Jump into July with JumpStart!

Independence Day is just around the corner, and Frankie is inviting all of his Jumpee pals like you to join him in our summer spectacular. He’s brought Petz, Ridez, and a new scavenger in to help keep everyone in a fully festive mood.

scavenger4Stop by Adventure Canyon to search for hidden items !

Join your fellow Jumpeez as they search high and low for all of our 4th of July items. From fireworks to balloons and everything in red white and blue, these items are bouncing around DownTown, MainStreet and Adventure Canyon! Jumpeez with the skill to find them will even be gifted a special surprise.

What else does Frankie have in store for the summer?

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

It’s Tuesday, Jumpeez! Are you ready for a new round of Jumpee Shout Outs, direct from our top dog, Frankie? He’s been busy making sure to ready through each and every submission, so if you don’t see your comment here, be sure to check back with us next week.


“I love playing football! Football is so rad and I also love
playing at the JumpStart stadium”
– Richard LavaShark

That’s so great to hear, Richard LavaShark!
There is so much to do and learn over in the JumpStart Stadium.
– Frankie

“I photo bombed 5 times yesterday in Coney Island! I sent
all of them to my friend, Blake Rubysnake!”
– Shannon PinkWolf

Wow, you must really know how to strike a pose,
Shannon PinkWolf! Be sure to send some of your best
shots into my contest and you might see yourself in
the next issue of the JumpStart Times!
– Frankie

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Celebrate Summer’s Arrival with Your Kids

It can sometimes be difficult to determine when spring ends and summer begins. Some people like to mark the beginning of summer by when school lets out for break, when the days become extremely long or even when the temperature rises to an extreme heat. These may all be signs that summer is coming quickly; however, in actuality, the start of this hot season is marked by a phenomenon called the Summer Solstice.


Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, or midsummer, occurs every year, in the Northern Hemisphere, between June 20th and 22nd. This year, the Summer Solstice occurred on June 21st and was the longest period of daylight for the year.  The cause of the midsummer has to do with the axial tilt of the earth and occurs when the Earth has reached its maximum tilt towards the sun. Because of the Earth’s tilt, the northern and southern hemispheres have opposite seasons. On this day, the Northern Hemisphere will receive the longest amount of daylight of the year, while the Southern Hemisphere will receive the shortest amount of daylight. The Summer Solstice is the planet’s indication to us that summer has begun and now that the season is officially here, it’s time to plan some awesome summer activities with your child!

Summer Activities with the Kids

Now that school is out and the days feel a little bit longer, there is plenty of time to find fun activities to do with your kid. Since it is so warm and sunny out, this season is a great time to get your child outside to embark on some great adventures. Try a few of these activities to help celebrate the Summer Solstice and the months of fun to come!

Go Swimming

Whether you live near an ocean, a lake, or even just a swimming pool, summer is a great time to put on a bathing suit and splash in the water. Before your family heads to the water, make sure to read up on our swimming safety tips to keep your kids safe at the pool. Not only is swimming is great exercise for your kid, but it will also help them keep cool and calm during these hot summer days!


With the weather being so warm and sunny, you won’t spend all day cooking in a stuffy kitchen. This season is a great time to break out the BBQ and grill up some food with friends and family. Whether you grill in the backyard or at a nearby park or beach, have your kids help you with some of the preparation and let them invite their friends over for summer barbeque. Having friends near will keep your kids busy while you cook and let them burn some energy running around outside!

Arts n’ Crafts

Find some cool arts n’ crafts ideas online and set up a craft station outside in the yard. You can help your child make a beautiful birdhouse, or simple let them use their imagination to create a masterpiece of their choosing. Also, if you’re looking for some Fourth of July crafts, check out our blog for ideas.  By being outside and making fun crafts, your child can enjoy the warm summer season while also being able to express some creativity.

