Summer Is On Its Way!

For many Jumpeez all over the world, summer is all about having fun in the sun. And as the weather begins to warm, we’ll be keeping things cool in JumpStart with a few fresh new features! Are you ready for what the season has to bring?

Are you ready for a few FunZone surprises?

Check into the game later this week to help us start celebrating the summer season. From new FunZones and new Petz to a special summer scavenger hunt, we’ve got tons to share with you and your Jumpee! But in the meantime, let us know what your favorite part of summer is. Frankie just loves hearing from Jumpstart players like you!

Happy Memorial Day!

Today’s Memorial Day! Do you and your family have anything planned to celebrate and honor the brave men and women of the armed forces?

From, JumpStart

Traditionally, people use this long weekend to spend with family and friends. But if your kids don’t have anything big on their schedules, they might want to have a fun day out and about in JumpStart. There are so many ways to celebrate with us in the game!

Want to read about our favorite things to do on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Ridez!

Are you ready to celebrate Memorial Day, JumpStart style? Because we have a few fun n’ festive ways to get you started! Just in time for the celebration, Frankie has driven over some new ridez to the DownTown and SpeedDrome Ridez Shops. Preview the new items here or login to Jumpstart to see the full selection!

 Flying Saucer
JS Coins: 125
Soar above the rest with the help of this star lined flying saucer. In this cosmic ride, you’re bound to have some out of this world adventures!

 Pedal Rocket
JS Coins: 100
Pedal around JumpStart at unrivaled speeds in this rockin’ rocket ride! As you zoom past challenge after challenge, you’ll be nothing short of unstoppable.

Big Wheel
JS Coins: 75
Join the big leagues and upgrade to this BIG wheel-ed ride! Roll into town on this ride, and nothing will stand in the way of your extraordinary expeditions.

Red Hippity Hop
JS Coins: 75
Jump into a new adventure with this classic Hippity Hop ride. It’s perfect for any Jumpee looking to add a little bounce to their step!

Got a favorite ride from this Memorial Day preview? Let us know. Frankie just loves hearing from Jumpeez like you!

Pair Up with a Pet in JumpStart!

It’s a big world out there in JumpStart, so it’s understandable to want a pal around to help keep you going on new adventures. Stop by the Petz Shop to see if any of these cute and cuddly creatures interest you!

Zeus, the zig-zagged zebra
Favorite JumpStart area: Adventure Canyon
JS Coins: 120
Zeus is quick on his feet and can usually zigzag past any obstacles ahead of him and his Jumpee friends. This zebra is strong willed and has lightening fast reflexes.

Nautilus, the golden squid
Favorite JumpStart area: MarineLand
JS Coins: 150
Nautilus is a very supportive friend when things start speeding up around JumpStart. Whatever the challenge, this golden squid will be quick to lend a helping hand to any Jumpee pal.

Bleu, the moldy sandwich
Favorite JumpStart area: Windy Hollows
JS Coins: 110
There’s nothing stale about Bleu’s fun personality. No matter the weather or terrain, this moldy sandwich is ready for adventure at any moment!

Green Thumb, the gleeful garden gnome
Favorite JumpStart area: My neighborhood
JS Coins: 80
Green Thumb is sure to keep any Jumpee in happy spirits. One look at this precious pet and you’ll find that his spectacular smile is simply infectious!

If you still don’t see the perfect pet pair for your Jumpee, then log-in to JumpStart and checkout what other little pals are available for adoption this season. Frankie just dropped off an amazing selection DownTown! Which of our new petz will you be adopting?

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Frankie has some pretty exciting news for all you JumpStart fans out there… we recently joined Pinterest! Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, “wait, but what’s Pinterest?” It’s is a fun, interactive community where we’ll be sharing JumpStart crafts, educational activities, free printable worksheets, lesson plans, fan mail, and a ton of other information regarding our online and mobile games!

Follow us on Pinterest!

Think of it as a digital pin board where you can pin things that interest you and your kids. Start your account today and you’ll be able to save your favorite Jumpstart activities and information all in one place.

When you get a chance, stop by to check out our boards and “like” or “repin” your favorite games, activities, or pictures. Are any of you already on Pinterest? Then stop by to start following us, today!

Hello There, Neighbor!

Do you and your kids know what special day happens to be fall on this coming weekend? This Sunday is the day to be a good neighbor and throw a block party because it’s Neighbor Day! And in JumpStart we’re all for being a good neighbor and helping out our fellow Jumpeez.

Your kids can celebrate in their neighborhood!

We even have a few achievements for things like “The Friendliest Neighbor,” or simply being a “Good Neighbor!” See if your kids are ready to rise through JumpStart’s ranks and celebrate their buddies by throwing a block party of their own. Or if they’d rather just join in on a celebration, they can always browse though the selection of happening events at the Neighborhood Party Board.

Customize your neighborhood FunZone and throw a party to celebrate your Neighbors!

How will you and your kids be celebrating the day? Introduce yourselves to the people on your block and you’ll never stop seeing the benefits of being a good neighbor!

The Enchanted Sanctuary: Eggling 101

We talk a lot about Mythies here on the blog, so it’s about time that we give your kids a lesson on our other enchanted companions, the Egglings! After all, every mythie whether it’s a Dragon, a Pegasus, or a Hornhowlie, starts out as a little egg.

Do your kids have an eggling of their own?

If they haven’t done so already, have your kids take a visit to The Enchanted Sanctuary to get an eggling pal of their own. These cute companions are an absolute dream to adventure with through JumpStart! And by securing their Eggling and completing all of Ivy’s tasks, your kids will even be rewarded with a few coins and jumpstars to help them rise through our ranks!

Want more Eggling tips and tricks?