4th Grade: Tips and Resources for Parents

4th Grade is a milestone year when it comes to your kids’ early education. You will find that they will be taking on more complex topics in school whether it is for Math, English, Social Studies, Science and the Arts. While there are many resources already available to parents at JumpStart.com to help them prepare for this learning level, here is a little more insight to what you and your 4th grader can expect during this crucial school year.

PHOTO BY: audio-luci-store.it

To preview what is expected of a 4th grade learning level, here’s is a general overview of what your child’s school curriculum might look like. Review some of these topics yourself to be better equipped to help them with their studies –

Number Theory and Systems, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals, Money, Patterns, Algebra, Properties of Shapes, Coordinate Geometry, Transformations and Symmetry, Time, Customary System, Metric System, Display and Interpret Data, and Problem Solving

Social Studies
Ancient Civilization, Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas, U. S. Revolutionary Period, Geography, United States Civics, Economics, Current Events

Scientific Investigation, Changes in Matter and Energy, Sound, Solar System and the Universe, Living Things

For more information and tips , stop by JumpStart.com for 4th Grade Curriculum resources.

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