Last Moments Before Summer Arrives!

Update: This scavenger hunt is now over.

It’s that time of year again in JumpStart! The flowers are in full bloom, the temperature is rising and the sun is out to stay. May is ending and we are getting ready to turn JumpStart into a summer funland. Soon JumpStart will say goodbye to the Cinco de Mayo activities and will get ready for the exciting new adventures that summer brings. But there is just a little bit more time in which your child can enjoy all of the Cinco de Mayo fun. Tell your child to check out all of the activities that will only be around for a little longer. Have your child come see some of our favorites!

The DownTown FunZone is decked out in loads of awesome decorations. Tell your kids to click on the piñatas to unlock a special prize.

Cinco de Mayo

Tell your child to check out the amazing Cinco de Mayo decorations!

Check out more fun May activities here!

What Is Your Kid’s Favorite Area In JumpStart?

Here at JumpStart we are always looking for ways to make our games even more fun for your kids. That’s why we want to hear from our loyal fans! We’ve added a lot of great content to the game and we are dying to know what area your kids love the most!

Here are just a few to refresh your kid’s memory:
Windy Hollows: In this magical game, Jumpeez have an opportunity to collect ingredients in the secret room, fly around on broomsticks, and brew up potions to turn their Jumpee buddies into silly charms! Windy Hollows has also received a magical upgrade of two new charms that were designed by Jumpeez. BroomBall is one of our popular games that is located in Windy Hollows. No wonder this is a favorite among so many Jumpeez!

Making a Potion

In Windy Hollows, Jumpeez can select a charm to create and then search for the ingredients throughout the magical world.


This awesome charm was designed by Alex Black Cloud, one of our loyal Jumpeez!

Enchanted Sanctuary: Jumpeez can practice their caretaking skills in the Enchanted Sanctuary by hatching their very own dragon and then raising it from a baby to an adult. After the dragon is fully-grown, it will be released to the sanctuary where it can fly, and Jumpeez can fly along with them!

MarineLand: In MarineLand, Jumpeez are often “to the rescue” as they help Kat the mermaid and the other underwater residents of MarineLand save the ocean from destructive punk punks. Jumpeez can help save the ocean by completing various reading, math and critical thinking missions which helps to keep everyone safe.

Poseidon’s Hangout: This is a super cool hangout where Jumpeez can visit a funky nightclub, The Octolair, and chat. Jumpeez can also ride the Screamer which often leaves Jumpeez with a thrilling adrenaline rush!


Groove on to the Raymies Band in the OctoLair!


The Screamer is sure to excitedly frighten even the toughest Jumpee out!

Which area is your child’s favorite?

Increase your Rank, Jumpeez!

Did your kids know that when they play games and explore, that they can also increase their rank at the same time? As your child’s rank goes up, they earn special benefits for having a higher rank.

Are your children unsure about what their rank is? It’s simple for them to check. They just need to click on the JumpStart communicator and go to the area titled, JumpStars. Jumpeez can see what rank they’re currently at, as well as how close they are to the next rank.

JumpStart Communicator

If your child currently has a low rank, don’t worry! It’s easy to increase your rank. All your kids have to do is earn more JumpStars! JumpStars can be earned by exploring different areas of the JumpStart world, as well as by playing more games. Make sure your children visit the Brain Training Arcade in DownTown to play games and to earn all the JumpStars they possibly can.

As your child reaches a higher rank, they will be able to buy special clothes at the Threadz store. Another benefit is that better ship options are available in Shipwreck Lagoon. Your child should use every advantage they can get if they want to win the race against their friends!

Shipwreck Lagoon

If your child wants to see where their rank compares to others, make sure they check out the Hall of Fame. Is your child near the top?

Hall of Fame

How does your rank compare to those of your friends’, Jumpeez? Are your children ready to increase their rank?

Favorite Petz Are Back!

