Tour JumpStart with the Penguins from Madagascar

Are you ready to take on some TOP SECRET operations around JumpStart? Join Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private to complete the Penguins’ Missions in HQ and start your training as one of their secret agents. Preview all the exciting adventures ahead, here on the blog or over at JumpStart’s official YouTube Channel!

Travelling throughout various areas of the JumpStart World with your trusty toolkit devices, Jumpeez must complete each of the listed missions from the Penguins’ mission board. Along the way, you will be able to earn fun prizes like some extra coins or even fish to spin the Coney Island Prize Wheel!

Penguins Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel can only be spun using fish so be sure to save some up as you complete missions. After all, each spin gives you the chance to win exclusive items for your Jumpee, including  Alex themed accessories like a lion tail, paws, or mane! Souvenirs like these are perfect for any Madagascar fan in JumpStart.

If you’ve already started, let us know what some of your favorite parts of the Penguins’ Missions are in HQ? We love hearing what Jumpeez like you have to say about the game!

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Worksheet 6

At Home Learning Activities for Kids

Many children today feel that learning is an activity that needs to be done solely in the walls of a classroom. On the other hand, learning can be done in a relaxed environment directly in the comforts of your own home.


Here are some fresh ideas to help your child discover that learning can be an activity accomplished within the same vicinity of where your family carries out their typical routines. In the end, this can lead children to learn from these simple routines and eventually carry out activities independently.

  1. Allow kids to help with cooking family meals
    Although cooking may seem like a simple activity, it can actually make early learners more prone to fine tune basic skills. For example, they can practice basic counting by seeing how much material is needed to make a specific dish. Other beneficial developments include enhancing their mannerisms such as learning how to serve others and realizing that a considerate attitude shows great character.
  1. Take your child grocery shopping.
    Grocery shopping can be a fun and interactive way to make your child see the importance of decision-making and money counting. Before leaving for the grocery store, have them create a list of what they want to purchase and show them your own list. This way they can see what sort of foods is considered a healthy choice on the food chain. By lending them your list, you could direct your child to healthier alternatives. After you have made your stops in the grocery store, have them see how much money you need to give to the register. Next, allow them to count the dollar bills and coins you owe to the cashier. Give your child the receipt and let them see how much money is spent on average at the grocery store.
  1. Utilize the reading material at home.
    Instead of throwing out your old newspaper and magazines, have your child pick out an article for fun. It may be challenging for them at first to fully understand what exactly they are reading. Nonetheless, you can sit by their side and tell them the context of the story. By doing so, your child can learn something new and enhance their critical reading skills. It’s never too early to expose your child to challenging reading material.
  1. Watch educational television instead of pure entertainment.
    As a child, it is nice to have some leisure time in front of the television. There is nothing wrong with watching entertainment content. Nevertheless, it should never take up the majority of their time. Try to tune in on some news channels or educational related content. Although television should never be the main source of learning, it could also be a nice clean break from solely reading books and solving problems on paper. This can encourage kids to learn about world events and other lessons the specific channel aims to teach.

Learning can be a fun activity and should be done naturally. It is something that does not always have to be forced. Allow your child to use these activities and discover new ways to enhance their learning capabilities. Creativity is the key and it can only be improved if their minds are triggered to do so. Let us know how you and your child carry out daily tasks for the purpose of basic learning, we would love to hear all about them!

JumpStart Times: New Feature Coming Soon!

Hey Jumpeez! Frankie has some exciting news that he cannot wait to share with you, about a cool new feature about to be added to JumpStart.  However, since it is not quite ready yet, Frankie has to keep it completely under wraps for a little while longer. Do you have any ideas of what it could be?


What Frankie did let us know is that it has been a much-requested feature by many readers of the JumpStart Times. This amazing newspaper feature will allow Jumpeez to express their creativity more than ever before. From the sounds of it, this  could even make particularly creative Jumpeez famous around the JumpStart World!

Frankie didn’t have much else to say about this upcoming game update, so be sure to keep coming back to the blog and playing the game, and tell your friends to do the same with their Jumpeez!

The Stores Have Been Restocked

It’s that time, again… New items have been delivered to our DownTown Stores. Come check out what we have on the shelves of our Petz and Ridez Shops, today!

IcoPetLionPatchwork copy

Stitch, the quilted lion
JS Coins: 150
Favorite JS Location: Coney Island

Stitch never lets a fun adventure fall apart even when it gets a bit more challenging along the way. This cute quilted lion knows a thing or two about changing the situation for the better when things feel like they are falling apart at the seam.

IcoPetsSealWhite copy

Harbor, the snowy seal
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Location: The Beach

Harbor loves swimming around the beach, but this snowy seal is ready for adventure no matter where it leads. Next time you’re exploring a new area and need the comforts of a silly water loving friend, consider taking Harbor along. You’ll be glad that you did.

IcoPetsElephantPink copy

Petunia, the bashful elephant
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Location: StoryLand

When exploring new lands and taking on new missions, it’s natural to be a little bit shy. Just ask Petunia, this bashful elephant knows how you might feel. But together Petunia and her Jumpee pals are quick to conquer their fears and take on whatever challenges are ahead.

The seasonal updates don’t stop there!

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week


The History behind the Holiday

Are your kids curious as to why we celebrate Presidents’ Day each year? Now is the perfect time to share with them a little history lesson, so that they can learn more about the true meaning behind the holiday.


Celebrated in the U.S., Presidents’ Day generally honors the legacy of all the leaders that held office as President of the United States. However, this has not always been the case. The historical origin of this day is actually much more closely linked to two specific presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The holiday we now know as Presidents day, actually came about as a celebration of Washington’s Birthday and is to this day still recognized by the federal government under that official title. Traditionally believed to have occurred on February 22, the celebration of Washington’s Birthday was reassigned to the third Monday of the month sometime in the early 1970s. In more recent years, the holiday name and its associated traditions have varied among the states with some still preferring to recognize the day as Washington’s Birthday as opposed to the more widely accepted, “Presidents’ Day.”

Around the time that the holiday was moved to the third Monday in February, it was also being celebrated alongside the birthday of another influential leader, Abraham Lincoln. With Lincoln’s birthday celebrated on the 12th of the month, schools banks, and other state run facilities are often closed on Presidents’ Day as a means of honoring the lives of both former presidents.

Regardless of the variances in state traditions, the day is often commemorated with community wide celebrations with family and friends. So next time you find yourself at a loss for words when your child has questions about Presidents’ Day, share this little bit of history with them and let us know how you traditionally celebrated Presidents’ Day!