Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in JumpStart!

For the entire month of May, Frankie and his friends have transformed JumpStart into a colorful fiesta to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! With all the new additions to your favorite lands, we thought it might be helpful to give you the latest scoop on our May Theme update. Are you ready to see what Frankie has in store for you this month?
1Start your celebrations by heading in to JumpStart now! Our LIMITED-TIME Scavenger Hunt for the Month features some useful instruments for playing mariachi music! Keep an eye out for these rattling maracas!
2Once you are feeling particularly in the Cinco de Mayo spirit, try your luck for special prizes at our DownTown FunZone. These bright and adorable piñatas may or may not be filled with some great goodies! Click on each of these characters once a day for a chance to strike gold!
3In addition to taking part in this Cinco De Mayo extravaganza, also take some time this month to play our featured Boardwalk game: Freefall Mountain! We gave you some tips a couple weeks ago to reach new heights in your scores, so make sure to read up on that before you start sky diving!

With these new May updates, you have so many activities to explore and so many opportunities to earn unique rewards! If you also happen to love Hops and Flops’ Egg-cellent Adventure, not to worry! We are keeping that FunZone up through the month so you can discover the wacky world happening underneath MainStreet. Meet up with your Jumpee pals today and join the giant fiesta of FunZones happening in JumpStart!

Game of the Week: Pierre’s Flute

Have you ever stepped foot into the majestic world of StoryLand? Filled with friendly faces, challenging activities, and FIVE different worlds… There is a lot of exploring to do.

GoTW-PierresFluteNeed help deciding on just what storybook adventure to start first? We recommend cracking open Eleanor’s Day at the Beach. With its clear, blue waters and warm sand, it is a lovely place to walk around! Once you hop in, try playing our GAME OF THE WEEK: Pierre’s Flute. Use Pierre’s magical flute to search the coast for shining gold stars. You will know you are close to striking gold once his flute starts singing its lively tune. Play it today and see if you can use your treasure hunting skills to complete this Jumpee mission! budurl.me/GoTW4

Worksheet of the Week: Rhyming Words

rhyming-words-1Choo-choo! The rhyme train is waiting for you to hop aboard! In order to get this train moving, you have to create some crafty rhymes. Think you have what it takes to power this locomotive? Download this worksheet with the help of an adult and start working on your poetry practice!

Frankie’s Got Some BIG News from Berk!

Jumpeez, have you heard the news? Hiccup and our Viking friends at School of Dragons are about to embark on their coolest update yet… the introduction of their first-ever expansion pack, ICESTORM ISLAND! Get your horned helmet on to unlock the following features, exclusive to Icestorm Island smarturl.it/IcestormJS

  • The Groncicle, a frosty NEW dragon
  • 50 NEW interactive quests
  • 2 NEW farm animals: The Arctic Fox and Puffins
  • 4 NEW crops: the Arctic Willow, the Arctic Poppy, the Bearberry and the Arctic Gentian
  • New characters like the Archaeologist
  • Updated game-play mechanics

Check out April’s Hippest Threadz in Our Jumpee Lookbook

“Kisha here, back from the bottom of the rabbit hole in Hop & Flop’s Egg-cellent Adventure. Phew. The places I will go to find incredible fashion! Thankfully, on my journey through JumpStart, I found SO many stylish outfits put together by you awesome Jumpeez. Going with the month of April, I picked out the best outfits that really celebrated our wonderful springtime weather. With all the mushrooms and flowers sprouting across JumpStart, we chose the Jumpeez that saw this change in seasons as the perfect fashion opportunity. Here are my favorite 4 outfits of the month!

1 2

On our left: Hailey BlackSpider. They say April showers bring May flowers and Hailey is not taking that lightly. In case of any surprise stormy weather, Hailey has on her raincoat and boots so she can still have fun in the rain! The bright colors in her boots keep her outfit vibrant even on the gloomiest day.

On our right: Teresa GoldCheetah. While Hailey makes sure to stay dry, Teresa shows off a more playful look. Her butterfly skirt really speaks to the insects buzzing around our DownTown garden and her bunny ears shows she has a sense of humor in her look. Since April Fool’s Day was just a couple weeks ago, we really appreciate a Jumpee mixing some silliness into their style.
3 4

On our left: Kevin AirRiver. Kevin shows us his game face both on and off the court. With basketball season ending this month, Kevin shows us that he is ready to shoot as many hoops as he can before the playoffs. Catch Kevin at the JumpStart Sports Arena and challenge him to a game of one-on-one. With an athletic outfit like his, you know you will be competing with a true champion.

On our right: Diego SkyCoyote. Diego is a Jumpee that deeply cares about the earth, so our April theme is one of his favorite times in JumpStart. You can always see him tending to the variety of plants that appear throughout MainStreet and DownTown during this month. I really respect his concern for the environment, and that he shows it through fashion! That Earth Day t-shirt is a great way to spread awareness for a great holiday.

That is all for this month’s Jumpee Lookbook! If you want to get featured, send along an image of your Jumpee in their finest Threadz and we will feature you! Since next month is May, think of some great get-ups to match the sunny weather and important holidays of the month. Head DownTown to the Threadz store today and start preparing! We are so excited to see what you put together!”

Game of the Week: Charm Creator

GoTW-CharmCreatorIn the dark corners of JumpStart lies a magical land called Windy Hollows, where Jumpeez are often spotted wearing pointy wizard hats and practicing their magic skills. You can become a spell-casting Jumpee TOO by wandering down the stony streets of Windy Hollows and finding the Charm Creator. The Charm Creator is a tiny little store that features a humongous, ancient book with recipes to turn your friends into wacky creatures. Keep a close eye throughout Windy Hollows and collect the special ingredients, then follow the instructions for a recipe to brew your potions! Finding the necessary ingredients is no easy task… But if you stay focused you will turn your friends into charming frogs in no time! Do you think you can create THREE different potions by the end of the week? Try completing Frankie’s challenge now! budurl.me/GoTW3

Worksheet of the Week: Flowers in the Air

flowers-in-the-airThe air smells so fresh and wonderful when the flowers have started to bloom! Now that all of our plants are growing strong and hardy, we want to know just how many flowers are in our backyard. Can you work on your budding counting skills by helping us find out the number of flowers in each color have bloomed? Download and print this free worksheet and help us see how successful our gardening adventures were this year! budurl.me/Worksheet116