Enjoy the Last Few Days of Valentine’s in JumpStart!

Did your kids enjoy the Valentine decorations all over JumpStart? Thanks to Cupid, our Valentine’s Day was surely filled with caring cards and happy hearts.  However, the time has come for Cupid to pack up his goodies and fly back home. He is only here for a few more days, so encourage your kiddies to enjoy all the Valentine fun while it’s still here! Cupid has enjoyed spreading love and cheer all around JumpStart, but he must sharpen his bow and arrow and continue to work his magic on others all around the world!

Here are some special gifts your kids will be sure to miss. Encourage your kids to come check them out before we bid them farewell!

Cupid’s Throwable Hearts

Swan Ride in Hearts Lane

Chocolate Maze

Play More, Earn More!

Is your child looking for new ways to earn more coins on JumpStart? Search no more!

A Game Play Bonus has just been added to JumpStart! Each time your child logs into JumpStart on consecutive days, your child will receive bonus coins as incentives! This rewards your children for coming back multiple days in a row to embark on new learning adventures.

The coin amount increases depending on the amount of consecutive days that your child logs into JumpStart.

Each consecutive day your child logs in, a Daily Bonus Screen will tell them how many coins they have earned just for coming back!

For example, on the first day, your child will be awarded 5 coins. On the second day, it will increase to 10 coins. This is a great way to reward your children for learning and exploring on JumpStart.com!  With bonus coins, your kids can buy different items that will make their Jumpee unique!

What do your kids think about this new ‘coin-collecting’ method? Does it persuade them to want to play more?

Need Help Around JumpStart? The Game Guide is Now Available!

Whether your family is new to JumpStart.com or you are looking for ways to make JumpStart.com even more beneficial and fun for your family, our new Game Guide is the perfect place to start. With the Game Guide, parents, teachers, and players can access instructions on how to get started at JumpStart.com, find the perfect games at JumpStart.com, and learn more about the JumpStart membership! Don’t miss out on all the fun! Visit the Game Guide to get an overview of each world and the learning games available!

Just visit www.JumpStart.com, click on Help on the bottom of the screen, and you’ll be directed to the Game Guide!

Sweet Treats in Hidden Places!

UPDATE: This scavenger hunt is now over.

Bring out the magnifying glasses and maps! The scavenger hunt is back! This time we’ve joined forces with a long-time friend, Cupid, to ensure that candy hearts are spreading love throughout JumpStart.

Have your kids hunt for the hidden hearts all around JumpStart!

Located in MainStreet, Speed Drome, and DownTown, these hearts are sure to put a smile on your child’s Jumpee face. They come equipped with special messages that are worth the journey. However, the journey is not for the weak-of-heart! One may have to search behind trees, up in the sky, or even in the corner to find these special hearts. Don’t worry, though, because once your children start, they will not be able to stop.

Click here for hints to the hearts!

New Charm Contest for Windy Hollows!

UPDATE: The Charm Contest is now over. We received so many amazingly creative designs – thank you to everyone who entered! Please click here to see the Top 10 entries.

Calling all Jumpeez: Windy Hollows needs your help! New pages have magically appeared in the JumpStart special spell book, and we need help creating new charms to fill them. So join in on the fun as we give your kids the power to create their very own charms for all of JumpStart to share! Just fill out the entry form and enter to win our Charms Contest!

Find out how to enter the Charms Contest!

Spread Some Love!

Put away the snowballs and winter coats – the last day of winter has come and gone! A new holiday is here, and we invited Cupid to JumpStart to help us re-decorate!  Now JumpStart is officially ready for Valentine’s Day and we want to make sure that your child’s Jumpee is in on the fun.

Cupid’s favorite addition: throwable hearts! This is an opportunity for your child to interact with fellow Jumpeez while spreading some love! Similar to throwing snowballs, have your child’s Jumpee look for the heart-in-hand button at the bottom of the screen to try it out.

Jumpeez can click on the heart-throwing icon to throw some love another Jumpee’s way!

Once your child’s Jumpee throws a heart onto another Jumpee, they will receive a special Valentine’s Day message.

A special message will appear on top of the other Jumpee’s head.

Do your kids feel the Valentine’s spirit? Encourage them to explore JumpStart and find all of Cupid’s fun activities he left us!

Happy Valentine’s Day from JumpStart!

Start February with New Petz!

Are your kids looking for new playmates for their Jumpeez? Tell them to check out the Petz Shop, where fun new friends are waiting for Jumpee buddies! Tell your kids to use their JumpStart coins to buy cool new petz like Oliver the Icy Owl. These petz are waiting for your children in the Petz Store now!

Strawberry, the huggable teddy

Arrival date: 2 February 2011
Price: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart area: Hugging, cuddling and making new friends in StoryLand

If your child’s Jumpee needs a cuddly new friend, Strawberry will be there! Strawberry loves everything pink, and her favorite activity is watching movies in StoryLand! Strawberry is the friendliest pet on the market. She loves meeting new Jumpeez and, most of all, giving hugs!

Meet more Petz!