JS Stadium Challenge this Sunday!

Don’t forget that there is time to keep training for this weekend’s BIG GAME! No, we aren’t talking about the Super Bowl, although you won’t want to miss that game either. We’re talking about JumpStart 1-DAY ONLY Tournament at JS Stadium!

Join us on Sunday, when Jumpeez from all over the JumpStart World will be actively competing to win our ALL-NEW tournament Trophy to add to their Room. All you need to do to win is be one of the 50 Jumpeez with the top combined scores in our Football, Basketball, and Volleyball games at the Sport Arena in DownTown! You’ll need to sharpen your Math and English skills to stay on top of your game, so start preparing for the JS Stadium Challenge, now!

Even more to LOVE in JumpStart!

Frankie and friends are kicking off a new season in JumpStart! Have you seen all the new decorations? From hearts and gift bags to teddy bears and other heart shaped treats, are you able to piece together the clues for what we’re celebrating? We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day, so start exploring! Not sure where to start? Besides the regular updates to Petz and Threadz, you can preview all of your fun and festive options, here:

chrome 2014-01-30 09-13-12-45

Over in both the Central Park and DownTown FunZone areas, Jumpeez can find the popular Heart Lane water ride, which invites you down a heart shaped tunnel while sailing aboard a swan. You’ll pass by beautiful scenes of flowers, candy hearts, waterfalls, and all kinds of other Valentine’s Day themed fun.

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Then search high and low through Poseidon’s HangOut, MainStreet, the Beach and DownTown because there are a few sweet treats waiting to be picked up in this season’s new scavenger hunt. Collect all the hidden candy hearts for a special prize of your very own!

Click here to see what else is here!

Jumpee Tournament: JumpStart Stadium Challenge

Is your family gearing up for this weekend’s BIG game? If you didn’t already know, this Sunday just so happens to be Super Bowl XLVIII! And Frankie is giving you the chance to compete in a challenge of your very own in DownTown’s JS Sports Arena! For one day only, you’ll be invited to put your English and Math skills to the ultimate test by competing to post the highest scores in our sport themed learning games!


Throughout the day, we will be keeping track of all the points earned by Jumpeez in Football, Basketball, and Volleyball. The 50 players that accumulate the most points by the end of the day will be awarded a never-before-seen Trophy designed specifically for this first ever Super Bowl Tournament!JSSportsArena

Don’t forget to log-in to JumpStart this weekend for Super Bowl Sunday and take the time to join in this limited time sports tournament! The top 50 winners will have a Trophy to show off in your Neighborhood House. Are you ready to tackle through some good ole’ fashioned fun and competition?

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Happy Tuesday, Jumpeez! Are you ready for this week’s set of Jumpee Shout Outs? Frankie’s been super busy getting through all the amazing submissions that you’ve all been sending in. In fact, he and the team have been really impressed by all of the jokes, questions, stories, art, and shout outs that have been submitted through J-Tube and the JumpStart Times! Here are some quick highlights of what some of your Jumpee pals have been talking about!


Hi, world! I am Rachel and I am always on a move in JS.
You should check out MainStreet. It’s an awesome place!
– Jasmine SweetDolphin

You sound like quite the explorer, Jasmine SweetDolphin!
Thanks for pointing your fellow Jumpeez to this
exciting area of JumpStart World.
– Frankie

Frankie has been so supportive of me. He has guided
me through JumpStart, so if you ever get stuck ask him!
– Gabriella TwinklePuppy

I love helping out my Jumpee pals, Gabriella TwinklePuppy.
Thanks for the special shout out and I hope to see you
around sometime soon!
– Frankie

Mythies are so awesome especially when they learn how to fly!
– Julia BreezeDaisy

I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying this fun and fantastic
Enchanted Sanctuary feature, Julia BreezeDaisy!
– Frankie

When go to Italy, I stop by the train station. I love trains!
– Shwetha SparkleTsunami

The train at the Central Park Zoo provides some amazing
views of the Zoosters’ European Habitat, Shwetha SparkleTsunami!
I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying  the ride.
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Rhyming Words – Tree

Popular Game Day Foods for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday offers you the opportunity to host a memorable Game Day party with your closest friends and family. Start planning ahead with a few festive finger foods to build a Game Day spread that any football fan would be happy to tackle through! Some of these crowd pleasing and satisfying Game Day treats are perfect for beginning a Super Bowl tradition of your own.

Photo By: Triple Tri

Mini Slider Sandwiches: These mini sandwiches are perfect for sharing among groups of guests or trying out a variety of recipes. Popular choices for sliders can include BBQ pulled pork and beef of turkey burgers.

Pigs in a Blanket: Dress up your classic mini cocktail sausage by wrapping it in flaky pastry dough. A popular alternative to a full sized hotdog, this delicious treat can be served with a selection of unique sauces or toppings.

Dips, chips and Veggies: A classic combo that allows for much versatility. From salsa and tortilla chips to hummus and pretzels, dips allow you to get creative and find the perfect pairs for your taste. Other popular options include spinach artichoke dip, onion dip, cheese dips, or even 7 layer dip.

Jalapeño Poppers: Improve upon this frozen food aisle staple, by stuffing your peppers with your favorite cheeses. Simple cut the jalapeños in half, fill them with a mixture of your choosing and bake them until the cheese is melted and slightly crispy.

Chicken Wings: The beauty of this classic crowd pleaser is that it can be cooked in all kinds of sauces and in all kinds of ways. Fry them, grill them, or spice them up with a blend of spices, wings are a light yet flavorful snack for during the game.

Meat or Veggie Skewers: If people are walking around during the party and socializing, it is helpful to approach your serving styles in a unique way. Make traditional foods mobile by grilling them on skewers and serving them with tantalizing dipping sauces.

While these are just a few ways for you to start planning your Game Day party spread, remember to make this tradition a memorable one for you and your kids. Take this opportunity to invite them into the kitchen or teach them more about the game. In the end, this major sporting event is all about bringing together fans for some good ole’ fashion fun and competition!

Prepare for a New Adventure!

Frankie and friends have been huddled up and hard at work, planning for a special in-world event to test your skills in some of our interactive learning games. Check back with us on Tuesday and learn how your Jumpeez can get involved!