Have Your Kids Skydived At FreeFall Mountain?

FreeFall Mountain

Is your child a daredevil? Then your child might enjoy FreeFall Mountain! It is sure to bring some excitement into your child’s life. Located in the SpeedDrome, FreeFall Mountain allows your children to soar up high, among the clouds and the sun.

About to blast off!

Your children can get a bird’s eye view of JumpStart after stepping onto the Flight Deck Launch Pad. This launch pad will send Jumpees straight up into the air so that they may explore the sky.


FreeFall Mountain also includes two games, Drop n’ Pop and Swoop n’ Loop. These two games involve your kids soaring through the sky and hitting balloons or going through loops to get points. Targets are multicolored and have different point values depending on their color. There’s even a high score table so your kids can see where they rank against other JumpStart players.

Have your kids been to FreeFall Mountain? What do they think?

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What Do Your Kids Think Of The Bubble Maze?

Bubble Maze

Have your children visited the Bubble Maze yet? If not, make sure they check out the latest addition to Windy Hollows. Poe the Frog is hidden somewhere in the maze, and it is up to your children to find him. But, be careful! These mazes can be confusing and your children may end up taking a wrong turn or two. Also be sure to beware of the birds, as hitting them will slow down your child’s progress. Do your children think they can find Poe? Are they up to the challenge?

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Revealing the “Best Designed Jumpee” Contest Finalists!

Update: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to winner Megan HappyPuppy wo was awarded 200 coins and all our finalists who each earned 20 coins! Thank you to all who entered and voted!

Since the Best Designed Jumpee Contest started, Frankie has received loads of emails and fan mail from Jumpeez decked out in their most stylish threadz. Frankie and all of us at JumpStart were blown away by the fantastic fashions that all the Jumpeez were sporting. There were so many wild, adventurous, sweet and completely out of this world styles it was hard for us to pick our favorites. We had no idea our Jumpeez were such fashionistas and could put outfits together in such an artistic manner. Thank you to all of the JumpStart fans who sent in their pictures and screenshots; we really enjoyed looking at all of your designs.

So, without further adieu we give you the top four finalists still in the running to become the “Best Designed Jumpee” and the winner of 200 JumpStart coins!


Julia PixieWing

Julia PixieWing

Megan HappyPuppy

Megan HappyPuppy



Marissa ZanyDragon

Marissa ZanyDragon

Isabella LavaWolf

Isabella LavaWolf

Wow! All of these Jumpeez have totally wild and unique style! Tell your kids to take a good look then pick their favorite and vote below. What do your kids think about these Jumpee designs?

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Sneak Peek: There’s A Bubble Maze Coming to Windy Hollows!

Bubble Maze Outside

Coming soon to Windy Hollows is a fun new game for your children to enjoy. Between the MainStreet entrance and the Broomball tent, a bubble maze will be arriving! Your child’s Jumpee will float through the air in a bubble as your child navigates through a maze of clouds.

Navigate Maze

Advance through the different levels to become a maze master! But be careful, birds flying by can stun your child’s Jumpee and hitting the clouds will slow your child down.

Beware of Birds

Avoid these obstacles, search for Poe the Frog who is at the end of the maze and reach him to earn coins. See how well your kids can steer through the maze when this exciting game comes to JumpStart!

Find the Wizard

Are your children excited for the arrival of the bubble maze?

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New Brooms In Windy Hollows

New Brooms Are Available

Have your kids checked out the broom closet in Windy Hollows? Make sure they stop by, as some new brooms have been added to their inventory. They have a variety of different broomsticks, one to fit every Jumpee’s unique personality!

Flying Above Windy Hollows

Once your kids pick out their broom, they can fly around Windy Hollows. They can soar up high above the buildings and see things from a new perspective!  What do they think of the new brooms?

Show Off Your Jumpee!

Update: This contest is now closed.

With all of the options that are available in the Jumpee Creator, your children have been creative in designing a Jumpee of their own. Your children can play around with the skin color, eyes and mouth of their Jumpee. If they want to get extra creative, they can buy more items for their Jumpee in the Threadz Store. Certain items can only be bought once your child’s Jumpee has earned a high rank. Earning a higher rank can be easily earned by exploring different areas of the JumpStart world as well as playing more games. A high rank is beneficial in the Threadz Shop because it allows your children to buy things such as new tops, bottoms, shoes, and even facial features such as hair and eyes, in order to truly customize the look of their Jumpee! Frankie wants to see how your children have used these items to design their Jumpee.

Threadz Store

Jumpee Creator

Frankie is asking your children to mail him a drawing or photo of their Jumpee. After he carefully reviews all the pictures, he will choose the best designed Jumpeez and will add them to the blog for a vote. The winner will earn 200 coins AND the title “Best Designed Jumpee!” Please mail in your child’s picture by July 15, 2011 for a chance to win this exciting contest! Good luck everyone!

Here’s Frankie’s mailing address:

Knowledge Adventure
Attn: Frankie Fan Mail
2377 Crenshaw Blvd, Suite 302
Torrance, CA 90501

Or, you can email a picture of your child’s Jumpee to frankie@jumpstart.com

A New Summer Scavenger Hunt Begins!

Update: The scavenger hunt is now over.

A few weeks ago, JumpStart kicked off the summer with a Summer Scavenger Hunt. Jumpeez did a great job searching every nook and cranny to find all the hidden items! This month, in celebration of the 4th of July, a new Summer Scavenger Hunt begins. Items such as red, white and blue colored balloons, drums, hats, fireworks and flags will be scattered around Adventure Canyon, MainStreet and DownTown. Can your child be the first to collect all 50 items? Some items are easy to find while others are slightly out of your child’s reach. In order to complete the scavenger hunt, make sure your child searches all throughout the land, up high, down low and even on the sand.

To start the Scavenger Hunt, just click on the communicator to find a list of the items your children be searching for.

Scavenger Hunt Items

A helpful hint to get your child started on the Summer Scavenger Hunt:

In MainStreet, tell your children to make their way towards the entrance of StoryLand. They need to aware of items that blend in with the other 4th of July decorations. Make sure they check the area to the right side of StoryLand’s entrance to find a sneakily hidden item.

Scavenger Hunt

What is your child enjoying most about the Summer Scavenger Hunts?