The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Frankie wanted to let you all know that he’s still keeping up with all of your amazing submissions. Keep sending in your comments, questions, articles, and riddles for a chance to get featured around the blog and in the in-game newspaper. Here are some of Frankie’s top picks for this week’s first batch of Jumpee Shout outs!


“Me? I like cats!”
-Emma SweetPuppy

We love learning more about all our Jumpee pals like
you, Emma SweetPuppy! If you’re a fan a cats be sure to stop by the
Petz Shop to see if we have any cute kittens in stock,
this time of year!
– Frankie

“Me and my sister roller blade in the house! It’s so much fun.”
– Bill IceToe

Whoa, how exciting! Don’t forget to wear a helmet and
other protective gear to keep you and your sister
safe while you’re skating around.
– Frankie

“I’m a true artist and a math lover!”
– Alexis FairyJewel

Those are two very important topics in school,
Alexis FairyJewel! It’s so great to see that you have interest
in two very different subjects.
– Frankie

“I just went to a swim meet and I swam really fast! And I broke
three team records! And I got a best friend whose
name is Brain SwiftLegs”
– Marissa Emerald

Great job, Marissa Emerald! Keep up the great work
and you’ll be sure to succeed in and out of the pool. And,
be sure to tell Brian SwiftLegs that I said, ”Hello!”
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, which translates from Spanish to English as the “5th of May,” is a holiday that commemorates the historical Battle of Puebla. Despite popular belief, this day has no relation to the observance of Mexican Independence Day, which actually falls on Sept 16th. More recently, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. Observed throughout a number of cities in the US, here are a few exciting activities that parents can do with kids to teach them about this annual holiday.

Mexican armed forces, led by famed military leader General Ignacio Zaragoza, faced insurmountable odds against the French army during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The Mexican forces were trying to keep the French at bay while they attempted to make their move on México city. Although the French would eventually occupy the country, the legendary victory at Puebla has been remembered by many and is celebrated to this day, even within communities in the United States.

Here are a few exciting family activities to celebrate Cinco De Mayo:

Prepare a Mexican-inspired meal.
Make learning about new cultures and countries a memorable time by sitting down to share a meal with your family. You could simply research a few recipes online or, if you are not much of a cook, look for a few local restaurants to do the trick. Your family might find a new favorite food or flavor to weave into your usual meals.

Start a few Cinco de Mayo-themed craft projects.
In the US, Cinco de Mayo has truly come to symbolize a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. Take some time to teach your kids about Mexico by planning a few fun and interactive crafting projects. With just a few simple supplies, you will be on your way to creating a few festive items like DIY maracas, piñatas, or even sombreros.

Learn Spanish words with interactive games.
Consider taking some time to teach your kids basic Spanish words. From please to thank you, there are a number of words that you might find to be useful no matter where you live. Use positive reinforcement tools to encourage them to use these words throughout the day. You might try creating a point system and awarding small prizes at the end of the day.

JumpStart even has a few helpful worksheets and activities to help get your Cinco de Mayo celebration going this year. Be sure to stop by and let us know what you and your family have planned for this special holiday!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

It’s that time of the week, again! It’s time for our second batch of shout outs to some of our most enthusiastic JumpStart Times contributors. Keep submitting content each week for a chance to get featured here on the blog or in-game as part of the newspaper. Here are a few notes that Jumpeez have been sending Frankie’s way:


“I like to play in JumpStart with my B.F.F.s and my sis.”
– Jennifer IceGem

We are glad that you are able to interact with all your buddies
even when you are off exploring the JumpStart
World, Jennifer Ice Gem! Thanks for playing.
– Frankie

“The Jumpstart Times is awesome! You can submit stuff like,
stories, riddles, or questions. You could be featured on
the Jumpstart Times. Try to submit stuff,
and you might get picked!”
-Sofia TwinkleDiamond

Congratulations, Sofia TwinnkleDiamond! We absolutely loved
your submission. Thanks for your continued support in contributing
to our newspaper. We are so thrilled to have you as a fan!
– Frankie

“I’m so excited for it to be Spring! It’s warm outside and I can
finally play in the Slip-And-Slide! Also I love JumpStarts’ theme it’s
all beautiful and awesome!”
– Alexis Zebra

Happy spring season, Alexis Zebra! We hope you are enjoying
all the wonderful seasonal activities that we have
brought into the game.
– Frankie

“When you’re feeling down and you want to frown, visit
DownTown and dance!”
– Teresa FrostSwan

What a fun and easy way to brighten the day,
Teresa Frost Swan! Thanks for sharing this with us.
– Frankie

Learning Tips: Beginning Consonant Blends

Consonant blends can be a tricky lesson for young readers to learn. These types of letter combinations consist of either two or three consonant letter clusters that can at times make unique sounds when blended together. Here are a few examples of common consonant blends that little readers will need to practice to stay on track!

Consonant blends

Here are some fun tips and activities for practicing Beginning Consonant Blends:

Flashcards can be helpful in regularly practicing new skills. On one side of your flash cards have an image representing a word with a consonant blend. Then, on the other side of the card have the word written down. For added help with pronunciation, add the phonetic spelling of the word in parentheses

Identifying Games
While driving around in the car or even shopping, you might practice consonant blends by encouraging your kids top point out and identify objects that include the letter combinations in their spelling.

Scavenger Hunt
Write a few simple riddles to help kids identify objects around the house that include consonant blends. Objects or clues could include stairs, frames, crates, etc. The interactive experience will make the lesson one to remember.

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

It’s Tuesday, which means its time for this week’s first round of Jumpee Shout outs. To make one of our two shout out posts each week, you’ll need to keep submitting content to the in-game newspaper, the JumpStart Times! Log-in today for a chance to get features around JumpStart.


“Guess what! I found the neighborhood decorations a few
weeks ago, and you know what the theme
for my neighborhood is? Petz, so cute!”
– Carlos ThunderDragon

We are thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying all the amazing
neighborhood customizations, Carlos ThunderDragon! We’ll be
on the look out in case we stumble upon your Petz themed
home away from home.
– Frankie

“My favorite sport is baseball and I love pizza.”
– Lance LavaRhino

What a fun combination, Lance LavaRhino!
Pizza can be a delicious treat after playing a game of baseball.
– Frankie

“In my school everyone loves to play volleyball. I even
play in JumpStart. That game is really awesome!”
– Vanessa WonderFeather

We think that our online volleyball game is tons of fun too!
We’re so glad that a true volleyball player like you can appreciate
these activities, Vanessa WonderFeather!
– Frankie

“I love to play on JumpStart. It is my favorite place to be!
I love New York and Times Square so much. The neighborhoods are
awesome and don’t for get about the FunZones and parties.”
– Shannon FrostDiamond

Thanks for your support as we continue to grow our online world,
Shannon FrostDiamond. It’s great to know that you a such a
big fan of our recent area additions!
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week