Be a Good Neighbor and Throw a Neighborhood Party!

Happy Good Neighbor Day, parents! To celebrate, JumpStart invites your children to host a neighborhood party!

Is there something your kids want to celebrate? Or maybe they just want to hang out with other Jumpeez on the block. Well, what are they waiting for? Today is the perfect day for some friendly festivities in their neighborhood!

To purchase party time, first click on the Coin Counter in the top right hand corner of the screen to access the JumpStart stores. Click on the picture of the balloons on the second page to go to the Party Store and buy 30 minutes of party time. While they’re there, tell your kids to visit the Fun Zone Store too, where they can purchase a new fun zone to add even more excitement to their celebration! They can give their guests something to do with a super slide, a roller rink, or a challenging maze.

A disco ball sure brightens up this neighborhood party!

Jumpeez can join other neighborhood gatherings too! Click on any of the Neighborhood Party billboards located around JumpStart to view all current parties and their hosts. Then select a party and click the ‘Visit Neighborhood’ button to join.

Who’s having a neighborhood party today?

And with all this neighborly fun, your kids are sure to further their Achievements! Earn an Event Planner ribbon by purchasing fun zones, a Party King/Queen ribbon by hosting neighborhood parties, or a Neighborhood Vacation ribbon by visiting other neighborhoods.

The Jumpee that received this trophy is a master at picking fun zones!

How do your children plan on celebrating Good Neighbor Day?

Poseidon’s Hangout Proudly Presents: The OctoLair’s New VIP Lounge!

Do your kids want to explore their creative side a little more? Or have they been looking for that fun, new place to hang out in JumpStart? Well then, parents, we’ve got some GREAT news for you to share with them! VIP lounges are now open in the OctoLair! Jumpeez can now head down the OctoLair’s rockin’ red carpet to check in for more exciting activities! With construction finally complete, the main VIP entrance is just an elevator ride away on the OctoLair’s second floor, or for quick access there’s always the Express Elevator located a few steps from the OctoLair’s front door!


Come check out the new VIP lounges in the OctoLair!

These new lounges are loaded with fun, giving each and every Jumpee a new personalized space to hang out or chat with friends! Here, your kids will be able to create a space that’s their very own, using our wide array of funky furniture. Over at the Lounge Store, they’ll find all that they will need to settle in and design their “dream” space! So whether they’re looking for a ping pong table, a cute fireplace or a simple fish bowl; the lounge store is stocked with furniture and décor in all shapes, colors, and sizes with a few fun extras for our JumpStart members! And once their lounge is ready and decorated, Jumpeez can start inviting friends over to hang out!

Learn More About the VIP Lounge!

Vote for JumpStart in the 2011 SheKnows Parenting Awards!

Update: The results are in. JumpStart won 1st Place and was the Editor’s Choice in the Best Website for Kids category! Thank you to all those who voted for JumpStart in the SheKnows Parenting Awards and to SheKnows for this wonderful opportunity!

Do you often find yourself chatting with your kids about “mythies,” “quests,” “petz,” or “Jumpeez?” Then you must be a JumpStart fan! And we have some great news for you, parents. has been nominated for a SheKnows Parenting Award!

Vote for in the Entertainment Category’s Favorite “Website for Kids”

Every year, the SheKnows Parenting Awards program selects the leading products available to parents in a multitude of categories—from baby gear to eco-friendly gadgets, and everything in between. This year has been honored as a nominee for the top “Website for Kids” in their entertainment category!

We are beyond thrilled to have received the nomination, but now we need the help of JumpStart fans like you! So spread the word and help support JumpStart by voting on the official 2011 SheKnows Parenting Awards page. Voting is open to everyone so please let SheKnows know how much you and your kids love JumpStart’s virtual world of ridez, charms, and endless activity! The voting results will be announced on October 31, 2011!

A little background on the SheKnows Parenting Awards: “The goal of the awards is to give SheKnows readers all the information they need to make educated decisions in their everyday lives—particularly when it comes to their kids! Nominated products are reviewed by the SheKnows team of editors and hand-picked for quality, functionality, convenience and more.” –SheKnows

Vote for now!

To support SheKnows’ nomination of for best “Website for Kids” please don’t forget to vote! Take this opportunity to share your love of JumpStart with parents around the nation! We here at JumpStart would really appreciate it!

Do a Little Dance, Play a Little Game!

A Jumpee’s feet can get pretty tired from so much dancing! Now, Jumpeez can take a break, rest their feet, and exercise their mind with JumpStart’s fun and new arcade games in the OctoLair! Find a table with a controller and click on the icon to play. Whether your children are in the mood for puzzle games or action games, we’ve got something to work their brain!

Let’s play!

Have your kids try a game like Ballies or Kyobi to practice their color skills and test their speed as they match similarly colored items together to score points.

