Walking in a Winter JumpStart-land

Update: This season is now over.

Brr! It’s sure gotten cold around here. It must be winter, which means it’ll soon be time for your kids to bundle up and get excited for all the holiday cheer that will be coming to JumpStart! Whichever holiday your family celebrates, this is the time of year that’s all about rewarding each other’s hard work and celebrating togetherness. JumpStart wants to join in the fun by celebrating the spirit that comes with all of these holidays, which is why we’re adding lots of new frosty features to the JumpStart world!

MainStreet just got a little colder.

The MainStreet Lake is freezing over and we bet your kids know what that means! It’ll be the perfect occasion for Jumpeez to bring out their ice skates. Once it has completely frozen over, tell your children to head through the red door in the MainStreet FunZone to enter a dreamy, white Winter Wonderland! Here, they will be able to sled down the fresh powder of the candy cane slopes, climb aboard the Wonderland Express or get a magical view of the snow falling on MainStreet with a free balloon ride.

All aboard the Wonderland Express!

How many snowballs does it take to build one snowman? It’s snow joke—your children will find out the answer when they visit the DownTown FunZone. They will be able to join in on a friendly snowball fight with other Jumpeez and help build this jolly happy soul.

Your kids can watch a snowman grow right before their eyes!

We wish your families a joyous season and hope your children delight in all the holiday features that are coming soon to JumpStart!

JumpStart Wishes Your Family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Update: This season is now over. We hope that your kids had a Happy Thanksgiving this year and were able to enjoy all the exciting Thanksgiving features in JumpStart!

Whether your kids spend the day gobbling up yummy turkey or chasing turkeys around the Mayflower FunZone, this is a perfect time for them to reflect on all that they are thankful for this year. There are lots of opportunities for your kids to enjoy the fun of fall and even some Thanksgiving history, right now in JumpStart. They can visit the Mayflower FunZone, dress up for a harvest meal in a Pilgrim-inspired outfit from the Threadz store or take a ride around DownTown on a new turkey ride.

For some kid-friendly Thanksgiving fun outside the game, look no further! You can check out tutorials on some awesome Thanksgiving crafts right here on the JumpStart blog. Your kids can get crafty by creating a turkey centerpiece fit for the Thanksgiving table or a Giving Thanks tree, which will allow them to share all that they are thankful for with their family and friends. These wonderful Thanksgiving crafts are a perfect way for your kids to get artistic and celebrate the day.

We, here at JumpStart, are so very thankful for you and all of your little Jumpeez that you allow to play our games. We are thankful for the great fan mail, emails and awesome feedback we receive on a daily basis that help us to make the JumpStart online world even better.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

New Petz and Ridez Have Arrived DownTown!

Update: This season is now over.

A few old faces have made their way back to JumpStart’s Petz Shop just in time for Thanksgiving! And what’s the Thanksgiving season without old friends, right? If your kids are looking to take in a few precious pals or jump into a new ride this season, be sure they make a quick stop DownTown. We’ve got a ton of awesome autumn buys!

Nacho, the confused cactus

Expected Delivery Date: 16 November 2011
Cost: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: On the shore near the AdventureLand submarine

Nacho loves exploring the outdoors and being one with nature. He’s a cactus, after all! But unlike most cacti, he gets a little confused in hot, dry weather and prefers an ocean side breeze. If your kid’s looking for some outdoor adventure, Nacho and his sun shielding sombrero will be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

Buck, the fearless bull

Expected Delivery Date: 16 November 2011
Cost: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: Windy Hollows

We’re definitely not kidding around when we call Buck “fearless.” Spending his free time running around the mysteriously magical world of Windy Hollows, he’s learned to never fear the new or unknown. If your kid needs a brave buddy to help them get around JumpStart, Buck’s the perfect pet for the job. He’ll never back down from a challenge!

