my kids play past level witout purchasing a monthly membership. The box says this came in says nothing about having to purchase a membership. Is the anything that can be done about this?

  388. Hi there – I have purchased a membership so that my children can keep going with Jump Start Kindergarten, and the screen keeps popping up saying they can’t continue unless they purchase the monthly membership. How do I unlock it so they can continue?

    • Hi, Kendra- We are happy to help. Would you please tell us a little more about where you are seeing these messages? As a member, you shouldn’t come across these messages in the game. The only place you might see them is on the Jumpstart.com homepage, but they should go away once you sign in and enter the game.

      • It’s the CD version of the game, not online. How do I unlock my CD version of the game now that I have a membership so that my son can keep going with his adventure (he’s only done a few of the units)?

        • Hi, Kendra– When you first set up the CD games you would have registered the games with an email address. If you registered the CD game with the same email that you registered for JumpStart.com, the games will automatically sync up and you will be able to access the extended features. If you registered the games with two different emails the game isn’t able to see that you now have membership. I would be happy to fix this for you by transferring your JS.com membership and your CD game information onto one account. I just need the two email addresses that you used to register for the games. You may either reply to this comment (don’t worry we won’t post any personal information to the blog) or send an email to reviews@adventure.com.

        • Hi, Kendra– When you first set up the CD games you would have registered the games with an email address. If you registered the CD game with the same email that you registered for JumpStart.com, the games will automatically sync up and you will be able to access the extended features. If you registered the games with two different emails the game isn’t able to see that you now have membership. I would be happy to fix this for you by transferring your JumpStart.com membership and your CD game information onto one account. I just need the two email addresses that you used to register for the games. You may either reply to this comment (don’t worry we won’t post any personal information to the blog) or send an email to reviews@adventure.com.

  389. hi its me again another thing I was curious about was that you have Botley Eleanor Pierre Kisha C.J. Hopsalot and Frankie but what happened to Casey and Edison? plus Pierre had always bin depicted as a polar bear but now is a blue-and-white panda bear and Kisha though long portrayed as a koala she is now depicted as a cheetah why the change?

    • Hi, Miakayla! Wow, you really know your JumpStart characters! The JumpStart games have been around for a long time and a lot has changed since the first games were introduced. Some of these changes include making new additions to the game and creating the JumpStart online world. Other changes have been made to update the characters to make them new and relevant for kids.

      • thanks I sort of grow up with jumpstart and I have sum of the older games many of which are form before 2000 and a lot of the games I play are for PC and Kisha C.J. Edison Hopsalot and Casey have always bin my favorite characters Kisha because iv always loved anything that had to do with art C.J. and Edison because I like things that have to do with adventure Casey because he sort of gave me courage to take up gymnastics (which unfortunately I had to drop do to medical issues) and Hops because he dealt with science and gave me a newfound love for said subject

        • Hi, Mikayla! It’s wonderful to hear that you have connected so much with the JumpStart characters and that they have inspired you to learn new subjects and try new things. Each character does have a very distinct personality and we’re so glad that you love them as much as we do!

        • Wow! You have a lot of the same favorite characters as I do!! I’ve always really liked CJ, Edison, Hopsalot, and Kisha. *sigh* The nostalgia…

      • I’ve played JumpStart games a lot when I was a kid, and I looked at a lot of the REALLY old games online…let me tell you, the JumpStart characters have changed a LOT over the years. Hopsalot used to have gray fur and be an adult school teacher, for example. And if you looked at CJ from when he first debuted in 1996’s JumpStart 2nd Grade, he’d be hardly recognizable from his modern appearance.

        I must say, I played games from the early 2000s as a kid…when I first saw the characters change to their modern look (back when I was 8) I was actually outraged!! LOL!! Now, I understand that it’s just what happens; whenever the team shifts to other people, they have their own cool ideas, and so things change. I’ve gotten over the emotional trauma, I assure you 😉 (hee hee…totally joking of course. And some people were probably very annoyed when the characters were changed from their very old appearance from the appearance I’m familiar with! It’s just what happens…)

        Obviously, I’m not mad anymore, but I’m still curious what was specifically the reason you decided to make the changes to the characters. I’m just curious, since I’m such a JumpStart junkie. It would just be so interesting for a JumpStart geek like me to be able to know this stuff. It would just be awesome, that’s all. God bless~

        • Hi, StoryMaker! Thanks for being such a loyal fan. We truly value your continued support and love hearing what you have to say about the game. To answer your question, the characters in the game just happened to evolve and change with the times. As the world around them changed, so did their looks. And more importantly, we needed to make sure they looked their very best for their eventual debut in our 3D virtual world at http://www.JumpStart.com. We hope that answers your question. Thanks for stopping by our official blog!

