New 4th of July Clothes Coming Soon!

Update: This season is now over.

If your kids love the 4th of July, they’ll love the new clothes that will be arriving soon in the Threadz Store! The new clothing is holiday themed for this patriotic day. Make sure your kids visit the Threadz Store if they’d like to dress in red, white, and blue. There are a variety of different clothes they can select from.

New Shorts in the Threadz Store

Stay cool in these Independence Day themed shorts. These shorts are perfect for those hot summer days!
See more new clothes!

Sneak Peek of the July Fun Zone!

Update: This season is now over.

Your child’s fun-in-the-sun adventures are about to get even more exciting with the addition of the new July Fun Zones. These new features are totally bugged out not to mention very patriotic. They will have your kids craving a hot dog and wanting to dress up in red, white and blue the minute they see it.

It looks like Uncle Sam came to visit MainStreet and left a few items behind like, hundreds of balloons, giant hats and colorful fireworks!

Check out more new features!

Vote On the Best Rooms!

Update: Congratulations to our winner Kate StarFoot who will receive 200 coins and thank you to our runner up, Jacob WonderWolf, who will also be rewarded for his excellent room! Thanks everyone for voting!
After we announced the Jumpee Room Design Contest, Frankie got to see lots of really cool rooms that Jumpeez have created. Thank you so much to everyone who sent us pictures of their JumpStart rooms. Frankie picked his two favorites, and we’d like you to vote for your child’s favorite finalist. The winner will receive 200 coins!

Jacob WonderWolf’s Room

Kate StarFoot’s Room

Frankie loves to see what Jumpeez are up to, so if your kids haven’t shown off their room and would still like to, they can always send pictures to

What do your kids think of these great rooms?

Only One More Week Left in June!

Update: This scavenger hunt is now over.

June is almost over, but summer is just getting started! During the month of June, JumpStart introduced the new Dino-Mite charm in Windy Hollows, new ridez, a summer scavenger hunt, JumpStart My ABC Book and much more.

Dino-Mite Charm

Turn your friends into dinosaurs with the new Dino-Mite charm!

Hearts Beach Towel Ride

This cute and stylish ride was added to the Ridez Shop recently.

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Did your children complete the summer scavenger hunt?

JumpStart My ABC Book

JumpStart My ABC Book is our newest mobile app.

What did your child enjoy the most? While June was an exciting month, we can’t wait for July here at JumpStart. A new month means new surprises!

JumpStart Room Design Contest!

Update: This contest is now closed.

Calling all interior designers! JumpStart will be holding a contest to find the best JumpStart home decorations. We want your children to show us their amazing JumpStart rooms and all of the creativity they have put into making it into the house of their dreams, or at least of their Jumpee’s dreams. Do they have an awesome theme, or some crazy furniture they want to show off? There are so many wild ways for your children to display their style in their JumpStart room. Have your children show us their rooms!

Jumpee Room

Its springtime in this Jumpee’s house, does your child’s room have a theme?

Learn How to Enter the Contest Here!

Get a New Fun Zone and Throw a Party!

Neighborhood Party

Your kids can throw a neighborhood party!

Have your kids ever wanted to celebrate something with their friends? Whether it is a birthday or another achievement, they can always have a neighborhood party in JumpStart! In order to throw a party, a Jumpee must first purchase party time. Your child can do this by clicking the shopping bag that is located at the top of the screen, next to the coin counter. Once your child has entered this menu, she must click on the Neighborhood Party Store and buy party time. Click the picture of the balloons to purchase party time. It’s only 30 coins for 30 minutes of fun time!

Stores Menu

Just click the picture of the balloons to purchase party time.

Don’t forget to get one of our cool new Party Fun Zones while you’re there! Click on the picture right next to the Party Store to purchase one of these. Your children can buy plenty of fun things, ranging from a pool to slides to waterfalls. During a hot summer day, a nice dip in the pool certainly sounds refreshing. New Fun Zones have recently been added to JumpStart. Make sure to check them out!

See some of the new Fun Zones here!

Sweet Summer Ridez!

Update: This season is now over.

New ridez have arrived! Tell your kids to head over to the Ridez Shop to buy a new ride for summer. We have everything from magic carpets to segways.

Swoosh Skateboard

Swoosh Skateboard

Parents, you might need to pull out the wrist guards and knee pads. Once your children get this cool new ride, you’ll see your children flying down MainStreet on their brand new Swoosh Skateboard!

Hearts Beach Towel

Hearts Towel

Your children can be ready and prepared for summer with this new stylish beach towel. Your children can hop on this beach towel, head down to the beach, or travel around while showing off their stylish new ride.

Tiger Magic Carpet

Tiger Magic Carpet

Have your kids ever wanted to go on a magic carpet ride? Well now they can. Tell them to head over to the Ridez Shop if they would like the chance to soar around on this tiger magic carpet.

Rocket Fish Pedal

Rocket Fish Pedal

Can your kids tame this ferocious rocket fish? If they are adventurous and brave, let them try to ride this fish around. Do they have what it takes?

Have your kids had the chance to try out our new summer ridez? What do they think?