Planning Family Activities for Fall

Fall is usually the time of year where the weather begins to cool, and for many families it often means spending more time together – indoors or participating in a few fun seasonal traditions as holidays approach. What do you and your kids look forward to most when planning for fall? As the leaves just begin to turn, remember that it is never too late to start a few family festivities of your own! From pumpkin patch visits to baking fall flavored recipes at home, here is how you might get started.

Photo by: Jeff Kubina, ©2007 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License.

While some of these activities for fall might be tried, true, popular among kids and adults don’t forget to ask you family about what interests them most. Have them do some research into options around your city to make sure that they will be able to look back on the fall season with all kinds of fond memories. If you don’t know where to start, offer up a few of these suggestions –

Apple Picking: While this might be limited depending on your locale, visiting a local orchard with the family can be quite the fall adventure. Best of all it can be a meaningful way to teach kids about agriculture and plant cycles. In the fall, many orchards become open to the public for fall fairs and events that involve not only picking apples but also bobbing for them or partaking in apple rich recipes like pie, ice cream, butters, and more!

Pumpkin Carving: Around this time of year, your home might need a little bit of seasonal sprucing. Get the kids involved by planning a family trip to the locale pumpkin patch. Having a few gourds around can be the perfect way to warm up the look of your home and ultimately spread some festive feelings. Once the kids have their pumpkin picked out, plan a night of decorating to carving to have them add their unique twist to your home!

Cooking up Fall Flavors: For many kids and adults, fall has a particular way of bringing out flavors that are unique to the season! From pumpkin  and apple to spiced sweets and the like, there are a number of ways of adding these things to your home cooked meals. When preparing meals or looking up recipes, start planning for a few festive ways of incorporating seasonal recipes into your family’s routine! You can even have the kids help out in the kitchen by challenging them to employ their math skills in measuring out ingredients or increasing / decreasing the recipe yield.

Fall Family Photos: When the fall and winter seasons come along, so do the holidays! Take some time to plan a family portrait session and to send out a few fall cards to your friends and family. Making this an annual tradition can be a great means of keep your loved ones up to date on how your family it doing and just how quickly the kids might be growing.

Have you tried any of these fall favorite with your family? Let us know and share some of your tried and true traditions below!

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