Jumpeez voted and we delivered! Your kids’ favorite petz have come back to JumpStart. Encourage your children to head on over to the Petz store to purchase them and together they can travel the wonderful world of JumpStart together.

The winners are:

Kari, the pleasant blob

Kari, the pleasant blobArrival Date: May 18th

Price: 80 JumpStart Coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: Learning in Uncle Milton’s ScienceLand

Do your kids love learning through fun experiments? If so, they will love Kari as a sidekick. This warm-hearted pet loves adventure and is always down for a challenge. Your child will never be alone with this pleasant blob by their side.

Sarge, the ultra-tough dog

Sarge, the ultra-tough dog

Arrival date: May 18th

Price: 90 JumpStart Coins

Favorite JumpStart Area: Securing things around Poseidon’s Hangout

Sarge is always in charge! This watchdog loves making sure that everything is running smoothly and that Jumpeez are being kind to one another. His “ultra-tough” stance helps all Jumpeez feel protected around JumpStart so that everyone can have a good time. Check him out monitoring activity in Poseidon’s Hangout.

Come see these new petz and more at the Petz Store! How many petz does your kid have?

New Ridez are Here!

New ridez have just arrived and whether your kids are looking for something ferocious or something sweet, we’re sure to have something for everyone!

The Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon

Can your kids tame this fire-breathing dragon? If they think they have what it takes, then head over to the Ridez shop and give it a try. No one will be able to bother your kids when they have a dragon on their side!

The Palom Pony

The Palom Pony

This pony will be your sweetest friend while taking your kids any where they wish to go.

The Bamboo Skateboard

The Bamboo Skateboard

Has your child ever wanted to travel to a far off destination? Well now they can have a little bit of foreign culture with this bamboo skateboard. It’ll be sure to get your child to their destination quickly!

Make sure to check out the Ridez shop for other new ridez arriving this week.

Roller Squash Now Available on Mobile Devices!

Roller Squash gameplay

Do your kids like playing Roller Squash in FutureLand? Well then, they’re in luck! A mobile version of Roller Squash is now available, so now your kids can play anywhere they go.

In this game, your kids must roll their way past the Gords, who are out to stop them! Kids must squash all the Gords before reaching the time portal and advancing to the next level. Be careful though, if they come into contact with the Gords too many times, they will have to start all over again.

There are over 20 levels of fun, so be sure to check it out. Roller Squash is compatible with iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™. JumpStart Roller Squash is available on the App Store here, along with JumpStart Preschool® Magic of Learning and JumpStart Jet Pack.

Sail On with the Pirate FunZone!

Update: This FunZone is now gone.

Ahoy, Mateys! Have your kids checked out the new FunZone yet? If not, encourage them to grab a hook and a pirate hat and head on over to the new Pirate FunZone! Pirate Jumpeez are sure to have fun exploring this new territory, where they can take a ride on one of the ships with other pirates, collect skulls and search for hidden treasures!

Entrance to Pirate Fun Zone

The Pirate FunZone has a lot of argh-tastic activities for Jumpeez to explore!

Do your kids want to see the sights first? Encourage them to hop on board one of the many pirate ships and sail away with other pirates! This is a great way to see all of the pirate land.

On the Pirate Ship

Sail along one of the many pirate ships that give a full view of the pirate land.

Your kids will see skulls scattered throughout the FunZone. If your kids love an adventure, they will love jumping high and low to collect these skulls!

Dark Underground

Finding skulls will require Jumpees to be brave and creative! They are located in bright and sometimes dark places.

And, of course, what would a pirate land be without hidden treasures? Jumpees will be challenged to swim through the treacherous waters and travel to the dark underground to find their hidden treasure. The skulls will help any brave pirates find their way!

Hidden Treasure Found

Find out what the Hidden Treasure has inside!

Arg! Are your kids pirated and up for the challenge? Encourage them to head over to MainStreet for these exciting activities. What has your child found so far?