Help Frankie with an AdventureLand MATH Challenge

“Hi Jumpeez, Frankie here! My friend Pierre has been visiting the mysterious and wonderful regions of AdventureLand on his summer vacation. While he’s been away, I received a surprise letter from him detailing some of the exciting things he has seen on his vacation. Unfortunately, it seems like parts of the letter have disappeared. If you have ever had the chance to explore AdventureLand, you would know that it takes a lot of work to get to this ancient island! From this letter’s long and difficult journey, its contents have been unfortunately washed away.


Thankfully, our most adventurous JumpStart crewmember CJ came to the rescue! With a magnifying glass in one hand and a pen in the other, CJ spent day and night working to unscramble the words in Pierre’s correspondence to me. However, he could still use a bit of help restoring this message. What he needs now is for a sharp Jumpee to use addition and counting.

First, add up the numbers in the missing spaces of the letter. Second, use that number to identify which letters that number correspond to in the alphabet, and place it in the blanks!

Here’s Pierre’s letter to us below:

Hi Frankie,

Wow, Ad(11+11)entureLa(7+7)d sure is a m(1+0)rvelous place! I have seen so man(5+20) intere(15+4)ting things! From lan(2+2)-dwelling P(7+13)nk-Punks to the T(8+7)wn of Lost S(4+4)ores, there are so many things to explore in this (5+5)umpS(10+10)art land! I also got to meet your friend Es(7+6)ere(4+8)da! She helped me get a (4+3)iraf(3+3)e to decorate the town with!

Well, I must be going! I cannot wait to return to JumpStart and tell you more about my travels in AdventureLand!

Best wishes,

Once you have found the missing letters, comment below with the completed letter so I can read what fascinating stories Pierre has to share with me!

Game of the Week: Cowabunga

GoTW-CowabungaIf there’s one thing you should know about the Petz at JumpStart, it is that they are always up to play some challenging learning games! Two of our sociable Pet cows, Freddy and Brody, told Frankie this week that they really wanted some friends to join them in Cowabunga. Cowabunga has been a long-time favorite game for our barnyard pals, and Frankie thought he would make sure to give these Petz their 15 seconds of fame this week. Make sure to pay respects to these cuddly little cows and play our Jumpee Mission at this DownTown Brain Training Arcade game! While you play along with these Petz, you will strengthen your skills in reading AND earn gold coins to spend at the DownTown shops!

Worksheet of the Week: Punctuation in the Lunchroom

punctuation-in-the-lunchroomFrankie can be so sneaky sometimes! Looks like he secretly added a bit of punctuation into your lunch bag. Complete our FREE Worksheet of the Week so that you can get a healthy serving of grammar today. That way, you can get the last laugh in Frankie’s classroom pranks!

Kisha’s Picks: 4 Back-to-School Styles in our August Jumpee Lookbook!

“Hi Jumpeez, it’s Kisha! I’m JumpStart’s go-to fashion consultant, which means I have the scoop on ALL of the latest styles to hit DownTown. As you might know, I keep my ear to the ground on the latest trends traveling across JumpStart each month by spotting some of the excellent outfits put together by you Jumpeez. Since September is fast approaching, and I know a lot of you have already kicked off the school year, I thought I might search for some outfits that were perfect for the classroom. Take a look at my favorite 4 outfits I enjoyed the most below!

The Girls:

August-LookBook-GirlsOn the left: Sydney RainDiamond
Sydney is gearing up for the school year by showing some extra girl power. Her “girls rule” t-shirt tells us she is confident and prepared for whatever scholarly challenges face her. Not to mention, she also knows how to tie a look together. Sydney’s pants perfectly match her cat ears, and those magenta shoes help make her outfit pop just a little bit more.

On the right:
Nicole SpeedyGecko
The school year may have started, but it is still August and the sun is still shining. I appreciate Nicole’s determination to bring her summertime spirit to the classroom. Those bright Threadz are ready for an impromptu beach trip, and helps make sure she stands out among the rest of her peers.