Hit the wrong color and it’s game over!


Group blocks together by color before they reach the top!

Or get them to practice fine motor skills in Construction while they figure out how to rearrange blocks to fill up a dotted outline. This game may look easy, but as the levels progress it becomes tougher to figure out which blocks should go where!

Uh oh! Will the block stay or will it fall?

These are just a few, but there are many more exciting games to play! Tell your kids to check them all out when they visit the OctoLair today!

We Want to Know, “What’s Going On?”

Have you noticed a few changes around your children’s JumpStart toolbar? If you haven’t already, check out some of the fresh, new ways your kids can personalize their JumpStart adventure! As your children explore JumpStart’s many lands, they can now use the updated dashboard to manage and share information with their JumpStart friends. There, Jumpeez can quickly navigate through the JumpStart virtual world, chat with buddies, help friends with challenges or simply share, “What’s going on?” The dashboard allows your children to easily manage their Jumpee by providing quick links to options in the message board, news communicator, and chat window. This way, your kids are always updated on the happenings of their buddies and around JumpStart!

The JumpStart Dock provides quick links to all of a Jumpee's needs!

In the ‘About Me’ section, your children can now customize their account by listing some of their favorite things. From favorite color to food to music and a few things in between, your kids can personalize their Jumpee’s likes and dislikes, sharing a few fun facts with their JumpStart friends!

Your children can share fun facts with their JumpStart friends!

And if your kids are looking for a quick link to view their JumpStart buddies list, messages, and news all on one page, have them hit the neighboring homepage button on the dock! It’s a quick way to manage all our new features with your children.

The homepage gives your children a quick view of all their buddies’ updates, JumpStart news, and games.

Another way to talk with JumpStart friends is with the message board, which allows your kids to post info or reply to existing posts by selecting quick phrases or sayings from our simple drop down menu. This new drop down menu is also available on our updated chat system to help save time and keep JumpStart chat fun and safe for Jumpeez. This way your children and their Jumpeez will never be at a loss for words whether they’re excited, tired, busy, need help, or are just out having fun!

The message board allows you to easily chat, ask questions, and reply to buddies' messages!

What's Laurel GoofyPuffin up to?

And even with all these new features, the dock is still the place to look for quick launch games, to activate the camera, change action options and access the ever-so handy JumpStart map! So… What do you and your kids think? We here at JumpStart would love to hear how you like our new talk features! Let us know, “What’s going on?”…

New Charm Trouble is Brewing in Windy Hollows!

Witches and wizards of JumpStart better get ready to wave their wands with the new charm that just arrived in Windy Hollows! The Trash-Tastic charm has just joined all your children’s favorite spells in the Charms book!

Totally Trash-Tastic!

Check out this latest charm and prepare to brew up some Trash-Tastic trouble! Make sure your little magician has all the necessary ingredients, or send them searching for the secret room to add to their supply. Be carful to measure all the ingredients correctly though, or the brew will go bad!

Mix the right ingredients for a perfect garbage can concoction!

Once the potion is perfected, head out to the square and surprise some unsuspecting Jumpeez! With a flick of the wand, your children can turn their friends into Trash-Tastic trash cans that will be stuck hopping around Windy Hollows.

Get your friends with this Trash-Tastic charm!

Have your kids checked out this latest magical recipe yet? Tell them to head to Windy Hollows to charm their friends before their friends charm them!

Check Out Knowledge Adventure’s Newest Mobile Game and Brand!

All you tech savvy or just plain app addicted, listen up – we have something new for you! Knowledge Adventure’s new casual mobile games brand, Twisted Games™, has just released a new app called Beaver’s Revenge™ for the entire family to enjoy! Help the beavers get revenge and save the forest from being destroyed by the lumberjacks!

Beaver’s Revenge™ is an HD app that includes 60 levels, 3 different worlds, 3D graphics, leaderboards and achievements. Players choose one of 6 distinct animals and use the beaver’s tail to send flying through the air aimed at lumberjacks that are ruining the forest in this strategy and physics game. This addicting new app was just released today for Android™, iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. Get Beaver’s Revenge for your family today! Just head over to the App Store or Android Market to download this addictive new arcade game!

Help the beavers rain some furry vengeance on those lumbering lumberjacks!

Twisted Games™ has also just released Ice Cube Caveman™ in full and lite versions for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android™. Help a caveman maneuver a narrow path of tiles to the fire in order to escape his icy fate in this new puzzle game. Find out more about Twisted Games™ at or stay up to date with all the latest Twisted Games™ information by following us Twisted Games™ on Facebook and Twitter!

Navigate these tricky tiles to melt away the ice and save the caveman!

Lumberjacks beware! Papa Beaver saw a lumberjack cutting down his beloved trees. Now he and his furry forest friends are out for . . . Revenge.

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