Happy Halloween, Jumpeez!

The day has finally arrived and we’d like to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween! Be sure to get your Jumpee dressed up for some ghoulish games and all kinds of spooky surprises. Before the season comes to an official close, don’t forget to check out JumpStart’s Halloween tips, here on the blog, or all of our festive features in the game.

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From themed games for the family and trick or treating safety tips to craft ideas and other terrific traditions, your Halloween evening is bound to magical and most of all memorable! How will you be celebrating with your friends and family, today?

Don’t forget to take some time to celebrate with your Jumpstart pals by spinning through the frighteningly festive FunZones, scrambling for you last few Scavenger Hunt items or picking up some of the hauntingly Halloween themed Petz and Ridez before they leave the shelves of our DownTown Stores!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

The Shout Outs just keep rolling in! As our terrific Tuesday tradition dictates, Frankie has gone ahead and chosen a few Jumpeez to feature, right here, on the blog. Keep submitting your jokes, stories, questions, art, and shout outs for a chance to see your comments published for all to see!


Go to StoryLand to get more clothing and
earn coins from a lot of games then you can go to the shop.
– Emily SkyJewel

StoryLand is a magical place of learning where
Jumpeez can earn all kinds of great items,
including storybooks. Thanks for checking it out and
telling your pals about it, Emily SkyJewel!
– Frankie

New rides are open in the Ridez Garage.
New items are in Petz.
– Lauren IceSwan

Our DownTown Stores are regularly being
restocked with fun new items, Lauren IceSwan.
We really appreciate that you’re helping get the
word out on these limited time offers!

Oh my gosh, my Mythie is sleeping.
It’s so cute. I named her Buttercup.
– Austin SweetShark

It takes a responsible and dedicated Jumpee
to raise a Mythie, Austin SweetShark.
Great job and keep up the good work!
– Frankie

Thank you, Frankie, for answering my question!
– Rebecca WhiteSwan

At JumpStart, we’re all about helping our
fellow Jumpeez, Rebecca WhiteSwan! Keep submitting any
questions that you might have about
the game and we’ll be sure to help.
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Halloween Games for the Family

For many families with young children, it is common for trick or treating to start while there is still some sunlight out and end a bit earlier in the evening. But just because your family plans on heading home or perhaps to a local gathering with friends, this does not mean that all of the festive fun needs to stop. During this time of year, it is always safe for parents to be ready with a few Halloween games or activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged. Learn about some of our favorite quick and easy games, today!

Halloween Party Game

Photo By: Kid’s Birthday Parties

Candy Jar Estimate – Pour a bag of small candy pieces like jellybeans, gummy worms, or chocolates into jars of various sizes. Have the kids try and guess how many Halloween candy pieces are enclosed in the jars by simply looking at them. Make it a competition amongst family and friends by designating a prize to the person who submits the correct answer.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt – Purchase a plastic skeleton or create a paper one that could easily be broken apart. Hide “bones” and create fun clues that friends and family will need to decipher or solve. Once each bone is found, have the group reassemble the skeleton as a fun puzzle activity that is both interactive and educational. The team or group of players that return with a fully assembled skeleton wins!

Mummy Wrap – Break your group of players up into small teams. Then, give friends and family members the challenge of wrapping up team members in crepe paper or streamers to mimic the look of a menacing yet festively fun mummy. Those that can come up with the most popular look in the fastest amount of time will ultimately win the game.

Bobbing for Apples – Apples are a quintessential symbol of fall, making bobbing for apples a long held tradition for both kids and adults during this festive time of year. For some friendly competition amongst friends and family, simply fill a large trough like container of water and throw in some apples to bob along the surface. Have a prize ready for whoever can fish out the most apples, using just their mouths.

Pumpkin Balloon Darts – Grab a spare cork or pin board and a bag of small orange balloons. Blow up the balloons and decorate them to look as if they were jack o’ lanterns. Affix the balloons to the board and allow the kids to use child friendly darts to try and pop the balloons. Be ready with a fun prize for the player that is able to pop the most balloons!