The Boys:

August-LookBook-BoysOn the left: Matt BoomTail

With this warm weather still heating up the grounds of JumpStart, Matt wears his firefighters outfit to make sure we keep cool. Themed get-ups always capture my attention, so Matt’s dedication to this look was much appreciated!

On the right:
Andrew TwinkleRhino

You know what is essential to any functioning classroom? A class clown! Andrew fits that role perfectly. With his jester shirt and cool shades, you know Andrew is determined to get the last laugh in all of your classroom shenanigans. To honor the most delightful asset to any great school year, I just had to award Andrew with my final Jumpee Lookbook award of the month!

With so many different Threadz coming in every month, you can create all sorts of wonderful outfits to compliment your personality. I always have such a hard time picking out winners, because all of you have tons of style! After seeing the looks you pulled off this month, I am already eager to see what you have in store in our next edition! Do not forget to send in a screenshot of your best outfit by commenting below!”

Game of the Week: Foot Frenzy

GoTW-FootFrenzyDeep in the canyons of the Lost Island of Punk Punks, is an ancient city known as Town of Lost Shores. While unknown to many Jumpeez for centuries, this village has been thriving with many different activities to explore! One of the most festive of these is Foot Frenzy. Foot Frenzy is a game passed down by residents of the Town of Lost Shores from generation to generation, where Jumpeez show off their coordination and dance moves. With so many different songs to dance to, you are bound to find the right jam for your own groove. Find your favorite song to dance to in this Game of the Week Mission!

Worksheet of the Week: Reach Me to My Cycle

reach-me-to-my-cycleThis boy’s birthday is coming up and he is SO anxious to see his present. Unfortunately for him, his father has hidden the bike and now he must go through a maze to get his gift! Do you think you can help this boy find his way to his present? Download and print our Worksheet of the Week with your parent’s assistance to get started!

Our August Petz are Ready for Adventure!

Along with our brand new FunZones and Scavenger Hunt, Frankie received a new shipment of Petz that are absolutely adorable. Whether you are exploring your imagination in StoryLand or cooling off by the Beach, these Petz are sure to be an excellent sidekick in your adventures around JumpStart. Here are a few of the latest additions you can purchase at the Petz store:

Optic, the Robotic Cyclops
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.30.45 PM
Optic may only have one eye, but his state-of-the art equipment provides him with sharper vision than most human beings. That means he is the perfect companion for when you are searching JumpStart for Scavenger Hunt items.

Harbor, the Snowy Seal

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.55.26 AM
Harbor might be one of the cuddliest Petz in JumpStart. This snow-white seal loves to spend time with its Jumpee owners and making them feel confident in their missions.
Gallant, the Frog Prince
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.05.28 PM
Gallant is the King of Storytelling. His creativity allows him to bring color to his adventures around JumpStart. We guarantee there will never be a dull moment with Gallant by your side!
Gnodric, the Wizard Gnome
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.59.31 AMDo not underestimate Gnodric just because of his size. This sorcerer has centuries of experience casting Charms throughout Windy Hollows.

Cross-Eyed, the Dizzy Fly
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.28.11 PM 2It might seem silly to purchase a fly as a Pet, and you are absolutely right! Cross-eyed is a pretty silly guy. However, his humorous nature is bound to keep you feeling upbeat and happy all day long.

These five Petz are just a few highlights of 18 wonderful new additions to DownTown! You are also going to want to stop by and give a warm welcome to: Calamaria, the Sweetheart Squid; Spot, the Dotted Turtle; Primus, the Gentleman Unicorn; Eukiah, the Bubbly Blob; Grayson, the Smoky Cat; Buck, the Fearless Bull; Mech, the Metallic Dinosaur; Roughhouse, the Riled-Up Rotweiler; Pink, the Playful Primate; Bullfrog, the Servant Mushroom; Katana, the Agile Ninja; Buttons, the Raggedy Rag Doll; and Clamps, the Adoring Robot!