Educational Resources and Worksheets

Supplemental learning resources are essential to keeping your kids on track when it comes to their education. From free printable worksheets to lesson plans and everything in between, parents and educators have a world of learning available to them online at Convenient, fun and engaging to a large range of early learning levels math, science, English, and history are just a few of the topics that you can use to navigate the endless amount of resources on our site.


Math: Taking on new topics in math is all about having a strong foundation in the basics and building upon each new learned concept. Treat each new lesson or concept that your kids will learn in school as another stepping-stone to more complex lessons in higher learning. To assure that your child never falls too far behind by helping them get in some regular practice with JumpStart’s free printable math worksheets for young learners as young as preschool levels through 5th grade students. From word problems to basic geometry, where do your kids need the most help when it comes to their math lessons?life-clycle-of-a-plant

Science: At its root, science helps explain occurrences in nature, which can be quite comforting to a young child. JumpStart provides a number of exciting science based activities for you to prepare your kids for more complex topics they might cover as they progress in school. Expose them to the power of science early on in life and you might end up with a little Einstein of your own.

History: There is no doubt that there is something valuable to be learned from looking to past generations, times, and cultures. This fact is what makes history or social studies such an important topic for kids to cover in school. Help your kids explore the evolution of our country and global community by turning to interactive study guides like JumpStart’s free printable worksheets, which are designed to make history approachable and most of all fun!

English: English is a fundamental subject that includes concepts that help children develop language skills in reading and writing. Giving your child a solid background in the basics like vocabulary and grammar  will only benefit them as they take on new challenges in school and develop their unique style of writing or creative voice whether it be for school projects, business, or recreation.

Holiday: Education should not be limited to traditional subjects. Don’t forget to make your kids learning experience more engaging by inserting festive holiday celebrations that they can relate to in there day-to-day. From St. Patrick’s Day to New Years Printable worksheets can help give these days special meaning. Not to mention having a few extra activities on hand while the kids might be out of school can be something any parent can appreciate.

Explore all your options for learning at JumpStart. Between the available lesson plans, and worksheets organized by grade and subject, new content is constantly making its way to our site. And, if you’re looking for something in particular, but can’t seem to find it, just let us know! Keeping parents and educators equipped with the tools to develop a love for learning among kids has always been one of our top priorities.

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