Pinch, the grumpy crab

Expected Delivery Date: 16 November 2011
Cost: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: the MarineLand FunZone.

Pinch can definitely get a little crabby sometimes, but believe us when we say that he’s a real softie on the inside! Beneath that hard shell of his, he’s about as loveable and loyal as a pet can get. He’s just looking for the right Jumpee to take him out exploring, so make sure your kids don’t get too put off by his grumpy gripes.

Meet more of this season’s available petz!

Back to FutureLand!

What does the future hold for this Jumpee? She must enter FutureLand to find out.

Tell your 8-10 year olds to head to FutureLand and compete for the chance to join Dr. Brain’s Secret Society. They must travel through time to the Ancient and Industrial Eras where they will complete secret missions to prove their brain strength. Jumpeez will be required to race through speed paths, go on goo pod missions, and battle gords. Will they have what it takes to join the ranks of Dr. Brain and his cerebral masterminds?

Jumpeez can travel to places like Ancient Greece, but must beware of crumbling ruins.

This Jumpee is at the height of the Industrial Era.

See what more lies in your child’s future by clicking here.

A Charm-ing New Addition to Windy Hollows!

Are your kids mesmerized by all things magical? Do you find them spending tons of time in Windy Hollows conjuring up charms? Then on their next visit, be sure they don’t miss out on JumpStart’s latest Windy Hollows store. Located just steps from the broom closet, they’ll find the new Comic Book Shop!


Send your kids over to the Comic Book Shop for a fun filled magical read.

Comics can make reading fun for even the pickiest of readers, so your kids would probably agree that this is the perfect rest stop for any Jumpee that might want to set down their wand and settle in for a fun read. Plus, your kids might just learn a lesson or two from Chapter 1 of JumpStart’s newly published Windy Hollows: A Tale of Mischief and Magic.

Start reading about Windy Hollows today!

This tale tells a story of a group of kids, just like yours, who hope to learn more about magic at the fictitious Oakcrest Academy. Will they pass the test? Or are these kids not quite ready for their own wand? Have your kids read along to find out!

New Autumn-mobiles Have Arrived!

Update: This season is now over.

Tell your kids to head DownTown to the Ridez shop to pick up a new set of wheels (or shall we say, feet) for the season! Here’s a list of all the latest additions:

The Thanksgiving Turkey

Price: 75 JS Coins

What’s Thanksgiving without a turkey? Thankfully, your kids can fly around on a Thanksgiving turkey and enjoy the changing leaves, scarecrows, and acorns that have fallen upon the JumpStart streets.

The White Turkey

Price: 75 JS Coins

It may still be fall, but this turkey already has its winter coat on. With feathers white as snow, this ride will help your kids easily transition from a breezy autumn to a frosty winter.

The Peacock Turkey

Price: 75 JS Coins

This prideful peacock turkey would be pleased to carry your children’s Jumpeez around on its back. Tell your kids to show off by cruising around on this new bird.

Want a llama? Click here to see the llama rides!

New Threadz to Be Thankful For!

Update: This season is now over.

The leaves have turned beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow and have begun falling from the treetops. The wind is blowing briskly and it’s getting mighty chilly around JumpStart. Yes, November is here and your kids may have noticed the autumn decorations and the Mayflower FunZone all here to celebrate Turkey Day! The Threadz store has received a new shipment of seasonal sensations to keep your kids warm and cozy during this wintry month. Check out all of the new clothes that will put your kids’ Jumpeez in the mood to celebrate all that they are thankful for this year!

This Jumpee is ready to enjoy the Mayflower FunZone.

Your kids can recognize the first Thanksgiving with this Native American-inspired outfit.

This fringed sweater will keep this Jumpee toasty and warm through the cool autumn nights.

Fall also means football! Your kids can show off their team colors with these great football jerseys.

So, what are your kids waiting for? Tell them to head to the Threadz Store and select an outfit that will get them ready for all the fun and adventures that November brings.