Have a Happy Halloween, Jumpeez!

Can you believe it? It’s finally Halloween! Before joining in all the fun of trick or treating tonight, you might want to make a quick stop in JumpStart. After all, there’s not much time left to enjoy all the frighteningly fun festivities that we have to offer!

The Fall season, not only brought you the arrival of the new and permanent Madagascar area, but you may have even noticed the addition of a few familiar FunZones, filled with daunting dark corners and a few spooky specials. Before the Halloween season comes to a close, slide through the BoardWalk’s Haunted House or Zip through DownTown’s  Mummy Maze. We promise that these seasonal stops will have you screaming… for more!

However, if you’re look for more treats than tricks, don’t forget to finish up your scavenger hunt. If you work hard enough to find all the hidden cauldrons  pumpkins and other petrifying pieces, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Like with all of our scavenger hunts, you’ll be receiving a prize for completing this terrific task. 

So, as we say goodbye to the season, what have been your most haunting Halloween memories in JumpStart? Were you able to pick up a new favorite pet or ride? Let us know!

Tips & Tricks to Prevent the Seasonal Flu

With temperatures dropping as we head into the fall season, there is no better time than now to make sure that your kids are aware of the dangers of the so-called “Flu-Season.” Take all of the proper precautions to avoid the seasonal sneezing, coughing, body aches, sore throats, and fever from affecting your family’s health.

Flu symptoms like the common cold are contagious and the chances of catching them can be increased for kids when they are around larger numbers of people in school. For adults office environments often provide the same catalyst for the spread of these symptoms.

According to the Center for Disease Control, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and continue to occur as late as May. Prepare your family for the season by following a few common guidelines for preventing this seasonal epidemic from hitting your home –

– Build your family’s immune system by promoting foods that are vitamin rich and nutritious. If your kids are picky eaters, consider researching the benefits of vitamin supplements.

– Encourage your kids to regularly wash their hands. Be sure that they take the time to fully lather their hands in soap before rinsing.

– Equip your kids with travel sized hand sanitizing gel or antibacterial wet wipes for use when a sink and soap are not available. Some brands even provide handy hooks to attach bottles to your kids’ backpacks or pant loops.

– When possible, spot clean high traffic germ centers like hand held remote controls, door knobs, light switches, cell phones / tablets etc. Keeping antibacterial wipes in convenient spots can encourage members of your family to pitch in with activities like this.

– When your kids show signs of sickness, contain the problem and keep them home from school until they begin to feel better. This will help them get the rest they need and prevent them from spreading any contagious symptoms to the other people at their school.

During the flu season prevention is key in staying at your healthiest. Since there is no full-proof cure for the flu or its associated cold symptoms, try working these healthy habits into your everyday routine to stay clear of the harmful effects of the season.

Do you have any other helpful hints on how to keep the flu away or treat its common symptoms? Let us know in the comments below!

Mort’s Hide N’ Seek

Our loyal lemur friend Mort has stumbled upon JumpStart without his beloved King Julien! Although Mort feels lost without his lemur leader, he wants to join in the Madagascar fun with all of you Jumpeez by playing hide and seek with you.

 Once you click on Mort’s Hide N’ Seek booth, he will hide somewhere in Italy. You might think that you would never find Mort because he is so small, but it’s okay — he will leave you clues!

He can hide anywhere from the cool Zoovenir cannon to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so make sure to look really carefully for our little lemur buddy. This game will definitely get you thinking, because all of the clues that Mort gives you as you play the game are riddles.

How good are you at solving riddles? If you were Mort, trying to play hide and seek with one of your fellow Jumpeez, where would you hide in the Madagascar Italy Habitat? Let us know what you think about Mort’s Hide N’ Seek, and tell us all about your ideas about where Mort might hide next!


Give Your Jumpee a Wild New Look!

The coolest Threadz have finally hit JumpStart! The new Madagascar Store is open in Italy and just waiting for you to check out its awesome new clothes, shoes, and hats that will make your Jumpee the coolest kid on the street. These new items feature your favorite Madagascar characters: Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe, the playful penguins, and more! 

 You can represent your favorite Madagascar character, along with different costumes and accessories. 

Parties are just more fun when you walk-in catching everyone’s eye, wearing this super fun party hat. Buy one and get the party started!


Even Melman has brought his fun style to our Madagascar Store. Coming straight from the Giraffe himself, these new pants are one awesome piece of clothing. Originally, we did have to shorten the pants just a little. 

