Get Your Copy of the Windy Hollows Comic Book!

Getting kids to read can be difficult, at times. Give your kids a jump start in the right direction by picking up our first ever comic book, Windy Hollows! Based on the adventures of a group of curious students in a land full of mystery and magic, this tale is one that any JumpStart fan is sure to love.

Selected to attend Windy Hollows’ prestigious Oakcrest Academy, Logan, Selena, Maggie, Nicholas, and Poe embark on a fun filled journey after accidentally turning Poe into a frog. Without the proper potion to reverse the charm, they must work together in order to get their fearless friend back.

You and your kids can preview Chapter One of the comic at by logging in and heading over to the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop! But, if you want to know if this group of Jumpeez has what it takes to master the ways of Windy Hollows’ potions, brooms, and charms, you’ll need to order your official comic book through Amazon. This is the only way to finish the tale and receive our special edition Windy Hollows stickers. So, don’t wait and get your order in today. After all, there are only a few copies left before we get our next shipment!

Have you finished reading you copy already? Let us know what you think of JumpStart’s first ever comic book!

14 Responses

  1. I think this great! Wonderful! Very intrested and the characters are funny. Where can i get book? 😀 Amazon? 🙂 Thanks for making this so FUNQ!

  2. Ehh, JumpStart. Not sure having the Windy Hollows comic book made was the best decision. If you want JumpStart so succeed, you have to think about what you want JumpStart to be viewed as – what JumpStart IS. Certain things define JumpStart – characters, the colors red and yellow – but perhaps the most important is the very core: fun, educational PC (and now online) games and activities.

    I understand that you want to advertise this book, seeing as it’s already been made, after all. I just have to ask: Is this what JumpStart is? What does this comic book have to do with JumpStart? OK, so it has to do with a certain part of JumpStart – a very select part. A single world. But for maximum money, I recommend against just churning out whatever fancies you. Think instead of what JumpStart is, what it does, why it exists.

    I’m a teen, not a pro at branding. But I ask you to analyze my words and just think: What is JumpStart? What do we want it to be? And what has it always been? The last one is important, because you want to attract customers of older JumpStart games to the new stuff. But if it’s not clear that JumpStart, despite all the external changes, is still “the JumpStart they know” on the inside, they won’t be attracted. (For more details on themes, check out the book StoryBranding. I haven’t read it all, but it seems good.)

    Just some thoughts. 🙂 God bless you.

    • Hi, StoryMaker – Thanks for your feedback on our Windy Hollows comic book. We appreciate your thoughts and will be sure to share them with the rest of our team. To answer your question one of JumpStart’s major missions is to make learning fun for a wide range of kids with a particular focus on the those within the 3-12 age range. With that in mind, our products have evolved with the interests of today’s children. For example, JumpStart’s educational products have grown to include our printable worksheets, activity books, mobile applications and our online virtual world, in addition to the original software programs.

      More specifically, to help make learning fun for kids who may not be very fond of reading and those who just happen to be fans of comic books or storytelling, we’ve released this special edition book, Windy Hollows. Upon completing the story, we think that you’ll find that this great tale actually gives life to some of the areas most popular games and activities in the JumpStart virtual world. It even comes with a few fun stickers that any JumpStart fan would enjoy!

      We hope that helps calm your concerns regarding the Windy Hollows comic book. And if you have any other questions, please let us know. We truly appreciate hearing the feedback of our fans like you!

      • I’m not really concerned, just giving a few comments. A lot of what you said makes sense. I totally accept and understand the fact that JumpStart wants to diversify and make popular products, which includes comic books. In fact, even though this may have not been clear, I LIKE that you’re making comic books. 🙂

        The only thing is, for me, who is a fan of JumpStart’s classic products, I’m not very motivated to buy that comic book, because to me (a fan of the oldies) it just doesn’t look like it has much to do with JumpStart. To an oldie like me, JumpStart is defined by clear educational value classic characters like Frankie, Hopsalot, CJ & Edison, and others. I understand that JumpStart has evolved a lot. I completely accept that and I’m not mad or anything. JumpStart has ALWAYS been evolving.* I guess I just hope that, despite all the changes, your focus on good, educational products with JumpStart pals stands firm.

        I wasn’t meaning to complain, I just have my opinions, and they might be a bit strong (and maybe a bit silly!) sometimes 🙂 Thanks for caring so much about your customers that you read and answer their comments so extremely often 🙂 I really appreciate that. It seems to set you apart from many other big companies.

        Again, I’m not mad. I don’t hate change. I just like giving opinions 🙂 And sometimes, I’m just plain opinionated 😛

        God bless you.

        *In fact, if you look at Frankie from JumpStart 1st Grade from 1995 and Frankie from JumpStart 1st Grade Reading or Math from 1997, you’ll notice his character design was altered a lot…2 years after he was introduced 😛 JumpStart is ALWAYS changing, in ways big and small!

  3. Jumpstart, you should be guilty. I tried downloading JS Preschool magic of learning app on my windows phone. You took my money but you did not give me the app! 😡

    • Hi, Sadie – We are so sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately, as the transaction was made through the Windows Phone Marketplace, we are not able to immediately look into the situation for you. The best thing you can do is to contact their support team, so that you can access the app that you’ve already purchased. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and hope you’re able to resolve this billing issue with them. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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