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Edison’s Spotlight on Nouns - Free English Worksheet for 2nd Grade

Dinosaur Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are an easy and inexpensive means of keeping your kids engaged in learning the fun way. Use the exciting activity to start teaching your little ones about the prehistoric age by having them craft some adorable creatures of their own with our exciting dinosaur paper plate craft. Best of all, you can find most of the materials needed to complete this DIY project from around your home or from the kids’ supply to arts and crafts tools.


Stop by our official Pinterest page for more dinosaur paper craft ideas!

Materials –
• Paper plates
• Construction or craft paper
• Scissors and a hole punch
• Paper fasteners
• An array of decorative craft supplies for decorating – googly eyes, markers, colored pencils, crayons, foam shapes, paints and brushes, glitter, glue, etc.

Instructions –
• Fold the paper plate in half to act as the body of your dinosaur.
• Punch holes in the folded plate to fasten your dinosaurs ‘head, legs, tail and arms that you can fashion out of construction paper of cut up foam pieces.
• Fasten the limbs and attachments using the paper fasteners to completely form the dinosaur’s shape.
• Decorate your dinosaur using your drafting supplies to create fun patterns and a unique look.

Reach for the Stars!

Jumpeez everywhere are reaching for new heights everyday by leveling up their JumpStar level! How are they leveling up so quickly? These Jumpeez are earning JumpStars and unlocking achievements just by playing the game. Here is how you can start leveling up in JumpStart.


Jumpeez can earn JumpStars by completing missions or adventures they tackle around the game. The more JumpStars you earn, means that you will be closer to leveling up to the next level for your chance to enjoy all of the perks that come with being a rising star. This includes seeing yourself featured in JumpStart’s All Time Hall of Fame!


Unlocking Achievements that can be viewed under the Achievements tab on your About Me page, will help you earn more JumpStars! Some of these Achievements can be earned just by turning your brain power into spending power! When you earn coins from playing fun learning games, you can use those coins to purchase new Threadz, Ridez, or even Petz in JS DownTown.


There are also lots of new and exciting items that can be unlocked as you rise through the ranks. Like new Threadz for your Jumpee or even new Ridez to enjoy and so much more! Reach for the stars to experience the game like you have never before! Are you Jumpeez up for the challenge? Become a rising star today and you just might make it into JumpStart’s Hall of Fame!


The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Tuesday’s shout outs are a blog tradition that features fans just like you! Keep submitting your content to Frankie and the JumpStart Times’ News Team for a chance to see your comment here, on the blog. Ready to hear what your fellow Jumpeez are talking about? Read on!


-Sofia Swan

Whoa! Now that’s the way to get heard and reach out to all your
Jumpee pals, Sofia Swan. See you around JumpStart!
– Frankie

-Isabella SilverSwan

What an amazing achievement for any Jumpee! You must have some
amazing tales to tell about your JumpStart adventures, Isabella SilverSwan!
– Frankie

-Jasmine ShinyKitty

The JumpStart friends and I do too, Jasmine ShinyKitty! We’re
glad to have you as a fan.
– Frankie

Lily is the coolest Jumpee ever!
-Lily RedJewel

Thanks for introducing yourself to all the amazing Jumpeez in
our online world, Lily Red Jewel! Keep up all the great
work around JumpStart.
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Count n’ Match

Wheelbarrow Gardens for Spring

With warmer temperatures and more sunlight during the day, it is pretty likely that your family will jump on the chance to spend more time outdoors as we head into spring. After all, kids tend to naturally gravitate toward activities that involve them getting their hands dirty! So why not plan a special gardening activity to share this season? Simple projects like wheelbarrow gardens are a great way for everyone in your family to learn more about science, the earth, and responsibility.

Photo by Michael Coghlan

Wheelbarrow gardens are perfect for many reasons! They save space and are mobile to take advantage of the great sunlight that travels around your garden. They are easy to maintain and a great alternative for that rusty wheelbarrow turned upside down in your yard.

What you will need:

1. A metal wheelbarrow
2. A drill with 3/4″ bit
3. Weed control fabric or newspaper
4. Fine gravel
5. Garden soil to fill the size of the wheelbarrow
6. 4 to 8 plants of your choice or seeds


  • First, you will want to schedule a trip with your kids to your local home and garden store. Decide on whether you would like a spring garden with flowers that are in season or a handy herb garden that will allow you to harvest right from your backyard. Select seedlings instead of planting seeds for more immediate results.
  • After you’ve chosen your plants, you and your kids will prepare the wheelbarrow for gardening. Have them help you disinfect the inside of the wheelbarrow bed with garden disinfectant to get rid of any unwanted pests or diseases that can spread and harm your plants.
  • Depending on how large your wheelbarrow is, drill 4 to 8 3/4″ holes into the bed of your wheelbarrow. These holes will allow some of the water to drain out of your mobile garden.
  • Help your kids spread out a layer of weed control fabric or newspaper for your base, and then add a thin layer of fine gravel.
  • Let your kids add the soil to the wheelbarrow. But, be sure not to overfill it as you will be adding your plants to it as well.
  • Decide on how you want to layout your plants, and with a shovel prep the areas you want to add your plants to.
  •  Once you have placed your plants, set the wheel barrow in a sunny area and water it regularly, so that it gets all it needs to grow and survive.
  • Create a family schedule to help create routine for your kids and assure that your mobile garden is regularly cared for. If you decided to plant herbs or any type of edible produce you can also schedule growth checks or harvesting times for your little ones. Try it out!

The KidzVuz Tournament is On!

Frankie is excited to see all of the videos that kids from all over JumpStart have created for our KidzVuz Tournament! Has your Jumpee submitted their video yet? Do not worry, there is still plenty of time for your kids to join in on this exciting interactive challenge! With the KidzVuz Booth in JumpStart’s Central Park, creating and submitting videos to J-Tube for your Jumpee has never been this easy! Did we mention there is an awesome prize for the winner of this challenge? The creator of the video with the most views by Thursday April 3rd, will win a FREE 1 month membership to JumpStart! Have your kids submit a video to enter today!