Dive in to New June Adventures in JumpStart

Now that school is out, it is time to celebrate the start of summer with new June updates to JumpStart! The weather is getting hot, which means we have PLENTY of activities for keeping cool and having fun. There is just so much to show you. Let us take a look at the latest Scavenger Hunt and FunZones to appear throughout JumpStart!

1Hopping from land to land sure can get tiring… Why not stop by the Tiki Pool on MainStreet for a bit? The water temperature is just right for an early summer dip. Relax by the poolside and meet some friendly, colorful birds or chat with your fellow Jumpeez over at the tiki hut.

If you are feeling a bit active, use a launch pad to reach our massive slide. Going down this slide is a thrilling adventure that takes you through an ancient volcano filled with glowing lava. Which reminds us, make sure to keep your hands and arms inside the slide at all times…

2Were you excited to hear about the slide on MainStreet? Well, you are in luck! We also have TWO extra slides DownTown. Take the plunge on these yellow and red slides to experience all of the twists and turns they offer.3After all of that swimming and sliding, make sure to put extra focus this month on getting your HIGHEST score at Punk Punk Drop, the Boardwalk’s featured game! Let us get those pesky little guys as far away from the boardwalk as we can!

4Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for all of the useful summertime items hidden around SpeedDrome and MainStreet in this month’s Scavenger Hunt! Those clever Jumpeez that collect everything on our list will receive a secret prize for their hard work!

Frankie and the gang are SO excited to start celebrating the beginning of summer with you! After seeing all of the latest additions to JumpStart, which do you think you will explore first?

Game of the Week: Pearl Push

GoTW-PearlPushMarineLand is well-known for its shimmering pearls and golden clams. Unfortunately, it looks like some Punk-Punks have taken these pearls away from their parent clams. Swim deep down to the clear blue waters of MarineLand and help return these pearls to their families. For being such a great Jumpee, your underwater friends will give you sand dollars as a thank you! http://budurl.me/GoTW8

Worksheet of the Week: Name the Insect

name-the-insectsSpring and summer are the seasons where all of our six-legged friends (and eight for spiders) come crawling out from hiding. If you have this Memorial Day off, go on a family hike and take this worksheet with you to practice sounding out letters and learning about some little critters. To download and print this FREE Worksheet of the Week, just click on the image or the link below! http://budurl.me/Worksheet122

Hops and Frankie Face Off in Basketball

Now that the weather is clearing up, Hops and I thought it could be fun to spend a day at the JS Stadium. There is nothing quite like stepping away from the bustle of DownTown and getting in some healthy exercise and friendly competition. The JS Stadium is filled with different sporting events that you can compete in all while getting some extra practice on your geometry, arithmetic, and spelling.

While you can also play Volleyball and Football, Hops and I are going to stick with playing a heated 1-on-1 match on the Basketball Court. Hops might have the magic jumps to shoot some stellar three-pointers, but I am still confident I will school him today.
1Before we can start shooting hoops, we have to earn our basketballs with a bit of our math smarts. Hops and I agreed to focus on subtraction. What he does not know is that I am a supreme subtract-er! The more answers you can guess correctly, the more balls you will have to shoot!
Ha! I knew it! Well I have 7 more shots than Hops, which will help a LOT as we start shooting. However, it is best not to get too conceited. I need to stay focused on being the best athlete I can. Also make sure to do your stretches just like Hops!

When shooting make sure that you hit the space part to jump in the air, and then hit the space bar again to shoot the basketball. You want to time this correctly so that you will have an accurate shot and score as many hoops as you can. Also, the more shots you make in a row, the higher the value of each of your shots. So if you score 5 basketballs in a row, you will get five points for your next shot.
Well we are down to two more shots and it is neck and neck. Hops has 505 points and so do I… I am going to need some extra luck for this shot!

Oh no! I missed. Well, now I just need to make sure Hops does the same will he make his next two shots?
5He did. Well this is a shame, but here at the JumpStart Stadium Basketball is meant to be all in good fun. Let us all give Hops an extra congratulations on beating me on the court!

Worksheet of the Week: Volleyball

GoTW-VolleyballIt is GAMETIME at JS Stadium. As soon as you step foot through those wide, open doors, you will instantly hear the roar of the crowd cheering you on and confetti flying in the air. With a boost of confidence, why not try taking on the Jumpee Mission in our Game of the Week? Practice your spelling skills and collect as many volleyballs as you can to serve up some serious spikes against the opposing crabs. Once you get the hang of how a round of Volleyball JS-style works, try your best at earning over ten volleyballs in a row! budurl.me/GoTW7

Worksheet of the Week: Confused?

confusedHelp! My dog rearranged the sentences in my homework! Can you work with a parent on unscrambling these sentences so that they make sense? Ask an adult to help you download and print this free worksheet of the week so I can turn my homework in on time! budurl.me/Worksheet121

Find Your Next Style in Our May Jumpee Lookbook

“Kisha, here! Let me tell you. The competition for best dressed in JumpStart is heating up! There are so many great outfits worn by you Jumpeez I had just the hardest time trying to pick my favorite styles. You Jumpeez sure know how to coordinate an outfit! Well, I had to choose four awesome get-ups, and I went with those that really brought out a Jumpee’s personality. Without further ado, here are my favorite styles of the month!

The Girls:

JLOn the left: Laurel FrostWolf
True to her hobbies, casting spells and rocking out, Laurel has a look that says “punk rock charm caster”. The best part is her red sneakers, which really make her sneakers pop!

On the right: Michelle WaterKitty
Michelle is ready for the ball! With her snazzy blue costume and mysterious mask, she is well-dressed for her dance off challenges at Poseidon’s Hangout.

The Boys:

JL2On the left: Wyatt BronzeCheetah
Decked out in his bronze athletic gear, Wyatt truly lives up to his name with this outfit.

When he isn’t sprinting around JumpStart and competing in games at the JS Stadium, he likes to head to FutureLand. Here, he uses his speed and knowledge of history to save the past at the Time Slicer Machine.

On the right: Zach SillyGoat
Zach might be a silly Jumpee, but there is nothing funny about his appreciation for his mother! I cannot help but give a Jumpee some extra fashion points for sharing their Mother’s Day pride, which is why I had to give Zach a spot in our May Lookbook.

If you see these four awesome Jumpeez walking around town, make sure to give them a warm hello! I hope you appreciated these outfits just as much as I did, and I cannot wait to see what all of you have in store for me over the upcoming summer season. Talk to you later!”