Hot Off the Press: JumpStart Times, Issue #1

Watch out, Jumpeez; we’ve got some big news! Frankie is proud to announce that the JumpStart Times is back and better than ever! The first issue was released just this week. So, if you’re looking for the most up-to-date insider information on the JumpStart world, look no further! Every Thursday, we’ll be sending your family exclusive in-game information, behind the scenes looks, and many more exciting extras. Log-in to today to make sure that your parents are signed up for these weekly newsletters because you won’t want to miss out!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a JumpStart Times contributor? Then let us see your Jumpee’s screenshots, jokes, riddles, and JumpStart stories. Just have a parent enter your Jumpee’s work for a chance to be published in an upcoming issue. Remind them to have your JumpStart username listed along with your submissions. That way, we know who to credit if your work makes it into the week’s issue.

There are even a few awesome activities that you’ll be able to do each week in the newsletter’s FunZone! You can try your hand at a word scramble or maybe even a few of our mind boggling riddles. It’s up to you!

But that’s not all; Issue #1 also showcased exclusive information like an interview with one of our very own JumpStart artists, tips on how to keep active during the school year, and updates on the latest JumpStart features like the arrival of Pirate Month!

To make sure that you’re receiving the JumpStart Times, each Thursday, log-in to your account at Under the “Parents” tab, you’ll d be able to adjust your JumpStart email settings by selecting the “Personal Information” option. Check it out, today! And let us know if you’re signed up for this new weekly delivery.

Pirates Have Settled into the FunZones!

While their ships are anchored off the coast of JumpStart, the pirates have settled into the DownTown, MainStreet and Boardwalk FunZones. Join them, today, for some awesome adventures or be ready to walk the plank… to a bit of boredom!

Visit MainStreet for a swashbuckling good time!

Experience what it’s like to captain a pirate ship by sailing through creepy caves and leaping to new heights around MainStreet. Have your Jumpee start exploring by sea, ship, or land and they may even find themselves some treasure to take home.

Arrr’ you ready for the Yaaarrrr Ride, matey?

Arrr’ you ready to ride through the rough waters of the DownTown FunZone’s YAAARRRR Ride? Then, captain the pirate ship waiting below and get ready to take to the seas! You and your Jumpee will be on a water coaster like no other.

Help the pirates man the cannons!

But if twists, turns, and daring drops are not your thing, then head to the BoardWalk! It’s around these parts that the pirates have anchored their ships and they might need your help guarding the loot they’ve taken ashore. Use the tree house stationed cannons to ward of any rival pirates or to blast into some good ole’ fashioned pirate fun!

Do you have a favorite part of Pirate Month, so far? Whether it’s the scavenger hunt, the threadz, or the new petz and ridez, we want to know. So, leave yer’ mark in the comments below!

Keep Fitness Fun during the School Year!

With summer quickly coming to a close, it can be difficult to keep your family active each and everyday. So while your kids are busy hitting the books in the classroom, find some time to learn how to help them stay healthy and fit throughout the school year.

First and foremost, you want to make sure your children are ready and comfortable with whatever new activity they choose to pick up. They may even surprise you and have a specific sport already in mind. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them have been inspired by the recent Summer Olympics!

While they’re in school, try looking into the sports options available to them. After all, sports are about more than just moving, they’re also about learning. Organized sports can teach kids about teamwork, developing hand eye coordination, strength, work ethic, and overall agility.

After figuring out what your kids want to do, your next question might be, “When can I plan to fit these things into my family’s already busy schedule?” Well, many competitive sports leagues have specific seasons for certain sports. These schedules can vary, depending on your location, but generally, sports for kids fall into two major seasons –

Fall: football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, etc.
Spring: basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, swimming, tennis or track and field

 But, if organized sports aren’t the right fit for your family, you can still encourage the little ones to “unplug” for an hour each day and head outdoors to keep fitness fun! Start by planning activities that your whole family can enjoy like weekend hikes, long walks through your neighborhood, family bike rides, or swim days.

Remember, family fitness starts with you, so set an example and share these tips with your kids today!

Find the Perfect Pirate Threadz for your Jumpee!

