Fresh FunZones in JumpStart

Just in time for spring, new FunZones have sprouted all over JumpStart.  Check out these bright, colorful new locations full of exciting activities.


The beautiful Central Park just became more festive with the arrival of a FunZone of plump mushrooms, overflowing tea kettles and a slippery slide.  Jump from one bouncy mushroom to the next as you make your way up to the winding slide.  Once you reach the top, you will have a great view of the park before sliding down to the bottom of the tea kettle waterfall.


Head DownTown and you will discover a sunflower.  However, this is no ordinary sunflower but one that is in need of your assistance.  Throw water balloons at the plant and watch it sprout into a massive spectacle.  See how quickly you and your friends can toss water balloons to make it grow!


Finally, make your way to MainStreet where you can enter the kooky world of Hops and Flops’ Eggcellent Adventure.  After taking a twisting ride down into the burrow, you can explore all of the fantastically fun activities.  We do not want to spoil the surprises in store so race on over to see for yourself!

These FunZones are perfect for a season representing a fresh, new time.  With their vivid colors, playful decorations, and exhilarating experiences, these FunZones will get you into the spring season in JumpStart.  Grab your friends and start playing today!

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Check out this latest round of Jumpee shout outs, direct from or popular in-game newspaper. Keep submitting for your chance to get mentioned here on the blog or in the JumpStart Times! Here is what some of your Jumpee pals had to say to Frankie and the team:


“My neighborhood is amazing
you should see it if u can find it!”
– Jasmine ShinyHeart

We hope you are enjoying all of the new
customizable neighborhood features,
Jasmine ShinyHeart! If you haven’t done so already,
be sure to check them out.
– Frankie

“Sports Stars Needed! Become one
by going to the Sports Arena now.”
– Chase BlueLegs

What a great idea for getting all of your fellow
sports loving Jumpee pals together,
Chase BlueLegs! Keep up the great work.
– Frankie

“I love my big sister and brother. Sometimes we
play out in my backyard and pretend there
are punk punks running around.”
– Brooke StarPuppy

That sounds like such an exciting
game, Brooke StarPuppy! We’re really glad to have
you and your siblings as fans.
– Frankie

I love to sing, make art, and play
JUMPSTART! Thank you for making JumpStart.
– Taylor SwiftJewel

Thank you for playing JumpStart,
Taylor SwiftJewel! You sound like one
talented Jumpee.
– Frankie

New Neighborhood Customization

Frankie heard your suggestions, Jumpeez, and has just released a new feature to the JumpStart World: Neighborhood customization. No longer is your Jumpee limited to just changing the neighbors, FunZone, and house in order to show off your unique personality.


Your Jumpee can now customize almost everything in their Neighborhood: road, sidewalk, grass, trees, and so on. You can follow a theme and try to make your Neighborhood as stylish as possible, or you can go crazy and pick the boldest patterns and items to create a truly one-of-a-kind Neighborhood.


You can customize the look of the grass in your neighborhood; it can be a more traditional green pattern or a wacky purple wavy pattern.


You can be even crazier when choosing the sidewalks. Tiger print, rainbows, animal print… There are dozens of different patterns to choose from the store so you can create the most stylish or the most wacky Neighborhood in the JumpStart world.

Your Jumpee can also go up to any tree and change it to one of the dozens of trees spread out over five different categories available in the store. Your Jumpee can make their Neighborhood into a multi-colored explosion, a year-round tropical paradise, or even a perpetual holiday party.

There are so many options available in the Neighborhood store, you are sure to come up with a unique decorating style to create a Neighborhood that is perfect for your Jumpee. What is your favorite new Neighborhood item? Do you have any suggestions for new items to add to the possibilities?

The JumpStart Times: Jumpee Shout Outs

Check out some of Frankie’s favorite shout outs from the weekend! Did your Jumpee get featured? Keep submitting your work for a chance to make the next round of shout outs later this week.


“I love jumpstart. My favorite place is Italy!
And I love the way the FunZones change
for the holidays. They even do stuff for my birthday!”
– Natalie WonderWing

There’s so much to do in Italy, Natalie WonderWing!
Whenever I’m there I love learning all those fun
facts about Italian art and history. I’m so glad to hear
that you’re enjoying that area of the
game. Thanks for playing!
– Frankie

“The hangout is so fun it has Dance Off! It also has
an entrance to Windy Hallows. Poseidon’s
Hangout is so much fun”
– Gary Fox

Dancing is so much fun when you’re hanging out
with friends in the OctoLair! Have you already decorated
your VIP Lounge? That way you’ll have a fun place
to call home while you’re in this area of
the game. Check it out!
– Frankie

“My favorite sport is basketball. I am pretty
hot on the three point line! No one can beat me,
when I’m playing my best!”
– Richard WonderMist

Great job developing your skills on the
court, Richard WonderMist! Be sure to stop by the JS
ports Arena to shoot around with your friends
in JumpStart.
– Frankie

“I love the new neighborhood features
they are so amazing!”
– Elizabeth Wolf

We’re so glad to hear it, Elizabeth Wolf! Once
your neighborhood is decorated, be sure to take
a screenshot of it and have a parent send in your
fun photo using the new “Submit Your Stuff” button.
We’d love to see your amazing work!
– Frankie

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week


Springtime Fun for the Family

Throughout recent history, spring has been known as a time for starting anew. For this very reason, you and your family might consider starting a few springtime traditions of your own. Take some time to get your kids ready and excited for the new season. From picking up new hobbies to simple family fun activities for the day, here are a few ways to celebrate spring in ways the whole family can enjoy.

Park picnics: As the weather begins to warm, take the kids outside. Family picnics can be a great way to get in some quality time with your kids and get them to unplug from those ever-present mobile devices, video consoles, or televisions. You will be surprised by how refreshing a few hours outdoors might feel especially after a winter season spent indoors.

 Family sports days: A friendly family competition can be a great way to get everyone working together. Plan a few sports related courses and challenge some of your family friends to compete in a full-fledged sports day. For a truly memorable day of fun, consider having a ultimate prize for the winning family or even planning for a outdoor BBQ or block party for all participating competitors.

 Gardening: With flowers sprouting all around, this time of year, spring is the perfect time to get kids excited about science and learning about nature. Gardening can be a great learning tool for kids in the spring. Head outdoors and get hour kids involved in planting a few seeds of their own. Regularly caring for plants and watching them grow will give kids the direction they need to take an active role in caring for the environment.

Spring break trips: While the kids get their yearly break from school, plan to make the time away from school as memorable as possible with a family trip. Visit a nearby locale or plan for something a little further from home. While the weather warms up, consider taking your kids on a new adventure instead of wasting time lounging around in front of the televisions.

 What are some of your family’s favorite springtime activities and traditions?

Exciting Spring Crafts and Activities

With the arrival of spring, things will soon be changing around the JumpStart virtual world! How are you celebrating the official start of the Spring season? Before Frankie updates the game with all new seasonal features, you might want to check out some of the great spring themed activities at!


From worksheets to crafts, there is something for kids of all ages. Take some time to celebrate the official start of spring with your family this week by checking out all of the latest and greatest online resources at JumpStart.

Do you have any fun springtime traditions or activities that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!