New Magic & Mythies App on iTunes and Google Play!

The portal to Terra has been unlocked. Meet head elf Asher at the entrance to begin the battle against Darkness!

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NEW Game – JumpStart: Magic & Mythies!

Magic & Mythies is here—the exciting NEW mobile app that allows you to do even cooler things in your Mythie Training adventures. Now on iOS and Google Play, head to the App Store and get started on our latest game:!

A mysterious Darkness is sweeping through the world of Terra and its residents need your help! Follow head elf Asher into the portal of this magical world to help conquer the evil Shadows at the forefront of its army. In Magic & Mythies, learn to harness magical powers while raising trusty Mythies and help bring peace to Terra once and for all.

  • Some key features include:
    – Racing Mythies at Skytracks
    – Busting the treacherous Shadow Punks and Brambles
    – Creating magical potions
    – Farming various crops and raising animals
    – Building an everlasting bond with your favorite Mythies

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and join the League of Mages? Head to the App Store and download JumpStart: Magic & Mythies today!

Worksheet of the Week: Crazy Mix

crazy-mixOh no! This adorable baby bunny was having so much fun that it accidentally scrambled up all of these words! Do you think you can help this furry friend sort these words into nouns and adjectives before its parents see the mess it made? Ask a parent to help you download and print our Worksheet of the Week and use all of the grammar knowledge you have to assist our pal!

Frankie’s Back-to-School Challenge!

Hi Jumpeez – Frankie here! Now that you are most likely settled into your classes, I wanted to see how much you have grown in playing some of your favorite JumpStart games! As you might have noticed in our Games of the Week, we have plenty of activities to explore in JumpStart built to strengthen your mind and ability to take on our JumpStart missions.

JS-Blog-BackToSchoolOf course, one of the best parts of playing our learning games is seeing how much you improve as the year goes on! That is why I thought it might be fun for all of us to measure our progress in a game from each of THREE special categories I created. As we learn new subjects in school, spend time practicing these games, and take on new missions through JumpStart, we can all make ourselves better and brighter Jumpeez!

So are you up for joining me in this school-year challenge? Pick a game that matches the three categories below and get started!

1. Language Arts
Language arts include everything from reading to writing to listening! With so many different topics to focus on, it might be the most exciting to choose a game that uses a subject you struggle with. Need more help with spelling? How about playing Bubble Trouble in MarineLand! How about reading? Blast-Off reading is the game for you!
2. Math
Math and science can be challenging topics for young Jumpeez, so this category might be one of the most important subjects you can practice! Games like the Charm Creator in Windy Hollows help you learn the basics of measurements, while games like Cowabunga teach you about counting. Make sure to choose a game that is fit for the topics you learn in school.
3. Problem Solving
Our last category is not so much a subject rather than a set of skills that can help you with everything from completing science experiments to succeeding in test taking. For this category, why not try building a new racetrack and Shipwreck Lagoon and timing your speeds, or see how high of a score you can get in the puzzling Punk-Punk Drop Boardwalk Arcade game!

As you can tell, there are so many games to choose from to complete this challenge! Do you know which games you want to keep track of this school year? Comment below with your three games and post your current score!

Game of the Week: Starscope Theater

GoTW-StarscopeTheaterScienceLand has many secret pathways and caverns to explore. However, if you make the long journey to the top-most point of this JumpStart area, you will find Starscope Theater. This is a special place in ScienceLand, where you can learn about all sorts of interesting facts about the galaxy! If you happen to enter the mysterious and wonderful spaces of ScienceLand this week, then make sure to check out this Jumpee Mission!

Game of the Week: Dune Buggy Racer

Between the borders of SpeedDrome and Adventure Canyon lies a stretch of sandy hills. Jumpeez have long enjoyed playing a game known as Dune Buggy Racer in this bumpy patch of land. In Dune Buggy Racer, you must race against the clock and collect a certain number of tiki heads. Not to mention, you get to ride through these hilly landscapes with your partner-in-crime, CJ.

Have you had the chance to play Dune Buggy Racer before? Head over to SpeedDrome and start working on beating the next three levels in your missions. If not, you must make sure to join CJ in working on this Jumpee Mission!

Pirate Ships have Sailed into JumpStart

Yo ho, yo ho… it’s a pirate’s life for Jumpeez! In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate” day Frankie and friends have a few swashbuckling decorations, two FunZones and a scavenger hunt that will send your buccaneers off to search for buried treasure, this month.

plugin-container 2015-08-31 14-06-06-10Ahoy Matey! It’s  time to weigh anchor and set the sails. Your Jumpeez can stowaway on a ship sailing through the MainStreet FunZone. They can become captain of the boat and sail the seven seas. Just make sure they don’t fall overboard or they’ll be on their way to Davy Jones’ Locker! All hands on deck! It’s time to raise the anchor and set the sails! Your buccaneers can defend the island fortress from the invasion of rival pirates. They can protect their loot by shooting the canon and stopping any ships that might pass.

plugin-container 2015-08-31 14-23-51-59Downtown holds another FunZone for ye mateys. These pirate ships will take your Jumpeez on a wild ride through twists and turns that will make them feel like they’ve been swallowed by a Caribbean hurricane!

And last but definitely not least, there’s a new Pirate Scavenger Hunt items with hidden all around JumpStart on MainStreet, the Beach and Adventure Canyon. Make sure your Jumpeez check all three and keep track of what they’ve found on the map located in their Communicator. Grab enough booty, and there might be some gold doubloons in it for them.

plugin-container 2015-08-31 14-15-59-91

Grab yer pirate hats, don their eye patches and practice your best pirate snarl.