Update On Frankie’s TOP SECRET Project

Hey Jumpeez, are you updated about the secret project Frankie is working on in JumpStart.com?

If you have not heard about it already, Frankie has been working on a top secret project, and it is coming out soon! There is even a countdown that shows how many days, hours, minutes, and even how many seconds are left before Frankie reveals his project to the entire JumpStart® world.

We have also received some hints from Frankie. He has sent us pictures about what he is doing, but we are having a hard time figuring out what they could be! Jumpeez, can you help us figure out what these pictures are?

Frankie gave us this hint on Monday, September 24


Frankie gave us this hint on Wednesday, September 26

We are posting these cool and exciting updates from Frankie on our JumpStart Facebook and Google+, so make sure to check those out every day to see what kinds of clues Frankie gives us!

What do you think these pictures could be? Do you have ideas about what the new project is going to be? Comment below and let us know what you think!


New Seasonal Items for Fall!

Customizing your game just got even more exciting! Now that we have officially entered the fall season, you might want to treat your Jumpee some of our latest seasonal specials. Start revamping your game with some of our recently delivered home décor items, brooms, petz and ridez! 

When it comes to transitioning into a new season, there’s no better place to start with your fall festivities than with your home. Now, at the home store, there are so many pieces to mix and match. There’s something to fit any Jumpee’s style. From windows and wallpapers to chimneys and doors, you can customize any part of your JumpStart home away from home! 

But if you’re looking for adventure a little farther from home, head on over to Windy Hollows. New brooms have arrived to take your Jumpee to all new heights. Are you ready to take to the skies or play a quick game of BroomBall? Let us know which broom works best for you!

The Countdown Begins!

By now, you have probably heard about Frankie’s huge plans and tireless efforts to bring an amazing, new feature to JumpStart. But what could it be and when is it coming?  While he is still keeping the project under wraps, he did let us know when he plans on unveiling his finished project.  Click on the image in the upper right corner of our blog to see a countdown timer that shows how much time is left before Frankie’s latest and greatest feature is revealed.  When the clock reaches zero, head over to JumpStart with all of your friends to explore what Frankie and his team have worked so hard to make for you!

For more clues about what Frankie has in store, make sure to visit our Facebook and Google+ pages for exclusive details you do not want to miss.  He will be sharing mysterious pictures on our Facebook and Google+ pages that provide hints for what he has in store.  Let us know what you think they could be!  We will be posting updates as Frankie reveals them to us so stay tuned.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane!…It’s a NEW FUNZONE!”

Hey Jumpeez, are you ready for your imaginations to be blown away?

JumpStart is adding a brand new area to the game, and it is coming soon. Frankie has been working behind the scenes for quite some time, and he has been working hard to bring a cool, fun and exciting new area for you to explore. However, Frankie has also been very “hush-hush” about it all, because it is a completely top secret project. This is something like you have never seen before!

All of you Jumpeez are going to have to stay tuned for updates about this new, top secret FunZone. Something big and full of adventure is coming your way, so keep on playing JumpStart and get excited!


“3, 2, 1…GO!”

Attention all Jumpeez with a need for speed! Do you like sharp turns, fast rides and adrenaline-pumping fun? Frankie wants to know which exciting JumpStart racing game your Jumpee likes to play!

If you like to use your imagination, Shipwreck Lagoon is the place to be. You can create your own racetracks in these adventurous waters by adding obstacles, jumping ramps, and even islands and waterfalls to add to the scenery that would be fit for any pirate.


Not only can you invite your Jumpee buddies to race with you, but you can also join in another race and get to know some other Jumpeez. There are different types of boats to race in, and you can even choose the color of the boat as you sail along to finish the race!

Try out Buggy Racer if you feel like going on a high-speed scavenger hunt. In this fast-paced game, you are in a race against time as you ride around in your buggy car to collect floating tiki figures that are placed all around the track.


What’s even more exciting about Buggy Racer is that you can earn coins by playing by yourself or by challenging fellow Jumpeez in a match. There are so many different levels and courses in this game that you can try them all out and become a champion!

If you check out Broomball in Windy Hollows you might find that taking on a team to race for the top score is more your speed.


This magical game is going to keep you on the edge of your seat…or actually, your broomstick!

Do you know which racing games or other activities get you the most pumped up for JumpStart? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Happy racing, Jumpeez!

FALL into Family Fun!

The sun is setting on another great summer, but fall presents new ways for you to enjoy great times with your family! Take advantage of the changing seasons by engaging in some of your family’s favorite traditions. From decorating your home to planning fall-themed activities or meals, now is the perfect time to get started.

For most kids, the transition from summer to fall is dominated by the excitement of a new school year and more structured daily schedules. This hectic change into a new season of life can be difficult for some little learners. Kids may not understand why seasons change or what these changes might bring, so help them transition smoothly by “fall-ing” into some cherished family time!

To get your kids involved in learning about the changing seasons, brainstorm about activities that are interactive, stimulating, and most importantly, fun for the whole family! Try putting a playful, seasonal spin on some of your children’s favorite games or crafts. You will have plenty of opportunities to try out various family activities as the fall brings in cooler weather. If you and your loved ones find yourselves stuck inside on a cold day, here are a few activities your family can enjoy together:

Decorate: Show your kids your excitement for the new season by filling your home with seasonal decorations, such as autumn wreaths, pumpkins, scented candles, or maybe a fall-like table cloth. Encourage them to help decorate or even use crafts they make to bring even more color to your home.

Cook: Bake or cook with recipes that use seasonal items like pumpkin, apples, or spices like cinnamon. If the weather gets a little colder where you live, try experimenting with some warm comfort foods like soups, pies, or casseroles.  One of the best ways to bond as a family is to enjoy each other’s company over a hot meal.

Crafts: Incorporate seasonal colors or themes like falling leaves, scarecrows, and pumpkins. Don’t forget that crafts can also be a great visual learning tool. Find ideas that can help teach your kids about the new season or events.

Do you use any of these activities to warm up your home when the seasons start to change? Or perhaps your family has a beloved tradition that is an absolute must-do when the leaves begin to fall? Either way, as we say “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to autumn, we would love to know about how your family plans to “fall” into the new season!

Jump Aboard Some New Ridez!

How are you getting around JumpStart, these days? When pirates are on the move, they have to be able to move swiftly and at a moment’s notice. So, don’t get left behind on your next swashbuckling adventure in our FunZones. Head downtown or over to the SpeedDrome to pick up one of these cool new ridez!

Black & White Pony
JS Coins: 75
Trot around in style or stay hidden in the shadows with this radiant ride! The black and white pony is perfect for any Jumpeez looking for a brave yet loveably, sweet pal to take them around the game.

Armored Ostrich
JS Coins: 125
Although ostriches have been known to hide their heads in the sand, this armored ride is not one to shy away from any new obstacles. Jump on board of this ride and you’ll be set to take on adventures in both rough waters or on dry land

Blue Dragon
JS Coins: 100
Dragons have always been a favorite with JumpStart’s Jumpeez, so why not try picking up one of these beautifully blue ones? Riding along with this winged wonder is not for the faint of heart. This blue dragon will have you moving at unrivaled speeds!

Spiked Hippity Hop
JS Coins: 100
The spiked Hippity Hop is made for all terrains. Whether you’re bouncing on rough roads or around sandy beaches, this ride will definitely help keep you on track. It’s perfect for any Jumpee looking to put an added bounce in their step.

This may only be a preview of what’s in stock, but have you had a chance to pick up any of these new items? Let us know. At the rate that these ridez sell, new ones might be lining the shelves, before you know it!