The Penguins Need a Status Report!

Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private have come along way since their initial move into JumpStart. For those Jumpeez that remember the arrival of HQ. They started out by employing their Jumpee pals with a simple operation of turning tourists in Zoo animals.


Now, Jumpeez have been spotted all over the JumpStart World collecting top secret intelligence for this curious crew of penguins. From the bustling streets of New York to the whimsical world of Windy Hollows, there are so many missions to keep you busy around the game.


Armed with your smarts and a toolkit designed for helping decode top secret information and other mysteries around the game, how many missions have you been able to complete so far? The Penguins themselves are looking to get some feedback on your training.

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Let us know what you have to say about the missions, and we’ll send the report directly to HQ for review. If you’ve been having trouble with any specific areas or need help completing any tasks, don’t be afraid to let them know. The more they know about your training status, the easier it will be to start strategizing for even more adventures. Are you ready for what might be ahead? Let us know how you’ve been doing with the missions, today!

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Practice your ABCs with Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and this fun printable worksheet! If your kids are struggling with learning the alphabet be sure to give this worksheet of the week  a try or check out JumpStart’s latest mobile app, Madagascar: My ABCsWorksheet of the Week

Climb Through the New Ranks!

Jumpeez everywhere have been talking about it. Have you head the BIG news? Ranks 11-20 were recently released in-game! Challenge yourself to reach these new heights and you might have the chance to be recognized in JumpStart’s “All Time Hall of Fame.” Judging by the looks of it, a few determined players have already jumped at the chance of making it to our new top spots.

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With these new ranks your Jumpee will now be able to keep earning even more JumpStars for each completed mission or adventure that they take on around the game. This means that everyone has the potential to embark on a few new adventures around our online world! So, don’t forget, the more JumpStars that you earn by playing our fun learning games, the closer you’ll be to ranking up and enjoying all the perks that come with our highest honors.

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You and your Jumpee pals might have already noticed that players with the ranks of 11-20 have the ability to unlock exclusive items like some of those recent additions to the Madagascar Store. Reach these new ranks, and you’ll be experiencing the game like never before!  Are you for this challenge? Let us know what rank you hold!

VOTE NOW: Custom Cool Features!

In JumpStart, kids are encouraged to express their unique vision through the customization of their Jumpee and game. The more you advance in missions and learning games, the more features you are able to unlock. Join JumpStart’s conversation and vote on your top customization ideas.


From designing your own roller coasters to being the author of your very own storybooks, how would you like to be able to express yourself around the game? Vote now in our latest poll question, to get your voices heard.

If you had access to an in depth building feature to customize any of the following areas of the game, which areas would they most like to design as your own?

a. Missions – tasks and interactive games
b. Neighborhood – house features, FunZones, neighbors, etc.
c. Jumpee features – face, body or makeup
d. Jumpee hairstyles – cuts and colors
e. Clothing – t-shirts, pants, accessories
f.  Art – postcards, paintings, coloring sheets, etc
g. Books – story or comic book creations
h. Mythies – colors and textures
i.  Music – song writing or other musical expressions
j.  Roller Coasters – tracks and design
k. Other – Share your kids custom cool ideas!

Check Out this Latest Shipment of Petz and Ridez

It’s that time again! New Petz and Ridez are available at JumpStart, so you can make your Jumpee even more awesome than before. Head DownTown to meet a new loyal companion, each as unique and individual as the next.


Wattson, the enlightened firefly
JS coins: 150
Wattson is the definition of brilliance. An amazing inventor, he created an invention that makes him outshine all of the other fireflies. Despite this, Wattson is as humble as they come, and a great friend to all Jumpeez.

IcoPetsSeahorse copy

Sea Biscuit, the land-dwelling seahorse
JS coins: 80
Sea Biscuit likes swimming around the ocean, but loves traveling around on land even more. He is known for going with the flow, and finding enjoyment in even the most unusual of terrains.

IcoPetsPanda copy

Paige, the bookworm panda
JS coins: 80
Paige might have the reputation for being a bookworm, but this cute and cuddly panda loves having fun. She’s sweet and always ready for adventure.

There are also a lot of new Ridez that will allow you to tour JumpStart in style. Check out the various new Ridez that have just been released.

Check out the New Ridez!

JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week

Have your kids join us as we start JumpStart’s Worksheet of the Week feature.  This week, Gloria needs your help completing this fun picture puzzle.


Easy Crafts for Kids: Modeling Dough

Creating crafts with kids is a great way to foster their creativity and allow them to express themselves in unique and insightful ways. Both parents and educators would agree that crafts can be an extremely helpful tool for making learning a fun and more memorable experience for kids.


More specifically, projects like the one below that involve creating a non toxic and completely all-natural type of modeling dough are extremely versatile and can be applied to a number of simple crafts or educational projects. At the least, being able to customize and design their own creation could help any kid avoid falling into the traps of boredom. Next time you find yourself in a pinch for a fun activity, consider using the following recipe for salt dough to get your kids started on a project of their very own.

photo 2

2 cups of flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

1. Mix dry ingredients (salt and flour) thoroughly in a large bowl
2. Slowly stir in water
3. When dough begins to form, begin to knead by hand on a flat surface
4. Divide dough for kids and allow them to start sculpting. For ornaments, flour a flat surface and roll out dough into a flat sheet to cut out shapes.
5. When salt dough sculptures are complete, bake them at 200 degrees, until dough is firm. Time will depend on the size of the figurine.
6. Let dough cool and then paint

Salt dough projects come in all shapes and forms, including fun activities like creating hand or foot print molds or even small figurine sculptures of people, animals, or objects. Playing with modeling clays like this can even help the youngest of learners refine simple motor skills and strengths. For other educational pursuits, salt dough sculptures can even be a great visual example to accompany reports or other school projects.