Launch into Math Blaster!

UPDATE: The DownTown bounce house has become the
Math Blaster Launch Center.

Are your kids ready to take on a new frontier? Have them head DownTown to check out the latest FunZone update! There’s a ship ready to launch them directly into Math Blaster from JumpStart. It’s that easy, so what are you and your kids waiting for?

Head to the DownTown FunZone to launch into Math Blaster!

If you didn’t already know, Math Blaster is a fun and futuristic world where kids ages 6 and up can raise their own alien pet and complete out of this world missions. There, your kids will be learning math through amazing arcade style games as they train in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. If your kids are up for a challenge, have them join the ranks of Max’s Blaster Corps today!

Send your kids into the Launch Center to check it out!

There’s so much to do and see in Math Blaster, so encourage them to step into the Launch Center to check it out. Who knows, Math might even become their new favorite subject! Take a ride with them to the Space Port and let us know what you think of the Math Blaster virtual world.

New Petz!

Have your kids try to pick one…just one. We dare you! To see what petz we have in store this season, head over to the DownTown Petz Shop with your kids. They won’t be able to pick just one, but you can help them by sharing some of the fun facts we have about the petz below!

Katana, the agile ninja

Favorite JumpStart Area: Hidden Treasure Hollow, where she can practice her ninja moves

Katana will hide really well in the dark, as long as it’s pink out. She might be pretty in pink, but her punch is pretty potent too! Let her accompany your kids on their JumpStart adventures and she’ll always have their back.

Petunia, the bashful elephant

Favorite JumpStart Area: The Beach, what, you’ve never seen a pink elephant on the beach before?

Don’t be afraid of her size, she’s the sweetest and shyest elephant you’ve ever met. The only thing that could match Petunia’s size is her loving heart! She’ll always be there when your kid needs someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. We all need a friend like Petunia!

Lux, the enlightening lamp

Favorite JumpStart Area: Overseeing all the fun at the Arcades

Lux will brighten up your kid’s day and light the way to fun times and new adventures. Lux can help your kid cheer up or help them study, either way he’s one of the best petz to have around for your kids and their Jumpeez!

Conrad, the crazy crab

Favorite JumpStart Area: the beaches that his crabby cousins patrol

Conrad is especially crazy, but he’s harmless. We swear! He gets a bad rap for being a little too crabby sometimes. Just step in his way on one of the beaches he roams and you’ll find out the hard way. Conrad is great to have around though, that huge smile tells you he’s not like the others. Let your child take him on their next beach excursion and they won’t regret it!

Big or small, crazy or calm, your kids will love this season’s petz! Which ones are your kids’ favorites? Any of these petz would be great companions for your kids and their Jumpeez. With such fun and friendly personalities, your kids will love them all!

JumpStart Mobile Apps: Now Available at the Nook Store!

It just got even easier to bring JumpStart around with you and your kids. Now, you’ll be able to download all of our apps direct to your Nook! Our mobile apps allow kids to enjoy some of JumpStart’s most popular games anywhere at anytime. From long family road trips to errand filled days out and about, your kids will never get bored with these great games. Check them out!

JumpStart Preschool: Magic of Learning
iTunes // Android // Amazon // Nook

JumpStart’s apps include: JumpStart My ABC Book, JumpStart Jetpack, JumpStart Art Studio, JumpStart Roller Squash, and JumpStart Punk Punk Blitz

If you don’t have a Nook, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to find these mobile games at the iTunes App Store, Android Market and Amazon. Try them out with your kids and let us know what you think!

Don’t Forget to Enter the Comic Book Contest!

Have your kids started work on their comic book? In case you didn’t already know, JumpStart is hosting it’s first ever Comic Book Contest, where your kids can enter for the chance to see their work published in the Windy Hollows Comic Book Shop!

See your kids work at the Comic Book Shop!

