Charm Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of JumpStart’s Charm Contest! Over 500 votes were cast, and the winners, chosen by blog visitors, are Savannah SweetDragon’s creative Party Peacock charm and Alex BlackCloud’s artistic T-Rex charm! The JumpStart artists are hard at work bringing these amazing charms to life, and they will be added to the Windy Hollows Charm Book very soon.  Congratulations to all of the Top 10 finalists, and thank you again to all of your kids for their wonderful and creative entries!

New Spring Fun Coming Soon!

The leprechauns will soon be packing up and leaving JumpStart, but Spring will be invading JumpStart in their place!

When the shamrock has grown and gone, there will be a new plant to take care of in its place—a giant sunflower! Jumpeez can throw water balloons at the sunflower to make it grow.

Sunflowers aren’t the only new spring activity that will be arriving! Do your kids love to roller skate with friends? Then tell them to have their Jumpeez check out the Skate-O-Rama! It’s a great way to enjoy the lovely spring weather while listening to some awesome tunes! The Skate-O-Rama is two stories of polished wood where Jumpeez can get a workout and show off their dance moves.

Jumpeez can enter the Skate-O-Rama for music, dancing and fun!

Your kids will have so much fun in this springtime disco roller rink! If your kids are members, roller skates will instantly appear on their Jumpeez’ feet!

Jumpeez can show off their moves up in the air!

Are your kids excited for all that spring has to offer in JumpStart?

Goodbye Leprechauns!

April is almost here, which means spring is too! The lucky leprechauns will soon be leaving, but don’t worry, there’s sure to be something new and exciting arriving soon! Make sure your kids’ Jumpeez kiss the Blarney Stone before it disappears, or they’ll have to wait another year for the gift of gab. It’s also your child’s last chance to grow a shamrock right before their eyes! Plus, once they complete that, your child will be able get some JumpStart coins from the pot of gold! Isn’t that lucky? It’s sad saying goodbye, but don’t worry – we’re sure we’ll see our leprechaun friends again next year!

Vote: Which Charms Should Be Added to Windy Hollows?

Voting has ended. Thank you so much for casting your votes and supporting your child’s favorite charm! Stay tuned to find out which charms won and will be added to Windy Hollows!

We would like to thank everyone who entered the Charm Contest! We received over 200 amazingly creative entries! It has been a challenge deciding on the new charm that will be featured in Windy Hollows, so we have decided to call on the brainpower of our incredible Jumpeez!

Here are the top 10 entries received from the Charm Contest. Please encourage your kids to check them out and vote on which one they like the best!

View the Top 10 Charms and vote for your favorites!

New Petz Arrive in March

Do your children need help finding that pot of gold? Well, these new petz may be able to help them! At the very least, they’ll provide lots of smiles and friendship. These petz are all eager and waiting to meet all the Jumpeez out there!

Franc, the exotic crab

Arrival date: 16 March 2011

Price: 80 JS Coins

Favorite JumpStart area: Exploring everywhere on MainStreet

Who doesn’t love adventure? Franc certainly does! He has fun exploring exotic, new lands and making new friends wherever he goes. In fact, he has just arrived on MainStreet and is looking for a Jumpee to help guide him in this unfamiliar place. Your children could introduce Franc to all of their favorite places!

Bleach, the cuddly teddy bear

Arrival date: 16 March 2011

Price: 80 JS coins

Favorite JumpStart area: Smiling and skipping around StoryLand

Sometimes bears can be scary, but not Bleach! Instead of roaring at your child’s Jumpee, he just wants to be his cuddly, cheerful, self. He is always looking for new friends and is one bear that is super sweet. Your child should come say hello – he can’t wait for them to meet!

Also, make sure to check out our new ridez if your child wants to travel in style!


Charm Contest Has Ended!

Our charm contest is now closed. We would like to thank the incredible number of kids who sent in entries! Over 100 kids sent us more than 150 ideas! We received drawings of all sorts of creative charms, from mythical creatures to household items to yummy-looking food! There were tons of different charm names and hundreds of awesome ideas.

Now that we have all the entries, it is almost time to vote! Although every entry was great, we will soon be posting our 10 favorites for your kids to vote on, and one will be chosen as the newest addition to Windy Hollows! The winner will receive 1000 JumpStart coins for his or her creativity. Stay tuned—next week is voting time!

New Areas to Explore Are Coming to JumpStart!

New areas are coming to MainStreet, and JumpStart is planning a Grand Opening!

Pretty soon, your kids will notice that some of their favorite areas like FutureLand, MarineLand, and Hidden Treasure Hollow are not in their usual spots.  Have no fear! A few things have changed in the wonderful world of JumpStart, and these popular areas will have a new home in two new places: The Beach and Adventure Canyon.

Lots of fun activities will reside in Adventure Canyon!

Kids should prepare for a splash-filled journey at The Beach!

Find out more about Adventure Canyon and The Beach!