So Your Kids Think They Can Dance?

Are your kids ready to show off their killer dance moves? Do they have what it takes to beat the competition in the ultimate dance face off? JumpStart’s new game the Dance Off gives your kids a chance to show off what they’ve got while they battle for the top spot against other Jumpeez. The sprinkler, the running man, the robot, your kids need to bring it all if they want to be revered as one of the best dancers in JumpStart.

The Dance Off Stage

Your kids can find the Dance Off stage at the back of the OctoLair in Poseidon’s Hangout next to the main stage. Tell them gather around the stage and wait for the dance alert alarm. When the stage lowers and they’ll be able to join the game and go toe-to-toe to prove they know how to get down!
Check out how your kids can play!

Check Out JumpStart’s New Look!

Have your kids seen the new JumpStart dock yet? Now everything a Jumpee needs to navigate through the game is all in one place, on a snazzy, compact little toolbar. Not to mention there are a couple of awesome new features that will make communicating with other Jumpeez much easier and much more fun!

Tell your kids to check out the new dock!

So let’s check out what’s new and take quick tour of some of the features that are available.

Every icon your child will need to navigate the game is right here.

Quick Launch

The first thing we have is the Quick Launch icon. This button will take your kids straight to some of the most popular games in JumpStart. Handy, huh?

Now your child can go straight to their favorite games!

About Me

Your child can share their favorite things with their buddies.

This is one of the biggest additions to the JumpStart game. Here your kids can share a little bit of information about themselves with other Jumpeez. This page will come up when someone clicks on your child’s Jumpee. Your kids can also click on other Jumpeez to learn more about them and see their Profile Page. On this page, there is a spot for Jumpeez to share some of their favorite things like their favorite food, favorite sport and favorite musical style. Then there is the What’s Going On? section where Jumpeez can post updates about what’s going on with them while they’re playing the game. Your child will get to choose from a set of phrases and then post it to their page. Their buddies will see your child’s updates and can comment back on them.

The Home Page

Your child can now message their buddies right from the Home Page.

The Home Page has all of the toolbar’s most important resources all rolled into one. This page has a space for communicating with other Jumpeez where your child can read and send messages, view buddy requests and see their buddies’ updates. They can also check out all the news in JumpStart about new features and activities. Lastly, there is the Quick Launch tab so you can go to a game straight from the Home Page.

Your child will also find some pretty familiar things on the toolbar. These include the Jumpee Creator, the camera and the Jumpee Communicator.

There is so much new stuff to explore and so many awesome ways for your kids to communicate with their buddies when they’re in the game!

What do your kids think of the new features and the new look of JumpStart?

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Alert! Alert! Sorcerer Tangorra is Close to Finding the Voltage Dragon Egg Nest!

UPDATE: S.P.L.A.T. wants to thank all Jumpeez who participated in this mission! Because of your kids, all the voltage dragon eggs were rescued from the evil Sorcerer Tangorra and JumpStart was saved! This mission is now over. 

News is spreading around JumpStart; the Evil Sorcerer Tangorra might know where the Voltage Dragon Egg nest is hidden! If your kids haven’t rescued a Voltage Dragon Egg from the nest, they are running out of time! We need everyone’s help to retrieve the eggs, so spread the word to your fellow Jumpeez!

In order to save JumpStart from the Evil Sorcerer Tangorra, Jumpeez can join the Secret Protection League Against Troublemakers (S.P.L.A.T). Everyday, members of S.P.L.A.T will be given clues about the hidden map pieces around JumpStart. These hidden map pieces ultimately lead to the Voltage Dragon Nest!

S.P.L.A.T members are working hard to rescue Voltage Dragon Eggs before Sorcerer Tangorra finds the nest!

Members of S.P.L.A.T have been working day and night trying to rescue these Voltage Dragon Eggs! If a single egg is left behind, Sorcerer Tangorra will complete his potion and remove all energy from JumpStart! The clock is ticking, they are now asking for all Jumpeez to help out on this mission to save JumpStart!

S.P.L.A.T is fun and rewarding! So many Jumpeez are enjoying being heroic members of the secret protection league against troublemakers! Members who find the Voltage Dragon Egg nest are also able to raise a rare voltage dragon of their own!

Fun, heroic, rewarding and adventurous! Join S.P.L.A.T and find the nest of rare eggs before it’s too late!

Have your kids rescued a Voltage Dragon Egg?

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Coolest Pet Winners!

Hopefully everyone voted in the Coolest Pet Contest, because we now have the results in! According to the votes, it seems we have a tie! The winners are:

Kari the UnicornKari the Unicorn
Owner: Maya SparkleGem


Max the DogMax the Dog
Owner: Alex RicketySprout

Congratulations to these two great petz and their owners! Kari the Unicorn is adorable and certainly sounds like lots of fun to be friends with. Max the Dog seems very cheery and sounds like he’d be exactly who your kids would want to take on an adventure! These owners are lucky to have such amazing petz. Each of the winners will receive 200 coins as a prize.

Here are some of the other entries we received!

More Clues To Help Your Kids Defeat Tangorra!

