Pet Adoption: Meet the Newest Petz to Arrive DownTown!

These dazzling darlings are looking for sweet and loving Jumpeez to take them home this season. With pals like these by your kids’ sides, they’ll never get lonely on their JumpStart adventures. Have your kids found their perfect pet, yet? Well, we’ve got a few familiar faces that have returned to the DownTown Petz Shop! Which petz are you kids most excited about seeing back in our shop?

Meet Calmaria, the sweetheart squid!
Expected Delivery Date: 25 January 2011
Favorite JumpStart Area: MarineLand

If your kids have been looking for an extra helping hand as they travel around JumpStart, Calmaria might be who they want tagging along on their adventures. She’s a quick and swift traveler with nothing but love for her friends. Don’t believe us? Just check out her heart shaped freckles. She can’t seem to contain her loving demeanor!

Learn more about this season’s petz!

New Threadz Your Kids Will LOVE!

Cupid’s arrow has struck the DownTown Threadz shop! Your kids’ hearts are going to skip a beat when they see all the ribbons and lace that are showering the store this season.

There’s nothing not to adore about all these lovely new pink threadz!

Your kids can show off their love for dragons with this cool red shirt.

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February FunZones!

JumpStart winter’s over now,
Don’t cry a tear or make a frown.
February’s coming soon,
With floating hearts and flowers bloom.

Cupid himself will make a trip,
To bring good cheer, love and friendship.
For all the Jumpeez in the land,
He’ll leave some gifts to take in hand.

A maze you say? What a special treat,
With scrumptious chocolates good to eat.
A ride with swans, how can it be so?
Float down Hearts Lane nice and slow.

When your kids make it through the Box of Chocolate Maze, they’ll reach the floating hearts trampoline!

Tell your kids to take a ride through Hearts Lane in a swan boat. They will be delighted by all of the sights along the way.

So many sweet things to see and do.
Cupid’s gathered his arrows and drawn his bow.
He just might strike a Jumpee or two,
Don’t worry, your kids can spread the cheer too!

Your kids can help spread the Valentine’s Day cheer, by throwing a heart at a fellow Jumpee as a sign of friendship.

What February activity are your kids looking forward to?


Opposite Day

January 25th is Opposite Day! Frankie and the team here at JumpStart have thought of some fun things for you and your kids to do to celebrate. Try some of them out and then tell us about it!

1. Say everything in opposites. For example, when your family wakes up in the morning say, “Goodnight” to each other.
2. Wear your clothes backwards or inside out. This is sure to make your family and friends laugh.
3. Eat your family’s meals backwards, beginning with dinner food for breakfast. Or, start your meal with dessert—we bet your kids will love that!
4. Play this game: Describe something to your kids and have them guess what the opposite of that word is. For example, “This is the season that is very cold and sometimes brings snow.” (Answer: summer)
5. Play this game: Say an action and your children have to do the opposite. For example, when you say, “Stand up,” your kids sit down.

What if everything was opposite on Opposite Day?

Can your kids think of any more things to do on Opposite Day? Let us know how your family will be celebrating this fun day!

Check Out JumpStart’s Latest Ridez!

Have your kids been getting around JumpStart on one of our snazzy new ridez? From awesome animals to sleighs and fun flying saucers to big wheels, the DownTown Ridez shop has anything and everything a Jumpee could dream of riding.

Has you child been shopping for a new ride?

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite new items. To see all of our available vehicles head over to the DownTown or SpeedDrome Ridez shops, now! These radiant ridez are sure to sell out! But don’t worry, that just means that we’ll be getting more new items to fill our shelves.

Spotted pony

Price: 75 JS Coins

Learn more about this season’s ridez!

Does Your Child Need More Coins?

The Boardwalk prize cannon is now firing out more coins daily! Your kids just need to jump in and fly out of the cannon. Because they’ll be armed with all the new lessons they’ve learned by playing JumpStart, your children will be able to aim for a bigger prize than before!

Your kids can earn as many as 20 coins in one blast! So tell them to go shoot for a prize today!

JumpStart Is Celebrating the New Year with Some New Petz!

The New Year is all about new beginnings and new things, so have your kids stop by the DownTown Petz shop to meet some of the cute little critters waiting to be adopted by our jolliest of Jumpeez! Are your kids ready for a new pet for the New Year?

Paige, the bookworm panda

Expected Delivery Date: January 16, 2012
Cost: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: StoryLand

Paige can usually be found with her face buried in a book somewhere or off on an adventure through StoryLand. No matter the subject, Paige is always awaiting the next new read. She recently finished the JumpStart Comic, Windy Hollows: A Tale of Mischief and Magic, and couldn’t get enough about the charming history of Windy Hollows. If your child is looking for a reading pal, then there’s no pet better that this bookworm of a panda.

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