The Quizinator: How to Earn an Ant Ride!

When it comes to winning BIG in JumpStart, learning games are always the way to go. And, that rule isn’t limited to coins alone. Over in ScienceLand, players are able to earn their very own Ant ride for earning 10,000 point from the Quizinator in Amazing ScienceLand!

There are 3 levels of trivia, covering topics such as the Human Body, Geology, Botany, the Solar System, and Chemistry to name a few. If you have the gaming skill and science knowledge to beat the clock through each round, you’ll have what it takes to earn a prestigious Ant ride that will let everyone in JumpStart know about your BIG achievement!

Check it out or let us know about your experience with the Quizinator and if you’ve earned your amazing ant!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

It sounds like a few of our Jumpeez have a certain fall holiday on their minds, these days! Can you guess what topics had been most popular among submissions lately? Halloween! After all it’s just a little over a week away. Frankie selected a few of his favorite to share with your today! And, if you didn’t make this week’s fun fan feature, don’t fret! Shout Outs occur every Tuesday, here on the blog!


If you see Abby SkyLegs she will help you.
-Abby SkyLegs

Thanks for offering up your help around the game
and for being such a caring Jumpee, Abby SkyLegs!
– Frankie

Check out the Haunted House in DownTown!
– Maria SkyBolt

Walking into this spooky space is a daring
feat, Maria SkyBolt! We’re glad you had
a frighteningly fun time checking it out.
– Frankie

I got a new ride from doing my tasks in the Penguins’ HQ
– Zoe ZanyZoober

It takes a ton of skill to complete the covert missions
in Penguins HQ, Zoe ZanyZoober.
Great job and congratulations on your new ride!
– Frankie

Halloween has come at last! I am so excited to trick
or treat. I am going to be Hermione Granger.
Okay, goodbye for now!
– Elizabeth BlueSnake

We hope you have a ton of fun this Halloween,
Elizabeth BlueSnake! And, don’t forget that you can show
off your magical skills in JumpStart by visiting
Windy Hollows’ Charms building.
– Frankie

Halloween Safety Tips

A child’s priorities on Halloween can differ greatly from that of their parents. For kids, Halloween night is an exciting time where kids are able to trick or treat through their neighborhoods or enjoy fun-filled holiday parties with their family and friends. However, this fall holiday is not all just fun and games. Keep these tips in mind, before your family takes to the streets this Halloween, to help assure that your night of trick or treating and celebration does not end with any unexpected or unwanted surprises.

PHOTO BY: Steven Depolo


Parents can always benefit from a little preparation ahead of time to help them stay in control of any situation during this, at times, chaotic time of year.

  1. Pack a bag – With all the foot traffic on the street, sometimes small spills are unstoppable. Be sure to carry a small first aid kit to manage small bumps and bruises. Additionally, you might benefit from having a snack and drink on hand in case your kids need something to boost their energy while trick or treating.
  2.  Fit their costumes – Avoid falls by making sure that your kids costumes are at a proper length and won’t be causing them to trip as they quickly move from door to door
  3. Check their candy – While candy tampering is rare occurrence, don’t forget to practice common sense when accepting food and sweet treats from people who are seemingly strangers to you and your kids. Your safest best is to only consumer candy that has been commercially wrapped and does not show signs of suspicious openings.
  4. Bring a flashlight – Depending on your locale street lighting may vary, so to both light your way and make motorists aware of your location, you might want to equip your family with a flash light as they traveling through the streets. Additions like reflective tape to clothing can also help keep track of kids in the darkness of night.
  5. Be cautious – Make your kids aware of all the possible dangers so that they can be proactive in preventing any Halloween horror stories. From looking both ways as they cross the street to keeping their distance while walking bast open flames in traditional jack-o-lanterns or seasonal lanterns, preparing your kids ahead of time can never hurt!