UPDATE: S.P.L.A.T. wants to thank all Jumpeez who participated in this mission! Because of your kids, all the voltage dragon eggs were rescued from the evil Sorcerer Tangorra and JumpStart was saved! This mission is now over. 

Have your kids heard the latest news about what’s going on in JumpStart? A sorcerer named Tangorra is up to his old tricks, and we need your kids to stop him from draining all the power from JumpStart! Over the last week, S.P.L.A.T. has been working against Tangorra by sending clues to Jumpeez so they can collect map pieces and find the Voltage Dragon Egg nest before Tangorra does. However, we had to make the clues tricky to stop Tangorra from figuring them out, so here are some extra clues to help your kids find all 7 map pieces!

1. Go to the place where sand meets water and look to the right of a red and white tower.

2. The best Hangout in JumpStart has a very special place, where your kids can always see a band and dance the night away. But if they get thirsty there’s no need to worry, just have them go behind the counter to find what they need in a hurry.

3. Find a big tent in a magical land where your kids will always need a good broom in hand.

4. Don’t be distracted by an arcade or movie theater, because where the next map piece is located there’s just nothing sweeter. Look around near the place that can fire your kids towards a wheel that gives you coins in a pretty good deal.

5. Go the canyon filled with adventures and jump in the water to search for hidden treasures.

6. Go for a ride that will make your kids scream and shout in a place where Poseidon likes to Hangout.

7. For the last map piece your kids will have to search low and high, around the place where mythies learn to fly.

Have your kids use the intel from S.P.L.A.T., clues in the communicator, these hints, and their best critical thinking skills to find all the map pieces and rescue their own voltage dragon before Tangorra finds the nest and drains all the power from Jumpstart! We’re counting on you Jumpeez. Good luck!

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New Ridez and Petz Can Help Your Kids Stop Evil Tangorra!

Have your kids made their way to the Ridez Shop to check out the sweet new ridez? If not, tell them to gather up their JumpStart coins and JumpStars and head on over! Your kids can cruise around in these new ridez, when searching for the Voltage Dragon Nest!

The Rainbow Pony

Arrival Date: 10 August 2011
Price: 75 JS coins

This sweet rainbow pony elegantly gallops around JumpStart! It’s bright colored tail and mane glistens in daylight! This ride is perfect for fashionistas who want to search in style!

Flying Saucer

Arrival Date: 10 August 2011
Price: 125 JS coins

Your kids can soar through JumpStart on this flying saucer! This ride is FAST! Do you think your kids can handle it?  If they hop on this saucer, they will find map pieces in no time!

To help your kids search for the Voltage Dragon Nest, JumpStart has also added new petz!! These new friends are excited to help your kids stop the evil Tangorra! Tell your kids to head over the Petz Shop and adopt these new petz today!

Oliver, the Icy Owl

Arrival Date: 10 August 2011
Price: 80 JS coins

Oliver has enormous eyes and spectacular vision! He will stay up all night, using his nocturnal vision, in search for map pieces and the Voltage Dragon Nest! If your kids are dedicated to stopping the evil Tangorra, Oliver is the perfect pet!

OO3, the Secret Service Bunny

Arrival Date: 10 August 2011
Price: 80 JS coins

OO3 has been informed of the evil Tangorra! OO3 is trained and ready to protect your kids from danger! Tell your kids not to fear, OO3, the secret service bunny is here!!!

Which ride or pet do your kids like best?

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Someone Is Mixing Up Trouble in JumpStart!

UPDATE: S.P.L.A.T. wants to thank all Jumpeez who participated in this mission! Because of your kids, all the voltage dragon eggs were rescued from the evil Sorcerer Tangorra and JumpStart was saved! This mission is now over. 

JumpStart needs your child’s help! An evildoer is trying to drain the electricity out of the JumpStart power plant. It seems the devious and despicable Sorcerer Tangorra is back and brewing up another potion to suck all the energy out of JumpStart. We need all Jumpeez to act fast because Tangorra’s potion is just about complete. He only needs to find the last ingredient, the rare and magical Voltage Dragon Eggs. To stop Tangorra from draining every last ounce of power from JumpStart we need your kids to find the lost nest that holds the Voltage Dragon Eggs before he does! If your kids are successful in this mission they will be rewarded with the honor of raising one of the rarest and most mystical creatures JumpStart has ever seen, the Voltage Dragon.

This mission, if your kids chose to accept it, will make them an honorary member of the Special Protection League Against Troublemakers or S.P.L.A.T.. Numerous Jumpeez before them have joined this infamous band of heroes and do-gooders to rid JumpStart of evil invaders. Now it’s your kids’ turn. As a member of S.P.L.A.T. your kids will embark on a journey to find pieces of a map that shows the way to the Voltage Dragon nest.


It’s up to your kids to decode the map and find their way to the hidden nest!

Each day your kids will be presented with a new clue that will lead them closer to rescuing the Voltage Dragon Eggs. So, make sure your kids come back every day to get the next clue to another map piece. Some of these clues might be a little tricky to decipher so your kids should ask their fellow Jumpeez to join in to help them stop Sorcerer Tangorra. The fate of JumpStart is your kids’ hands. We know that they will stop the evil Tangorra and rescue the Voltage Dragons from harm.

What do your kids think of the mission to save JumpStart?

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