If you’re looking for the entry form, head here to download the form and read all there is to know about the contest’s rule and requirements. We’d be glad to help get your kids’ entries in for consideration. So if you have any questions, just let us know!

All entries must be submitted before the deadline, March 9, 2012. Multiple entries are allowed, so if your child has lots of ideas, send them our way. With the deadline fast approaching, you’ll want to remind your storytelling kids about this great opportunity, today!

Bid Farwell to the February FunZones!

The seasons are changing around Jumpstart and Valentine’s Day won’t be around much longer! Have your kids been enjoying all the festive additions around this season? Soon the February FunZones will be filled with new games and activities for your kids!

Visit the MainStreet FunZone!

MainStreet will be showcasing FutureLand’s fascinatingly fun adventures. If your kids and their Jumpeez are ready to travel through time, send them through this quick and easy FutureLand portal! Full of fun, challenging missions, FutureLand is the perfect place to pass the time with a fun learning game or two.

Tell your kids to head to the DownTown FunZone!

Over in the DownTown FunZone, we’re bringing some “just for fun” activity with our new jump house. Have your kids and their Jumpee friends head over to the FunZone to get jumping. With each leap, they’ll be lifted to new JumpStart heights! Are they ready for this quick adrenaline rush?

Once your kids get a chance to check out the latest JumpStart updates, let us know what they think of this season’s quick change. Frankie and the team here at JumpStart love hearing their feedback!

New Ridez DownTown

Have your children seen the new ridez DownTown? One look at this latest selection, and they’ll never be able to choose just one!

Patch Llama

This ride will patch everything up! With a llama as colorful as this, what could possibly go wrong?

Blue Dragon

Blue as the sky, this dragon will disguise your children’s Jumpeez as they fly around JumpStart. If they choose this mode of transportation, it definitely won’t make them feel blue!

Chariot Segway

Your Jumpeez’ chariot awaits! Tell your children to pick up the chariot segway at the Ridez Shop today to be carried around JumpStart like the ancient peoples were.

Hearts Beach Towel

Just because February 14th has passed doesn’t mean your kids can’t still celebrate love! They can buy this hearts beach towel and help spread it around.

With so many amazing ridez on our shelves, which one will your child be using to get around JumpStart?

Which Pet Is Different from the Rest?

Check out some of the newest petz to arrive in JumpStart! Three of these precious pals have something in common and one is different from the rest. Can your kids guess what it is? Pay close attention and you just might notice a pattern!

Theta, the serious scout!
Favorite JumpStart Hangout:
Theta loves the Quizinator in Uncle Milton’s Amazing Scienceland.
Her favorite subject is The Solar System, since she knows it so well.

Theta means serious business! As commander-in-chief of Mothership Beta, she has to keep a serious face on at all times, but don’t worry she also knows how to have a little fun!

Strawberry, the huggable teddy bear!
Favorite JumpStart Hangout:
Strawberry loves the Hearts Lane swan ride in DownTown.
She waits for it to come all year!

Valentine’s Day may be over, but Strawberry still has the spirit of love in her. Like her name suggests, she loves hugs and kisses!

Medulla, the cerebrity brain!
Favorite JumpStart Hangout:
Being a cerebrity himself, Medulla loves to watch other famous
JumpStart characters at the movie theater on the BoardWalk.

No autographs, please! Fame is the name of Medulla’s game. Jumpeez everywhere know him by those piercing blue eyes. Just take a look. He’s never one to blend into the crowd!

Oliver, the icy owl!
Favorite JumpStart Hangout:
Owls are night creatures so Oliver spends most of his time in Windy
Hollows. He loves to play broomball and thinks it’s a hoot!

Oliver’s stares can be cold as ice, but once your kids get to know him they’ll see he’s one of the warmest pets!

Now that you’ve been introduced to some of our newest pals, which pet do you think your kids will adopt? Were they able to find figure out which pet doesn’t quite belong? Frankie loves hearing what they think about our special store items, so let us know!