Explore the Great Outdoors with Frankie’s Camping Checklist

ChecklistFrankie has been giving us super valuable lessons in how to be expert explorers of the wilderness. For our very last day of Frankie’s Camping Adventure, he thought it might be helpful to make you a checklist with all of the helpful advice he gave you. Now you can help your parents prepare for your upcoming family vacation by making sure you have these helpful items! Ask a parent to help print out Frankie’s Checklist and start your family summer expeditions.

Snapshots from Frankie’s AdventureLand Campout

All week long, Frankie has been giving you and your family tips and treasures straight from his camping explorations of the cliffs and rivers of AdventureLand. In case you have never had a chance to tour the shores of AdventureLand, it is an enormous island located in the clear blue waters south of JumpStart. In order to reach it, you even have to hop into a bright yellow submarine and head there with the help of Pierre. Since I am broadcasting from AdventureLand all week, why should I keep all the fun to myself? Let me share with you some of the cool places I have discovered in my time here. Care to join along for the adventure?

Training Island

1When you first arrive to AdventureLand, you step foot on a slightly smaller land called Training Island. Here is where you learn how to become a top Explorer. Frankie will show you the ropes of collecting items, decorating your House, and fighting off grumpy old Punk Punks. Even on this island, I was amazed at just how many cool things I discovered. Check out this fun hang gliding ride I was able to swing across!

Lost Island of Punk Punks

Once you got the hang of the basics, it is time to explore the real depths of AdventureLand. After centuries of being uninhabited, Pierre and CJ discovered a mysterious land known as the Lost Island of Punk Punks. Much of it has yet to be unexplored and it is up to us to discover some of its secrets.

I was amazed how quickly I began finding new treasures. Right from when we set up base camp, I managed to find a special box of gold right behind this enormous tree:

2As I started growing more courageous, I began walking through the valley into the main part of the island. To my surprise, I came across an entire town right beside the Lost Shores!

There were so many different, fun activities to play here. I even got my groove on with a bit of Foot Frenzy!

3While I was getting tired… I knew that there was still much to explore and the excitement kept me going. I climbed to the top of a steep Mountain where I found Hops, of all people waiting for me! He had spent his time on AdventureLand inventing his very own jet pack. Such a sneaky fellow!

4Well, these are just some of the things I have seen during my campout at AdventureLand, but I still have so much more to explore! Make sure to join Pierre and make the trek to AdventureLand this week to celebrate our week of camping!

Sing the JumpStart Campfire Song with Frankie & Friends!

For Day FIVE of Frankie’s Camping Adventure, Frankie and his pals decided to show off their artistic side and sing along to one of their favorite campfire songs. Singing songs at night by the campfire is a really great way to get the whole family to bond together. It also makes those dark nights under the stars a little bit less scary! As you and the family start packing for your upcoming camping adventure of your own, try and learn the words to this campfire song and share this catchy tune with the rest of your family! Budurl.me/JSCampSong

4 Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained while Camping

Heading for a weekend retreat at the campground can be an extremely rewarding experience for your Jumpee. However, the process of preparing your adventures can be a bit time consuming. As a parent, making sure your camping spot is just right and simply flawless takes some hard effort and concentration. Camping with kids can make this slightly difficult, so the best thing to do before you entire the campsite is know what activities you will have to keep them entertained. Thankfully, such a task does not need to be a daunting one. Here are four different ways you can make sure your child has a great camping experience, even during the dullest parts of the trip.


