JumpStart Wishes You a Haunting Halloween!

Update: This season is now over. We hope that your kids had a Happy Halloween this year and were able to enjoy all the exciting Halloween features in JumpStart!

All of JumpStart’s spooky decorations and terror-ific FunZones are even creepier today, because all of the ghosts and ghouls are out to play! Your kids can celebrate this spine-chilling night by exploring JumpStart’s frightening Halloween FunZones and features.

Have your kids made it through The Mummy’s Maze? With six spooky chambers filled with tricks and traps that make even the bravest Jumpee screech in fright, The Mummy’s Maze is terrifyingly good fun. If they are brave enough to make it through, they will be rewarded with a special prize.

The Mummy’s Maze isn’t the only scare zone in JumpStart this month. Have your kids entered the Haunted House in DownTown? Enter if they dare and they’ll be in for ghostly ride!

With all the frightening Halloween decorations around JumpStart, it’s only right for your kids’ Jumpeez be decked out in their spookiest threadz. So, make sure your kids head to the Threadz Store to check out all of our Halloween costumes!

And last, but definitely not least, a JumpStart Halloween isn’t complete without a creepy ride or a scary sidekick. Tell your kids to stop by the Ridez Store and the Petz Shop to see all of the boo-tastic additions.

The JumpStart Halloween celebration will only last one more day, so make sure your kids check out all of our hair-raising features. Have a Haunting Halloween!

Throw a New Kind of JumpStart Party!

Calling all party animals! JumpStart parties are about to get even bigger. Now, your kids can celebrate with their friends in their Jumpee neighborhoods and VIP Lounges! Your kids not only have a choice of venue, but they can also choose how long their parties will last. They can keep the confetti falling and the music playing for up to eight hours with JumpStart’s new party time options.

JumpStart Party Store

To start organizing their shindig, tell your kids to click on their Coin Counter, which will pull up the Party Store. To throw a neighborhood party, have your kids select the Block Party button. Once they purchase a time, the party can begin! But, make sure they don’t forget to choose a theme. Your kids can throw a disco dance party, a pool party or even an ice-skating party. With a quick visit to the FunZone Store, your child can pick the perfect FunZone to match their party theme.

Neighborhood Party

Now your child's Block Party can last up to 8 hours!

Or, would your kids rather throw a party where they have a sky-high view of Poseidon’s Hangout? Then, the VIP Lounge is the perfect venue for their celebration.  Once the party décor is set up, the music is pumping and the confetti is flying, your kids can invite their buddies to join in on the fun. Your kids can also visit other Jumpeez’ parties by going to the party board.

VIP Lounge Party

Your kids can show off their sweeping views when they host a VIP Party!

So, what events will your kids host, a Block Party in your their Jumpee neighborhood or a VIP party in their new Lounge?

Fright Turn Ahead: Cruise Around in a New Halloween Ride!

Update: This season is now over.

Halloween ridez are here! Your kids will scream when they see all the new, terribly delightful options available in the Ridez shop!

Dragon Skeleton
Price: 100 JS Coins

Your little ones will need a skeleton key to start up this ride. Tell them to fasten their seatbelts, rev their engines and fly through the October sky on the Dragon Skeleton!

Bubbling Cauldron
Price: 125 JS Coins

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble—this mode of transportation will cause a stir as Jumpeez are seen driving it around JumpStart!

Skull Skateboard
Price: 100 JS Coins

If your kids purchase this skateboard from the Ridez shop, they’ll be able to do all kinds of cool tricks (or treats)! Tell them to skate safely though so they don’t get a boo-boo.

Jack-O-Lantern 2.0
Price: 125 JS Coins

Make sure your children carve out a place in their garage for the Jack-O-Lantern 2.0. They’ll light up the night cruising around in this set of wheels.

The Emerald Skull
Price: 125 JS Coins

Jumpeez will turn heads as they speed through JumpStart in the Emerald Skull. This vehicle is fearfully fast and frightfully furious!

