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The Countdown to Summer!

While Memorial Day officially commemorates those military men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country, it has over the years also evolved into the unofficial start of summer. As families celebrate by gathering with friends over backyard BBQs, parades, beach days, festivals, and increasingly warm weather, there’s no better time than now to start planning for the upcoming season and how you plan on keeping the little ones active and having fun. With summer just around the corner, what activities do you have in mind for the family and more particularly your kids? Here are a few popular suggestions to give you a jumpstart in the right direction!

Summer Camp: A tried and true summer traditions and childhood pastimes, kids summer camps come in all kinds of styles. Day camps and sleep away ones to sports focused or academic camps, programs can vary depending on your kid’s interests. Do some research on realistic options, keeping in mind location, budget, and your child’s interest in having that camp tradition!

Outdoor Water Activities: if you’re planning on staying close to home this summer, don’t fret. There’s a number of ways for you to keep the kids entertained while still beating the heat. Simple water activities are no only budget friendly, the can be structured for learning and physical activity as well. For popular at home water activities to maximize fun and celebrate summer, join us at our official Pinterest.

Summer play dates / field trips: the kids don’t need to go the whole summer without seeing their pals from school. Get together with some of the other moms from your kid’s class and schedule fun field trips of local outings and activities that everyone can enjoy. From museums to outdoor events or fairs, summer is the time to really take the lead on exploring your city and learning in exciting and interactive ways.

Summer Reading: In the age of digital media, where kids seem almost always ‘plugged in’ to computers, TVs, or mobile gaming and readers, summer can be the best time to reintroduce them to the simpler things in life like visiting the local library. Whether they are assigned one from school or you draft one up on your own, summer reading lists assure that the kids are actively engaged in getting a jump start in their education.

These are just a handful of options for your kids to enjoy this summer! Get creative and put your unique spin on these activities or start planning for other great adventures like a family vacation or outdoor scavenger hunt.

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week


Planning a Outdoor Treasure Hunt

Temperatures are rising and soon most kids will be heading home for the start their summer vacation. Combat boredom and take advantage of the sunny seasonal weather by planning a few outdoor activities for your little ones. Coordinating a neighborhood treasure or scavenger hunt will not only help keep them active, but it can be an exciting learning experience that encourages exploration and test your little one’s problem solving skills. Use these tips to set you kids on a journey through your local community!

Photo by Edenpictures

1. Create a map of the neighborhood – Print a map of the neighborhood or your designated hunt area as a simple starting point. Use this as a guide and get creative with how you choose to display neighborhood landmarks and all the information necessary to guide the kids through the area. Ideally, you’ll want to create an easy-to-read treasure map that will make the adventure seen that much more exciting, and if it were out of the pages of a storybook.

2. Plan clues and designate points along the route that the kids need to reach. This also creates smaller goals along the way to entice participants to keep going. Select locations to hide scavenger hunt items or use clues to describe local landmarks to visit along the way. If you want to skip the step of planting clues and objects on your kids’ route, then you might have the kids take photos by each of the items described in your clues or marked on your map.

3. Before you and the kids set out on this adventure, scope out the area to make sure its safe, well lit and that there are no major obstacles that might prevent your kids from progressing forward. You might even do a quick test run to assure that the kids can complete the hunt and have any necessary supplies like water or a snack.

4. Create ‘adventurer packs’ or treasure hunt treats to add to the overall experience, These just for fun packs can have toy binoculars, telescopes, and other tools and treats to help make the experience feel that much more real to your kids.

5. Pick your treasure! What is something that you kids have wanted for awhile and that they can’t seem to stop talking about? Designating a treasure that is worthwhile and that excites them. This will help keep the tips focused on an ultimate goal, especially in those moments where they might want to give up or appear to be losing interest in the task at hand.

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JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Birds of America – Printable Writing Worksheet for Kids

Fun in the Sun: Water Activities for Kids

As Mother Nature turns up the heat and the kids are on the verge of kicking off summer vacation, why not get ahead of the game and start planning for how you plan on keeping them engaged with new activities? Beat the heat with a few tried and true water activities that will keep the kids laughing, having fun, and even learning! From water balloons to sponge soaking games and all kinds of serious splashing, these popular water activities for kids are easy for at home assembly with both little ones and adults.


Follow us on Pinterest for a whole slew of exciting water activities that you can do at home like this quick and easy outdoor water based craft for a  non-toxic, spray paint that kids can use while playing outside.

Sidewalk chalk paint: –

1 tablespoon of flour
10 drops of food coloring
½ cup of warm water


– Prepare a set of empty plastic spray bottles.
– Mix materials together, assigning a separate bottle for each color paint that you want to create.
– Spray on ground to create washable, water based spray paint for kids to use outdoors.

Do you have any unique water activities that you enjoy in the summer and spring? Share your ideas now!