“Westy Options” by Liftarn ©2006. Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

1. Get Involved in the Preparations
Before the kids start embarking on more “exciting” activities, make sure to think about the kinds of tasks that might be appropriate for them to carry out in making sure the setting up of the campsite is finished as quickly as possible. This does not have to be such a serious activity. Like any other chore, give them special rewards and responsibilities to make sure they feel included in the camp process.
2. Explore Nature
Being in the wilderness for the first time might be a little intimidating for your little one. After they finish completing all of their assigned tasks in setting up the campsite, have them get a bit more familiar with their environment. Bring along mini-notebooks so that your children can make scientific observations of what they see! For the younger kids, have them make drawings of the tall trees and chatty birds they might discover. Have the older children test out their vocabulary by making the descriptive sentences.
3. Make Crafts
While your children start to look at some of the plants and animals around your campsite, let them collect some of the leaves and branches they find. These can be used for some impromptu craft activities. Get out a sheet of paper and some crayons and have your children do some leaf rubbings. Afterwards, have them compare and contrast the different types of leaves you uncover and see if you can identify the different types of trees they belong to.
4. Create Snacks
After all of that exploring and crafting, your children are sure to have worked up an appetite. Have them create some easy camping-themed snacks to revive their energy like ants-on-a-log or have them create their own trail mix using some simple math!

With these ideas, it will be SO easy to keep the kids easy to supervise as you and the rest of the adults do the heavy lifting. Do you have any special camping activities that you do with your children? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

Worksheet of the Week: Landform Chart

landform-chartFrom the waterfalls of Punk Punk Valley to the caverns of Training Island, there are so many distinct and wonderful landforms all throughout AdventureLand. Frankie shared some of his favorite discoveries from his Camping Adventure and turned it into a helpful FREE worksheet. Prepare for your next upcoming camping trip by completing Frankie’s Worksheet of the Week so that you can identify some of these unique parts of the Earth while you go for a hike with your family! http://budurl.me/Worksheet126

Get Ready for Frankie’s Camping Adventure

CampingCampaignEvery summer, one of Frankie’s very secret pastimes is to camp along the colorful shores of the river of AdventureLand. Frankie always learns so much on these camping trips, that he thought this year he might share some of the interesting facts he discovers. All week long Frankie has special camping-themed worksheets, activities, and tips. That way, once you embark on a camping adventure of your own, your family will be more than prepared to explore the wonder of the great outdoors! Make sure to pay extra close attention to the blog this week! You do not want to miss out on a single moment from Frankie’s campside explorations.

There are Some Brilliant Outfits in the June Jumpee Lookbook!

“Happy summer vacation, Jumpeez! Kisha here, bringing you some of the most fabulous outfits of the season! With everyone heading to the Tiki Pool to keep cool in these warm summer months, I have noticed a LOT of you wearing some of the latest June fashions from the Threadz shop. Excellent work, everybody! Well, now it is time to reward some of the Jumpeez with the most incredible outfits I have seen this month! A tough decision for me, indeed, but these get-ups showed that “school’s out” spirit that I have come to love around this time of year.

The Girls:

1On the left: Isabella GiantRiver
Wearing a bright red skirt with Hawaiian flowers, Isabella is clearly ready for the summer. The bird she is hanging out with in her photo respects the bright colors she chose in her outfit, as they match its own vivid feathers.

On the right: Alyssa RainbowMeadow
Alyssa has on the perfect outfit for some summertime shenanigans, AND she knows how to color coordinate. The blue dress and shirt really bring out her blue eyes and the pink sandles are an excellent touch to highlight the pink in her shirt’s design. Her pigtails also help keep her hair out of her face as she goes down the twisty slides DownTown!

The Boys:

2On the left: Michael FunnyToe
Michael enjoys shooting hoops at the JumpStart Sports Arena, so it is perfect that he shows off his athletic personality through his Threadz! This basketball uniform allows him to move swiftly across the Basketball court and his shoes make sure his feet never get tired.

On the right: Brock Windhead
Brock earned his name as being one of the finest Jumpeez to ever sail the windy seas of Shipwreck Lagoon. As you can tell from his Threadz, it is a very fitting name. His dedication to the pirate look is much appreciated. I knew almost instantly that his style had to be shared with everyone here!

Are you feeling inspired by any of these Jumpee get-ups? Make sure to head DownTown and pick up some of their June-themed Threadz before we run out of stock! If you are feeling particularly stylish, I would really like to see your attention to fashion. Send along your own outfit by taking a screenshot of your Jumpee and commenting below so you can get featured in the Jumpee Lookbook too! I really hope to see what great ensemble you put together!”