Creative Teaching Tools for Kids

Kids learn at different paces and in different styles. To help keep your little learners interested in better developing their skills in reading or storytelling, consider using a few interactive teaching tools like projects that might involve creating a diorama or shadow box. These 3D scenes can help make lessons more memorable for kids of all ages. They even allow us to tell stories or explain events in a unique and exciting way.


To create a diorama you will need to start by finding a small container like an old shoe box. This will be the stage for the scene you will be setting up. From there, you will need to pick a topic that your kids can use as their focus. Topics can include scenes from real life like memories from a family vacation or scenes from a favorite story, game or movie.


– A box (Preferably a shoe box)
– Stickers
– Beads or other small embellishments like glitter
– Acrylic paint
– Construction or craft paper
– Glue
– Small figures or toys


  1. Prepare your box: You can either paint over any existing designs on the box (exterior and interior) or cover them with craft paper. Feel free to use any color, but don’t forget to consider how the color will work with the rest of your scene.
  2. Add your background details. With dioramas it is best to work from the back and move forward. This will help create a better sense of depth. You can paint your background setting or print images to paste into the interior of the box to give your scene a little more context. In the example above, you will find that we used an image taken from the streets of JumpStart, New York.
  3. Insert figures or objects into the scene. For this, feel free to use pre-made toys or figurines that you might already have around the house. And, if you have a little more time on your hands, you can even fashion small paper cut outs to stand up like a pop up book. We used small figurine versions of our pals, Frankie and Skipper.
  4. Add in any finishing touches that might help tell the story of the scene. In the example above, you might see that we used glitter to help emulate the glistening quality of snow and a piece of sparkly paper to create the icy area where the smaller penguins are skating. There are even a few snowflakes fastened with thread to the top of the box to give off the look of snowfall.

Give this fun family activity a try with your kids and you might be surprised at how creative they get with each story or scene. When looking for creative teaching tools, what other activities or crafts do you like to turn to?

Report to HQ!

The Penguins from JumpStart’s Madagascar have got new missions for all of you Jumpeez! Help our smart and sneaky Penguin friends solve riddles and complete different types of missions that will not only help you earn coins and rewards, but will also train you up to be as sharp as they are.

Penguins Mission Explaining

Head on over to the Penguins’ Headquarters and find the corner where the Penguins are gathered. Take a look at the Missions Board, and be sure to listen to all of the directions that Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico have to offer.

Penguins Mission Board

There are a variety of missions for all of you Jumpeez to complete. You could be doing anything from solving puzzling codes and figuring out scrambled clues, to investigating mysteries that will take you across the different JumpStart worlds. The Penguins have also provided specific tools for you to use as you complete your missions! You have some coding and unscrambling tools, and you even have a pair of binoculars that can help you see things that are invisible to regular Jumpeez.

Have fun, Jumpeez! Tell us about what you think about the Penguins’ missions. Which ones were the most challenging, and which are your favorite missions?


Bounce Around in the Bumper Cars

New York is known for many different landmarks and interesting places, several of which have already come to JumpStart! Have you been busy visiting some of these new areas? Now, you can explore JumpStart New York’s Coney Island for cool rides and attractions, including the all new Bumper Cars.

chrome 2012-12-26 10-05-11-88

Join your fellow Jumpeez and your favorite Madagascar characters as they cruise around in this awesome new attraction. Enter the ride by walking in through the opening in the Bumper Car gateway, as shown in the picture above.

chrome 2012-12-26 10-04-08-55

As soon as you walk in, you will be in the driver’s seat of your very own bumper car! Steer your Jumpee’s vehicle in the path of one of your Jumpee pals or one of the Madagascar zoo animals, and you will bounce right off their car. Bounce around in this fun arena for as long as you want. Then, to exit the ride, simply click on the arrow at the bottom left-hand corner.

Try taking some cool screenshots outside of the Bumper Car ride! Take a photo of your fellow Jumpeez bouncing around inside the ride, and then join in the fun yourself. Let us know what you think about the Bumper Cars in Coney Island!