With the pirates anchoring their ships for the month, it’s about time you join in all fun filled features they’ve brought to JumpStart. And what better way to start than with a stop at the Threadz Shop for some perfect pirate looks for your Jumpee!

It’s pirate month in JumpStart. Dress the part! 

Select the “Jumpee Creator” button on your character dock to see what items you already have stored in your closet. That way, you can mix and match your favorite styles with some of our newer pirate pieces. And, who knows? You might even find a leftover item from last year’s celebration!

Create your perfect pirate look! 

Remember, pirates have to be ready for anything on their adventures whether they’re in JumpStart or out at sea. Try picking tops, bottoms, hats, and shoes that you think will best suit your swashbuckling adventurer! And, most importantly, don’t be afraid to be creative. Pirates are like Jumpeez and they come in all shapes and sizes!

Mix and match items for your adventurer!

After dressing the part, your new Jumpee pirate will be ready to take on any of the season’s specials like the scavenger hunt or maybe even a new pet or ride. Which new threadz arrr’ you going to be picking up this month? Let us know!

Shiver Me Timbers: New Petz and Ridez Have Arrived!

Say “Ahoy!” to our latest shipment of petz and ridez! JumpStart’s captain, Frankie has dropped off some seafaring items to help get your Jumpee in the spirit of Pirate month. Head DownTown to check them out, today!

Syd, the deep diving squid
JS Coins:80
Favorite JS Hangout: Poseidon’s Hangout
Syd’s certainly not afraid to get wet, so count him in on any adventures around the deep blue sea. This deep diving squid has never been afraid to explore the unknown and is quick to lend a helping hand to any of his Jumpee pals

Teeth, the swift shark
JS Coins:110
Favorite JS Hangout: MarineLand
Teeth’s teeth may look a bit scary, but that’s just how this swift shark cracks a smile. So, if you’re looking for a pet that’s comfortable in water and ready for some pirate themed fun, Teeth’s just the pet for you, matey!

Sarge, the Ultra Tough Dog
JS Coins:90
Favorite JS Hangout: Adventure Canyon
Sarge sure knows how to keep his pals on track. Whether he’s busy sniffing out items for the scavenger hunt or heading for a FunZone, this ultra tough dog never lets anything scare him off from completing a task!

But if ridez arr’ more your thing this season, rest your eyes on some of our latest sets of wheels…

Want to see some of the season’s new ridez?

‘Tis Pirate Month in JumpStart, Matey!

Ahoy, Jumpeez! Arrr’ you ready for a swashbuckling good time? Because it’s Pirate month in JumpStart! And Frankie needs all hands on deck for this season’s scavenger hunt. Log in to today and check into your Jumpee’s communicator for the full list of hidden items.

How many items do you have left to find?

From treasure maps and compasses to a few flying flags and pirate hats, this hunt is sure to be full of adventure! Have your Jumpee search high and low to complete this task and there might just be a little bit of treasure for them at the end.

Collect all these items for ye’ treasure!

So arrr’ ye ready for the month of the pirates? Don’t forget to stop by the threadz store for some added pirate themed fun. After all, it may make it easier to act like a pirate if you look like one too! Happy hunting, scallywags!

Send in Your Spectacular Screenshots, Today!

UPDATE: By popular demand, this feature has been changed from being Screenshot of the Day to  Screenshot of the Week! This means that if your in-game shot is selected, your Jumpee will be featured on the homepage for a full week, so that all of JumpStart can see your photo taking skills. To join in the fun, have your parents submit your top screenshots, today!

How was your weekend, Jumpeez? Were you able to log-in and check out some of the great screenshots that have been featured on the JumpStart homepage, recently? If you didn’t already know, they were taken by Jumpstart Jumpeez just like you. That’s right! Now, you have the chance to show off your Jumpee to the entire JumpStart world!

Lily GoldenEye was featured on the homepage just last week!

Simply snap your favorite shots around the game and have a parent send them into the JumpStart Community team at! Each day, Frankie will be choosing his favorite picture to feature on the homepage. So, don’t wait! Get your parents to start sending in your screenshots for the chance to take center stage in JumpStart. Just be sure to read through last week’s post, HERE, for all you’ll need to know. Good luck, Jumpeez!