Which Pet Do Your Kids Want Back?

Update: Poll is now closed.

Some of our old friends are ready to come back to JumpStart. We need your kids’ help deciding which one of our  friends will come back to play first! Will it be a pleasant, speckled, ragdoll, ultra-tough or friendly companion? Have your kids vote for one of these great Petz! The pet that gets the most votes will return to the Petz Shop very soon!

Kari, the pleasant blob

Blade, the speckled dinosaur


Missy, the ragdoll baby


Sarge, the ultra-tough dog

Aloha, the friendly tiki

Fan-tastic Jumpee Fan Mail!

Frankie is always receiving lots of fun fan mail, and he wanted to showcase some extra-special letters he received recently! Jumpee parents have done a great job raising such creative kids! Joey H. suggested a new skydiving arena, where Jumpeez can parachute out of planes.

See the other great JumpStart ideas Frankie received!

A First Look at the Party Peacock Charm Coming Soon!

Party like a peacock! Our charm contest gave us some great new charms for Windy Hollows, like the T-Rex. Soon, your kids will be able to see our other contest winner—the Party Peacock—in the game!

The Jumpstart artists have been excitedly transforming Savannah SweetDragon’s amazing partyin’ peacock drawing into a live charm for your child’s Jumpee! Here is what they have created so far.

Who wouldn’t want to transform their Jumpee friends into this partygoer?

This ever-social peacock has fun literally “streaming” from his feathers! Are your kids excited to brew up a party?

Enjoy The Last Few Days Of Spring!

April showers are drying up, and that means May flowers are on their way! Make sure to tell your kids to enjoy the FunZones and spring decorations, because new ones are on their way!

Tell your kids to check out these places before they are gone:

1. The Big Skate-O-Rama in MainStreet.

2. The Small Skate-O-Rama on the BoardWalk.

3. The Sunflower Throw to Grow!

Your kids should also be sure to finish up their egg hunt, because another fun scavenger hunt will be taking its place soon.

Be sure to tell your kids that these exciting activities will be leaving JumpStart soon, so they should make sure they go and play while it lasts! Also tell them to get ready for the exciting month of May coming to JumpStart! What do your kids think of the April FunZones and scavenger hunts?

What Do Your Kids Think of BroomBall?

Recently, we launched the long awaited BroomBall! This magical game is located in Windy Hollows, and hopefully your kid’s have had a chance to explore this new addition.

Jumpeez step into the stadium and prepare for action!

Learn more about the magical game and let us know what you think!

Now Your Kids Can Take Hops’ Jet Pack Game On the Go!

Are your kids up to the challenge?

Do your children love playing Hops’ Jet Pack game? Well now they can play on the iPad™, iPhone®, or iPod touch® too! JumpStart® has been on mobile devices for several months now with JumpStart Preschool® Magic of Learning and JumpStart Punk Punk Blitz. Now, even more learning can be enjoyed on the go with JumpStart Jet Pack, a fun game where children use a jet pack to soar through the air and face math, reading, and critical thinking challenges. For more information about JumpStart Jet Pack, please visit http://bit.ly/gfo0Fp.

What do your kids think about Hops’ Jet Pack game? Are they excited to take it with them?

New Spring Egg Hunt!

Update: This scavenger hunt is now over.

Spring has finally arrived in JumpStart, and with it has come a couple of scavenger hunts! Now that your kids have helped clean up JumpStart for Earth Day, it is time for them to have a spring egg hunt!  Have your kids take their Jumpeez to MainStreet and Downtown to try to find all the eggs.
The eggs could be in high or low places!

Are your kids up to the challenge of finding all the eggs? They are hidden in some expert hiding spots, so tell them to look out for the bright yellow, pink, purple and green eggs!

1 out of 30 eggs found!

If your kids find all the eggs, they will earn bonus coins! Are they ready for the egg hunt?