Fun in the Snow: JumpStart Winter Wonderland

Brrr! It is getting chilly out there Jumpeez! Put on some cool new winter Threadz and start throwing snowballs in the new Winter Wonderland in Jumpstart!

Explore the new JumpStart Winter Wonderland right now and check out the new Petz and Ridez. Purchase a winter blue sled ride and go sledding all over the snow.



Or bounce around on this awesome blue bouncing ball with your Jumpee friends.

If you are hanging out on MainStreet, say hello to your favorite Madagascar friends…on ice! Ice skate with Alex the Lion or Marty the Zebra. Watch Melman the Giraffe slip and slide all over the ice.


In DownTown, you can throw snowballs at the growing snowman and watch him grow! Bring all of your Jumpee friends to DownTown and work together to build this fun and gigantic snowman.


Become a member today and try out cool machines like the Elf-O-Matic. Once you walk through the Elf-O-Matic, you are transformed into a tiny elf.

Members can also enter the snow globes for some extra fun!

36Inside of the snow globe, one can enter cool present boxes for a mystery ride or wait for the next Christmas train to see more Christmas goodies and games.

Make sure to check out all of these fun winter things in JumpStart today to play in the snow while staying perfectly warm. There are so many new and fun things for you and your Jumpee to do in this new and exciting JumpStart Winter Wonderland.

New Petz And Ridez!

Fun, new Petz and Ridez are available at JumpStart.  Hurry DownTown to meet some cuddly Petz to have as companions throughout your learning adventures.  Each pet has a unique personality that you do not want to miss out on.

Thud, the Thundering Elephant
80 JS Coins
Thud’s personality is as big and boisterous as his name would suggest.  He is always seeking out fun times and adventure and never shies away from new experiences.

Lux, the Enlightening Lamp
110 JS Coins
Lux is knowledgeable and offers wisdom to his friends.  While more of the intellectual type, he is still eager to have fun and explore the world.  You will feel smarter just by being around him.

Sparkles, the Frog Princess
80 JS Coins
Sparkles embodies the grace and eloquence of a princess.  She is prim, proper, and always polite to those she interacts with.  However, do not let her looks deceive you as she is just as willing to try new things and enjoy herself as the other Petz.

Want to see what else we have in store?

Staying Active During the Winter Season

Winter may not officially start until December, but as we begin to transition into a new season it is common for weather conditions to begin to drop around certain parts of the world. In more extreme cases, these changes can often affect simple outdoor activities that your family uses to stay active like neighborhood walks or outdoor sports. Snow, rain, or chilly temperatures can either force your kids indoors this season or introduce them to some of the exciting and long held traditions of winter sports.

This year, try to balance the indulgent treats that often characterize the winter season with fun and festive activities for your kids. However, before you head out into the snow or ice, make it a priority to be sure that your kids are equipped with the necessary tools to stay warm and keep healthy. While exposed to extreme weather conditions like the cold, it is an important for all people to consider wearing winter items like parkas, heavy coats, gloves, hats, scarves, or other protective gear. In the simplest form, layering clothing items can help you and your kids stay warm so that your bodies are able to function at their best while outdoors.

Once you are equipped and ready to brave the weather conditions, there is a large range of popular winter activities to choose from, such as ice hockey, sledding, ice skating, skiing or snowboarding. You might even want to enroll your kids in classes, if they are new to any of these sports. After all, many of these activities are specific to the season and are not necessarily available to all people year round. Additionally, pursuing activities like these can even help you plan for any upcoming winter vacation time you might want to spend in a snow-laden locale where every member of your family can experience the fun of seasonal sports.

But if it’s not quite cold enough in your area to pursue these activities outdoors, you can still look to local community centers to keep your kids active in a festive way while avoiding  any rain or chilly temperatures. Some indoor options might pose as a great alternative to keep your kids healthy and active in the winter. Look for indoor play gyms, ice skating rinks, swimming pools, or activity centers to vary your kids’ options and avoid periods of boredom while they are on their winter break from school.

Remember, encouraging your kids to stay active at a young age, by introducing them to winter sports or other indoor activities, can not only keep them healthy but it can also keep them physically and mentally engaged during a season where children tend to be less active. This year, don’t let the winter season get the best of you. Plan out some great ways to keep your kids active and share your top tips and tricks on the subject with us, here on the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Jumpeez!  From all of us at JumpStart, we wish you and your families a wonderful time full of delicious dining and the company of your loved ones.  Frankie and his friends will be celebrating too, so pay them a visit if you get the chance!

