Yo-ho-yo-ho…the Pirates are Here!

‘Ello Mate! Do you hear the sound of cannons being fired? That is the official kickoff for Pirate Month in JumpStart! The pirates have made port in MainStreet and DownTown, and have set up new pirate-themed FunZones for our Jumpeez to explore. On your excursion, take part in Frankie’s scavenger hunt, where you will need to find pirate hats and skulls, amongst other things. Collect all the pieces of treasure and you might just find a special prize waiting for you!
Treasure Hunt_MainStreet Did we mention that there will also be new pirate-themed Threadz, Ridez and Petz for our Jumpeez? Go check out the in-game store now for these special items! Wouldn’t you like a little blue shark with an eye patch as your companion?

Tree House_DownTown

This month is going to be thrilling and adventurous for our Jumpeez! Are ye’ ready for some daring fun, my fellow hearties? Head over to JumpStart now to start your amazing  journey!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee ShoutOuts

Are you ready to hear about what some of your fellow Jumpeez have to say? Well then, you’re in luck! Because it’s Tuesday, which means that Frankie has a whole new set of Jumpee ShoutOuts to share. Did your recent submission make it into this week’s fan feature? Don’t forget to keep submitting your comments!


A shout out to all my friends they are the best!
– Carlos SwiftNoodle

It’s so great to see Jumpeez connecting
with one another I our online world, Carlos SwiftNoodle!
You sound like an amazing Jumpee pal.
– Frankie

I earned my explorer badge last week in JS AdventureLand!
– Nicole BluePanda

Great job, Nicole BluePanda! Earning this AdventureLand
achievement is quite the feat. Keep up the great work
and continue exploring JumpStart for
amazing new adventures!
– Frankie

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JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week


Labor Day Weekend Activities for the Family!

Every year, on the first Monday of September, citizens across the United States stop to celebrate Labor Day with a long weekend of fun, friends and family. A federal holiday designated to commemorate the general workforce, Labor Day weekend is a time about celebrating the efforts of people and parents  just like you. Are you prepared with a few family friendly activities to mark this annual weekend celebration? Here are some popular ways to make the most of this end of summer holiday.

Photo By: Daniel Morrison

Photo By: Daniel Morrison

Plan a Weekend Getaway – Look to local or nearby destinations for a fun weekend getaway that will enable your family to make a number of great memories with one another in the short time that that the kids are out of school. During long holidays weekends, you might consider a camping trip or exciting road trip!

Organize a Neighborhood Block Party – Connect with your neighbors and get the proper permits to throw a day of fun, family and games.  Whether you designated the block party location in a nearby park or decide to block off your street for the celebration, be sure to encourage attendees to help provide food and decorations.

Enjoy an Outdoor Hike and Picnic – Take the kids out on a nature hike as a fun means of learning about plant life and local wildlife.  Additionally, hiking can be an exciting and interactive means of keeping the family active. As an added activity, consider packing a delicious and nutritious picnic meal for everyone to share outdoors, if the weather permits.

Attend a Community Festival or Event – Labor Day brings about a number of great opportunities for families to attend community events like food festivals or outdoor concerts and fairs.  Look into what might be happening in your area and gather with friends and neighbors for a fun day out.

How do you plan on teaching your kids about Labor Day? Do you have any fun family traditions to share? Let us know more about how you prepare for this annual holiday!

It’s Photobomb Friday!

Celebrate the end of the week with Photobomb Friday. Grab your friends, head to your favorite picture locations and make your silliest poses all around JumpStart. See what hilarious snapshots you and your friends can come up with! Submit your best photobombs and see if your pictures are featured on JumpStart’s social media sites. Show us your best photobombs now!


A Message from S.P.L.A.T.: Thank You!

Frankie and friends would like to send all of you a special THANK YOU on behalf of everyone in JumpStart! With your help in our latest S.P.L.A.T. mission, we have been able to band together and save the Voltage Dragon nest from the reach of the evil sorcerer, Tangorra! Now, no Jumpeez that have to worry about the power being drained from our exciting and adventure filled online world!


Were you able to recover and hatch one of our extremely rare Voltage Dragon eggs? If so, congratulations! After all it was quite the challenge to join S.P.L.A.T. and decipher each of the complex clues that were released during this limited time quest. Frankie and the team are really impressed by your abilities to put your JumpStart learning to the ultimate test.

However, the hard work is not over, just yet. Now you’ve got a new adventure ahead as you raise and train your new Mythie friend. Thanks again, and be sure to let us know more about your journey toward completing this exciting mission through the JumpStart World!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee ShoutOuts

It’s Tuesday, which means that we’ve got another set of Shouts Outs to share from Jumpeez just like you! Frankie’s been reading through all of your submission and we’ve got a small sample of what all of your Jumpee pals are talking about. Check it out and let us know if you made this week’s fun fan feature!

headerWhen I go to downtown it is so COOL!
– Isabella RainbowJewel

DownTown is a great place to connect with friends
and access various areas of our Online World, Isabella RainbowJewel!
We’re so glad that you like all it has to offer,
– Frankie

Jumpstart is AWESOME! I love getting coins and reaching new levels.
– Heather OrangeEye

Great job, Heather Orange Eye! You’ll be at level
20 in no time. Keep up the great work around JumpStart!
– Frankie

Love the rare Voltage Dragon!
– Hailey Dreamer

Thanks for helping us keep JumpStart safe, Hailey Dreamer!
Be sure to take good care of your new Voltage Dragon Mythie.
– Frankie

– Nicole GoldenFeather

That’s such exciting news, Nicole GoldenFeather! You
might even want to stop by DownTown to pick up an
in-game pet one of these days.
– Frankie