Have Your Kids Seen the New Brooms?

New Brooms have arrived to JumpStart! Be sure to let your kids know, so they’ll have a chance to find the perfect broom to send them soaring above the whimsical world of Windy Hollows. To see this season’s full collection of brooms, your child will need to head over to the broom closet, today!

Have your child select their very own broom!

For those not so familiar with the area, the broom closet is in the central part of Windy Hollows and is neighbored by the Comic Book Shop. Send your kids’ Jumpeez up the winding staircase and into the closet to select their new broom. Each broom has a unique look and flying style, so your kids might have to test a few out before finding the one that’s right for their Jumpee.

Your child will be flying through Windy Hollows!

Once they’ve made their big broom decision, they’ll be on an adventure through the sky with a beautiful birds’ eye view of Windy Hollows. Which brooms have your kids’ Jumpeez been using to take flight?

Time’s Running Out!

Update: This scavenger hunt is now over.

We’re nearing the last days of our winter season SpeedDrome and Boardwalk Scavenger Hunt! How many items have your kids found? There are a total of 40 holiday items with 20 in each area, so if your kids and their Jumpeez haven’t already started, they might want to get hunting! Holiday items such as candy canes, bows and terrific trees are hidden all over these two areas. Have your kids search high and low to find all our seasonal surprises!

Which items have your kids found?

If you kids aren’t sure about which items they have left to collect, simply have them select the communicator on their Jumpee’s character dock. From there, they’ll need to select the “Scavenger Hunt” button at the top of the menu. This will display the items your kids will have to keep hunting for before season’s end.

Some items are well hidden while others are easier to find.

Your kids will need to search through all the little corners and hidden spots around the Boardwalk and SpeedDrome. Be sure they aren’t afraid to get wet, since some items might require them to leave the shore for a short swim. To find all the items they’ll need to search some of the harder to reach areas like behind the SeedDrome waterfall. Although it’s a challenge, we hope you enjoy exploring these areas during the hunt. There’s a lot of space to hide these small holiday items!

Has your child started hunting down the holiday items?

How many items have your kid found? Have they already completed the hunt for their surprise prize?

Season’s Greetings!

Update: This season is now over. We hope that your kids had a happy holiday season this year and were able to enjoy all the exciting winter features in JumpStart!

We hope you and your family have been enjoying a wonderful holiday season. We love celebrating the holidays and have added some very special holiday-themed games and activities for your kids to enjoy!

Your children can use the Elf-o-Matic to shrink themselves down to the size of an elf and explore the JumpStart world, wearing a winter hat and festive slippers. They can enter the Winter Wonderland to unlock magical surprises like a steam engine that will take your tots on a scenic ride through the land. Make sure to send your kids over to DownTown too, where they can build a snowman and watch as he comes to life right before their eyes.

In seconds, your kids will be transformed into happy little elves.

Your kids can go ice skating, sledding or take a ride on the Winter Wonderland train. Just make sure they watch out for the abominable snowman!

We hope your kids have been enjoying all of these wonderful winter features. But the Winter Wonderland won’t be in JumpStart for much longer, so make sure your kids check them out before they’re gone.

New Ridez Have Arrived, Just in Time for the Holidays!

Update: This season is now over.

By sleigh, sled, or bouncy ball your kids have been trekking through the JumpStart snow in style. Now, your kids have even more incredible ridez to choose from because the Ridez Store just received a brand new shipment. Check out some of the new ridez that have just arrived in DownTown!

If your kids what to stomp around JumpStart atop a supersized mech, this is the perfect ride for them. Your kids can rest assured that this big guy won’t rust when he hits the wet, damp snow. This mech has an extra protective layer that will keep him up and running to perfection throughout the JumpStart winter.

This lama has grown a thick, warm coat from all those snowy winters he’s spent high up in the Andes Mountains. His fur keeps him comfortable during the chilly days of the JumpStart season and will help your kids stay nice and toasty too as they ride nestled in his fluffy coat.

Check out more new ridez here!

My Jumpee Gave to Me… Four Wishing Petz!

Update: This season is now over.

More petz have arrived at the DownTown Petz Shop, just in time for the JumpStart holidays! So, gather round, Jumpeez. It’s time to celebrate with petz, both young and old.

Ogre, the mud-loving pig

Price: 100 JS Coins

His Wish for the JumpStart Holidays: Ogre is easy to please. He dreams of finding a big puddle of mud once the snow melts!

View more petz here!

Are Your Kids Ready for Some Fruit Salad?

Are you looking to make you kid’s bigger fans of fruit? Do they already love fruit? Or do they happen to be skilled kitchen assistants looking for a little more practice? Either way you might want to tell them about JumpStart’s coming feature, Fruit Salad Chop! When it arrives, have them hit the “Quick Launch” button on their character dock to start playing.

Select the “Quick Launch” button to pull up JumpStart’s latest games!

In order for you kids to get more practice in, we’ve even added a demo of the game to a few of our loading screens. That way, waiting to get from game to game or land to store is a little more enjoyable for your kids’ Jumpeez!

Use the loading screen demo to get some practice in before the clock starts!

All your kids will need to do after loading the game is slice as many fruits as possible before the clock runs down. The time clock is posted in the upper left hand corner of the gaming screen while your child’s points will be listed to the opposite, right hand corner. Points are tallied by the size of the fruit and the number of slices your child can make. It may sound simple but these fruits come in all shapes and sizes, flying into the game from all directions. Make sure your kids are ready for any fruit at any moment!

Learn more about Fruit Salad Chop!

Holiday Decorations for Neighborhood Celebrations!

Update: This season is now over.

Your kids can celebrate the season by adorning their JumpStart neighborhoods with their favorite festive decorations. From a fluffy, white blanket of snow to strings of lights hanging from the trees, there are so many ways for your kids to enjoy the December holidays!

What Jumpee wouldn’t love snow-topped trees and a lane lined with candy canes?

To get started, tell your kids to head to their Neighborhood and go to the Neighborhood Decorations kiosk. Here, your kids will have four holiday-inspired themes to choose from. So, whether they want a twinkling winter wonderland or a street lined with candy canes, it’s all up to them!

Each theme is so merry and bright your kids will want to pick a new one each day!

Your kids can even add a matching FunZone that will keep the holiday spirit ringing through the entire neighborhood. All of these wonderful decorations create the perfect setting for a spectacular holiday bash. So, tell your kids to start addressing those invites because it’s a great time for Jumpeez to celebrate together with a JumpStart Neighborhood Party!