JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Frankie is back for another edition of our weekly Jumpee Shoutouts from the JumpStart Times! Are you ready to see if you or any of your pals made this week’s fun fan feature, right here on the blog? While submissions are up for all to see in-game through J-Tube, only a few Jumpeez each week are able to get a response from our top dog, Frankie when it comes to their super cool shout outs. Check out this week’s lucky few!

Tell your friends about Jumpstart
it is awesome!!!!!
-Teresa SparklePuppy

Thanks for inviting your fellow Jumpeez to tell their friends
about JumpStart! It is great to see friends join and
explore the many worlds and adventures in our online game!
– Frankie

I love JUMPSTART because it has learning games to help with your school
work and help you whenever.
-Erin FairyTail

There is so much fun to be had in JumpStart! We love hearing that you’re
enjoying the way that we make learning fun!
– Frankie

I want a shout out to Frankie because I got to do some fun stuff around
JumpStart so thank you!
-Brian HappyFace

Thank you for the shout out, Brian HappyFace! We’re glad that
you are having a fun time. Your love of the game means a lot to
the JumpStart Friends and I.
– Frankie

I love Windy Hollows. You should go to Windy
Hollows today!
-Isabella SwiftJewel

I am happy to hear that you are having so much fun in Windy
Hollows, Isabella SwiftJewel! There are so many activities you can do
with fellow Jumpeez including the Windy Hollows Broom Ball Match!
– Frankie

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