Pal Around with These Precious Petz!

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, your kids might be looking for the perfect pet to help them celebrate the day’s festivities in JumpStart. If they don’t have one in mind, don’t worry! The Petz Shop just got a brand new shipment of seasonal pals to keep them company around the game. And we have a preview of the selection right here on the blog:

Nacho, the confused cactus
JS Coins: 100
Favorite JumpStart hangout: The Beach
Nacho may be a little confused at times, but if there is one thing he’s certain about… it’s how much he LOVES adventure!

Rita, the dancing cactus
JS Coins: 100
Favorite JumpStart hangout: The OctoLair
Rita dances to the beat of her own drum. She’s the perfect pet to take along on a trip to Poseidon’s Hangout.

Ole, the festive cactus
JS Coins: 100
Favorite JumpStart hangout: the DownTown and MainStreet FunZones
Ole is all about fun and any type of fiesta! That’s why he loves tagging along to the festive FunZones with his Jumpee friends.

So which of our cute and prickly cacti have caught your kid’s eye? Let us know which friend they’ll be adopting this time of year!

Get a Lift from a Lovely Llama!

A new ridez shipment has arrived to the Downtown and SpeedDrome Ridez Shops! Have your kids had a chance to see our selection of lovely llamas? These soft and speedy ridez are quick on their feet and ready to take your kids and their jumpeez all over the JumpStart virtual world! Take a look and suggest one of these radiant ridez for your kids today!

Wooden Llama

JS Coins: 100
Built to last, this sturdy ride can weather even the toughest of conditions. From the beach to the raceway, this ride is ready for anything.

Dark Night Llama

JS Coins: 75
This sleek llama is perfect for any Jumpee looking for a ride with a bit of classic style. You can easily find this lovely llama galloping around Windy Hollows or Poseidon’s Hangout.

Grey Llama

JS Coins: 75
Going grey doesn’t slow down this ride. The grey llama can keep up with the best of them and is one of the most reliable ridez we’ve ever seen!

Want to check out a few of our other seasonal ridez?

Comic Book Contest: A Glitch in the Time Machine

Coming to a Comic Book Shop near your Jumpeez… A Glitch in the Time Machine! Later this week, you and your kids will be able to flip through the pages of Savannah SweetDragon’s comic creation, the winning selection from our recent JumpStart comic book contest.

A Glitch in the Time Machine

Send your kids over to Windy Hollows to get some reading in and to celebrate one of their fellow Jumpeez! They’ll learn that in JumpStart, anything is possible with a little bit of brainpower and team work. Give it a go and let us know what you think about the latest Comic Book Shop read!

Check out all the Comic Book Shop changes!

COMING SOON: Earn Free Coins!

There’s so much for your kids to customize in the JumpStart virtual world. Do they have all the coins they need to pick up a few of our seasonal specials this time of year? If they’re looking for a few extra ones to spend around the game, let them know all about the new “Invite-a-friend” feature that’s on its way into JumpStart!

Invite your friends today!

Soon they’ll be able to earn an added bonus for getting their friends in on all the fun and learning at! Once their buddy registers with the listed email address, your child will receive 150 coins to spend on whatever they want in the game. It’s never been easier to earn those JS coins! When the feature arrives, just look for the button below to get started.

Get ready to find the Earn Free Coins button

What are your favorite things about JumpStart? Got a parent pal who you think will enjoy all the educational benefits of the site? Share the info with your family friends and earn your kids this little spending surprise!

Brighten Your Day and Grow a Sun Flower!

Do your kids have a green thumb or do they just so happen to be expert water balloon throwers? Either way, you might want to have them take a quick visit to the DownTown Funzone to help us grow JumpStart’s Spring sun flower. Watching this beauty bloom is sure to brighten any Jumpee’s day!

 Think your kids can out throw their JumpStart buddies? The more water balloons thrown at the plant the faster the flower grows, so encourage your kids to get their friends in on the action too! Remind them that with a large group of Jumpeez working together, there will be nothing in their way when it comes to seeing this fantastic flower in full bloom.

Their hard work won’t go unnoticed. If they do their part, they’ll even receive a few extra coins to spend on our limited time threadz, petz, and ridez! Ready? Set. Grow!

Find the Perfect Petz for Spring!

Between planning the egg hunt and getting those egg basket ridez in, Frankie still has a few EGGstraodinary ideas for Spring! Have your kids had a chance to see the new egg petz at the DownTown Petz Shop? Get your kids in on all the festivities by taking one of these eggs along on their adventures in learning.

Eggbert, the elated egg
JS Coins: 100
Favorite Hangout Spot: Storybook Land
Dressed in his very best Spring styles, Eggbert is just bursting with excitement over the season’s specials!

Incubegg, the cryogenic egg
JS Coins: 100
Favorite Hangout Spot: FutureLand
Incubegg is beyond cool. In fact, he’s so cool, he’s frozen! Maybe your kids could take him along to some of our warmer climates because he’s ready for any kind of adventure.

Tieler, the enterprising egg
JS Coins: 100
Favorite Hangout Spot: DownTown
Tieler may always be focused on the business at hand, but he does know how to loosen his tie and have some fun. Don’t let your kids be fooled by his appearance.

Pastelle, the vibrant egg
JS Coins: 100
Favorite Hangout Spot: The OctoLair
With all the EGG themed features around this season, Pastelle is one to shine bright. Your kids will never find her lost in the crowd.

Sheila, the shiest egg
JS Coins: 100
Sheila may be shy but that’s not all she’s cracked up to be. She’s sweet and extremely loyal, sticking by your kid’s side through thick and thin!

Will your kids be adopting a seasonal pet? Which one is their favorite? Let us know what you and your kids think of the selection. Frankie sure loves hearing from our JumpStart fans!

While Supplies Last: Egg Basket Ridez!

There are still some EGGcellect choices left in the Ridez Shop. Have your kids had a chance to check them out? Unfortunately some of the seasonal specials, like our popular Egg Basket ridez, will be gone before you know it, so head over to the DownTown or SpeedDrome Ridez Shops with your kids and take a look at the spectacular selection!

Turquoise and Blue Egg Basket

JS Coins: 100
There will be nothing for you kids’ Jumpeez to be blue about with this awesome blue basket!

Patchwork Egg Basket

JS Coins: 100
Cracked shell? Not a problem! This patchwork patterned basket is perfect to any craft loving Jumpee.

Pink Egg Basket

JS Coins: 100
Pretty in pink, the driver of this ride is bound to stick out from the crowd!

Rainbow Egg Basket

JS Coins: 100
Why choose one color when you can have all the colors of the rainbow, right? From top to bottom, this basket is bursting with color!

But, don’t worry; the egg baskets aren’t the only new ridez that have come in with Frankie’s latest ridez shipment. There are a few skateboards, bouncy balls, dragons, magic carpets, and ponies to fit your kids’ taste! So, what do you think they’ll be using to get around JumpStart this season?