While you are there, try rounding up some of your buddies around the game to talk about what you are most thankful for, this time of year. Or, you might want to take the time to finish up your scavenger hunt because it won’t be around much longer!

But before you log in, we want to know how your family is spending the Thanksgiving holiday. What are some of your favorite fall holiday traditions?  Let us know in the comments!

Morph Yourself into a Zoo Animal!

Have you been busy collecting Zooveniers around Italy to turn your pals into cool creations? Then, we have some news that you are sure to be thankful to hear. With the growing popularity of the Transmorpher, Kowalski has recently updated this morphing machine so that you can morph yourself and join in on all the fun of running around as an animal from the Central Park Zoo! All you need to do is look for the top secret file that is marked, “Morph Yourself!”

Morphs like the one named “Gorilla Me” will be marked with a yellow square stamp, which means that you can use it to morph your Jumpee. Like with all morphs, you’ll still need to collect the full list of Zooveniers and then proceed to add each measurement to the mixing machine.

Any little missteps along the way will lead you directly back to the start of the process. This means that any of the Zooveniers that you have already added to the machine will go to waste. Are you ready for this wild new adventure? Report to the Penguins’ HQ immediately to get started! And if you have any other questions, just let us know.

How Do You Give Thanks?

When thinking of Thanksgiving what comes to mind?  Images of early settlers and Native Americans working together to brave the oncoming winter?  Maybe thoughts of a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey, stuffing, and all the other fixings surrounded by a hungry family?  While Thanksgiving is typically considered an American holiday, other countries celebrate their own form of Thanksgiving with unique customs.  These rituals may seem foreign but perhaps they will spark some fun ideas to give your family’s Thanksgiving an exciting, new twist.

In Korea, Chu Suk is celebrated as a harvest festival as well as an occasion to pay respect to elders.  Families visit their ancestral hometowns where offerings are made to honor their loved ones.  One of the beloved treats of this holiday is Songp’yon, a crescent-shaped rice cake stuffed with sesame seeds and chestnut paste or beans.  Festivals are held where people gather to feast and celebrate their ancestors.  Women sing at these gatherings to mark the beginning of the festivities.

The United Kingdom celebrates the “Harvest Festival.”  Tracing its origin to 1843, Harvest Festival began when Robert Hawker invited local parishioners to a special thanksgiving service at the church in Cornwall.  This historical event led to the tradition of decorating churches with homegrown products.

In Africa, thanksgiving traditions are heavily influenced by religion and traditional customs.  Much dancing and singing is involved as these musical performances tell unique stories of harvest and thanksgiving.  Dancers wear traditional masks and outfits to convey these stories during the celebrations.

No matter where you are from or how your culture celebrates, there is always a reason to give thanks and plenty of fun ways to do so with friends and family.  What are some unique traditions that your family celebrates during Thanksgiving?  Let us know how you make the most of this holiday and if you plan on incorporating some new ideas into your family’s festivities!

Getting to Know Gloria

With so many awesome activities in the Madagascar FunZone, have you gotten a chance to hang out with your favorite animal friends?  Pay a visit to the Central Park Zoo to learn more about these wild buddies.  One of the animals you will be glad to know better is Gloria the hippopotamus.

Gloria is a level-headed individual who often fills the responsible older sister role to Alex, Melman, and Marty.  She is able to calm the group when they are faced with danger or uncertainty and rallies them to persevere through difficult times.  Gloria encourages the boys to overcome their various struggles whether they are between one another or circumstances beyond their control.  However, she is also a strong-willed hippo that refuses to be pushed around.  When anyone is sassy to her, especially one of the guys, Gloria is quick to retaliate with her own dose of attitude that reflects her strong-willed nature.

Gloria’s reasonable yet powerful personality can overshadow her sensitive side at times.  Her soft heart is recognized when she admits her desire for a boyfriend but her true feelings are not revealed until she confesses her love for her pal Melman as he prepares to sacrifice himself in the volcano.

The logical thinking and sassy wit Gloria displays creates a hilarious dynamic in her relationships with Alex, Melman, and Marty.  She may seem tough on the outside but she is truly a caring individual that loves her friends and would do anything for them.

Do you have a favorite Gloria moment from the films?  What are some of your favorite things about her? We want to know what you think!