          • Ha, I guess that makes sense…JumpStart is an ever-changing franchise! Thanks for replying and God bless~

  390. I want To play

  391. my thing says a bad word i mean a word that has gods name in it and its gods name in a bad word so i cleared my cache and my browser and got a mechanic and bought a new computer help!!!1

    • Hi, Jacob Lava Cheeta– Where are you seeing this word? The word might just be a part of the game and not a technical issue, so unfortunately clearing your cache will not remove it.

  392. Our daughter’s Mythie hatched a few months ago. She feeds it and gives it lots of naps, but it is sad/tired. How does she make it happy?

    • Hi, Elise R! Even though your daughter’s mythie is rested and full, it might need a bath or want to play. To give her mythie a bath, your daughter will need to take it to the Bath located in the Nursery. She can care for her mythie or play with it by clicking on her mythie then choosing one of the options. Mythies, especially when they are young, need a lot of attention and your daughter will need to feed, care, bathe and play with her mythie to keep it happy and healthy.

  393. hey frainke can you add old stuff from jumpstart back from 2009 i would like it alot thanks

    • Hi, Mikayla! A lot of the main JumpStart areas that were in the game in 2009 are still here like AdventureLand, StoryLand and Speed Drome. We have expanded on the game since then to add new features and incorporate some Jumpee ideas. Keep checking the blog to see what new things are coming to the game.

  394. i see alot of people in the beach on jumpstart gliding on the water how do you do that

  395. also how do you take people off of your account or membership i dont know waht ist is called

  396. used same email address for cd rom based program registration and follow up membership to UNLOCK the game the remainder of the game that I purchased. It is not auto unlocking the remaining 10 or so levels. I would appreciate info to do so. First grade level.

    • Hi, Cara- We are sorry that the last 10 levels won’t unlock for you. It takes about a day for our system to register the change in your membership status. Your membership is now active in our records, so you should be able to access the entire game. Please let us know if you are still having trouble.

  397. Hello, Jumpstart! Can Non-Members buy some member
    stuff in the Jumpstart Threadz? That would be very cool and
    a awesome christmas gift!

  398. When I go into the ”Boardwalk Cannon”, it doesnt work! Help me, please? Thanks.

  399. Oh wait, never mind, Sorry! The cannon works, I didnt know you you
    had to click on it. Sorry! Its just that I havent played Jumpstart in a long time.

  400. Ive been playing Jumpstart for about 2 years now, I think.
    But now as I get older, can you make a land for 6 Graders?
    And I think I finished Future land, Im not sure. But I do
    have a question, is the Free 15 Days Of Membership still going on? You know where you link accounts to jumpstart and facebook or something. Can you make a new one? Cause,I dont know, maybe other Jumpeez would like to have another chance for membership?
    Best wishes,
    Alice With AngelHeart.

    • Hi Alice! Thank you for your suggestion to add games for older kids. We have passed your idea along to the JumpStart developers who are in charge of adding new features to the game. Right now we aren’t running any promotions that allow players to access membership features for free, but we will keep your suggestion in mind.

  401. Thank you! The new land could be called:Jumpstart University! I hope you like my idea! And I have another Question: Are Jumpstart Membership Cards Avalible in Canada?

    • Hi, Alice! What a great way for Jumpeez to learn even more in JumpStart! Thank you for your idea, we will pass it along to the JumpStart programmers who are in charge of adding new features to the game.

  402. And the ages could be 9-12! Thanks, bye!

  403. I have so many ideas to tell you! Can you make National Pajama Day at Jumpstart? Where your Jumpeez outfits could be trandformed into Pajamas. And the world of Jumpstart could have pillows and Blankets, plus lots of toys! And there could be Some jumpstat PJ day games, that you can only play once a year on PJ’s day! Bye, and thanks!
    Angel With AngelHeart.

  404. Oh sorry in a rush! Spry if I spelled some words wrong, inculding ”’Angel with Angelheart. It should be Alice! Sorry! 😦

  405. Oh not again! 😦 Spry should be ”Sorry”. Its just that I type too fast and im always in a rush.