Join us for a Picnic in the MainStreet FunZone!

With Independence Day fast approaching, how will you be celebrating in JumpStart? Tell your Jumpee pals that MainStreet is hosting an extra special summertime treat. And although some of them may remember it from years past, summer’s still the perfect time to get together for this larger than life picnic!

This is not your average picnic!

Just one step onto Frankie’s red, white, and blue blanket and you’ll be in for a big surprise. Get ready to see the JumpStart world from all new perspective, Jumpeez!

It’s alright to play with your food in this FunZone!

From colorful cupcakes and jiggling gelatin, to burgers and cola, there’s something to fit everyone’s taste. But remember this isn’t your average picnic, so skate a few rounds on the picnic plates or jump around on the bouncing burgers, because this food was made to be played with, not eaten! To get a full view of all the fun, don’t forget to take a ride down the slippery soda fountain slide.

Want to see more of the MainStreet FunZone?

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: Garden Defense!

Update: Garden Defense is now open in your neighborhood!
Log into JumpStart to check it out.

So, do you remember that top secret game we mentioned last week, the one that our pal ZuZu was going to bring? Well she decided that it was time to let you in on the secret! After all, she’ll need you and your Jumpee to keep the gardens growing when Garden Defense arrives to JumpStart.

Lend a helping hand to our helpful hippo, ZuZu!

With a number of pesky parasites on the move around your garden, our resident expert in all things green decided to take it upon herself to find a way to stop them from ruining all of the glorious little greenies. And that’s where you come in! Since we’re all about working together here in JumpStart, we thought we’d trust you Jumpeez with the task of controlling the growing bug population.

Follow the trail to protect against the pests!

Think you have what it takes to blast the bugs and level up in Garden Defense? Then head over to your neighborhood when Garden Defense arrives to the game. All you’ll need to do is look out for the trail of crawling critters in your neighborhood. When the game is ready, you can follow them directly to your garden where ZuZu will be waiting to explain the rest!

Summer Fun, Are You Ready for More?

Are you keeping cool with all the fun features Frankie set up to kick off the Summer season? You still have a few more days to enjoy the DownTown Sports Arena location, the BoardWalk SuperSlide, and the MainStreet Tiki Pool. Don’t wait too long though because they won’t be around forever!

Seize the day, Jumpee! These summer FunZones won’t last forever.

But don’t fear, Jumpeez! We’ll be keeping things interesting with more exciting summer specials! Are you ready for more fun in the sun this season? We’ll keep you updated here on the blog, but be sure to log into JumpStart to enjoy the last few days of the FunZones.

Meet ZuZu Petals!

The JumpStart team has been hard at work on some super cool surprises just for you and your Jumpee pals! Now, we aren’t ready to spill the beans on our latest project just yet, but we thought it was about the right time that you meet our new pal, ZuZu Petals! Some of you may already know her from Camp JumpStart, but within the next few weeks you’ll be seeing more of ZuZu in the JumpStart virtual world. So sit back and let us tell you more about her!

ZuZu’s got a green thumb even without the gloves!

If you couldn’t tell by looking at her, ZuZu is quite the fan of gardening! With her big floppy hat and her brightly covered gloves, she can usually be found tending to her precious plants. She puts a ton of hard work into her garden and growing her “little greenie” friends, so it’s really no wonder that she spends more time surrounded by them than she does actual Jumpeez.

Ask her anything about any JumpStart plant, and you might have trouble getting her to stop talking. But any of you neighborhood gardeners would understand. There’s just something magical about growing something from a small seed into a living plant.

Sure, she seems a little odd at first but it’s her cute little quirks that make her unique. So when she finally arrives to the JumpStart, don’t hesitate to say hello! When it comes down to it, she’s super sweet and just might have something fun for you to do!

Let us know what you think of our newest JumpStart pal, ZuZu Petals! Are you excited for what she has planned for you and your Jumpee?

What’s your Summer Style?