Go Camping

Instead of doing an expensive resort or theme-park vacation with your little one, take the whole family on a camping trip instead. Spending time with nature and sleeping outdoors will help your child appreciate their surroundings and allow them to enjoy the wonderful summer season. You can take them on easy hikes around the campsite and enjoy a cozy campfire at night that they will be sure to remember!

Summer Solstice has come and gone, which means summer is finally here! This season won’t last forever, so be sure to make the most of it with your child by enjoying some of these great summer activities that they won’t forget.

School of Dragons FunZone: Have You Met Hiccup?

Since earlier this month, JumpStart has been enjoying an exclusive look into the unreleased School of Dragons virtual world game with the addition of the new FunZones in DownTown and Central Park. Jumpeez from all over the JumpStart World have been flocking to this exciting and all new gaming area, where Hiccup and Toothless have been ready to greet them as they take on round of Fire Ball Frenzy or make their way through the menacing Viking themed maze.

How well do you know Hiccup? For any “How to Train Your Dragon” fan, Hiccup is a living legend that brought about peace between Vikings and Dragons after years of turmoil. To get to know this Viking hero a bit more, here are a few important things to know!

Growing up in the Viking village of Berk, Hiccup lacked the physical strength to mirror a traditional Viking leader like his father, chief of Berk, Stoick the Vast. Because of this, Hiccup has spent much of his life helping Gobber the Belch in the armory. Tinkering with new inventions, Hiccup always exhibited a unique sense of inventiveness and creativity, which would ultimately link him to his dragon companion, Toothless.

Learn more about Hiccup here!

New Summer Specials for Your Jumpee!

Summer has officially taken over JumpStart! Whether you’re splashing around in the Tiki Pool or basking in the sun with your Jumpee friends, sights of summer are all around the JumpStart world. You may have seen some of your fellow Jumpeez riding around on some summer Ridez or hanging out with a cute new pet! Join in all the fun with your Jumpee, and head DownTown to check out all of the new items in the Petz and Ridez stores for yourself!


In the Ridez store you’ll see a sparkling selection of new items to choose from to help your Jumpee keep exploring. Gallop around town on a precious pink pony or catch someone’s eye with the strapping black llama. And, if you are preparing yourself for the coming Fourth of July celebration, you might want to pick up a USA themed skateboard or cruise around on a summery beach towel! With the large number of different Ridez to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding, but don’t let that stop you.

Click here to see the summer Petz selection!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

A big thank you to those Jumpeez that continue to contribute to the JumpStart Times! Remember, any one of you can get featured her eon the blog or directly in an upcoming issues of our newspaper. Did you or any of your pals make this week’s set of Jumpee Shout Outs!

“Last week, Friday was extra special! Why? Because it was the last day of school!
I ended up going to the YMCA to have water day.”
– Taylor GoldenWolf

Wow, what a great way to celebrate the start of summer vacation,
Taylor GoldenWolf! Grab all of your buddies in JumpStart and stop by MainStreet
for a fun water day at the recently added Tiki Pool FunZone.
I hope to see you around JumpStart this season!
– Frankie

I have 903 stars and I made it into the Hall of Fame!
– Grace FireSpider

Great job earning those JumpStars, Grace FireSpider! It’s always great
to see my Jumpee pals like you succeeding around the game.
Keep up the amazing work!
– Frankie

The School of Dragons FunZone is so awesome!
– James ThunderZoober

We’re glad to hear it, James ThunderZoober! We were so excited to be able to
share with all of you this awesome sneak preview of the School of Dragons virtual
world game. Be sure that you’re signed up before classes officially begin!
– Frankie

Hi there, Jumpeez! Are you excited for the School of Dragons to arrive?
There’s a super cool FunZone in DownTown and Central Park. Did you know at
MainStreet there is even a Tiki Pool area?
– Alex VolcanoDragon

You sound like you’re definitely in the know about all the happening around
JumpStart, Alex VolcanoDragon! We love seeing this type of enthusiasm
around the game. Thanks for choosing Jumpstart!
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week