What do your kids think of the new Halloween ridez?

For a Limited Time Only: Halloween Petz Are Back!

Update: This season is now over.

With Halloween just around the corner, your kids have probably noticed some of the chilling changes that have come to JumpStart. From magical mansions and mystical mazes, all kinds of spooky surprises have been arriving! It seems as if there are tricks and traps around every corner, so your kids might be looking to have a BOO-tiful buddy for company this season. Have them stop by the Petz Shop to adopt some new creepy critters, today! They’re the perfect pals to get your kids in the spooky spirit!

While your kids browse through the shop, they might notice that a few familiar faces from the blog have returned to JumpStart from Halloweens past like Chivalric, Ripe, Wraps, Seedless, and Echo! But be sure your kids know all there is to know about some of the other petz roaming around JumpStart this season and have them check into the Petz Shop before it’s too late!

Tibia, the neon skull girl

Arrival Date: 6 October 2011
Price: 150 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: the Enchanted Sanctuary, where she is often mystified by the magic of the mythies!

Tibia’s got quite the funny bone. If your child’s looking for a laugh amidst all the spectacular surprises, she’s easy to love and is a loyal companion for any Jumpee. But all laughs aside, she’ll see right through any scary corners and keep a close eye on your child’s Jumpee throughout the season.

Read on to meet some of our new petz!

Off We Go A Haunting… The Halloween Scavenger Hunt is Here!

Update: This scavenger hunt is now over.

Jumpeez, beware! Boo signs, bubbling cauldrons, jack-o-lanterns, skulls and tombstones are haunting JumpStart. Tell your kids to get into costume, grab a frightening friend, and get started on the Halloween Scavenger Hunt! They need to scare off all 55 items located in MainStreet, DownTown, Poseidon’s Hangout, and the SpeedDrome before it’s too late. Some are tricky, but finding them all will earn your kids a JumpStart treat!

Below, we’ve included a few useful clues for all you mummies and daddies to share with your children before they get started.

Searching MainStreet for some jack-o-lantern faces?
Use the all-seeing eye to observe hard to reach places.

Look closely to see that off in the distance lies a cauldron that boils.

Having trouble in DownTown? Check on top of the stores,
If your children look here, they’re sure to find more.

Which DownTown shop has this boo sign hidden itself on?

In Poseidon’s Hangout lay portals to other lands,
Check near every entrance for more items at hand.

Which portal does this skull stand outside of?

Visit the SpeedDrome and look all through the speedway,
Venture off the path a little and try the slime bay.

Brave the slime and find a Trick-or-Treat tombstone.

We hope these hints help your kids find all 55 spell-binding items! If at any time they find themselves stumped, tell them to check the Scavenger Hunt tab on their Communicator to see which areas they still need to explore.

Only 15 more items to find in the SpeedDrome!

Good luck—we know your children will do terror-ific!

Zip Through the Mummy’s Maze!

Update: This season is now over.

Have your kids seen the zipline running through the Mummy’s Maze and wanted to try it out? Now they can!

Your kids will have to climb to find the tunnel, but they'll zip through the maze once they get there!

What do your kids think of the zipline?

Show Halloween Spirit with a Costume from Threadz!

Update: This season is now over.

There are 19 days left until Halloween, which means 19 days of disguise for Jumpee boys and ghouls! A broomload of crazy costumes have just flown in to JumpStart’s Threadz store so have your trick-or-treaters check out all of the spook-tacular options!

Jumpeez will have so many choices it’ll be hard to choose just one. Lucky for them, everyday is Halloween in JumpStart so each day they can wear a different costume!

This Jumpee scored a winning Halloween costume!

He’s ready for October 31st—make no bones about it!

I am Jumpee-bot.

This Count is counting down the days until Halloween!

We detect some frightful fun for this Jumpee!

‘Witch’ costumes will your child choose?