Merry Christmas, Jumpeez!

How are you celebrating this joyous day? Let us know all about your favorite holiday traditions. Whether you’ve been busy unwrapping gifts or eating sweet treats, we hope that you get the chance to spend some of the day enjoying the company of your family and friends. After all, there is no better time than now to celebrate the season with the ones you love most.

Happy Holidays From JumpStart_FINAL

And, if you have some time to spare during all your family festivities, don’t forget to stop by JumpStart to wish your Jumpee pals the happiest of holidays! You’ll find the gang from Madagascar already celebrating the season in the recently added area of JumpStart, New York.

Countdown to 2013

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, how will you and your loved ones be celebrating? Days like this can seem extra long for your kids, if they plan on staying up to ring in the holiday with you. Whether you find the perfect local event to attend or choose to throw a party of you own, get a jumpstart on your planning and consider taking up some of our tips to help keep your family friendly New Year’s gathering a happy one for all who are involved.

To help get your creative juices flowing while planning for your upcoming holiday gathering, keep the following suggestions in mind:

– While Parents and other family or friends toast for the night away, have a fun drink setup for your younger attendants to also indulge in, like a combo of cookies and milk or a sweet sip of sparkling fruit cider. Treats like these, can really make the night feel special for kids that might not really understand what they are celebrating, this time of year.

– Depending on the age range of your kids, you may want to consider designating a time to nap in the afternoon to accommodate for the late night ahead. This will help increase the chances of them making it to the midnight countdown without falling asleep.

– Plan games to keep kids and older guests engaged and busy as the night goes on. Kids might appreciate crafting their own New Year’s party hats or creating a time capsule representing their year. You can even plan an activity around friends sharing their plans or resolutions for the year

– You might want to invite your kids’ friends over for a slumber party so that they can keep each other company while you can socialize with their parents and other guests. Keep some kid friendly themes in mind like making it a pajama party for the little ones.

– Plan a fun and festive meal to share with all of your guests. Small finger foods can be the perfect size for your kids to snack on when eating at later times in the night.

No matter what you end up doing, keep in mind that this day is a great opportunity for you to and you family to reflect on the year and all the memories that you have made together. So before we say hello to 2013, let us know what you have in mind for the last big night of 2012.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Hey Jumpeez, have you been noticing that there are a few new flying objects around JumpStart? We have finally added a new version of the JumpStart Times to the game, containing the latest and greatest inside scoop for all of you to check out! Each of those flying papers contains the latest JumpStart Times newspaper! Just click on them to open up the most recent issue. They have some amazing features for you to stay up-to-date on what is happening around JumpStart.


Anything you want, this newspaper can provide! It contains updates on all of our latest additions and information on where you can find them, while also displaying jokes and riddles submitted by your fellow Jumpeez. The staff even put together some of the answers to the most common questions, asked by Jumpeez to help you better navigate the game. This new version of the JumpStart Times even gives you spoilers on some of our most anticipated additions and a Jumpee article submitted by one of your own, featured right on the front page. And, what is a newspaper without the latest screenshot and Photo-Bomb winners, right? But that’s not all; we have also featured the Hall of Fame winner, so that you can all see where you stand in the JumpStart ranks.

Also, on the second page you are going to want to check out the recent ‘Hotspot’, which is an area in JumpStart that Frankie notices is one of the most popular places or games for Jumpeez like you to be. Just click on the ‘Hotspot’ image (right below the riddles) and be taken there directly!

Don’t forget that your parents are able to submit any questions, pictures, articles, and jokes that you might have to to be featured in this awesome newspaper for all of JumpStart to see. Be sure to get your hands on our first issue and learn all about what is going on in this huge world of JumpStart.

Happy Holidays From JumpStart!

The gang from Madagascar are ready to celebrate the holiday season with your kids! Join them in JumpStart for some all new adventure around the game and the recent addition of JumpStart, New York.