Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day TWO

JS_riddle_day2(1)The second day of Ivy’s Eggling Hunt is here! Since the weather in JumpStart is so great right now, we thought it would be the perfect day for a trip to the breezy Beach! Do not forget to pack your favorite pair of flip-flops from the Threadz store for this search!
Jumpeez that comment below with the correct answer will earn 200 gold coins to spend as they please! Budurl.me/HuntDay2

Strengthen Your Jumpeez Memory with Ladybug Learning

In addition to getting your child better familiar with the classroom setting and interacting with their peers, preschool and kindergarten are important times to begin developing your kid’s memory skills. These tools are so fundamental to the way our Jumpeez will process information as they group up, we really want to take extra time nurturing our children’s memory abilities at this time.

LLOne of the greatest ways to work on developing your child’s short and long-term memory is by playing different sorts of memory-based activities. Matching games where children have to pair together similar objects provide tons of great benefits to different parts of the memory processes. That is why one of our favorite games in JumpStart is Ladybug Learning. In addition to teaching our younger Jumpeez about numbers and letters, it works on improving their short-term memory and brain functionality. Here are just a couple ways that matching games can strengthen your kid’s ability to digest and recall information:

  • Concentration: Successfully completing a matching game not only requires exercising our Jumpeez’ memory, but also their strengthening their concentration skills. It takes our children a lot of effort to go through the objects, process what they mean, and remember them for future pairing attempts.
  • Visual memory: Matching games also make our Jumpeez think about visual information. These activities can help them recognize where different objects are located. Such a skill will be a lifesaver when we need to know where our kids put our phone after playing their favorite apps. What a relief!
  • Understanding new concepts: Using their budding concentration and memory skills, Jumpeez can use matching games to help them better understand unfamiliar concepts. Just like in Ladybug Learning, you can introduce them to things like numbers and letters. These building blocks of words and math might look scary and difficult to understand, but your Jumpee will get more comfortable with them as they use their memory skills to play the game!
  • Organization: An added bonus to all the memory benefits your Jumpee gains from matching games, they will also have stronger organization skills as well. By pairing similar items together, your Jumpee learns how to sort things. After working with your child on a matching game, gather a bunch of their toys and help them sort the objects into certain categories for some extra practice!

Matching games are a great way to improve your child’s memory abilities and, not to mention, they are incredibly entertaining. Your kid will be hooked trying to find the matching ladybugs in this learning game. Guide your growing Jumpee over to our Learning Center in the DownTown area of JumpStart to start playing Ladybug Learning today!

Ivy’s Eggling Hunt: Day ONE


Ivy just loves the spring season! It is hard NOT to enjoy this time of year with all of the baby Mythies happily playing in the Enchanted Sanctuary. Since Ivy is in such great spirits, she decided to give out some gifts to you Jumpeez! However, She is making you work for it. Ivy created five riddles describing different items in JumpStart and you have to find out just what object she is talking about! For today’s riddle, Ivy has a 200 gold coin prize for the Jumpeez that know which Enchanted Sanctuary item this is… Head in to JumpStart now and start searching! Budurl.me/HuntDay1

Worksheet of the Week: Words in Spring


Spring is officially here, which means we need new words to describe the wonderful weather! That is why we created this word search so you could add some vibrant vocab to all your outdoor adventures for the season. Ask your parents to help download and print this free worksheet by clicking on the image!

Our Spring Petz are Hopping with Excitement

The weather is warming up in JumpStart, which means our springtime Petz are coming out of hibernation! These little creatures just hatched and they are all craving for some Jumpee attention. To keep up with all your springtime celebrations, the Petz store is well stocked with some energetic bunnies and eggs, among so many other sweet little friends.

Jump, the Bodyguard Bunny

1Jump may be little, but he is a protector. If you ever feel like you need a friend in some of the darker parts of JumpStart, Jump stay right next to you and keep you safe! Continue reading

Our Spring Theme is in Full Bloom!

March might be reaching an end, but all that is green and golden in JumpStart is now blooming radiantly! The weather on MainStreet can only mean one thing, the eggs have been hidden for you Jumpeez to find! Check out some of the new spring additions that have hatched this month in JumpStart!


First, there is the famous Hops & Flops’ Egg-cellent Adventure! Follow the dirt path to our MainStreet FunZone where you jump into the mysterious rabbit hole and taken on a path of enchantment and thrills!2

Once you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, Hops will greet you with a warm welcome to his special and extraordinary home. It is filled with tons of quirky characters, including this little friend:3

While you’re down here, make sure to take on Hops’ rare adventure and find all of the shimmering sparkles for a chance to uncover an egg-cellent surprise!


It looks like some mushrooms sprouted throughout our Boardwalk FunZone and helped us build this awesome playground! Splash around in our teapot fountain, bounce on top of mushrooms, and head down the slide to enjoy it all!5

Lastly, we have a brand new Scavenger Hunt this month! Some of the brightest eggs have been hidden all throughout MainStreet, DownTown,and SpeedDrome. Explore all the nooks and crannies in these lands to see if you are able to find the hidden eggs! Don’t forget, if you find all of the eggs, you will earn a special springtime surprise!

Take advantage of the latest additions to JumpStart and reap all of the rewards it has to offer!

Worksheet of the Week: Seedy Patterns

seedy-patternsAt JumpStart, we are VERY particular about the way we arrange our fruits. By looking at the ways we have already organized each fruit, can you predict how many seeds the next fruit in the series will have? Practice your ability to recognize special patterns in nature by asking your parents to help you download and print this free worksheet! budurl.me/Worksheet112