Meet the Lake-loving HydroSaur Mythie!

Mages and Jumpeez – listen up! We’ve just got word from Rowan, the famed Mythie caretaker, that a new Mythie has been discovered in JumpStart’ Magic & Mythies. Are you up for the challenge to train the HydroSaur?


Paired to the element of water, this lake-loving companion has already become quite known across this magical realm for its abilities to soar through the skies and seas with it fast-moving flippers. Flippers that have gained it quite the reputation in its efforts to battle the Darkness. Mages that start training the creature today will quickly come to understand the powerful force it demands in its signature defense that has gained the moniker of the “Tidal Slap.”

But the HydroSaur is not just a force to be reckoned with in battle and flight, it’s also a loyal companion that’s gratitude knows no bounds. But don’t take our word for it or that of the legends of its determined efforts to help elves in need, train your very own HydroSaur today!

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