As we settle into summer, here in JumpStart, Frankie wants to make sure that all your Jumpeez are dressed and ready for this season’s adventures! So before the sun begins to shine a little brighter and you find yourself hanging out more and more by the Tiki Pool or JS Sports Arena, you’re going to want to keep your Jumpee cool and comfortable in some fun summer styles.

Mix n’ match your favorite styles!

Jump ahead of the rush and stop by the Threadz store, today, to find your perfect look for the season. We’ve loaded the store with a ton of new items like sandals, some shorts, and a few new shirts. So don’t wait, express your creative spirit and customize your Jumpee for some fun in the sun!

Earn coins to purchase your favorite items!

And if you’re looking for a few more coins before your next big shopping spree, there are a number of fun ways to earn them. Don’t forget that our learning games have the biggest payouts, so you may want to start there. And you can always earn “Free” coins by inviting your buddies to join in on the fun at

Are you ready for Summer, JumpStart style? Let us know what your favorite items are or how you’d describe your summer style.

Rule the Roads with a New Ride for Summer!

Traveling back and forth from DownTown to the BoardWalk, and from MainStreet to your Neighborhood can get pretty tiring. So why don’t you give your Jumpee a rest and pick up a new summer ride! That way, you’ll get where you need to be while your Jumpee gets to take a load off their feet. Check out this preview of JumpStart’s summer ridez!

Flying Pig
JS Coins: 150
There are a number of unbelievably cool things around JumpStart this summer, so it’s no wonder that Jumpeez can ride in pigs that we’ve taught to fly! With items like this, it’s safe to believe the unbelievable.

Tiki, Octopus, Rainbow Skateboards
JS Coins: 100 Each
Whether you’re a seasoned skater or you’re just starting out on your first board, we’ve got some super cool summer designs for you to enjoy! Give these wheels a quick spin and cruise over to some awesome adventures.

Octopi and Striped beach towels
JS Coins: 120 each
Ready to soar above the warm sand at the Beach! Then pick up one of our fantastic beach towels. Believe us when we say, you’ve never had a beach towel like this. And a super summer beach ball’s included with each purchase!

There’s so much to do this season, so pick up the pace in one of these radiant ridez! Head DownTown or over to the SpeedDrome to check out the full selection. If you’ve got a favorite one in our stores, let us know. We love hearing from fans like you!

New Petz Have Washed up on the Summer Shore!

When summer comes around, there’s nothing like being outdoors and enjoying a nice ocean breeze. So why don’t you share the experience with a wonderful water loving friend! BE sure to check all the charming choices now available in the JumpStart Petz Shop.

Pinch, the cranky crab
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Area: MarineLand
Everyone gets a little bit cranky from time to time, and Pinch is no exception. He is a crab after all! But don’t let his shining shell fool you. He’s quite the loveable creature under that hard exterior!

Shoreline, the wave-loving seahorse
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Area: Lost Island in AdventureLand
Shoreline loves catching waves on new shores. We’ve noticed that this seahorse really has a thirst for adventure. But what really sets Shoreline apart is his courage to enter into uncharted waters.

Trish, the stylish shark
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Area: Poseidon’s Hangout!
With her unique style, Trish is all about socializing with friends in Poseidon’s Hangout.  She just might love the OctoLair almost as much as she loves the ocean! If you’re looking for a fun time, grab on to her fin for a quick spin or game of Dance Off!

Harbor, the snowy seal
JS Coins: 80
Favorite JS Area: The Boardwalk
Harbor isn’t really a summer sea creature like this rest of this precocious pack, but this snow loving seal is definitely ready for some sun! Known for his ability to keep things fun filled and action packed, Harbor can often be found celebrating the seasons around the ever changing FunZones.

Just talking about these petz has us dreaming about the new summertime specials at the MainStreet, DownTown and Boardwalk FunZones. So grab a pal and join us for some fun in the sun! Which one of these petz will you be picking up this season?