Get Ready for Some Fun Times in the FunZones!

Back by popular demand, the Skate-O-Rama has arrived to the MainStreet FunZone! Have you been showing off your skating skills by rolling around the ramps? Check it out today and get your Jumpee pals together for a few fun tricks and jumps. Even the newest of skaters will be surprised by their skills and what they can do!

Roll on over to the Skate-o-Rama!

But if games and puzzles are more your thing, we’ve got you covered with an updated Featured Game FunZone. Head DownTown to check it out! You’ll probably remember last month’s high flying adventure, Freefall Mountain. But with that game gone, you’ll now have the chance to master Punk Punk Drop!

How many Punk-Punks can you eliminate?

Simply connect the matching Punk Punks to eliminate them from the grid. The more Punk Punks you get rid of, the more points you’ll have to turn into JS coins. And who wouldn’t want more coins, right? So, stop by the FunZones for some seriously fun times with your JumpStart friends!

National Dance Day: Tap Your Feet to the Beat!

It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate National Dance Day, so dust off your shoes and start shuffling! There’s a ton of ways to step to the beat while in JumpStart, so be sure to show off your moves in honor of this unique day.

Dance your way to some new achievements!

And as the world’s greatest athletes compete in London, what better time than now to go for the gold and earn yourself some awesome JumpStart awards or your very own “Dancing Superstar” achievement! Join us in the game with a quick round of Dance off, today.

Do you have a favorite dance move or style of dancing? Whether its tap or ballroom, Frankie would love to know how you move to the rhythm of the beat, so let us know!

Celebrate the Opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Today’s the day, Jumpeez! Are you ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics? Every 4 years, countries from across the world come together to celebrate international friendship by competing in this global spectacular! Inspired by the Olympic Games of ancient Greece, this year’s event is being hosted by the city of London, England.

Let the Games begin!

Featuring thousands of athletes competing in 35 different sports, these games are bound to catch your attention this summer. And to help you celebrate this momentous occasion in a big way, Frankie’s made sure to bring some of that Olympic spirit into JumpStart! Be sure to check out our festive threadz and super cool scavenger hunt.

Frankie went around the world to find these items!

Do you have anything big planned to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics? If you need a little inspiration on where to start, stop by our Pinterest Boards to see some of Frankie’s favorite Olympic themed activities!

The 2012 Summer Olympics are Almost Here!

Are you excited for this Summer’s Olympic games? Frankie has been busy “pinning” some of his favorite Olympic themed activities over to our Pinterest boards. If you’re looking for something to help get your family into the spirit of this worldwide event, be sure to check out some of “Frankie’s Olympic Picks!

You’ll find a few fun printable worksheets and a number of crafts and activities to help teach your kids about the competing countries or the history of the games. If you have something fun planned to celebrate the Olympics, let us know! We absolutely love hearing from fans like you!

Get Your Copy of the Windy Hollows Comic Book!

Getting kids to read can be difficult, at times. Give your kids a jump start in the right direction by picking up our first ever comic book, Windy Hollows! Based on the adventures of a group of curious students in a land full of mystery and magic, this tale is one that any JumpStart fan is sure to love.

Selected to attend Windy Hollows’ prestigious Oakcrest Academy, Logan, Selena, Maggie, Nicholas, and Poe embark on a fun filled journey after accidentally turning Poe into a frog. Without the proper potion to reverse the charm, they must work together in order to get their fearless friend back.

You and your kids can preview Chapter One of the comic at by logging in and heading over to the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop! But, if you want to know if this group of Jumpeez has what it takes to master the ways of Windy Hollows’ potions, brooms, and charms, you’ll need to order your official comic book through Amazon. This is the only way to finish the tale and receive our special edition Windy Hollows stickers. So, don’t wait and get your order in today. After all, there are only a few copies left before we get our next shipment!

Have you finished reading you copy already? Let us know what you think of JumpStart’s first ever comic book!

Keep Cool with These Summer Ridez!

Summer often results in warmer weather and a number of fun in the sun activities. Does your Jumpee need a tip on keeping cool? Stop by the Ridez Shop to check out the season’s super cool sets of wheels! These ridez will have your Jumpee catching a nice breeze as they journey from place to place on the JumpStart map.

Below, you’ll find a small preview of the ridez currently available at the DownTown and SpeedDrome Ridez Shops. Check them out:

Wheel Barrel
JS Coins: 125
Are you ready to roll into some new adventures? Then rule the road with this rustic wheeled barrel! We’re sure you have been having some wheel-y good times.

Magic Carpet, Ace
JS Coins: 125
Luck is bound to be on your side as you journey through JumpStart on this Magic Carpet! With this Ace up your sleeve, you’ll be ready to fly into any new games or missions.

Hippity Hop
JS Coins: 100
This hippity hop can easily be described as a bouncing ball of joy. Travelling around JumpStart with this summer special will put a smile on any Jumpee’s face!

So before we restock with even more radiant ridez this season, be sure you get a chance to pick up one of these great items for your Jumpee! Do you have an all-time favorite JumpStart ride? Let us know.

Support Your Team During the Summer Olympics!

Look at any sporting event from around the world, and you’ll notice fans wearing their favorite team’s colors, jerseys, or logos to show their dedication and excitement! This season, during the coming Summer Olympics, be sure your country’s team can count on your support with some of our special edition threadz!

Support your country’s team during the Summer games!

Soon we’ll be stocking the shelves with a variety of items to fit your Jumpee’s unique style. That way, you can support your team without flying all the way across the pond to the 2012 Olympic host city: London, England. Simply make your way to the Downtown Threadz Store to start spreading some seasonal cheer!

Shop our team shirts!

Check out the selection and let us know what you think of all the festive flag shirts. Which team will you be behind when the games officially open on July 27th? Do you have a specific sport that you’ll be watching all summer?