And don’t forget to have a rockin’ time with Alex the Lion at the Central Park Zoo, while wearing a “We Love Alex” shirt, which you can buy, today.

There are so many items for you to choose from in the Madagascar Store. Stop by now because they’re all just waiting for you … so get ready for your Jumpee to start looking absolutely zootastic!

Halloween Tips & Tricks

On Halloween, trick or treating may sound like a simple task. However, when travelling with kids , you are going to want to make sure that you are ready for any challenges that could pop up along the way. Your kids’ safety starts with you, so be sure to take all the proper precautions to keep their night as sweet and enjoyable as all the treats they plan to collect.

When planning your kids evening, the first thing you want to do is to make sure that they are always going to be travelling with a trusted adult or as part of a group. With larger groups of children, you might even try to assign each person a buddy. That way everyone can be held accountable for another person in the group throughout the night. This can be extremely helpful when moving through neighborhoods and areas with a number of other costumed characters. After all, it can easy for little ones to get lost in the shuffle.

Additionally, as trick or treating often begins as the sun goes down, travelling in the streets by foot can be more difficult in areas or neighborhoods that are not well lit. Keep this in mind and consider carrying a small hand held flashlight as you travel from house to house. Another great way to make sure that cars on the road and other passersby can see your kids is to attach some sort of reflective tape or accessory to their costumes or candy sacks.

Recommended by the US government’s Center for Disease Control, here are a few tips to share with your kids that will definitely help keep them safe during their Halloween haunts –

– Look both ways before crossing the street
– Walk from house to house instead of running
– When available, try to use sidewalks and marked crosswalks
– Avoid walking near lit candles or any type of open flames

Once they’ve gathered enough candy,  take a look through their loot before allowing them to consume it. When it comes to Halloween candy, the FDA does suggest a few general guidelines for how properly inspect candy, such as:

 – Only allow kids to eat commercially wrapped candy
–  Read labels to check for allergens that might affect your kids
– Remove any small candies that could be considered a chocking hazard to young children
– Avoid candy that has any type of tear in the wrapper where the candy could have been exposed to bacteria or other harmful contaminants

Share this information with your family and friends to assure that this Halloween is both fun and safe night full of sweet treats and terrifyingly terrific tricks! And, if you have you other great suggestions to share, let us know in the comments below.

Jump Into Our New PhotoBomb Contest!

Hey Jumpeez! Have you been enjoying our latest Photo-bomb feature in Italy? Then, get ready to jump into action because those unsuspecting tourists have no idea of the silliness that’s going to appear in their next photo! 

And now, with these new pictures you have the opportunity to become famous! Simply, submit your Photo-bombs direct from the game and into our new Photo-bomb of the Week contest! After taking your best shots, save them to your album and click the button that says ‘Submit’ right below your chosen submission.

Frankie and his team will go through all of your best photos each week and feature that week’s winner, not only on the homepage, but also in our newsletter, and as an in-game loading screen for all of JumpStart to see!

Start preparing your best poses, silly faces, and awesome outfits because when it comes to earning the title of photo-bomb of the week, every bit counts!

New Petz, Ridez, and Threadz

They are finally here! New Petz, Ridez, and Threadz are now in JumpStart, just waiting for Jumpeez like you to take them home. Stop by the DownTown stores today and you’ll  find that there’s an even bigger selection of items to help you stand out on your adventures through  JumpStart.

Check out some of the cool new Petz that you can choose from:

Courage, the cowardly lion
JS coins: 150
Favorite JS Area: Madagascar
Doesn’t Courage remind you a lot of Alex the Lion from Madagascar? Well, he may not be as fierce a lion, but he’s definitely a fun companion to have at your side. Courage can be your support as you take on new adventures in JumpStart.

Seedless, the empty-headed jack o’ lantern
JS Coins: 150
Favorite JS Area: DownTown
The traditional Halloween jack o’ lantern has been turned into a wonderful companion named Seedless! Traveling around with this festive friend can help show everyone in JumpStart your Halloween spirit.

Always, the breathtaking unicorn
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Area: Enchanted Sanctuary
Always is a lovely and mystical pet who knows no limits when it comes to taking on new challenges. With Always by your side, you’ll be in for a fun-filled journey through JumpStart!

And Petz are not the only thing we have to preview. We also have a couple of interesting new Ridez that you might want to check out –
Check out some of the other new updates!