The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

It’s Tuesday, which means that we’ve got another set of Shouts Outs to share from Jumpeez just like you! Frankie’s been reading through all of your submission and we’ve got a small sample of what all of your Jumpee pals are talking about. Check it out and let us know if you made this week’s fun fan feature!


Awesome newspaper!!!!!!
– Molly IceDaisy

Thank you for your feedback Molly IceDaisy! Our JumpStart team
works hard to bring you the latest in JumpStart Timez. I’m glad you enjoy
it just as much as we do.
– Frankie

My favorite places in Jumpstart is Storyland and Adventureland.
-Elizabeth FlameFalcon

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your favorite places in JumpStart
Elizabeth FlameFalcon! It’s always great to hear where fellow
Jumpeez love to hangout!
– Frankie

I got this nice shirt and nice skirt at the clothes store. I love
that place I go there everyday.
-Lily ShinyGem

Threadz is always a great place to visit. Glad to hear you are going
there everyday and finding clothes that fit your own unique style!
– Frankie

I love going to the Enchanted Sanctuary so I can feed and look after my mythies.
– Sofia LuckyGlacier

Thank you for taking such great care of your Mythies Sofia LuckyGlacier!
I’m sure your Mythies love spending time with you and enjoy your visits
to the Enchanted Sanctuary just as much.
– Frankie

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