First Ridez of 2011

Are your kids looking for a new ride with extra flair for their Jumpeez? They should visit the Ridez Shop and check out our new animal arrivals!

Magic Carpet Tiger

Ride on the wild side with this Magic Carpet Tiger! For 125 coins, your child’s Jumpee will fly through JumpStart with this friendly feline. So don’t miss this safari surfer – visit the Ridez Shop today!

Rocket Fish

Does your child’s Jumpee have the need for speed? This Rocket Fish ride blasts through JumpStart at the speed of light for just 100 coins!

Green Dragon

This gentle green dragon has been trained to help Jumpeez soar through JumpStart with zero turbulence! Purchasing this magic dragon for 125 coins will fulfill your child’s fairytale fantasies!

It’s Time for a Scavenger Hunt!

UPDATE: This scavenger hunt is now over.

Tick, tock! It’s time to celebrate the start of a new year with a time-themed scavenger hunt on JumpStart! You’ve counted down until the New Year, and now that it’s here, it’s time to look forward to another great year ahead! Over this past week, Father Time has been busy hiding 20 time items throughout the Speed Drome area. All the items are some sort of tool to measure time with, such as a watch, an hourglass, a sun dial, or a clock. So tell your children to search high and low and all around for these hidden items! Time’s a tickin’ for a fun hunt!

Kids can click on their JumpStart Communicator to view the list of hidden items by Father Time!

3…2…1… Math Blaster is Here!

UPDATE: The spaceship is no longer in DownTown, but you get access Math Blaster at!

Have your kids noticed the spaceship countdown in DownTown? Well the countdown is over, so get your kids ready to practice your math skills and have some fun! Math Blaster has lifted off! is a futuristic online adventure packed with wacky aliens, high-tech gadgets and, of course, math, and it is brought to you by the makers of JumpStart!

Your kids will become new recruits at the Blaster Academy, where they will play arcade-style math games and race through high-speed missions with the help of a cast of characters that are out of this world! After learning the ropes in Blaster Academy, new cadets will join the Intergalactic Space Patrol (ISP), an elite team of Blasters sworn to explore and protect even the furthest galaxies and deepest black holes of the universe. Armed with the most advanced gadgets and fine-tuned math skills, the cadets of the ISP will travel to exotic new planets, discover bizarre alien races and face extraordinary challenges!

Join the Academy and begin training today!

Math Blaster features exciting, action-packed games like HyperCycle, which requires outsmarting alien robots, blasting through the razor sharp blockades and speeding past the stars on a space-spanning math adventure! Your kids will be entertained and get in some math practice, all at the same time!

Build math skills and defeat intergalatic space aliens in cadet training!

Reserving your child’s spot in the Blaster Academy is easy. Have your kids hop in the portal in JumpStart’s DownTown, or log in with your JumpStart account at To get back to JumpStart, your kids can use the Math Blaster Spaceport!

Be sure to check visit the Math Blaster blog for all the latest Math Blaster details.

The universe is counting on its newest cadets! Do your kids have what it takes to complete the mission? Are your kids ready to blast into an intergalactic adventure that adds up to total fun?

New Petz for a New Year!

A new year calls for new petz! Your kids can celebrate the start of a new year by making new pet friends! A new batch of fun and friendly creatures and critters will be making their way into the Petz Store soon, so make sure to tell your children to keep an eye out for their arrival!

Sandy, the zesty sandwich

Arrival Date: 5 January 2011
Price: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: Speed Drome, ShipWreck Lagoon, Buggy Racer – all of the racing games, because she loves to stay active!

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? This zesty sandwich is full of flavor and full of fun! Sandy will be sure to satisfy your children’s appetite for JumpStart and be the fuel to keep their Jumpeez active through all their adventures together!

Clamps, the adoring robot

Arrival Date: 5 January 2011
Price: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: Visiting buddiez’ houses in his neighborhood!

Both lovable and loving, Clamps will always be there to lend a helping hand for any Jumpee! This adoring robot is known for his big heart and generosity, and he will surely provide strength and support through any adventure in JumpStart!

Thud, the thundering elephant

Arrival Date: 5 January 2011
Price: 80 JS coins
Favorite JumpStart Area: Showing off his dance moves while listening to the Raymies at the OctoLair!

Thud, Thud! Did you hear that noise? It’s Thud, the thundering elephant, making his way to the Petz Shop! Your kids will never go unnoticed with his loud presence by their side! Thud will bring the attention your child’s Jumpee deserves!

Be sure to tell your children to check out all the new petz coming soon to the Petz Shop! How many petz do your children’s Jumpeez have?

Test Your JumpStart Knowledge! It’s National Trivia Day!

Did you know that today is National Trivia Day? We know we have a lot of loyal fans who are extremely bright and full of knowledge, so we came up with a fun activity to celebrate this day: JumpStart Trivia! How much do your kids know about JumpStart? Test out their JumpStart knowledge with these questions below!

How much does your child know about JumpStart's characters?

  1. What are the 3 types of mythical creatures that live in the Enchanted Sanctuary?
  2. What do CJ’s initials stand for?
  3. Which JumpStart character often reads and dreams about Swan Lake?
  4. What is Hops’ full name?
  5. What is the name of JumpStart’s musical band that plays live in the OctoLair?
  6. Which of the following games is NOT found in the Coin Arcade: Sound Bop, Punk Punk Drop, Bubble Trouble, or Robo-A-Go-Go?
  7. What special ride can Jumpeez ONLY get from Uncle Milton’s Amazing ScienceLand?
  8. What are the names of JumpStart’s 3 Wii™ games?
  9. What is JumpStart’s newest racing game called? (Hint: It’s played on water!)
  10. Who is JumpStart’s beloved mascot and team leader?

Ask your children if they know the answers to any of the questions above, and make sure to leave a comment with their answers! Let’s see who can get the most correct!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, JumpStart fans! We want to take this time to thank you for all your feedback and support over 2010. Windy Hollows, Uncle Milton’s Amazing ScienceLand, Enchanted Sanctuary, Posiedon’s Hangout and JS Stadium all popped up during 2010! Plus, we added the hornhowlie, a mythie created by one of our very own fans, Nabeel!

It’s a new year, though, which means all new surprises! We are so excited for the upcoming year and hope you all are, too! We have a lot of fun new additions planned to arrive at JumpStart this year that you and your kids are going to love. Keep checking here and letting us know what you think, because 2011 is going to be a great year for JumpStart and your kids!

Happy New Year from JumpStart!